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At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees converting in droves
Saturday, September 05, 2015
Eye On The World : Zonoobi, a carpenter from the Iranian city of Shiraz, arrived in Germany with his wife and two children five months ago.
He is one of hundreds of mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers who have converted to Christianity at the evangelical Trinity Church in a leafy Berlin neighborhood.

Iranian asylum-seekers Aref Movasaq Rodsari, left, and Vesam Heydari stand in the Trinity Church in Berlin, Germany,
Like Zonoobi, most say true belief prompted their embrace of Christianity. But there's no overlooking the fact that the decision will also greatly boost their chances of winning asylum by allowing them to claim they would face persecution if sent home.

Martens recognizes that some convert in order to improve their chances of staying in Germany — but for the pastor motivation is unimportant. Many, he said, are so taken by the Christian message that it changes their lives. And he estimates that only about 10 percent of converts do not return to church after christening.
Read it all here...........
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“I was born in Sweden but now I live in Absurdistan”
Blazing Cat Fur : As I reported earlier, a woman and her son were murdered by refugees in a Swedish IKEA store last month.
It’s the latest in an immigrant crime wave that’s seen that nation’s rape rate increase 1400 percent.A woman and her son were murdered by refugees in a Swedish IKEA store last month. It's the latest in an immigrant crime wave that's seen that nation's rape rate increase 1400 percent.

Ezra Levant of is joined by Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist to talk about the situation. She calls her country "Absurdistan," saying it all started in 1975 when the Swedish parliament secretly mandated multiculturalism.
"Sweden wants to be the humanitarian superpower of the world," Carlqvist said. But now ordinary Swedes -- if not the major parties or the media -- are "waking up."
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 3:41 PM   0 comments
Hungary: Grateful Refugees Toss Provisions
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 3:28 PM   0 comments
Fearless Bugis warrior chickened out on IACC
Malaysiakini : Commentable: The puzzling thing is that Umno leaders keep insisting that PM Najib Razak has given answers to all questions involving 1MDB and the so-called RM2.6 billion "donation".
Although they claimed to be satisfied, but the reality is that nobody else has a clue what they are. The authorities kept insisting they are investigating but they don't have any answer too.
 Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, who waded into the controversy, said instead of making any "one-sided statement", Transparency International chief Jose Ugaz should have taken the trouble to give a balanced view by asking people who are informed about the matter. But just who are these “informed” people?
The Umno people? But who better than Najib who should appear before the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) and give that "balanced view" to the participants? Not only they wanted to know the facts but they are interested to find out the truth too. If the truth is already out there, what's stopping Najib from attending the IACC and why fear tough questions?

Oh Ya?: How could he be so scared of facing an imaginary hostile crowd? Whither the Bugis warrior? Isn't this the golden opportunity for him to convince the international community that the RM2.6 billion is indeed donation?
Read it all here..............
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 3:15 PM   0 comments
Islamic State destroys ancient tower tombs in Palmyra
Islamic State destroys ancient tower tombs in PalmyraJihad Watch : Besides removing supposed temptations to idolatry, Islamic jihadists want to destroy the artifacts of non-Muslim civilizations because doing so testifies to the truth of Islam, as the Qur’an suggests that the destroyed remnants of ancient non-Muslim civilizations are a sign of Allah’s punishment of those who rejected his truth:

Many were the Ways of Life that have passed away before you: travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those who rejected Truth. (Qur’an 3:137)
This is one of the foundations of the Islamic idea that pre-Islamic civilizations, and non-Islamic civilizations, are all jahiliyya — the society of unbelievers, which is worthless. Obviously this cuts against the idea of tourism of ancient sites and non-Muslim religious installations.
V. S. Naipaul encountered this attitude in his travels through Muslim countries. For many Muslims, he observed in Among the Believers, “The time before Islam is a time of blackness: that is part of Muslim theology.
History has to serve theology.” Naipaul recounted that some Pakistani Muslims, far from valuing the nation’s renowned archaeological site at Mohenjo Daro, saw its ruins as a teaching opportunity for Islam, recommending that Qur’an 3:137 be posted there as a teaching tool.
Read it all here..............
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 9:37 AM   0 comments
The Hijrah Into Europe
Jihad Watch : Approximately 104,460 asylum seekers arrived in Germany during the month of August, setting a new record.
Robert Spencer in FrontPage: The Hijrah Into EuropeThat makes 413,535 registered refugees and migrants coming to Germany in 2015 so far. The country expects a total of around 800,000 people to seek asylum in Germany this year. And that’s just Germany.
The entire continent of Europe is being inundated with refugees at a rate unprecedented in world history. This is no longer just a “refugee crisis.” This is a hijrah. Hijrah, or jihad by emigration, is, according to Islamic tradition, the migration or journey of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib, later renamed by him to Medina, in the year 622 CE.
Read it all here.......................
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Muslim Stewardess Refuses to Serve Alcohol, Then Plays the Victim
Jihad Watch : Here is a good overview of the strongarm tactics that Islamic suprmacists such as the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have used for years to get special accommodation for Muslims in the workplace.
Pamela Geller: Muslim Stewardess Refuses to Serve Alcohol, Then Plays the Victim“Geller: Muslim Stewardess Refuses to Serve Alcohol, Then Plays the Victim,” by Pamela Geller, Breitbart, September 2, 20153,429 A Muslim flight attendant, Charee Stanley, claims that she was suspended from her job with ExpressJet Airlines because she refused to serve alcohol.
She has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – and now the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has jumped onto the case. So now we have yet another Muslim workplace lawsuit from CAIR – once again designed to impose Islam on the workplace. This is what they do. Why would a devout Muslim want to be a flight attendant in the first place, when half your job is serving alcohol?
Lena Masri of Hamas-tied CAIR declared: “We notified ExpressJet Airlines of its obligation under the law to reasonably accommodate Ms. Stanley’s religious beliefs. Instead, ExpressJet close to violate Ms. Stanely’s constitutional rights, placed her on administrative leave for 12 months after which her employment may be administratively terminated.” What about the rights of the passengers on Stanley’s flight who just wanted to have a drink?
Alcoholic beverages are still legal in the United States. This is reminiscent of Samantha Elauf, the devout Muslima who sued soft porn retailer Abercrombie & Fitch because she wanted to wear the hijab. She won that case and got herself a healthy cash settlement – and Abercrombie and Fitch had to change the way they do business in order to accommodate her demands. That is no doubt part of the objective here as well.
Read it all here................
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Dutch air force sergeant joins Islamic State in first such desertion
Jihad Watch : It won’t be the last, as Muslims in Western military forces, whether born Muslims or converts (as this sergeant appears to be), are not vetted or scrutinized. To do so would be “Islamophobic.”  “Dutch air force sergeant joins Islamic State in first such desertion,” by Louisa Loveluck, Telegraph, September 3, 2015 (From Blazing Cat Fur):

