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Paul Joseph Watson: Media "coverage" of terror attacks is more like a "cover up"
Friday, July 29, 2016
Guest Paul Joseph Watson talks to Ezra Levant of about the media's intentional attempt to hide the true motives and culprits behind Islamic terrorist attacks.
MORE: The Rebel MediaThese EU idiot leaders think where as stupid as they are,you Europeans need to take control of your country again.I have a strong suspicion that once/if Trump takes over from Obama, all this censorship in favor of Muslims may suddenly vanish.
Let's hope so. Trump may be an asshole but he's an asshole that loves America.
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 2:16 PM   0 comments
Summer of slaughter: ISIS executes 100 people in a week including a two-year-old girl
The twisted jihadis have carried out some of their most gruesome killings yet, including executing four football players in front of a crowd of children and butchering 25 civilians by dissolving them alive in acid.
The ISIS executioner known as The Bulldozer
Senior military sources said the spate of horrific murders was a sign that the Islamist fanatics are growing increasingly desperate as they face all-out military defeat. The terror group is clinging on to its last few strongholds in Syria and Iraq, with allied forces assembling for a blitz offensive to finally obliterate them.
Today a senior Iraqi army officer revealed details of the latest sickening war crimes, which involved ISIS maniacs rounding up 23 innocent teenagers in the city of Mosul and beheading them in front of baying crowds.  Brigadier-General Abdul-Karim Sabawi said: “ISIS arrested 23 young men from Nimrod and al-Salamiya and beheaded them. 
“The deceased were accused of collaboration with the security forces and providing them with important information about the outfit’s movement in Nimrod.
“This heinous crime comes after preparations to liberate Mosul from ISIS control is almost completed.” ISIS has significantly ramped up executions for spying in recent weeks as desperate jihadis go to ever more crazed lengths to stem the huge losses they are suffering.

Read it all here...............
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Religion Of Peace Strikes Again In France
Another radical Islamist attack has happened in France and a priest has been brutally killed.
Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: Infor WarsAs a Brit what really annoys me is that I am forced by law to pay for the BBC through a mandatory licence fee.
I am being forced to subsidise this deliberate perversion of the truth by liberal/leftist broadcasters.
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 1:53 PM   0 comments
Hungary PM blisters EU elites, says Muslim migration “increases terrorism and crime” and “destroys national culture”
Orban is right. He should be heading up the EU, if only to dissolve it.
“Hungary taunts Merkel over terror and says ‘our problem is not in Mecca, but in Brussels,'” by Nick Gutteridge, Express, July 28, 2016:
THE BITTER divisions ripping the European Union apart intensified today as Hungary launched an eviscerating attack on Brussels over migration and taunted Angela Merkel for failing to protect German people from Islamist terror. In an astonishingly savage tirade the country’s leader Viktor Orban described the EU elite as serial “failures” and openly goaded struggling western European nations, describing them as “stagnated and incapable of change”.
The hardline Prime Minister called for a radical overhaul of the European project, decrying the growing loss of sovereignty to Brussels as a disaster and “one of the greatest threats in Europe today”. And he issued a stunning rebuke to Mrs Merkel on migration, blaming recent terror attacks on the mas [sic] influx of refugees and saying Hungary no longer looked up to its near neighbour as a paragon of stability and common sense.
Mr Orban’s stunning broadside comes at a time of unparalleled acrimony amongst EU countries, who are falling out over everything from the Brexit result to how to deal with the Eurozone crisis.
At the heart of Europe’s malaise is the fast-approaching point of no return on federalism, where members will be forced to choose between the creation of a United States of Europe or a return to a loosely allied trading bloc.
And the Hungary PM was clear where his nation will stand as he railed against the “undemocratic” EU Commission which he blamed for driving a wrecking ball through the life chances of hundreds of millions of young Europeans.
Read it all here..................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:53 AM   0 comments
Islamic State says London is next, UK churches put on terror alert
As Europe rapidly descends into a state of open war, it is still importing huge numbers of Muslim migrants, among whom will be unknown numbers of enemy combatants. It is civilizational suicide.
“ISIS warn London ‘next to be attacked’ as UK churches put on terror alert after French priest murder,” by Scott Campbell, Mirror, July 27, 2016: Images threatening attacks in London and other major world capitals have been posted on messaging app Telegram, according to analysts at SITE Intelligence Group.
One picture chillingly shows New York’s Statue of Liberty engulfed in flames but with the caption “Washington soon” - referring to the US capital 225 miles away. The threat comes as security at British churches is being ramped up amid a new terror alert after ISIS knifemen forced a French priest to kneel before slitting his throat on camera. The source of the threats against London and Washington and whether they are credible is unknown.
