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A Very Happy Chinese New Year 2016
Friday, February 12, 2016
To all Chinese who are celebrating this Chinese New Year

With fondest Wishes and Love 
Major (Rtd) D Swami and family
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 5:56 PM   0 comments
An Execrable Washington Post writer: When I met Islamic State fighters, I couldn’t hate them
Monday, February 08, 2016
Washington Post writer: When I met Islamic State fighters, I couldn’t hate themImagine the Washington Post publishing an article in 1943: “Nazi Germany sent my best friend to Dachau. But when I met its fighters, I couldn’t hate them.” How have these people lost all moral compass, or worse, decided it best to side with America’s enemies?
“The Islamic State commits despicable acts of cruelty, but the men who carry out these crimes are not the two-dimensional caricatures they’re painted to be. They are human beings, many indoctrinated at the most impressionable age and coerced into service.”
Of course they are. And no one, actually, should be hated. But to write a piece like this is to equivocate on the moral evils these men commit every day. 
“ISIS kidnapped my best friend. But when I met its fighters, I couldn’t hate them,” by Sebastian Meyer, Washington Post, February 5, 2016: SULAYMANIYAH, IRAQ — As a journalist based in northern Iraq for the past six years, I’ve seen the war with the Islamic State closer than I’d like. In the summer of 2014, my best friend, a man I’d come to love and respect during my time reporting here, was taken prisoner by the militants.
We were more like brothers than friends, and I haven’t heard from him since. I was filming about 180 miles away on the evening he disappeared. I drove through the night to join a group of his friends and family in a rescue effort. While the militants stormed west across Iraq, we worked exhaustively to find him. (I can’t say more about him, because doing so could put him in further danger.) We were driven by rage and desperation.
Read this execrable article here, if you want to throw up after stuffing your face with too much food during this Chinese New Year...............
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 5:20 PM   0 comments
Washington Post: the Islamic State is losing ground
Washington Post: the Islamic State is losing groundThis would be great news, and highly encouraging, except that we have heard this before. And not only have we heard it before, but now the Washington Post is engaging in revisionist history.
This story says: “Only a year ago, the Islamic State was seen as a juggernaut – rich, organized and fielding thousands of motivated fighters – that overran rival forces in Iraq and Syria with astonishing speed and brutality.”
Let’s see. A year ago, that would be January 2015, no? The Atlantic announced in January 2015: “ISIS Is Losing Its Greatest Weapon: Momentum: Evidence suggests that the Islamic State’s power has been declining for months.”
The Atlantic wasn’t the only one. A CNN headline asked in November 2014: “Has ISIS peaked? Terror group suffers setbacks in Iraq.” CNN followed a few weeks later with “For ISIS, tough times as it seeks to regroup.” The New York Times announced on February 4, 2015, that “ISIS Is Losing in Iraq.” On April 15, 2015, Vox issued its own report:
“ISIS is losing.” But in this WaPo report, we’re hearing that they’re losing now, and that a year ago they were “a juggernaut.” No, the mainstream media was telling us a year ago that they were losing, and they’re telling us the same thing now. The lies they told us a year ago make this report harder to accept at face value.
Read it all here..................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 11:28 AM   0 comments
What you can do to stop the blocking of jihad news on Facebook
Well, the short answer is just tell them they are wrong.
They will review, and often they will remove the block. But first you need to find out what they objected to. The post itself is usually not what they are blocking, but the initial block message will tell you it is some image that is “unsafe.”
What you can do to stop the blocking of jihad news on FacebookJust click the button offered “If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.” In this case, I told them: “It is a benign image, used widely by the press regarding a recent news story; there is no threat. I believe it is being mass reported for political reasons to stifle free speech.”
In this case, I was alerted to the issue because the post “auto-posted” as normal, and I was emailed the error message: “Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.” The content itself is benign, just regular news from Europe.
An article from a mainstream newspaper, with an editorial by Robert Spencer: no threats, nothing that could possibly construed as “hate speech,” and nothing in any way abusive. The appropriately named “Muslim-rape-gang.jpg” is what is causing the whole post to be blocked.
Free speech is certainly coming under accelerated attack from all directions, and the traditional protectors of free speech, the press, are mostly not on our side, as we saw in Cologne earlier this year. But we can all do something about it. In another case, this site (Jihad Watch) is blocked on Reddit in Europe.
I looked into it, I can’t find evidence that the moderator is a Muslim, but he is certainly anti-Jihad Watch, and has a “make Muslims look good whatever they do” agenda. It’s not Reddit itself doing it. They are great. I am active in some security pages myself. Reddit is run by volunteer moderators: if we don’t get involved. nothing will change.