Dutch air force sergeant joins Islamic State in first such desertionA serving member of the Dutch air force may have joined Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) in Syria, the Netherlands Defence Ministry has said.
The 26-year-old air force sergeant has been suspended from service and his access to “information, systems and military sites” has been revoked, the ministry said in a statement.
“The case is currently being investigated by the Public Prosecutor,” it said. “The defence ministry will of course investigate any risks or damage associated with the sergeant’s position and take any necessary and appropriate measures.”
Dutch authorities said on Thursday that this is the first time a serving member of the country’s armed forces is known to have joined Isil. The extremist group’s spread across the Middle East and North Africa has been bolstered by the military expertise of former servicemen, many of them former members of the Iraqi army.
There are believed to be Dutch citizens fighting on all sides of the conflict. Several are known to have joined the al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra….
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Is RM2.6b grand corruption or donation, TI asks Najib
Friday, September 04, 2015
Malaysiakini : Criticism against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak at the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) continues to mount, with Transparency International secretary-general Salil Shetty asking the premier to explain if the RM2.6 billion in his personal bank accounts was "grand corruption".
This is amid Najib loyalists insisting that the massive deposits was a "political donation" from the Middle East.
"We had newspapers shut down, websites closed, the attorney-general sacked, the Public Accounts Committee suspended, investigating agencies disturbed. "Now RM2.6 billion had disappeared - US$700 million.
"The prime minister has to come clean; tell us if this is grand corruption," he told participants at the IACC in Putrajaya today.
Salil was speaking at a session entitled: ‘Grand corruption: How to stop the corrupt stealing from you and me’.
He then went on to repeat the same questions raised by several other top anti-graft figures at the conference since the opening on Wednesday.
"Where did the money come from and where has it gone?" he asked. Najib asked to 'tell the truth' On Wednesday, Transparency International president Jose Ugaz said during the opening of the IACC on Wednesday that Malaysia was facing a corruption crisis and asked Najib to explain.
"We want to see more progress but that cannot happen while there are unanswered questions about the US$700 million that made its way into the prime minister’s personal bank account," he had said.
Yesterday, IACC council member Michael Hershman also took aim at Najib, albeit diplomatically, telling the prime minister that he cannot cover up the scandal.
“My advice to the Malaysian prime minister would be not to cover up, not to obstruct justice because it doesn’t work. “Tell the truth. Where did the money come from?
What was its intended use and if he did something wrong, ask for forgiveness and face the consequences," he said. Today is the last day of the three-day IACC.
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ISIS Smuggling Weapons Into Europe & ‘Asylum Seeker’ Terrorist
Conservative Papers : The Greek Coast Guard seized a vessel Tuesday carrying ammunition and weapons near the southern island of Crete, authorities said, according to the Associated Press.
muslims-in-euorpe-300x2801The shipment is believed to be linked to the Islamic State group in Libya, according to local media reports.
The news comes as Europe is debating a solution to a growing refugee crisis. More than 300,000 migrants, most of them fleeing war in Syria, have flooded the European Union’s borders in recent months.
Many Eastern European nations refusing to allow Muslim asylum seekers into their countries. ISIS had threaten to send 500,000 Muslim migrants asylum seekeerts to Europe as a ‘weapon’.
ISIS militants plan to cement their control of Libya while also crossing the Mediterranean into Europe disguised as refugees. Read more here..................
Hat tip : RoP
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The Christians of al- Qaryatain City have to make a choice whether to pay “Jizya” or enter to Islam
Islamic State collects jizya from Christians in SyriaSyriahr.Com : Reliable sources informed SOHR that IS received money in the last 48 hours from Christian clerks from the city of al- Qaryatain in the southeast of Homs, where IS imposed Jizya (a religiously required per capita tax on non-Muslims under Islamic law) on the Christians in the city of al- Qaryatain after agreeing with them and making them to choose among paying Jizya, entering into Islam or leaving the city. 
Meanwhile, IS is still keeping the Christian citizens’ IDs. The sources reported that most people of the city are going to leave after taking their IDs. I n August 20, “Islamic State demolished a monastery belongs to the Christian people in the southeast of Homs.
SOHR knew that IS destroyed the monastery of Saint Elian in the city of al- Qaryatayn seized by IS in August 6, where they pulled it down using bulldozers claiming that “the monastery is worshiped beside Allah”, coincided with carrying out 20 raids by the regime warplanes on the city.
Hat tip : RoP
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Emma Thompson: Britain is racist for not taking in more refugees
Jihad Watch : Hasn’t Britain already done enough to off itself?
Emma Thompson: Britain is racist for not taking in more refugeesMust it plunge the suicidal knife even farther into its own entrails?
Emma Thompson (along with many others) thinks so. “If these people were white, European, that were coming from some dictatorship in Bosnia.
If they were coming I think we would feel quite differently about it.” Maybe some people would.
The more important concern, however, is not their race; it’s whether they are coming while adhering to an authoritarian, supremacist and violent political system, and mean to replace the existing one with their own. Emma Thompson would almost certainly say, however, that it is “racist” to oppose that also.
“Britain is RACIST for not taking in more refugees, claims Hollywood star Emma Thompson,” by Tom McTague, MailOnline, September 3, 2015:
Read it all here......
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Flashback to February 2015: Islamic State threatens to flood Europe with refugees
Flashback to February 2015: Islamic State threatens to flood Europe with refugeesJihad Watch : While the world is consumed with horror over the plight of the refugees now flooding into Europe, it is useful to remember these threats that were made just six months ago.
“Islamic State ‘planning to use Libya as gateway to Europe,'” by Ruth Sherlock and Colin Freeman, Telegraph, February 17, 2015:
Islamic State militants are planning a takeover of Libya as a “gateway” to wage war across the whole of southern Europe, letters written by the group’s supporters have revealed.
The jihadists hope to flood the north African state with militiamen from Syria and Iraq, who will then sail across the Mediterranean posing as migrants on people trafficking vessels, according to plans seen by Quilliam, the British anti-extremist group. The fighters would then run amok in southern European cities and also try to attack maritime shipping.
The document is written by an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) propagandist who is believed to be an important online recruiter for the terror in Libya, where security has collapsed in the wake of the revolution that unseated Colonel Gaddafi in 2011. The group has already established Libyan-based cells, who on Sunday released a video showing a mass beheading of 21 Egyptian Christian guest workers.
Read it all here.............
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Washington Post: Opponents of refugee influx into Europe are just like the Nazis
Jihad Watch : There are so many things wrong with this, and outrageous about it, that I scarcely know where to begin.
Washington Post: Opponents of refugee influx into Europe are just like the NazisIn the first place, Jews in Germany and elsewhere in Europe were not immigrants at the time of the rise of the Nazis.
They were not refugees. They had lived in Europe for hundreds of years.
Second, anti-Semitism was based on age-old hatreds, theological from Christianity and racial before the advent of Christianity, that had nothing to do with what Jews did or did not do — while those who are suspicious of this massive influx of Muslims in Europe don’t object to Muslims on (contrary to media insistence) racial grounds or religious grounds, but because they’re aware that Islamic law has a political component that is authoritarian, violent and supremacist.
Jews in Europe were neither carrying out terror attacks nor boasting of their imminent conquest of the continent. No one is talking about or contemplating incinerating these Muslim refugees, or killing or harming a single solitary one of them. Ishaan Tharoor’s article is designed simply to do what the Left and its Islamic supremacist allies always do with opposing viewpoints:
Vilify and demonize them, rather than refute them on rational grounds. Meanwhile, what do you bet that Ishaan Tharoor supports a real neo-Nazi movement: BDS? “Europe’s fear of Muslim refugees echoes rhetoric of 1930s anti-Semitism,”  by Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post, September 2, 2015:
Read it all here.............
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After the Invasion of Europe by the hordes from the Middle East