It comes after ISIS terrorists forced an elderly parish priest to kneel before filming themselves slitting his throat on Tuesday. Father Jacques Hamel, 85, was made to get to his knees before he was brutally butchered at the Church of the Gambetta in Normandy today, says a nun who escaped the attack. British counter-terror police have now “circulated specific advice” to churches across the UK amid fears of a similar attack. Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said:
“Following recent events in France, we are reiterating our protective security advice to Christian places of worship and have circulated specific advice today. “We are also taking this opportunity to remind them to review their security arrangements as a precaution. He added: “There is no specific intelligence relating to attacks against the Christian community in the UK.
“However, as we have seen, Daesh and other terrorist groups have targeted Christian as well as Jewish and other faith groups in the West and beyond. While the threat from terrorism remains unchanged at severe we urge the public to be vigilant.”...
Jihad Watch
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:47 AM   0 comments
Robert Spencer in the Detroit News: Another casualty in the war against jihadism
Robert Spencer in the Detroit News: Another casualty in the war against jihadismIn the Detroit News, I elucidate again the war that only one side is fighting.  An 84-year-old Catholic priest, the Rev. Jacques Hamel, was beheaded Tuesday morning while celebrating Mass at his church in the town of Saint-Etienne-du Rouvray in Normandy.
Reports indicated that his attackers were wearing Islamic clothing while shouting “Daesh” — i.e., “Islamic State” — and “Allahu akbar.” The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the murder, and it was further revealed that the church where the attack took place was on a jihadi hit-list of Catholic churches.
In reporting on all this, the UK’s Telegraph declared: “The attackers’ motives are unknown.”
Can you imagine a reporter in Warsaw on September 1, 1939, writing that German soldiers were coming across the border in large numbers and killing Polish soldiers, and authorities were insisting that there was no necessary relationship between these men and the German government, and that they would be opening criminal investigations of each soldier in order to try to determine his motive?
As long as Western authorities continue their refusal to acknowledge the motivating ideology of the enemy, they will remain completely unable to deal with it adequately.
Read it all here..............
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:40 AM   0 comments
Ex-Muslim: Men enticed to jihad by promising them blonde female sex slaves
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:36 AM   0 comments
After spate of Muslim migrant jihad massacres, the Bitch of Germany, Merkel refuses to reverse Muslim migrant policy
The worst German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler is bent on national suicide.  “Merkel rules out migrant policy reversal after attacks,” BBC, July 28, 2016:
Recent attacks in Germany involving asylum-seekers would not change its willingness to take in refugees, Chancellor Angela Merkel has said. She said the attackers “wanted to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this”. But she did propose new measures to improve security.
These include information sharing, deciphering web chatter and tackling arms sales on the internet. Two recent attacks in Bavaria were both by asylum seekers. A suicide bomb attack in Ansbach on Sunday that injured 15 people was carried out by a Syrian who had been denied asylum but given temporary leave to stay.
An axe and knife attack on a train in Wuerzburg on 18 July that wounded five people was carried out by an asylum seeker from Afghanistan. Both men had claimed allegiance to so-called Islamic State. The deadliest recent attack – in Munich on 22 July which left nine dead – was carried out by a German teenager of Iranian extraction but was not jihadist-related.
Or so the mainstream media claims. Read it all here..................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:28 AM   0 comments
Mom says of Islamic State jihadist son who murdered priest: he’s a good Frenchman, I didn’t produce a devil
“He’s a good Frenchman. He’s soft. I know my kid. I know by son…..He’s not at all the monster that people want us to believe.”
Those words are from the mother of Abdelmalik Petitjean, one of the “sick” Islamic State jihadists who slit the throat of an elderly priest during morning mass after first forcing the 86-year-old Father Jacques Hamel to his knees. The two jihadists then captured the gruesome murder on tape and declared : “we give Bayah (allegiance) to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi”. She needs to be deported to whichever hell hole she came from, Frenchies !! 
Al-Baghdadi has invoked Qur’anic verses to command his followers, teaching them to strike fear into unbelievers as the Qur’an dictates, and has openly declared Islamic war against disbelievers:

“It is unprecedented in the history of our Ummah (Islamic nation) that all the world came against it in one battle, as it is happening today. It is the battle of all the disbelievers against all the Muslims.”
He also stated that if “the Saudi-led alliance was truly Islamic, then it would fight the Syrian army and its Russian ‘masters,’ as well as Shiites and Jews”. Petitjean’s mother cannot believe that this “devil” is actually her son as she declares: “I didn’t produce a devil. No, no, it’s impossible.” If she is being honest, her chilling words of denial in the face of her son’s confirmed “sick” action indicate the capability of jihadist doctrine to foster in its adherents a bloodthirsty fanaticism and religious zeal that was unrecognizable even to a mother. 

“He’s a good Frenchman. He’s soft. I know my kid. I know by son…..He’s not at all the monster that people want us to believe.” Those words are from the mother of Abdelmalik Petitjean, one of the “sick” Islamic State jihadists who slit the throat of an elderly priest during morning mass after first forcing the 86-year-old Father Jacques Hamel to his knees. The two jihadists then captured the gruesome murder on tape and declared (pictured below): “we give Bayah (allegiance) to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi”.