The enemy has armies of technically able people. I guess living on state benefits in the West, able to spend their time doing stuff like this, which puts us as a disadvantage. Most of us who are technically able have to work for a living and fund them with our taxes.
Read it all here............
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 11:09 AM   0 comments
Viral Video by Muslim Woman Sparks Movement to Defeat Radical Islam – Breitbart
Sunday, February 07, 2016
By the Numbers is an honest and open discussion about Muslim opinions and demographics.
Narrated by Raheel Raza, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, this short film is about the acceptance that radical Islam is a bigger problem than most politically correct governments and individuals are ready to admit. Is ISIS, the Islamic State, trying to penetrate the U.S. with the refugee influx? Are Muslims radicalized on U.S. soil? Are organizations such as CAIR, who purport to represent American Muslims accepting and liberal or radicalized with links to terror organizations?
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 7:09 AM   0 comments
Trump’s Ban on Muslims: The Discussion the Media Won’t Have
Trump of DonaldOn December 7, 2015, U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign released a press statement calling “for a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our representatives can figure out what is going on.”
He was publicly saying what an increasing number of Americans over the years have apparently begun to think about Muslims and Islam in terms of the “clear and present” danger to their security and their country.
Trump's call to ban the entry of Muslims to the U.S. seemed to indicate that it should be temporary, until the American leadership has figured out what in the complex reality of the Muslim world – religious, political, economic, cultural, and so on– contributes to turning a significant portion of Muslims into jihadi operatives at war with the United States.
Despite numerous terrorist attacks carried out by extremist Muslims inside the United States, Americans have not turned against their Muslim neighbors; on the contrary, Americans and Europeans in general have continued to be accommodating, tolerant, even protective, of Muslims in their midst, in keeping with their secular and liberal democratic values.
Americans have watched the unabated spread of terrorism and warfare in the name of Islam; the intensity of hatred in Muslim countries directed towards the United States; the attacks on Americans by extremist Muslims, and the betrayals by Muslim countries that have been receiving American assistance, such as Pakistan.
The elite in Muslim-majority states is mostly, if not entirely, responsible for the wretched state of affairs that has left those states at the bottom of the list of countries when measured in terms of economic development, human rights, gender equality, education, freedom and democracy. For the elite in third world societies, a getaway to America has meant a readily available exit to avoid being held accountable for their misdeeds.
Herein lies the irony of a Trump's proposed ban: it would greatly affect the Muslim elite and, consequently, compel them to begin taking responsibility for how they have mismanaged their societies and impoverished their people. Read it all here...............
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 7:06 AM   0 comments
At UN, Crapistan calls on world to combat not jihad terrorism, but “Islamophobia”
At UN, Pakistan calls on world to combat not jihad terrorism, but “Islamophobia”
Paki Bitch
The Chutzpah of the bloody Pakis, they kill and maim minorities. Especially the Christians and Hindus.
The UN should tell this Paki Bitch to shut the f&^*up!  This is how the charge of “Islamophobia” works.
When a Muslim cleric such as Abu Hamza Ashur says “Kill them! Poison your daggers, and then stab or slaughter them. Blow them up, shed their blood, pounce on them, dismember them, paralyze them, make the earth quake under their feet, trample on their heads….By Allah, we will use it to turn you into body parts, and we will send you messages written in blood.
By Allah, we will annihilate you with it. We will turn you into lifeless corpses, and into scattered body parts, Allah willing,” Pakistan and the OIC say nothing. But if I quote Abu Hamza Ashur, that’s “Islamophobia.” “Pakistan calls on world to combat Islamophobia,” by Masood Haider, Dawn, February 5, 2016 :
UNITED NATIONS: Decrying the rise of Islamophobia worldwide, Pakistan called on Thursday for action to combat the forces of xenophobia and warned that if timely steps were not taken to check this disturbing trend, it could threaten regional and global peace and security.
Speaking at an event organised at the UN by Pakistan Mission and the OIC on “Countering Xenophobia through Interfaith Cooperation”, Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi said that Islamophobic acts were unfortunately taking place in countries known as traditional champions of human rights and humanitarianism.
Note the conflation of “Islamophobia,” an invented term designed to intimidate people into thinking it wrong to oppose jihad terror, with xenophobia. Yet there is no problem in Europe or North America with Hindu immigrants or any immigrant group other than Muslims. Those who are concerned about jihad terror and Sharia oppression aren’t motivated by xenophobia, but by a desire to protect their countries and communities.