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Hungary’s Prime Minister has a few rational things to say about the current invasion of Europe
From Vlad Tepes : Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is due to give a press conference in Brussels on Thursday, September 3, following meetings with President of the European Council Donald Tusk, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz to discuss the ongoing migrant and refugee crisis.

Since last Tuesday, hundreds of refugees and migrants have remained stranded at Budapest's main international railway station after Hungarian authorities blocked them from boarding trains, preventing them from leaving to Austria and Germany.
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Hungarian PM: Migrants Are Mostly Muslim, And This Threatens Christianity in Europe
From Vlad Tepes : by Breitbart London3 Sep 2015. Hungary’s Prime Minister has told German news outlets that he does not want large numbers of Muslims in his country.

HungarianThe news follows his comments that the hundreds of migrants at Hungarian train stations are “Germany’s problem”.
Large numbers continue to red for Germany’s Allgemeine Zeitung, Viktor Orban revealed that the country’s total number of immigrants has risen by more than 70 per cent compared to the first half of last year.
He said that Europe needs to “come to their senses” on the matter of mass migration and illegal entries, and boldly declared that those seeking entry into the country “are mostly not Christians, but Muslims.”
“That’s an important question,” he said, “because Europe and Europeanism have Christian roots.”
Please click here to continue at Breitbart
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Minnesota: Judge won’t drop charges against Muslims accused of trying to join ISIS
Thursday, September 03, 2015
Jihad Watch : “Defense attorneys sought to dismiss several counts, arguing that membership or independent advocacy for a terrorist organization is protected under the First Amendment
Terror Trials JudgeThe Islamic State is more like a nation than a terror group because it proclaims itself sovereign, controls territory and has an army….Davis also disagreed with a defense argument that the men’s rights to freely exercise their religion are being violated.” Their rights to freely exercise their religion?
But…but…the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam! Obama assured us!  “7 Accused of Planning to Join Islamic State Still Charged,” by Amy Forliti, Associated Press, September 1, 2015: A federal judge said Tuesday that he won’t dismiss charges against seven Minnesota men accused of conspiring to travel to Syria to fight with the Islamic State group, saying the defense arguments have no merit.
U.S. District Judge Michael Davis’ order comes a day before a hearing on dozens of motions in the case. Though many requests are standard, documents filed ahead of the hearing provide glimpses into the investigation, and show that the scope of the alleged conspiracy goes beyond the men being prosecuted. Some details:
Read it all here..................
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Robert Spencer on CBN on the rise of the Islamic State
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NJ Muslim accused of throwing lit firecrackers at synagogue while screaming “Allahu akbar”
Jihad Watch : “You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers to be the Jews…” — Qur’an 5:82 .
Rizek MusheisenIn practice, that generally means that Muslims are the most intense of the people in animosity toward the Jews. Musheisen’s lawyer says: “I’d like to know why, if this is a bias crime, the person who drove to the site who had to get out of the car as well as the passengers were not charged.
If a crime were committed, they would certainly be complicit.” That’s a good point. They should be arrested. “Man pleads not guilty to tossing firecrackers outside synagogue,” by Myles Ma,, August 31, 2015 (From Pamela Geller):
PATERSON — A Clifton man who allegedly threw lit firecrackers outside a synagogue and yelled “Allahu Akbar” — an Islamic phrase meaning “God is greater” — pleaded not guilty Monday to two counts of bias intimidation Rizek Musheisen, 21, appeared in Passaic County Superior Court before Judge Scott Bennion. Police arrested Musheisen in April. He allegedly threw firecrackers outside the Ahavas Israel Synagogue at 181 Van Houten Ave. in Passaic, police there said.
Read it all here..................
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The "Best" of Teoh Beng Hock's Inquest - A Clown performing
The video recording into Teoh Beng Hock's inquest on Aug 18 was not uploaded to the Attorney General Chambers website even after more than a week.
Since day 1 of TBH's inquest each and every of the proceedings video are uploaded for public viewing. This particular video was "delayed" (would you believe it) due to technical error, so claimed the AGC.