Al-Baghdadi has invoked Qur’anic verses to command his followers, teaching them to strike fear into unbelievers as the Qur’an dictates, and has openly declared Islamic war against disbelievers:

“It is unprecedented in the history of our Ummah (Islamic nation) that all the world came against it in one battle, as it is happening today. It is the battle of all the disbelievers against all the Muslims.”
He also stated that if “the Saudi-led alliance was truly Islamic, then it would fight the Syrian army and its Russian ‘masters,’ as well as Shiites and Jews”.

Petitjean’s mother cannot believe that this “devil” is actually her son as she declares: “I didn’t produce a devil. No, no, it’s impossible.” If she is being honest, her chilling words of denial in the face of her son’s confirmed “sick” action indicate the capability of jihadist doctrine to foster in its adherents a bloodthirsty fanaticism and religious zeal that was unrecognizable even to a mother.
Read it all here..................
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Hugh Fitzgerald: Pope Francis and Jihad: Credo Quia Absurdum, And How - Talking about our idiot, the Pope !!
Credo Quia Absurdum.
Hugh Fitzgerald: Pope Francis and Jihad: Credo Quia Absurdum, And HowA glutton for punishment, I turned to the Vatican paper, L’Osservatore Romano, to read the Pope’s exact words, in the original Italian, about the killing of the indomitable priest in Rouvray.
Here is what the Pope had to say to the journalists flying with him to Cracow:
“Quando io parlo di ‘guerra’, parlo di guerra sul serio, non di ‘guerra di religione’, no!”, ha esclamato Bergoglio. Il quale ha poi precisato: “C’è guerra di interessi, c’è guerra per i soldi, c’è guerra per le risorse della natura, c’è guerra per il dominio dei popoli: questa è la guerra. Qualcuno può pensare: ‘Sta parlando di guerra di religione’: no. Tutte le religioni, vogliamo la pace. La guerra, la vogliono gli altri. Capito?”.
È tornato poi a parlare di “guerra a pezzi”, parola che secondo lui inquadra meglio la situazione rispetto al termine “insicurezza”. A proposito di guerra, ha affermato che “c’era quella del ’14, con i suoi metodi, poi quella del ’39 – ’45, un’altra grande guerra nel mondo, e adesso c’è questa. Non è tanto organica, forse, organizzata, sì,
“When I speak of war, I’m talking about real war, not a “war of religion, no!” the Pope exclaimed. And then he extended his thought further: “There are wars over interests of all kinds, wars over money, wars over natural resources, wars fought to establish dominion over other peoples: those are all real wars. Someone might think: “You’re talking about wars of religion.” No. All religions want peace. It’s others [the non-religious] who want war. You understand?”
And he then started to talk about a ”war” being conducted piecemeal, which according to him better described the current situation than the term “insecurity,” On the question of war, he maintained that “there was the war of 1914, with its methods, then the war of 1939-45, another world war, and now there is this one. It’s an organized campaign, although not planned at every step.”
Take a minute to rub your eyes in disbelief.
Apparently the Pope, like the shallowest campus Marxist-Leninist, believes that all wars are caused by conflict over resources of one kind or another: land, natural resources, populations to be plundered. Apparently the Pope, the head of the Catholic Church, cannot believe that religion can ever be the cause of wars. Apparently the Pope has never heard of the Wars of Religion with which the Papacy was deeply involved over several centuries.
Read it all here..............
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Our Pope, the useful idiot, declares “the world is at war” but denies Islam has any role
Pope declares “the world is at war” but denies Islam has any rolePope Francis declared that “the world is at war” following the slitting of the throat of an 86-year-old priest by two Islamic State-linked jihadists, right in the middle of a mass in France.  The jihadists shouted “Allahu akbar” during the barbaric drama, during which they also took two nuns hostage.
The Pope went on to say that this is not “a religious war….. all religions preach peace — it’s the others who want war.”
The pope openly denies black and white print of the Qur’an that commands adherents to “kill them wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush.” (Qur’an 9:5). Also, Qur’an 2:216 commands: “Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah knows, while you know not.” And there are many other such passages.
Of course, not all Muslims live by such verses, but extraordinary violent Muslim conquests historically followed the commands of Qur’anic verses in establishing the House of Islam throughout the world, and now jihadists (stealth and violent) have infiltrated the West. The Qur’an’s anti-peace verses have resulted in barbarity throughout the 1,400-year history of Islam.
Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the Pope’s denial of the nature of this war is his lack of truthfulness as head of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, particularly in light of the fact that the deity of Christ is described as “the spirit of truth” and “the Prince of Peace”. Pope Francis is a stark departure from his predecessor, who caused immense controversy with his 2006 Regensburg address. Pope Benedict  cited the 14th-century Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus regarding the preaching of violence in a religion, stating:
Read it all here.................