Read it all here...................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 6:52 AM   0 comments
Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop to West: “Why are your bishops silent on a threat that is yours today as well?”
Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop to West: “Why are your bishops silent on a threat that is yours today as well?”“Open your eyes, didn’t you see what happened recently in Paris?” No, they didn’t see it. They didn’t want to see it. Archbishop Jeanbart is not the first to say this.
“Why, we ask the western world, why not raise one’s voice over so much ferocity and injustice?” asked Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, the head of the Italian Bishops Conference (CEI). Syriac Catholic Patriarch Ignatius Ephrem Joseph III Younan appealed to the West “not to forget the Christians in the Middle East.”
The Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregory III has also said: “I do not understand why the world does not raise its voice against such acts of brutality.” But the Patriarch should have understood, since he is a major part of the problem. After all, he recently said: “No one defends Islam like Arab Christians.”
It is to defend Islam that Western clerics do not raise their voice against such acts of brutality. It is to pursue a fruitless and chimerical “dialogue” that bishops in the U.S. and Europe keep silent about Muslim persecution of Christians, and enforce that silence upon others. Robert McManus, Roman Catholic Bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts, said it on February 8, 2013 as he was suppressing a planned talk at a Catholic conference on that persecution:
“Talk about extreme, militant Islamists and the atrocities that they have perpetrated globally might undercut the positive achievements that we Catholics have attained in our inter-religious dialogue with devout Muslims.”
Read it all here................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 6:36 AM   0 comments
DHS ordered agent to scrub records of 100s of Muslims with terror ties
DHS ordered agent to scrub records of 100s of Muslims with terror tiesWhat could possibly have been Obama’s motive to do this? What possible effect could it have had other than to allow for more jihad terror attacks? 
“DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties,” by Philip Haney, The Hill, February 5, 2016 (thanks to Pamela Geller): Amid the chaos of the 2009 holiday travel season, jihadists planned to slaughter 290 innocent travelers on a Christmas Day flight from the Netherlands to Detroit, Michigan.
Twenty-three-year old Nigerian Muslim Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab intended to detonate Northwest Airlines Flight 253, but the explosives in his underwear malfunctioned and brave passengers subdued him until he could be arrested. The graphic and traumatic defeat they planned for the United States failed, that time.
Following the attempted attack, President Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus for its failure to “connect the dots.” He said, “this was not a failure to collect intelligence, it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had.” Most Americans were unaware of the enormous damage to morale at the Department of Homeland Security, where I worked, his condemnation caused.
His words infuriated many of us because we knew his administration had been engaged in a bureaucratic effort to destroy the raw material—the actual intelligence we had collected for years, and erase those dots. The dots constitute the intelligence needed to keep Americans safe, and the Obama administration was ordering they be wiped away.
Read it all here...............
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 6:33 AM   0 comments
UK: Somali Muslims living by their own laws
Why shouldn’t they behave with absolute impunity?
They know that the British government is cowed, weak, terrified of them, and in thrall to the multiculturalist ethos which makes it “racist” to oppose them in any way. The country is theirs; it’s only a matter of time. 
UK: Somali Muslims living by their own laws“A private school girl, mothers who excuse gang rape and a terrifying culture clash no one dares talk about: How Somalian men are living by their own laws… and causing devastating repercussions in Britain,” by Paul Bracchi and Liz Hull, Daily Mail, February 5, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
The Victoria Park Hotel is a short walk from the bustling Manchester thoroughfare known locally as the ‘Curry Mile.’
The establishment offers budget accommodation at cheap prices (£45 for a single bed). Standards at the hotel reflect the bargain-basement rates. Several ground-floor windows are boarded up. Guests have complained of mould in bathrooms, marks on walls and ceilings, and dirty bed linen. Room 38 is on the first floor.
It is also where, just before midday on August 9, 2013, a young girl found herself trapped and about to be subjected to the most degrading and terrifying ordeal imaginable. She was 16, an A-grade student from a middle-class family, who had just completed her GCSEs at a leading private school. How she came to be in Room 38 of this squalid hotel in Rusholme, on the south side of the city, is not important for now.
By the time she emerged 30 minutes later, she had been gang raped at least six times by three different men. The trio, all aged 20, were jailed for a total of 29 years at Manchester Crown Court this week. But six others were present when she was passed around like a piece of meat. They regarded her as ‘easy prey,’ to quote the judge. Those who did not violate her were spectators. They watched and did nothing to help.