However, after intense public pressure the video is finally online. This is probably the most ridiculous and hilarious court proceeding in history. Citizen journalist, Lim Boo Seng, compiled selected "funny" scenes from the more than 3hrs full video recording. Just watch how Razak "takes on" renowned Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand. Court comedy at its best !!
This video, no matter how many times I watch, makes me cringe.
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On cue, Umno plays race card in wake of Bersih 4
‘The race-baiting of Bersih 4 began even before it even ended.’

Syed Ali: Bersih 4 a slap for the Malays

Malaysiakini : Aries46: Cheras Umno division chief Syed Ali Alhabshee says the DAP did not bring any benefit to the Malays, but at least they don't steal the nation's wealth under the guise of helping the Malays.

 The amounts are colossal running into billions that has necessitates GST (Goods and Services Tax) and every other form of taxation.
Syed Ali himself who once spoke of the need for 1MDB to be accountable and its affairs to be investigated has made a complete U-turn ever since PM Najib Razak warned party lackeys who had taken money from him not to turn against him.
Syed Ali's idiotic strategy of working up the Malays against the Chinese with stupid stories of Malays being shamed and exploited are meant to divert the Malays from the ongoing scandals and corruption of its leaders.
This modus operandi is the most stale and overplayed record in the Umno annals of 'corruption distractions' and it is time that hare-brained leaders of Umno units that have overstayed their positions be discarded by Gen Y Malays who realise the folly of being cheated and exploited by their own kind.
Read it all here..............
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Carbon Dating Suggests Parts of Quran Preceded the prophet
Wednesday, September 02, 2015
Image result for christianity RoP : In fact, Robert Spencer, whose Jihad Watch website provides an authoritative source for the impact of Islam, says it’s possible “some other individual or group used texts that were already in existence and shaped them to fit their own political and theological agenda.”
Spencer cites a recent report in the Daily Mail, which described how several pages were carbon-dated by experts at Oxford, who found not only were some of the pages likely from the oldest Quran in the world, they possibly were created between 568 AD and 645 AD.
Read it all here..................
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MPAC top dog in CNN: Just ignore ISIS and see Islam as “breath of fresh air”
Jihad Watch : Salam Al-Marayati is the executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.
Salam-al-MarayatiHere he laments “our collective failure as humanity to respond appropriately to extremism.” How are we supposed to “respond appropriately to extremism”? We have to “stop giving ISIS so much attention” so that it will be “shunned into irrelevancy.”
How likely is it that the Islamic State will become “irrelevant,” or disappear, if we ignore it? What would really happen if we took Salam Al-Marayati’s advice?
There would be no further discussion of whether the Islamic State’s practices were Islamic or not; it would simply be taken for granted that they weren’t, even while the Islamic State continued to make recruits among peaceful Muslims by pointing to the Qur’an and Sunnah to justify their actions.
In other words, non-Muslims would be ignorant and complacent while the jihadis continued to advance.
That’s the objective of Salam Al-Marayati.  “No, ISIS doesn’t represent Islam,” by Salam Al-Marayati, CNN, September 2, 2015 :
…The list of horrors is a long one. Sadly, it also exposes our collective failure as humanity to respond appropriately to extremism. ISIS is setting the agenda — and highlighting our ineptness in the process.
Take, for example, how ISIS has been forcing ethnic Yazidi women into sexual slavery, a practice it says is rooted in historic precedence. Such a claim is absurd and false; yet the revelation has spurred a debate on sex slavery in Islam, as if the practice deserves any consideration at all, and as if ISIS deserves the kind of religious legitimacy conferred upon it by discussion of its proclamations.
Read it all here.............
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Iran: U.S., British flags “Satanic symbols”
Jihad Watch : “Satanic symbols.” The Iranian regime makes no secret of its hatred and contempt for the U.S., even after the “peace deal” has been made — showing how hollow that deal really is.
USUKflagshirt74“Iran clothing with US, British flags sparks arrests,” AFP, September 1, 2015 (From The Religion of Peace): Iranian police have arrested merchants for selling clothing that featured the flags of the United States and Britain, two longtime foes of the Islamic republic, local media reported Tuesday.
Garments imprinted with “Satanic symbols” were also seized from stores in Tehran, city police chief General Hossein Sajedinia was quoted by the ISNA news agency as saying. Sajedinia said reports about the activity had been received in the past two weeks, leading to surveillance and detentions. 
“This morning we took these clothes off leading distributors,” he said, noting that any stores that sell such items “will be closed.” The move underlined the fractious attitude from some authorities regarding the United States.
Read it all here...................
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World anti-corruption head slams Najib on home ground - A summary by Martin Jalleh