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Nonie Darwish Moment: Facebook Punishes Me For Violating Sharia
This special edition of The Glazov Gang presents The Nonie Darwish Moment with Nonie Darwish, the author of The Devil We Don’t Know.

Nonie discusses Facebook Punishes Me For Violating Sharia, sharing how she was banned for committing a thought crime about Islam.  And make sure to watch Nonie discuss: Why is Obama Defending Islam at Any Cost?, revealing the true reason the Radical-in-Chief positions Muslims as victims in every speech on terror: CLICK HERE.
Jihad Watch
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The follow up on the trail of the enemy by Captain Sabdin Ghani - Seventh Rangers
Thursday, July 28, 2016
Saturday, June 30, 2007
15 Soldiers of 7th Rangers ambushed and killed by the Enemy. After this tragic incident when 15 soldiers of the 7th Rangers were killed in an ambush, the pressure was very great on all to get "pay back". The follow ups were conducted relentlessly by various sub units of the Seventh Rangers.
There were long range fighting patrols, where their fatigues virtually rotted on their bodies, as they spent day in day out in the swamps hunting down the killers. Everyone in Seventh Rangers wanted to very much close up with the enemy and kill them. There was one patrol led by an Officer Commanding, he was Captain Sabdin Ghani.
They were airlifted for the follow up to the most likely enemy escape route. They jumped off the hovering helicopter into waist deep brackish and a foul smelling swamp. The helicopter left them there. They started looking for signs of the enemy, soon they came across a trail. They had picked up the fleeing trail of the enemy. They pursued the enemy by day until nightfall, where they continued pursuing the enemy aided by the moonlight in the swamp.
They suddenly came upon solid ground, which was covered by "mengkuang" leaves. These large leaves if stepped upon would make a crackling sound. Captain Sabdin Ghani split his men into two groups, one led by himself and the other led by Sergeant Lucas. Sergeant Lucas moved his men into a flanking movement. In the moonlit night at a distance they came upon two huts connected by a walkway.
Captain Sabdin's group got on their knees and started crawling, clearing the "mengkuang leaves" so as not to give away their positions. Soon his group started climbing up the huts which were on stilts. The enemy became aware of the presence of the Rangers. The moment the enemy became aware Captain Sabdin Ghani opened up with his Sterling sub machine gun. His group too opened up. The short and fierce encounter resulted in two of the enemy being killed.
Another group led by Captain Abdullah of A Company laid a claymore ambush. This was a linear ambush. A group of six of the enemy who were also fleeing walked into the ambush position. One of the enemy realising that they were in an ambush position started stomping his feet into the ground trying to warn the others. The Rangers were not going to let them get away. The person holding the M57 firing device fired the claymore mines.
The mines got four of the enemy, two others managed to flee. When the clearing patrol, led by Lance Corporal Rahman Putih, saw one of the wounded enemy crawling trying to escape, he was badly wounded at the hip. Lance Corporal Rahman Putih was not feeling merciful that morning, thinking of his 15 dead comrades in arms. He finished off the wounded enemy with a burst from his Sterling sub machine gun. A total of 4 dead enemy were recovered by the clearing patrol.
* As related by Lt Col (Rtd) Baldev Singh
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Islam: Over 670mil non-Muslims massacred since the birth of Islam
Why am I not surprised, remember Kafir Harbi and the Mufti of Pahang? Remember Egypt’s Sisi: Islamic “Thinking” Is “Antagonizing the Entire World”.
These numbers keep increasing all the time when more forgotten figures from history keeps being added. To the total numbers we have updated over 80 million Christians killed by Muslims in 500 years in the Balkan states, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia.
We are missing numbers on the Islamic genocide of Jews, a continuous goal in Islam for 1,400 years. Then we have India. The official estimate number of Muslim slaughters of Hindus is 80 million. However, Muslim historian Firistha (b. 1570) wrote (in either Tarikh-i Firishta or the Gulshan-i Ibrahim) that Muslims slaughtered over 400 million Hindus up to the peak of Islamic rule of India, bringing the Hindu population down from 600 mil to 200 million at the time.
With these new additions the Muslim genocide of non-Muslims since the birth of Mohammed would be over 669 million murders.
More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition* combined.  
The Spanish inquisition (Tribunal del Santo Oficio de la Inquisición) from 1478 to 1834 was established due to muslim invasions. It was the war and battle to try and end Islamic infiltration, Arab fascism and conquest. It’s quite interesting how similar to muslims their methodology was. Was it habit by long association under muslim rule or a strategy?
Note: The Spanish Inquisition was an answer to the multi-religious nature of Spanish society following the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslim Moors.

Read it all here..........................
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Trump's Russia Comment 'Set a Trap That the Clinton Campaign Fell Into'
Charles Krauthammer discusses Donald Trump's call for Russia to find Hillary Clinton's missing emails, and how the Clinton campaign's response belies a total contradiction.