Read it all here.........................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 6:22 AM   0 comments
Murder of Christian Boys
Saturday, February 06, 2016
Raymond Ibrahim: The Islamic Rape and Murder of Christian BoysA group of Muslim men recently went into a Christian district in Pakistan, abducted a 7-year-old boy, and took turns gang raping him before finally strangling him to death with a rope.   Locals found the child’s body dumped in a field the next day:
[T]he body was sent for post-mortem examination which revealed that the 7-year-old was killed after being brutally raped….  Speaking to The Express Tribune, a local said, “The suspects belonged to rich families and were drunk when they kidnapped the child and took him to their dera where they raped him.
Interestingly, while the NY Daily News, the Independent, and other media state that the boy was seized from a “Christian district,”  the original report, published by one Kashif Zafar in the International New York Times’ Express Tribune, avoids mentioning the religious identity of either rapists or raped.  It even fails to mention that this atrocity took place in Pakistan and merely names the region, Bahawalnagar, in both the title and body of the report, though few have any clue what country Bahawalnagar is located in.
Perhaps the NYT’s Express Tribune does not want readers to connect the dots and realize that “rich and drunk” Muslims regularly rape and kill Christian “infidels” in Pakistan.  One week after this 7-year-old boy was gang raped and murdered, another group of reportedly “rich and drunk” Muslims in a car accosted three Christian girls walking home from work. 
They sexually harassed them, saying “Christian girls are only meant for one thing, the pleasure of Muslim men.”  When the girls tried to run away, the Muslims chased them down in their car and ran them over, killing one girl, 17-year-old Kiran. Another Christian boy was kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed by a police officer, his body similarly being dumped in a drain.”…
Keep reading............
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 9:23 PM   0 comments
Matthew 7:16 ‘By their fruits you shall know them…’ We do not worship the same God, period!
(Continued from Part 1 and Part 2
“After the San Bernardino attacks, everybody was saying, ‘If only Americans knew more about Islam, they wouldn’t be so afraid.’ Actually, it’s the reverse.” — Bill Maher ‘I have been commanded to fight…’
The condemnations of Christianity in the Koran (cited in Part 2) have real-world implications, as can be seen in the 14 centuries of Islamic jihad and aggression, and in the modern global phenomenon of Muslim persecution of Christians.
As Raymond Ibrahim painstakingly documents both in his book Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War Against Christians, and in his monthly series Muslim Persecution of Christians, Islam’s jihad against Christianity spans centuries, geography, race and language, and takes exactly the same form, whether in Nigeria, Sudan or Egypt (Africa), or in Iraq, Syria, Iran or Lebanon (the Middle East), or in Pakistan, Afghanistan and all the other ‘stans (Central Asia), or in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and so on. 
Another reliable source, Open Doors, has just published their annual World Watch List on persecution of Christians for 2015, noting that the persecution of Christians in Muslim-majority countries, while horrific in 2014 and prior years, actually doubled in 2015. Over 80% of the 50 worst nations for persecution of Christians are Islamic nations or have large Muslim populations.
Why is Muslim persecution of Christians so universal, and why has it been going on for 14 centuries? It certainly can’t be a retaliation for the Crusades, as they post-date the creation of Islam by more than four centuries, and were themselves a response against relentless Islamic aggression. Read it all here................................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 8:11 PM   0 comments
Dinesh DeSouza Debates Bill Ayers (Terrorist Leader of Weather Underground and Obama's Idol) - On American Exceptionalism
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 6:49 PM   0 comments
Tommy Robinson on Islam, Muslim Bigotry, and UK Immigration
Tommy Robinson (author and activist) joins Dave Rubin to discuss Islam, Muslim bigotry, and immigration/assimilation in the UK.
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 6:04 PM   0 comments
ISIS: The Latest Phase of the Jihad
The best way to understand the Islamic State (ISIS) is to see it as the next phase of al-Qaeda. All Sunni Islamic jihadi groups—Boko Haram, ISIS, Taliban, al-Shabaab, al-Qaeda, even Hamas—share the same motivations based on a literal and orthodox reading of Islamic history and doctrine: resurrecting a caliphate (which existed in various forms from 632 to 1924) that implements and spreads the totality of sharia, or Islamic law. 
Accordingly, ISIS’s notorious atrocities—beheading, crucifixion, sexual enslavement, and destruction of non-Sunni places of worship—are being committed by other jihadi groups (e.g., Boko Haram and al-Shabaab, both of which pledged allegiance to ISIS) and even by some Muslim governments (e.g., Saudi Arabia) and individual Muslims around the world.