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World anti-corruption head slams Najib on home ground
Malaysiakini : Transparency International (TI) chair Jose Ugaz wants answers to the scandal surrounding Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.
 In his opening address at the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Putrajaya today, Ugaz said the Malaysian government took many initiatives to tackle corruption.
"We want to see more progress but that cannot happen while there are unanswered questions about the US$700 million that made its way into the prime minister's personal accounts," he said to loud applause.
Ugaz pointed out that the recent weeks had seen the attorney-general suddenly replaced, the 1MDB task force disbanded and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers arrested or transferred as well as newspapers suspended for reporting on the matter.
"These are not the actions of a government that is fighting corruption," he said to loud applause again. "There are two questions that need to be answered: who paid the money and why, and where did it go? "One man could answer those questions," he said.Najib was supposed to officiate the event, but this did not happen as there were concerns he might court an hostile reception.
'Uncover the truth'
Meanwhile, Ugaz said if Najib did not answer the questions, then only a "fully independent investigation, free from political interference", could uncover the truth. "Until that happens, no claim from the government on anti-corruption will be credible. "I stand here today with you and say this is what the people want from the government – honesty and integrity," he said.
Ugaz, earlier in his speech said that the scandal plaguing Najib was like an elephant in the room. "No one can be in Malaysia and not be aware of the corruption allegations of recent months and how damaging they are to the country. There is a corruption crisis here.
"As a global anti-corruption movement it is our role to ask questions, to challenge those who abuse their power, to champion those who cannot speak and to engage with those who sincerely wish to change," he said. Najib is currently embroiled in a controversy where RM2.6 billion was allegedly transferred to his personal accounts. The premier has also courted brickbats due to perceived attempts of tampering with investigations into the matter.
Najib was supposed to officiate the event, but this was changed out of concerns that he might court an hostile reception.
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Emergency and Confrontation Veterans Gathering in Ipoh 2012 organised by Lt Col Fatholzaman Bukhari
dswami's Emergency  Confrontation 2012 album on Photobucket
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Hillary Clinton may have broken US secrecy rules with emails from Tony Blair and Downing Street
Blazing Cat Fur : Hillary Clinton may have broken US secrecy rules by handling classified information from Tony Blair and the British government on her personal email account.
Newly disclosed emails from Mrs Clinton’s time as US secretary of state show she regularly received sensitive details from Mr Blair and UK officials on an email server based in her home in New York.
Hillary Rodham Clinton has jumped back into presidential politics, making a much-awaited announcement she will again seek the White House in 2016 with a promise to serve as the "champion" of everyday Americans in a country with growing income inequality.The former prime minister, writing on his own personal account, sent notes on his work as Middle East peace envoy while Mrs Clinton’s aides passed on briefings from Downing Street on Northern Ireland.
Under US secrecy rules classified information should not be shared by email because of the risk it could be intercepted by foreign hackers.
The FBI is now investigating the security of the email server. The British messages, which are now classified, are fueling Republican accusations that Mrs Clinton mishandled secret information and therefore "cannot be trusted with the White House".
Read it all here.............
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After getting caught and f****d by the Bersih participants - Charge Bersih firecracker thrower with attempted murder
With thanks to Debu Khayalan . This guy rubs shoulders with UMNO Big Wigs

Malaysiakini : DAP lawmaker Lim Lip Eng demanded police to charge the man who threw a firecracker in Bersih 4 rally on Sunday for attempted murder.
"It could have resulted in a stampede which could have resulted in casualties," he said at a press conference today. "I want the man to be probed under Section 307 of Penal Code (Attempt to murder).
This is to teach others a serious lesson so nobody will do this again," he said. "This was not just a firecracker. I recognise the sound of firecrackers as I hear it in Chinese New Year celebrations. It was like the sound of small bomb," said the Segambut parliamentarian. Lim was at the Dataran DBKL, just a street away from the car park of Swiss Hotel, where the explosion took place, injuring a man and his wife.
The Facebook page of Tok Ketua also showed that he wore Umno official attire and attended the 2014 Umno AGM. He had also taken pictures with Umno president Najib Abdul Razak, youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and information chief Ahmad Maslan. In his Facebook page, Tok Ketua also posted a selfie to share his experience of being arrested and having to spend a night at the Dang Wangi police lockup.
Lim accompanied Lee and to give a statement on Tuesday night after finding out that the man was involved in anti-Bersih and anti-Anwar movements. "I don't think he has any genuine motive to be at the Bersih 4 rally," Lim said.
Read it all here...................
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Human Rights Tribunal orders Supremacist Muslims to pay 100K for vile treatment of infidel employee
Blazing Cat Fur : On March 8, 2010, Andric was speaking on the telephone when co-worker Johanna Amazu grabbed Andric by the hair and began punching her face, the decision said.
Human Rights Tribunal orders spa to pay for religion-based demotionAmazu’s husband also was there but was “held back” from attacking, the document said. “This is not over, you don’t mess with Allah,” he said leaving the salon, according to the decision. Police were called and the Amazus were banned from the mall, the document said.
No charges were laid. The decision does not state what motivated the assault. Four days after the assault, spa CEO Hasoon Rahal met with Andric.
“You don’t look too bad,” Rahal said to Andric in the meeting, according to the decision. Andric was told she would be moved to another location and have her salary “revised,” despite her request to stay at the West Edmonton Mall location, the decision said.
Read it all here............
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KillStarter – Crowdfunding Iranian Terror
Blazing Cat Fur : As Congress’s vote on the Iran nuclear deal nears, a sardonic video is seeking to raise awareness of one of the negative consequences of the agreement which even is supporters acknowledge.