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Leftist Filmmaker Uploads Video Showing His Shock At Just How Empty The DNC Is
Fox tells the camera, “This is amazing, this place is empty. There is nobody left in here. I mean this whole stadium, look at this,” as he pans his cellphone to show the lack of cheering Dems.
He continues in disbelief, adding, “This is not voter enthusiasm…. I can’t believe my eyes. I’ve never seen anything like this. This is the primetime of the Democratic National Convention right after the nomination of Hillary Clinton and this place is emptied out like crazy. I’m stunned.”

“This is insane. The whole California delegation is pretty much gone,” he adds. “I mean this has got to be something very worrisome for the Democrats. Voter enthusiasm wins elections.” The director goes on to explain that the states that Hillary won got seating up close to the stage and the Bernie state delegates were sent up to the cheap seats.
Read it all here.............
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When will our politicians accept the reality of Islamic terrorism? - We are enduring a summer of terror, but our leaders are in denial
How is your Merkelsommer going? For now, Britain seems to be missing the worst. True, a couple of men of Middle Eastern appearance tried to abduct a soldier near his base in Norfolk for what was unlikely to have been an interfaith dialogue session.
But Britain’s geographical good fortune, relative success in limiting weapons and our justified scepticism of the undiscriminating ‘open borders’ brigade mean that we have so far been spared the delights of what Angela Merkel’s growing army of critics refer to as her summer of terror.
It is now a fortnight since Mohammed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ploughed a truck along the Nice seafront, killing 84 people. The following Monday Mohammed Riyad, who said he was from Afghanistan but almost certainly came from Pakistan, screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ while hacking with an axe at his fellow passengers on a Bavarian train.
The next day another Mohammed, this time Mohamed Boufarkouch, shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and stabbed a Frenchwoman and her three daughters (aged eight, 12 and 14) near Montpelier. Mixing things up a little, that Friday’s shooter in Munich was a child of Iranians called Ali David Sonboly. Skip forward a couple of days and a ‘-Syrian asylum seeker’ with a machete was hacking a pregnant woman to death in Stuttgart.
The next day another ‘Syrian asylum seeker’, Mohammad Daleel, carried out a suicide bombing outside a bar in Ansbach, Bavaria. And a little over 24 hours later two men shouting the name of Isis entered a church in Rouen during Mass, took the nuns and congregation hostage and slaughtered the priest with a knife. Although the public know what is going on, the media seems loath to find any connection between these events.
Indeed, the same papers that blame an exaggerated spike in ‘hate crime’ on everyone who voted for Brexit seem unwilling to put the blame for these real and violent attacks on the individuals carrying them out. ‘Syrian man denied asylum killed in German blast’ was the Reuters headline on the Ansbach story, neatly turning the suicide bomber into the victim and the German asylum system into the perpetrator.
As Reuters went on: ‘A 27-year-old Syrian man who had been denied asylum in Germany a year ago died on Sunday when a bomb he was carrying exploded outside a music festival.’ How terrible for him to lose his bomb in such a way.
Read it all here............subscription required........
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The Gravest Threat to America is the Democratic Party
The world is cascading into oblivion and the Democratic Party nominee is a woman whose policies helped create ISIS, whose policies created chaos in Libya and Egypt and Syria and in Iraq. The Democratic Party nominee is a woman responsible for the “Russian Reset”, which ignited a new Cold War.
Yesterday, 61 people spoke at the DNC. Not one speaker discussed the worldwide cancer of ISIS. Not one. Instead, there were incessant calls for gender neutrality, open borders, unlimited immigration and destroying Wall Street, even though their criminal nominee is Wall Street’s biggest ghost payroller.
As of tonight, there has been no talk about strengthening the military, much the military at all. There has been no discussion of national security. Instead, the Democrats parade a lineup of Hollywood liberals to the podium like Elizabeth Banks and Eva Longoria, who said that “Her family never crossed the border.
The border crossed us.” What the hell is she talking about? Is that some kind of La Raza double speak? Instead, the Democrats parade a lineup of female speakers who look like escapees from a public school administration and who hammer the audience with the traditional nauseating plate of women’s rights issues that the world has heard for 45 years.
As ISIS animals murder a priest in an ancient Normandy church, the Democrats preach love to our enemies across the world. As a Syrian scumbag detonates a suicide bomb at a music festival in Ansbach, Bavaria, the Democrats speak in 1960’s platitudes about peace. As a Muslim monster and guest of Mrs. Merkel hacks a pregnant woman to death on the streets of Germany, the Democrats hold a sit in and demand more free stuff from the government. While the so called “religion of peace” creates mayhem across the West, the Democrats want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

Read it all here...........................
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What's in the WikiLeaks DNC Recordings
Voicemails show former ambassadors calling DNC officials for time with Obama. The Internet is the real news if you read it all. seriously.