Conversely, although al-Qaeda (AQ) adheres to the same sharia that ISIS implements, it has long waged a propaganda war against the West. AQ portrays all terrorist attacks on the West, including 9/11, as mere payback for the West’s unjust polices against Muslims, including support for Israel and Arab dictators.[1]
To maintain this “grievance” narrative, AQ knows that the innately supremacist and violent aspects of sharia—for example ISIS’ destruction of churches and subjugation of “infidel” Christian minorities—need to be curtailed or hidden from the Western world.  Otherwise AQ’s efforts of portraying jihadis as “freedom fighters” resisting an oppressive West risk being undermined.[2]
Regardless, AQ’s strategy of turning Western opinion appears to have borne fruit in one pivotal area: canceling longtime Western support for secular Arab dictators. In the context of the “Arab Spring,” the Obama administration turned its back on America’s Egyptian ally of 30 years, Hosni Mubarak; helped ISIS-affiliated jihadis overthrow Libya’s Gaddafi (even though he was complying with Washington); and continues supporting ISIS-affiliated “moderates”[3] to overthrow Syria’s Assad. Idealists in both government and media forgot a primary reason the U.S. had formerly supported secular Arab dictators: they single-mindedly opposed the jihadis.
Read it all here....................
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Should We Destroy ISIS?
ISIS childrenMost, if not all, of the presidential candidates participating in the two Fox News Channel debates on January 28 told us that as president of the United States they would destroy the Islamic State, ISIS.
They only differed somewhat in their operational concepts to achieve that end. Not one of them, however, discussed the overarching strategic question of the “What Next?” How would each prepare a strategy to deal with a Middle East featuring an ascendant Jihadist, terrorist, nuclear expansionist Shiia Iran?
Due to American success against ISIS, the mullahs would be unchallenged on the ground by significant Sunni forces. To be fair to the candidates, the moderators never asked this all-important question. The Islamic State is a self-declared 7th Century Islamic Caliphate in the form of a 21st Century Islamist supremacist state.
We know the horrors its adherents are inflicting on Christians and other non-Muslim populations which fall into its grasp -- and on the many Muslims with a different interpretation of Islam from theirs. Together with the many other groups which are practitioners of the Worldwide Jihad, ISIS is inspiring home grown Jihadists in the United States, many of them American citizens, many of them converts to Islam. Islamic Jihadist terrorism is growing in the West, including in the United States.
More and more Americans recognize that their current federal government has demonstrated no effective strategy to protect them from terrorist attacks here. They also recognize that our first responders, despite their best intentions, cannot respond quickly enough to save us from terrorist attacks. So Americans are buying guns to protect themselves and their families, and are learning how to use them. This is an individual, defense-only, strategy. Read it all here.............
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What did this girl do inside the mosque ... Unbelievable
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 1:20 PM   0 comments
Pres Obama Visits Mosque With a Controversial Past - Glenn Beck - The Kelly File
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 11:15 AM   0 comments
Christians in Germany being targeted by muslims in migrant shelters.
In fact the Christians are the only bona fide refugees coming from there.
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 11:10 AM   0 comments
Australian national suspected to be IS supporter deported from Delhi airport - a Malay-origin Australian youth, identified as Ahmad Fahim Bin Hamad Awang holding passport N2149807
In a first, India on Thursday deported an Australian national on “strong indications” that he was an Islamic State supporter.
The Indian Express has learnt that a Malay-origin Australian youth, identified as Ahmad Fahim Bin Hamad Awang holding passport N2149807, was detained for questioning on Thursday night after he landed at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport on a flight from Perth.
On receiving a tip-off, officers from a central agency questioned Awang and found jihadi literature, including Islamic State propaganda, on his laptop, sources said. Photographs of him posing with firearms were also found on the laptop, sources said.
“When he was questioned about the purpose of his visit to India, Awang said he had to attend a meeting in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area, but was evasive in his replies. He had managed to secure a valid visa. However, after scouring through the contents of his laptop, a call was taken that it was too dangerous to allow him to enter India, and he was sent back to Perth,” said a source.
Read it all at the Indian Express.......................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:54 AM   0 comments
HIJRAH: Why Is Small Town America Being Flooded With Islamic “Refugees”?
Looks like my old stomping grounds in Montana are heating up.
People there are not taking Obama’s plan to force refugees on them lying down. There was a protest in Missoula, Montana at 10 a.m. this morning over that very issue.