A massive boon in funding for terrorist organizations throughout the world.

The Iranian regime has long been the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. Officials in Tehran regularly boast of their support for what they term “resistance” groups throughout the Middle East – from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, to Hezbollah in Lebanon, to pro-Assad militias in Syria and Shia Islamist groups in Iraq and Yemen.
Read it all here.....................
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Sid Blumenthal pushed son Max’s anti-Israel, “Islamophobia” propaganda on Hillary
sidney-blumenthal-hillary-clinton-04d4d06d12a20f1eJihad Watch : Why does the “Islamophobia” nonsense have such traction at the very highest levels of government? Here is a clue. “Emails Show Blumenthal Pushed Son’s Anti-Israel Activism On Hillary,” by Kerry Picket, Daily Caller, September 1, 2015:

The State Department’s August email dump of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton included numerous communications with close confidante Sid Blumenthal, who often passed along his son Max’s anti-Israel articles.
The older Blumenthal, who served in the Clinton White House as a close political aide to the president and first lady, sent Clinton, in December 2010, an article his son wrote about “Islamophobia” in the Republican Party, the tea party, and the “Islamophobic crusade” from the “pro-Israel lobby.” (Email 1 , Email 2)
Max attacked a number of individuals and groups for their financial or political support of Israel as well as excoriated them for their criticism of radical Islamic terrorism. In response to a tweet from The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein asking the younger Blumenthal if he was an “informal adviser” to Clinton, Blumenthal responded, “I warned her about the danger of #JSIL. She didn’t listen.” — Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) September 1, 2015
The JSIL (The Jewish State of Israel in the Levant) hashtag on Twitter is the creation of Max and fellow anti-Israel writer, Rania Khalek. The hashtag is meant to compare Israel to the terrorist organization ISIL. In June 2010, Sid sent Clinton a piece Max wrote about the Gaza-bound flotilla carrying pro-Palestinian activists, which ended in a deadly raid by Israeli commandos after the flotilla refused to turn around when it attempted to break through Israel’s coastal territory.
The incident remains in dispute to this day. In his piece, Max claims that Israel provided no proof the flotilla passengers had terrorist connections and Israeli media was playing along with whatever the Israel Defense Forces told them.
Read it all here............
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John McCain: “ISIS has nothing to do with the reality of Islam”
Jihad Watch : The willful ignorance is bipartisan: the Republicans don’t offer any alternative to the Democrats’ ridiculous claim that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam.
mccainNeither party offers a realistic appraisal of why the Islamic State is so appealing to so many Muslims worldwide (30,000 now have joined it from all over the world). Neither party has spoken honestly about the actual beliefs of the Islamic State, where those beliefs come from, and how widely those beliefs are found among Muslims in the U.S.
Neither party has shown any interest in the fact that despite pro forma condemnations, no mosque or Islamic organization in the U.S. has any program to teach young Muslims to reject the understanding of Islam offered by the Islamic State.
And because of all this denial and willful ignorance, neither party has the slightest idea how to defeat the Islamic State. Find out the truth about the Islamic State that John McCain ignores and denies in my new book, The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS.
Read it all here..............
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General Petraeus: Use al-Qaeda jihadis to defeat the Islamic State
Jihad Watch : This is a tacit admission that the U.S. can’t find enough “moderates” to do the job against the Islamic State, even after spending $500 million to create a “moderate” fighting force.
PetraeusThis is an effective admission that not only the Administration’s entire strategy of dealing with the Islamic State, but its entire diagnosis of the jihad threat, is wrongheaded.
Even to suggest this, moreover, demonstrates that Petraeus is entirely clueless about what al-Qaeda is all about, what the global jihad is all about, and how to deal with both.
“Petraeus: Use Al Qaeda Fighters to Beat ISIS,” by Shane Harris and Nancy A. Youssef, Daily Beast, August 31, 2015: To take down the so-called Islamic State in Syria, the influential former head of the CIA wants to co-opt jihadists from America’s arch foe. Members of al Qaeda’s branch in Syria have a surprising advocate in the corridors of American power: retired Army general and former CIA Director David Petraeus.
Read it all here.............
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UNC defends 9/11 class, claims it doesn’t “advocate one viewpoint over another”
Jihadi Watch : Jim Gregory is the Director of Media Relations at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but if that gig doesn’t work out, he really ought to try standup comedy.
Jim Gregory74In defending the university and this nakedly propagandistic course, Gregory says: “Carolina offers academic courses to challenge students — not to advocate one viewpoint over another.” UNC doesn’t “advocate one viewpoint over another”?
Really? Then where is the counterpart course to this one, in which students read accounts by 9/11 victims and the relatives of those who were killed. What courses does UNC offer about the Islamic doctrine of jihad, and the contemporary global jihad?
What courses does UNC offer about Sharia and dhimmitude, in which students read the works of Bat Ye’or? What courses does UNC offer about the early origins of Islam, in which students read Alphonse Mingana and Christoph Luxenberg?
Read it all here..............
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Islamic State jihadis caught crossing into Europe posing as refugees
Bulgarian border policeJihad Watch : Five men arrested attempting to cross the Bulgarian-Macedonian border with decapitation videos and Islamic State propaganda on their phones. The terrorist suspects had been posing as refugees.
UKIP leader Nigel Farage warned: “I fear we face a direct threat to our civilisation if we allow large numbers of people from that war torn region into Europe.”
The Obama-caused Muslim migrant apocalypse continues its assault on Europe.
“Islamic State terrorists caught crossing into Europe posing as refugees,” by Liam Deacon, Breitbart News, September 1, 2015: Five men have been arrested as they attempted to cross the Bulgarian-Macedonian border with decapitation videos and Islamic State propaganda on their phones.
The terrorist suspects had been posing as refugees. Bulgarian authorities near the Gyueshevo border checkpoint detained the five men, aged between 20 and 24, late on Wednesday, Bulgarian broadcaster NOVA TV reported.
Read it all here................
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Small Euro countries unite to defy EU quota plan
Jihad Watch : Central European nations Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland are preparing to reject EU immigrant quotas, and guard their borders with barriers and military, to try to save their countries from an apocalyptic Muslim migrant invasion caused by the U.S.-led destabilization of the Middle East.
The hindsight rearview mirror is looking clearer all the time, as the fruits of the “Arab Spring” revolutions, which swept away stable if autocratic governments only to allow the brutal rise of the Islamic State Caliphate, are now ripening in the form of millions of migrants fleeing Syria and Iraq, and entering Europe through the Balkans.
In a significant analysis piece in National Review last August, Ira Straus traced how the Obama-Clinton-Kerry Mid-East policy has provided the hothouse for the growth of the extremist Islamic State. In due course, it spilled over from Syria into Iraq, and it has issued threats against the American homeland.
The Obama-Kerry policy has also made for the more than 190,000 deaths in Syria, 500,000 wounded, and 8 million refugees (more than 2 million abroad, 6 million inside Syria) — this, out of a population of about 22 million. And that was in August 2014. In May of this year, declassified Defense Intelligence documents revealed that the Obama administration actually did create ISIS as a tool against Assad. Per a report in the US Herald:
Read it all here..............
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Mississippi: Muslim threatens to kill all non-Muslims at hospital
Jihad Watch : “The Iranian was then sent to the hospital, and at the hospital he’s still threatening to kill anyone who isn’t a member of Islam or Muslim.”
Safa Alidoust74This was after he assaulted two sheriff’s deputies and threatened to set off a bomb while “praying to Allah.” Note how defensive Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam is:
“When we have somebody that’s making these threats, we know he’s Iranian, we know he’s a Muslim, and regardless what anybody says, dammit, they’ve killed people.
So we have to take it seriously and we are.” Clearly, Adam is already anticipating charges of “Islamophobia” resulting from his daring to arrest a Muslim making terrorist threats: “regardless of what anybody says,” he says, they have to “take it seriously” — in other words, they can’t back down for fear of charges of “racism” and “bigotry” that he obviously knows will be coming, because they always do.
Read it all here...................
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Muslim flight attendant files EEOC complaint after suspension for refusing to serve alcohol in the good old US of A
Jihad Watch : We see it again and again: wherever Islamic law and custom and American law and custom conflict, it is American law and custom that have to give way.
flight attendant serving wineCharee Stanley and Hamas-linked CAIR talk a great deal here about rights, but what about the rights of the passengers?
It is not illegal (yet) to drink alcohol on flights in the U.S. Stanley has no right to be a flight attendant and to force ExpressJet Airlines to change the way it does business in order to accommodate her.
She could instead get a job that didn’t require her to serve alcohol. But the objective here isn’t really about her rights or her job at all; it is to reinforce yet again the principle that Muslims must be accommodated at all costs, in all situations, no matter what. “Muslim Civil Liberties Group Claims Airline Violated Flight Attendant’s Constitutional Rights,”
CBS Detroit, September 1, 2015 (From Pamela Geller): FARMINGTON HILLS (WWJ) – A Muslim flight attendant has filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEO) claiming she was suspended from her job for not serving alcohol — which is against her religious beliefs.
Read it all here............
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The dumfuk who threw crackers at the Bersih participants as they were dispersing
Apparently rubs shoulders with "big guys"