 Mark Pugner----That's exactly it. Like the BBC reporting on the ISIS suicide bomber "Syrian migrant dies in German blast". There's so many zombies out there that know nothing. These little reports are just that, so they can say 'we reported it'. But the zombies need to be educated on why this is so corrupt and wrong!
Look how much time they spent on this: 2 minutes 36 seconds. They wanted to say that the emails were faked and were part of a Russian/Trump conspiracy. Lets hear them now say that the audio is also faked, and that the voices are actually not theirs. How far will they deny deny deny in order to keep up their stupid corrupt con in the Democrat party?
I was totally expecting a spin. What I got was the "news." Wow, these must be the end times.
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Video of the doctor that was attacked in Germany by a group of bladed Muslims.
From now on when Muslims do a knife or axe attack, I think I will use an icon and save everyone time.
You will know what the story is about right away. Earlier today, we published a translation of a news article about a Hungarian (guessing by the name) doctor who was attacked along with his wife by a clan of angry tards who threatened to kill him for some reason and made the doctor humiliate himself to be spared death.
Here is an interview with that doctor when he found out that all the perps had been released from custody this same day.
Yes. Three muslims burst into a doctors office threatening multiple people with death and were all released on the same day. I hope for the sake of this man and his family he moves his multiple medical practices from Germany to Hungary where Orban is keeping them safe from the Islamic invasion. Hungary deserves a skilled practitioner like this and at the moment, Germany does not.The incident took place Monday in Troisdorf.
“The patient came to the practice around 10am. He was accompanied by his girlfriend, who was veiled. He emanated aggression, and it got more intense as I wanted to treat him,” the surgeon tells FOCUS Online. The patient had a fracture of the fibula. “I had explained everything to him, even showed him exercises that he was supposed to do. But he didn’t even listen to me.” Finally the 19-year-old stormed out of the office — only to return shortly thereafter with his father and his brother. The father was armed with a knife.
Then he wanted to behead me The doctor was in the middle of a surgery when his wife at the reception desk called for help. The physician ran to the front — right into the arms of the armed man. “He yelled ‘allahu akbar’. Then he wanted to behead me!” The two sons held down the surgeon. “Their father kept yelling at me: ‘Apologize to my son, get on your knees and kiss his hand’,” he says. The office broke out in panic; one 82-year-old female patient even fled out of the window.
Luckily for the man: When the trio stormed into the practice, two female employees and two female patients immediately fled and notified the police. And before anything worse could happen, the police were on the scene. His wife suffered a heart attack The police arrested the 19-year-old and his girlfriend. The father and the younger brother managed to flee, but later turned themselves in Monday night in company with a lawyer. The surgeon’s wife suffered a heart attack and had to be admitted to the hospital.
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More good news from Germany : Shopping centre evacuated after 'Algerian teen with links to terrorists' spotted
A GERMAN shopping centre has been evacuated tonight after a teenager with "links to terrorists" was spotted acting suspiciously.
The 19-year-old Algerian suspect is believed to have fled a psychiatric facility before being seen at the mall in Bremen.The German Bild paper said the teenager behaved suspiciously in the mall, but gave no details of what he did to spark the alert. It said authorities were describing the evacuation as an "anti-terrorism operation".
A police spokeswoman confirmed that an operation was under way. However, the Bremen force representative rejected the paper's claims that an anti-terror operation was taking place. And they said there was no indication of people at the shopping centre being in danger. The spokeswoman said: "There is no evidence of any danger and this is not an anti-terrorism operation."
The Bremen police force added that the mall had been cleared of people and that the suspect was at large. The spokeswoman said the man could be a danger to himself or others, but gave no further details.
Read it all here..............
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Marion Le Pen: Christians Must Stand Up To Islam; Young Patriots Should Join The Military Like Me
“Either we kill Islamism or it will kill us again and again.
1 GettyImages 576857124 640x480
You are with us and against Islamism, or you are against us and for Islamism… Those who choose the status quo become complicit with our enemies.” Her comments today herald yet another ramping up of her party’s action against Islamism and the threat faced by ordinary French people.
She said: “Faced with the threat that weighs on the France, I decided to join the military reserve. I invite all the young patriots to do the same,” followed by: “In the West as in the East, Christians must stand up to resist Islam!”
She added: “They kill our children, murdering our policemen and slaughter our priests. Wake up!” Marine Le Pen’s approval ratings rose after the Nice attacks, though the media chose instead to focus on how the current President who faces an election next year, Francois Hollande, remained popular.

Read it all here...........
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How do news outlets from around the world identify jihad murder in their headlines?