It is just one of many battles brewing out there in small town America. Bringing in the refugees also moves forward the Cloward and Piven strategy to overwhelm the system so it will collapse and cause chaos in the streets.
These people want to tear the system apart, so they can replace it with something truly heinous. The Obama administration will never admit that this is the plan, but can you honestly look at what is going on today and tell me it isn’t? Our borders are wide open. We are not vetting anyone to speak of and security here in the US is worse than before 9/11.
Communities in states such as Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and Kansas are being infused with Muslim refugees even though they are not wanted by the residents or the local law enforcement. The feds and their leaders are not giving them a choice.
Wyoming is the only state currently not participating in the program, but even the governor there wants to jump in it. Living in large cities would be too costly for the refugees and more can be accomplished with seeding them across the plains. In a small town, they can turn everything to their advantage in short order.
Since many of our larger cities are already flooded with immigrants from south of the border and from Muslim nations, in many respects they have at least partially fallen to the ploy already. This is the fundamental transformation of America in play. South Carolina, Idaho, Minnesota, North Dakota and Michigan are vigorously fighting against this program and Obama’s ‘change’. Read it all here............
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:40 AM   0 comments
Egypt: Coptic Christian Tombs Turned into “Garbage Dumps”
As often happens to Christian cemeteries in Muslim nations — whether at the hands of “ISIS” or the hands of “angry youth” — “the tombs of the Copts [Egypt’s indigenous Christians] are being turned into garbage dumps.” 
This was the urgent and recent message from Fr. Ayoub Yousef, who heads the Coptic Catholic church of St. George in the village of Dalga, in Minya, Upper Egypt. According to the priest, the local Coptic cemeteries are in a “piteous state,” as all forms of sewage and waste is being dumped into them to the point of filling the tombs.
The priest said that he had filed numerous complaints with the prime minister and many other officials “to no avail, to the point that the situation has become unacceptable.” He is urging for “immediate intervention.” From Raymond Ibrahim
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:33 AM   0 comments
Austria: Muslim migrant brutally rapes 10-year-old boy in Vienna pool
Combine all that with the idea that non-Muslims exist for the pleasure of Muslims, and you get this: a telling incident from the wonderful new multicultural Europe.
Austria: Muslim migrant brutally rapes 10-year-old boy in Vienna poolAccording to Jihad Watch reader Gerald, Austrian media only reported today about the case, three months after the incident, because the police wanted to “protect the victim”; in reality, they just wanted to hide another crime by an asylum seeker. German-language reports here and here
“10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Raped By Iraqi Migrant at Pool in Vienna,” by Donna Rachel Edmunds, Breitbart, February 5, 2016 : An Iraqi migrant has admitted to raping a ten year old boy in a Viennese swimming pool so ferociously that the boy had to be hospitalised for his injuries.
The man said he knew it was wrong but couldn’t help himself as he hadn’t had sex in months. Police investigators have ascertained that the 20 year old man entered Austria on the 13th September, travelling into the country via the Balkans. On the December 2nd he brutally attacked the young boy, pulling him into a changing cubicle, pulling down his swimming trunks and assaulting him.
Although the boy cried out he was not heard by anyone, Kronen Zeitung has reported. Following the attack, the Iraqi amused himself by diving repeatedly from the three metre board. The young boy, meanwhile, went to a lifeguard in tears and told him what had happened. The police were immediately called and were able to arrest the Iraqi on the spot, while the boy was taken to hospital suffering from serious injuries.
Read it all here...................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:22 AM   0 comments
Obama: Islamic State says they’re “holy warriors who speak for Islam. I refuse to give them legitimacy.”
Obama: Islamic State says they’re “holy warriors who speak for Islam. I refuse to give them legitimacy.”What makes Obama think that the Islamic State is looking to him for legitimacy?
Where did he get the idea that any Muslim looks to any non-Muslim to legitimize his understanding of Islam? The Qur’an calls Muslims “the best of people” (3:110) and unbelievers “the most vile of created beings” (98:6).
Does Obama think that if he refrains from acknowledging the Islamic roots of jihad terrorism, that some young Muslim who is considering joining the jihad will think again and turn away? “Oh yes, I was going to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State until I heard Obama say that they were un-Islamic.”
Ludicrous. In reality, most Muslims worldwide get their understanding of what is legitimately Islamic and what isn’t from Muslim clerics, and there are many, many Muslim clerics who support jihad terrorism.