Plucked this from Facebook with thanks to Debu Khayalan
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Raymond Ibrahim: How the Islamic World was Forged: An Exercise in Common Sense
Tuesday, September 01, 2015
dhimmitudeRaymond Ibrahim : What made non-Muslims convert to Islam, leading to the creation of the Islamic world?

Early historical sources—both Muslim and non-Muslim—make clear that the Islamic empire was forged by the sword; that people embraced Islam, not so much out of sincere faith, but for a myriad of reasons—from converting in order to enjoy the boons of being on the “winning team” to converting in order to evade the dooms of being on the “losing team.”
Modern day Muslims and other apologists—primarily in academia, government, and mainstream media—reject this idea.  They argue that the non-Muslims who embraced Islam did so from sheer conviction; that the ancestors of today’s 1.5 billion Muslims all converted to Islam due to its intrinsic appeal; that the modern day coercion and persecution committed by the Islamic State and other organizations is an aberration.
Of course, as mentioned, the primary texts of history are full of anecdotes demonstrating the opposite.  However, because ours is an increasingly ahistorical society, in this essay I endeavor to show that sheer common sense alone validates what history records, namely, that the Islamic world and its populace was forged through violent coercion. To do so, I will use Egypt—one of the most important Muslim majority nations and my ancestral homeland—as a paradigm. 
I will show how a historic fact that Islam’s apologists habitually boast of—that there are still millions of Christians in Egypt (approximately 10% of the population)—is not proof of Islam’s tolerance but rather its intolerance.For an objective answer to this question, a completely overlooked factor must be considered…
One telling example: in Muslim historian Taqi al-Din al-Maqrizi’s (d. 1442) authoritative history of Egypt, anecdote after anecdote is recorded of Muslims burning churches, slaughtering Christians, and enslaving their women and children. The only escape then—as it is increasingly today—was for Christians to convert to Islam.
After recording one particularly egregious bout of persecution, where countless Christians were slaughtered, enslaved, and raped, and where reportedly some 30,000 churches in Egypt and Syria were destroyed—a staggering number that further indicates how Christian the Near East was before Islam—the pious Muslim historian makes clear why Christians converted: “Under these circumstances a great many Christians became Muslims” (emphasis added).[6]
Keep reading
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After I posted a historical picture of a Bugis Warrior...............