Wednesday, July 27, 2016

collage 1
As of 9 am EST on July 26, 2016, here’s how they did:
Left-leaning outlets:
Al Jazeera English – Priest, 84, ‘killed with blade’ in French church attack
BBC – Priest killed in French church attack
CNN – Hollande: Deadly church attack in France carried out in name of ISIS
Deutsche Welle – Hostage situation in French church
Huffington Post – Police Kill 2 attackers who took hostages in Normandy church
NY Times – Attack on church in France kills Priest, and ISIS is blamed
Washington Post: French president: Church attackers were affiliated with ISIS
Right-leaning outlets:
Breitbart – ‘Islamic State’ chanting attackers ‘behead’ priest during morning mass in France
Fox News – ISIS hit in France, Attackers hit church, slit priest’s throat during Mass
Neutral outlets:
Russia Today (RT) – ISIS hostage takers kill at least 1 at French church, priest’s throat reportedly slit
collage 2
The only news outlets that had their link to the story at the front and center of their websites were Breitbart, Deutsche Welle, and RT. The rest had small boxes towards the center or bottom of their homepages.
While some use the terms ISIS or Islamic State, others must preface these words with “so-called” in an attempt to brainwash readers into believing ISIS is neither Islamic nor a state. The mainstream media not only censors the obvious links to Islam in these attacks, but also seems to censor violence by not indicating just how savage these jihadis can be. Maybe with time, headlines will change.
Jihad Watch
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The Siberian Candidate - Do the Democrats and the New York Times seem a bit paranoid?
This has been a weird election season, but this week it turned just plain crazy, with paranoia typical of Iraqi, Iranian, or Syrian politics.
In those countries, every failure gets blamed on a plot. Crops fail, oil prices plummet, the economy tanks? It must be the fault of Israel, the Jews, the Americans. You, Ali, don’t succeed? Others have plotted against you. Heaven forbid that blame falls where it belongs—on the corrupt and incompetent government, the tyrannical monarch, on any definable individual.
So now America’s Democratic Party is in disarray over leaked e-mails showing that the Democratic National Committee actually did put a heavy thumb on candidate Hillary Clinton’s scale, conspiring against her opponent, Vermont socialist senator Bernie Sanders, to make doubly sure he didn’t win the nomination. Infuriated left-wing Democrats called for the head of party chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who had intended to resign after the nominating convention in Philadelphia.
But, shouted down by enraged Bernie-ites, as if she were some conservative speaker at an Ivy League graduation ceremony, Congresswoman Schultz resigned her gavel there and then. The Democrats then had to deal with the embarrassing truth that the national committee did indeed conspire against the septuagenarian socialist. They were even prepared to use his religion against him, though whether his Jewish birth or his purportedly atheist beliefs were disqualifying, the leaked documents don’t make clear.
So, in good Middle Eastern style, the Democrats shifted the blame away from themselves—away from their own shady dealings—to . . . a plot! Why were the e-mails leaked? A plot! A plot to elect Republican Donald Trump. And, again in good Middle Eastern style, it was a plot orchestrated by malign foreign powers to harm America. Those nefarious Russians, our perennial adversary, had done the hacking, with the express intent of blocking Hillary Clinton’s election.
Read it all here..............
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One Big Happy Riot
Behold the Democrats: party of the people, party of progress, party of the perpetually aggrieved. In Philadelphia on Monday, they kicked off their quadrennial convention, in the process reminding everyone that they are also the party in power.
The task before them is formidable: to sell Americans on the notion that eight years of Democratic rule have left the country better off, while at the same time convincing swing voters in Ohio and Florida that a host of ills—from patriarchy and institutional racism to corporate greed and police brutality—plague us still, and require ever greater levels of government intervention to solve.
The argument lends itself to cognitive dissonance. Monday’s speakers testified to the devastation of the opioid epidemic, which has emerged as a national crisis only in recent years. Undocumented immigrants spoke of the hardship of living in the shadows, though the label “deporter-in-chief” was affixed to Obama not by the restrictionist Right, but by the open-borders Left. Last night’s convention theme was “United Together.” In the interest of truth in advertising, it ought to have been “Having it Both Ways.”
Read it all here............
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Raymond Ibrahim: Eject Western Traitors, Beat Islamic Terrorists
Muslims around the world—especially in Europe where their numbers have burgeoned in recent times—are wreaking havoc.
Merkel and migrant
The newest atrocity—assuming another one hasn’t already occurred since this writing—is the barbaric slaughter of an 85-year-old Christian priest in France. Yesterday (7/26) morning, “Allahu Akbar” shouting Muslims stormed his church in Rouen while the octogenarian priest, Jacques Hamel, was conducting morning Mass. 
They forced him on his knees, slit his throat, and “critically injured” a nun, before being killed by police—the same police who knew that that church was being targeted and had been monitoring one of the murderers for at least one-and-a-half years. Days earlier in France and Germany, Muslims, mostly migrants, committed terrorist acts in Nice (84 dead), Munich (9 dead), attacked people in train stations (one dead, several injured), killed a pregnant Polish woman, and attacked a mother and her three adolescent daughters (puncturing the lungs of an 8-year-old).