The idea that refusing them legitimacy is behind Obama’s refusal to call them “Islamic terrorists” is just a dodge, and plays into the hands of groups such as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which makes ongoing efforts to ensure that Westerners are unaware of how jihadis use Islamic texts and teachings to justify what they do.From Obama’s speech Wednesday at the Islamic Society of Baltimore:
Read it all here...............
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Rush Limbaugh on Obama: “Why did he choose to become a Christian?”
Rush Limbaugh on Obama: “Why did he choose to become a Christian?”By his own account, Obama became a Christian in the early 1990s at Jeremiah Wright’s church, after a period of spiritual searching and rootlessness.
But why? Rush Limbaugh is right: he has been markedly critical of Christianity and has repeatedly and effusively praised Islam. So why did he become a Christian at all?
This is aside from the widespread suspicion that he is or was a Muslim, which is based as much on his statements and policies as President as it is on the fact that his father and stepfather were Muslims and that he says in his first autobiography that he got in trouble as a child for making faces in Qur’an class, which Christian children did not attend.
Whether or not one thinks he was ever a Muslim, the question Rush raises is intriguing — if he wasn’t one, and he loves Islam so much, why didn’t he become one? Was it just for political gain? “‘I’m Just Asking a Question’: Rush Limbaugh Reveals What He’s ‘Always Wondered’ About Obama,” by Oliver Darcy, The Blaze, February 4, 2016:
Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh asked aloud on his radio program Thursday why President Barack Obama made the choice to become a Christian. Limbaugh, referencing the president’s recent trip to a Baltimore mosque this week, argued Obama is “constantly talking [Islam] up.” “President Obama is routinely defending it, talking it up, promoting it, Limbaugh contended, according to an online transcript posted to his official website.
Read it all here....................
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Obama to Christians: “If we’re serious about freedom of religion…an attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths”
Obama to Christians: “If we’re serious about freedom of religion…an attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths”One of the most pernicious and least-remarked aspects of Obama’s speech at the Baltimore mosque Wednesday was that throughout it, he assumed that the religious freedom of Muslims was under attack in the United States.
It is not. Obama is conflating legitimate concern about terrorism with attempts to infringe the First Amendment. He is taking a page from the playbook of groups such as the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which for years have consigned counter-terror efforts to the realm of “bigotry” and claimed that measures designed to stop the encroachment in the U.S. of Sharia provisions that contradicted the Constitution were attempts to limit Muslims’ religious freedom.
The freedom of religion does not relieve one of the obligation to follow the other laws of the land. It is not a license to commit sedition or subversion in favor of an authoritarian political system. Muslims are perfectly free to practice their religion in the U.S., but the elements of Sharia that contradict the Constitution — jihad violence to defeat and subjugate people of other religions, the denial of the freedom of speech, the institutionalized inequality of women and non-Muslims, etc. — should not be welcome here, and Muslims who genuinely accept and respect the Constitution should have no problem with that.
No one would have any negative feelings about Islam at all, and there would be no “Islamophobia” or “anti-Muslim bigotry,” were it not for the reality of jihad terrorism. As Jefferson said, if my neighbor has one god or twenty, it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. All the nonsense Obama and the Islamic Society of Baltimore purveyed on Wednesday about Muslims being made to feel as if they were second-class citizens and not fully American would be solved in a trice if Muslims in America would tackle the problem of jihad terrorism honestly and actively combat the spread of the understanding of Islam represented by al-Qaeda and the Islamic State within their communities.
Notice there is no Hinduphobia or Buddhophobia in the U.S.: this is not about religious freedom or racial or religious bigotry. It’s about national security. Young Sabah Muktar, introducing Obama, said: “In these uncertain times, some of us might find ourselves doubting where we fit in this society. Personally, this visit by our president is an affirmation to all Muslims we are just as American as any other.
It’s a gesture that invites inclusiveness of all faiths and color.” If Muslims would stop screaming “Allahu akbar” and killing people, and if peaceful Muslims would stop whining about being victims over counter-terror measures and start fighting against jihad terror themselves, they would find Americans to be much more inclusive.
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Pakistan: Muslims waving pistols storm Hindu temple, desecrate idol of Hindu deity
Pakistan: Muslims waving pistols storm Hindu temple, desecrate idol of Hindu deity “We don’t know who those men were. We have never seen them before. We are very saddened by the incident. It has really terrorised the neighbourhood.” “And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know whom Allah knows.” (Qur’an 8:60).  “Panic grips Pakistani Hindus after temple is desecrated in Karachi,” PTI, February 3, 2016:
Karachi: Three pistol-waving bearded men stormed a 60-year-old temple in Pakistan’s largest city and desecrated the idol of a Hindu deity, leading to fear among the minority community here, a media report said on Tuesday.