After I posted a picture of the Collaborator Abdul Razak in a Japanese uniform, the dickheads posted the picture of Lim Kit Siang in an MPAJA (Malayan People's Anti Japanese Army)uniform,  claiming that he was  wearing a Malayan Communist Party uniform.
Lim Kit Siang was born on the  20th February 1941. He would be 4 frigging years old if he was leading the Communists. To the cyber troopers, people are not as stupid and moronic as you.
Unless of course the CPM was schooled by ISIS, they would be using Lim Kit Siang at 4 years old, which would have been impossible. Your bullshit has just been shot to shit.
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Do you all remember this ? Karpal urges AG to charge the home minister
Bantahan Bersih 4.0 kerja bodoh-anak Zahid Hamidi.


Malaysiakini : Veteran lawyer and Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh has urged the attorney-general (AG) to charge Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi with assault and battery, and attempted murder of his client, businessman Amir Bazli Abdullah, in 2006.

Karpal (left in photo) said that there is no time frame for the AG to prosecute, and that it could do so. “If you look at the nature of Amir Bazli Abdullah’s injuries and the police report lodged against Zahid, one is left wondering why no prosecution was done. These are very serious injuries and this is a serious matter.
NONE“I have written to the AG over this as it is a serious matter that requires prosecution. However, he declined. It is still not too late. This shows the nature in this country (in not taking action) when people in high places are involved,” he added. He said this is a clear-cut assault and battery case as there was enough evidence from Amir Bazli. Karpal said today’s decision means that the matter will go for a full trial and the court decided that the suit is not frivolous.
“They (Ahmad Zahid’s lawyers) have tried to strike out the suit at the High Court and it was dismissed, and they tried it again at the Court of Appeal and again here. “Let the matter go to a full trial,” he said. Whatever it is, Karpal declared that Ahmad Zahid is not fit to continue as a minister. ‘Suspend Zahid’ Meanwhile, lawyer and Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo has urged that Zahid be suspended as a minister pending the hearing of the civil suit at the Shah Alam High Court, which is scheduled in August. “I reiterate my urging to the prime minister to suspend Ahmad Zahid as the home minister pending trial.
I will also raise the matter in Parliament,” he said. “The allegations against him are serious in nature and they extend beyond assault,” he said. In reading out Ahmad Bazli's police report, Gobind said Ahmad Bazli was slapped, punched and hit with a hard object and they even threaten to cut off both his hands. Even Ahmad Zahid, he said, allegedly threatened to put Ahmad Bazli in a gunny sack for the businessman to be buried, until this was stopped by the minister’s wife.
“These are serious allegation and the PM must explain why he sees it fit to have Ahmad Zahid remain as the home minister,” he said. The Puchong lawmaker said, look at the A Kugan case where the judge found against the police and (present inspector-general of police) Khalid Abu Bakar. Yet, he said, Khalid was promoted to become the IGP. “The court has said something against the IGP. Yet he remains.
I do not understand the PM, is he out in the woods, not being able to see the implications of his actions (to maintain them). “We will have a home minister going for trial for something this serious soon. I reiterate my urging to remove him, or otherwise the PM should explain in these circumstances why Ahmad Zahid should remain as a minister in his cabinet and home minister.”
Amir Bazli said the extent of the injury to his left eye as a result of the 2006 assault, had resulted in him having blurred vision till today, and he also showed his dented forehead following the fracture.
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The Transformation of Najib Razak by Martin Jalleh

posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 2:45 PM   0 comments
Muslim secretly films “warts and all” pilgrimage to Mecca, gets death threats
Jihad Watch :  “There is nothing kind about this process,” Sharma says of his pilgrimage to Mecca. “He calls his first experience at the Kaaba ‘probably the most violent night of my entire life.'”
Parvez SharmaThose who are surprised by this have not been paying attention to the daily headlines.
“‘A Sinner in Mecca’ documents gay Muslim pilgrimage,” by Jennie Matthew, AFP, August 31, 2015:
NEW YORK (AFP) — The confession of a Pakistani murderer. Overzealous religious police. An Arab angered his pregnant wife was molested in the holiest site known to Islam.
Read it all here and watch the video here.................
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As For Normal In Crapistan : "“You cannot be pregnant without permission of Muslim master who pay you”
Blazing Cat Fur : Faisalabad: August 31, 2015. (PCP) “Now our Majority brothers will decide whether the Christian women will give birth respectfully or like animals” such alarming observations were given by Chief Coordinator of “The Voice Society” after visiting victim family in a village in near Samaundri who were attacked by Muslims who tortured men and women of labour family.
Muslim attackers when beating a pregnant Christian woman were loudly saying,
“You cannot be pregnant without permission of Muslim master who pay you."
Its sad episode of bonded labour Christian family working in Brick Kiln factory; Khaliq Masih is a resident of Nangli 221 GB and is a brick kiln worker.
On 27th of August The Voice Society received an information about the torture upon the family of Khaliq Masih by the Muslims of the community. The Voice Team reached Samaundri’s (about 50kms away from Faisalabad) Village Nangli about 275kms away from Lahore and met Khaliq Masih in the Civil Hospital Samundri. He was admitted in Male medical ward on bed no11.
Read more here.............
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Najib's Dad during WW 2 colloborated with the Japanese

posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 1:46 PM   0 comments
Back no-confidence vote against Najib, Dr M implores Umno, BN MPs
Malaysiakini : Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has "implored" (rayu) Umno and BN members of Parliament to back a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.
 "BN will not fall after Najib is removed. BN is still the party with the majority," he assured them in a blog posting which explained his presence at Bersih 4.
Mahathir claimed as long as Najib remains in power, the economy would continue to be affected, Ringgit and shares would fall, cost of living would increase because of GST, the national debt would go up and cannot be repaid, unemployment would rise and billions of people’s money would be abused. "This is the fate that awaits Malaysia because of Najib," he warned.
Read it all here............
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