Those who seek to reverse this situation must begin by embracing a simple fact: Islam is not terrorizing the West because it can but because it is being allowed to. To be sure, that was not always the case: for over a millennium, Muslims repeatedly invaded and conquered portions of Europe—terrorizing, massacring, raping and enslaving in the name of Allah—and were only repulsed by great force of arms.
Indeed, invading and destroying churches, slaughtering priests, even raping nuns is as old as Islam’s first entry into Christian territory in the seventh century, and has played out countless times since.  (Watch this brief video for an idea of how many jihadi campaigns were undertaken against Europe.)
Today, Muslim terrorists, rapists, criminals are not entering the West against its will but because of it.
Read it all here..................
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Why Jihadists Beheaded Fr. Jacques Hamel — on The Glazov Gang
In north-western France yesterday, in the Normandy town of Saint-Etienne-du Rouvray, Muslims stormed a church, took hostages and shouted “Daesh” while beheading 84-year-old Fr. Jacques Hamel.
While media outlets like The Telegraph are telling us that the attackers’ “motives are still unknown,” The Glazov Gang has a bit of a hunch as to what may have motivated the Jihadists to behead Fr. Hamel.
In response to this latest horrifying manifestation of Islamic terror, and to bring understanding to why Fr. Jacques Hamels had to suffer the terrifying death that he did, The Glazov Gang is running its special episode with Dawn Perlmutter, the Director of the Symbol Intelligence Group and one of the leading subject matter experts (SME) in symbols, symbolic methodologies, unfamiliar customs and ritualistic crimes.
Ms. Perlmutter discussed Why ISIS Beheads, taking us into the dark world of Jihad’s key tactic and signature.
Jihad Watch
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Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Few Muslims Show Up at ‘Muslims Against ISIS’ Rally, as Usual
Over at PJ Media, I discuss the latest fizzled display of moderate Muslim might:  Moderate Muslims are the hope of the West, right?
Muslims Against ISIS rally
Whatever one may think of that statement, it’s a fact: the leaders of Western Europe and North America have brought in so many Muslim migrants — with so many more to come — that they have staked the very future of their nations (and the free world) on the victory of moderate Muslims over their violent co-religionists.
Moderate Muslims are the hope of the West, whether or not they justify that hope. An unsettling indication that they do not came this week in Washington. Muslims gathered last Saturday at the National Mall — along with sympathetic Jewish, Christian, Sikh and Buddhist leaders — in order to, in the words of a WTOP report, “condemn terrorism, hate [that is, the spurious propaganda concept of “Islamophobia”] and violence.”
But because of oppressive heat in Washington, the rally was moved to later in the day. When it finally did take place, the large space reserved for it and the big-stage event organizers had set up went for almost naught. A photograph shows that only a handful of people showed up — counting the non-Muslims. Was it the oppressive heat?
Read it all here...............
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Sanders loyalists bash Clinton nomination, clash with police
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Bernie Sanders loyalists protested inside and outside the Democratic National Convention site and clashed with police on Tuesday after Hillary Clinton won the party's presidential nomination.
Despite Sanders' calls for them to support Clinton, thousands of activists have taken to the streets during the convention this week to voice support for the liberal Vermont U.S. senator and his progressive agenda. Moments after Clinton became the first woman to be nominated for president by a major U.S. political party, a large group of Sanders delegates and supporters exited the Philadelphia convention site to hold a sit-in inside a media tent.
Some had their mouths taped shut. A few spontaneously sang the chorus of the folk song "This Land is Your Land," and a banner read "we the people." They said they were holding a peaceful protest to complain about being shut out by the Democratic Party. "This was not a convention. This was a four-day Hillary party. And we weren't welcome," said Liz Maratea, a New Jersey delegate at the media tent protest. "We were treated like lepers."
In the streets outside, Sanders supporters who had spent the day protesting began facing off with police. Protesters began scaling 8-foot walls blocking off the secure zone around the arena parking lot, and several were detained. An officer sprayed one of the protesters. The protests continued into the night with Sanders supporters and anti-police brutality protesters joining together.
They marched in the street outside of the Wells Fargo Center. Later, someone set an Israeli flag on fire while people chanted "long live the intifada." Others then came together for a candlelight vigil. Unmoved by Sanders' plea for party unity, the Bernie or Bust protesters walked miles in the stifling heat again Tuesday to make their case for him.
They held a midday rally at City Hall, then made their way down Broad Street to the convention site. By early evening, a large crowd had formed outside the subway station closest to the arena. "We all have this unrealistic dream that democracy is alive in America," said Debra Dilks, of Boonville, Missouri, who said she wasn't sure she'll vote in November. "Hillary didn't get the nomination. The nomination was stolen."
Read it all here..............
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This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected
This is a compilation video of Donald Trump's views and opinions being consistent over the past 30 years.
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