The incident happened on January 21 when the three men clad in salwar and kameez stormed the temple waving pistols and ordered everyone inside the premises to step out. The panic and scuffle that followed resulted in desecration of one of the three beautifully-decorated idols at the temple near the Karachi Zoological Gardens, Dawn reported.
“The people are afraid of coming here for puja now after the attack,” said Maharaj Hira Lal. Other than the Maharaj and his family, the caretakers of this temple, nobody else was present when the scuffle broke.
“We don’t know who those men were. We have never seen them before,” the Maharaj said. “We are very saddened by the incident. It has really terrorised the neighbourhood,” he said. The temple has three idols of deities Shitala Mata, Santoshi Mata and Bhavani Mata. Maharaj said the temple was built as a place for worship by his grandfather soon after he moved to Pakistan from India some 60 years ago….
Jihad Watch
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Germany: Children’s carnival in Herne canceled after Muslims send threatening letter to “infidels”
Germany: Children’s carnival in Herne canceled after Muslims send threatening letter to “infidels” More of the glories of the New Multicultural Europe. This report is in rather broken English, but is clear enough: “No children’s carnival Herne after threatening letter,” Hot Recent News, February 5, 2016 :
HERNE – A carnival for children in West Germany Herne was canceled after receipt of item with a threatening, anti-German content. In consultation with the intelligence the Volkshaus Röhlinghausen decided not to proceed party announced for Sunday, police reported Bochum.
The Volkshaus had in his mailbox newspaper reports about Epiphany singers found who were fitted with German and Arabic slogans as infidels and Germany kills all Muslims . A direct threat is not raised, said Volkshaus employee Rüdiger Pfeifer according to local newspaper Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, but objections were simply too big .
Jihad Watch
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“But ISIS Kills Muslims Too!” – on The Glazov Gang
Jihad Watch : This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center who writes the blog The Point at
Daniel discussed “But ISIS Kills Muslims Too!”, analyzing Obama’s favorite and specious mantra that ignores how totalitarian entities eat their own. (See Raymond Ibrahim’s article on this issue here.)
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Obama’s Baltimore Mosque Speech Was a Dangerous Fantasy
Friday, February 05, 2016
An appeasing Jackass
For seven years now, the president has reprimanded the American people for their attitudes about Islam.
And Barack Obama’s big speech to the Islamic Society of Baltimore — granted, filled with many harmless platitudes — was no different, leaving little room for any honest dialogue about ideology or faith.
Many of the president’s ideas about “tolerance,” in fact, are antithetical to the American experience, and not something to celebrate. Acceptance of outsiders is an American virtue, yes. Do we have to embrace all ideas, as well? Obama has conflated tolerance of individuals and groups with tolerance of a select belief system — one that he demands be immune from criticism.
We certainly don’t want people attacking peaceful Muslims, but it’s irresponsible and intellectually obtuse to act as if the pervasive violence, misogyny, homophobia, child abuse, tyranny, anti-Semitism, bigotry against Christians, etc. that exist in large parts of Islamic society abroad has absolutely nothing to do with faith.
This week, Obama spoke about the evils of Islamophobia to a group that featured women covered, subordinated, and segregated from men. I’m happy he’s open-minded about that sort of thing. Americans are free to practice their faith in any way they choose. But I’m not sure why all of us should feel obligated to celebrate this kind of narrow-mindedness.
You will remember how offended liberals get when presidential candidates visit Bob Jones University or Mormons fund campaigns they find objectionable. Why is this different? Take this CNN headline: “Obama rebuts anti-Muslim rhetoric in first U.S. mosque visit.” What does it mean? In the piece, we learn that the president reacted to “young Muslim parents whose children are worried about being removed from the country.”
I know of no Republican candidate — or anyone of note on the right, or anywhere else for that matter — who has ever suggested any policy resembling this. Not even Donald Trump. A president who wanted to bring people together would have dismissed this as a preposterous idea. He would have explained that no one in American politics is plotting to kick Muslims out of the country.
He could have pointed out that in the United States, these children will enjoy more religious freedom than any Islamic nation offers, and be free of virtually any religious or factional violence — but that in this country, people still have the freedom to be critical of one another’s beliefs and even denounce them. This freedom is a lot more useful than dangerous notions about “tolerance.”
Read it all here..................
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