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Rudyard Kipling

" “When you're left wounded on
Afganistan's plains and

the women come out to cut up what remains,
Just roll to your rifle

and blow out your brains,
And go to your God like a soldier”
General Douglas MacArthur

" “We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction.”

“It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.”
“Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
“The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace,
for he must suffer and be the deepest wounds and scars of war.”
“May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't .”
“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.

“Nobody ever defended, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.
“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.
Rather we should thank God that such men lived.
The Soldier stood and faced God
Which must always come to pass
He hoped his shoes were shining
Just as bright as his brass
"Step forward you Soldier,
How shall I deal with you?
Have you always turned the other cheek?
To My Church have you been true?"
"No, Lord, I guess I ain't
Because those of us who carry guns
Can't always be a saint."
I've had to work on Sundays
And at times my talk was tough,
And sometimes I've been violent,
Because the world is awfully rough.
But, I never took a penny
That wasn't mine to keep.
Though I worked a lot of overtime
When the bills got just too steep,
The Soldier squared his shoulders and said
And I never passed a cry for help
Though at times I shook with fear,
And sometimes, God forgive me,
I've wept unmanly tears.
I know I don't deserve a place
Among the people here.
They never wanted me around
Except to calm their fears.
If you've a place for me here,
Lord, It needn't be so grand,
I never expected or had too much,
But if you don't, I'll understand."
There was silence all around the throne
Where the saints had often trod
As the Soldier waited quietly,
For the judgment of his God.
"Step forward now, you Soldier,
You've borne your burden well.
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell."

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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Me at 6 months 1954
Getting Drunk in Australia
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American Marine LAV
Me with a Paki Tank
At Merca
My boys
Paki Tank
Our snipers
Garth Adams, my crazy, great Australian friend in Afghanistan
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Trudeau urged to 'resign' after House Speaker (Scape Goat) 'took the fall' over Nazi scandal
Calls have grown online for Justin Trudeau to resign as social media users argue House Speaker Anthony Rota "took the fall" to "save" the Canadian Prime Minister after a Ukrainian Nazi was given a standing ovation in parliament.

Former speaker Anthony Rota's resigned on Tuesday less than a week after he praised a Ukrainian man who served in a Nazi unit during World War Two. Mr Rota had previously praised 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka as a "Ukrainian hero" while recognising a number of Ukrainian-Canadians during a parliamentary meeting on Friday. The group was given a standing ovation in parliament during a visit from Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Mr Rota apologised for the incident after a Jewish human rights group found the 98-year-old served as a member of the Waffen-SS “Galicia” Division or the SS 14th Waffen Division.
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Flogging the same old dead horse Part 2 - The naked truth on why non-Malays don’t join Armed Forces By Brigadier General Arshad Raji - Thanks to Lt Col Idris Hassan for the heads-up

FMT : Patriot president Mohd Arshad Raji says the affirmative action policy, the armed forces becoming too Islam-centred, and non-deserving junior officers getting promoted are among reasons why non-Malays keep away.
Deputy Inspector General Of Police - Talks About The Sacrifices Of The Non Malays And Yet You Pricks Deny Our Loyalty And Sacrifices

KUALA LUMPUR: Supporting the call by Armed Forces chief Gen Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor to increase the recruitment of non-Malays into the forces by 10% annually, the National Patriot Association today laid bare the reasons non-Malays are no longer interested.

Patriot president Brigadier-General (Rtd) Mohd Arshad Raji said in a statement the organisation was giving its views as truthfully as possible to “some of these issues that are ultra sensitive”. 

Arshad said from the 1960s until the late 70s, non-Malay Armed Forces personnel comprised about 30% of the total manpower. The Navy and Air Force had a higher percentage. Over the years, this figure gradually dropped to around 5% at present.

He said one reason non-Muslims shied away from joining was because there was now a distinctive division along ethnic lines in the armed forces.

Saying the government’s affirmative action policies of the 1980s had seeped into the military administration, Arshad said “strange sayings like ‘orang kita’ had crept into the minds of military commanders”.

“Slowly and surely, the commanders saw some of those under their command as half-brothers or stepsons, unlike all as equal previously. Individuals were not made to feel important and desired. Instead, a feeling as an ‘outsider’ made many feel unwelcome. Thus began an era of individualistic and selfish attitude and behavior among those in the military.”

While many generals were sympathetic and caring towards everyone under their care, the little Napoleons in the ministry of defence – the civil servants with authority – made policies pertaining to promotion and enforced an unwritten regulation and a quota system regarding non-Malays.

“In the late 70s and 80s, any promotion for officers above the Major rank would be considered as political. For military officers and men, politics was an extra-terrestrial creature. Particularly for the non-Malay officers, this strange creature entered their lives and continued to haunt them since the 1980s and left an ever-lasting bitter taste. When these officers left the service in the 1990s, few would speak highly of the organisation.”

Arshad said non-Malays did not mind if their really deserving Malay subordinates got promoted, but “very much undeserving” officers were actually promoted over the years.

“This was followed by having to address them as ‘Sir’ and salute their one- time subordinate, which was another demoralising factor.”

He said there was no recourse for complaint and any form of protest or dissent could be deemed insubordination and an offence under military law.

“Needless to say, a mediocre officer given promotion and command on patronage would breed mediocrity and substandard results. Besides, numerous deserving Malay officers of merit were also adversely affected. Malay officers who were promoted based on their merit earned loyalty and respect from the non-Malays.”

The Patriot president said another reason was the military becoming Islamic religion-centric over the years.

“Starting from the late 80s the military had become increasingly religious-centric and the non-Malays felt more alienated. Officers’ mess life and the lives of soldiers became very much dictated by religious sensitivity. This eventually affected esprit-de-corps and comradeship negatively in multi-racial military units.”

Arshad said these factors not only affected the military but also the police force and other public service organisations.

“The problems faced today are an outcome of the policies and decisions of our government of the past few decades. Right or wrong, it is left to history to determine. But we have a prevailing problem today, i.e., the officers and men who retired a decade or two ago, despite serving our king and country with honour and pride, do not encourage the youths to enrol in the military.

“The problem is endemic, a cause-and-effect of the ‘unwritten’ rules and regulations of the past. To solve the problem, we have to first recognise the problem. The intention here is not fault finding, rather to fully comprehend the grievances from the perspectives of the non-Malays, and help those in position make decisions for the betterment of our country.”

Arshad said politicians were also to blame for outrageous statements questioning the loyalty of non-Malays.

“Patriotism regarding non-Malays, in particular the Chinese and Indians, in the military has never been an issue. In fact, since the pre-independent years, through the first and second emergencies, from the early years of the Home Guard, Templer’s Super 12, the Federation Regiment, the Congo peace keeping mission, the Confrontation, the urban communist terrorism, jungle warfare in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, non-Malay officers and men fought gallantly alongside their Malay brothers-in-arms.”

He noted that the “much cherished success” of security forces against the Communist Party of Malaya and urban terrorists was to a large extent due to the many dangerous and highly classified covert operations of the police Special Branch and military intelligence, many of whom were of Chinese ethnicity.

He said his group would strive to encourage more non-Malays to join the Armed Forces.

Patriot is a non-partisan, multiracial group of retired military and police officers whose stated aim is to see a more harmonious and united nation where everyone feels wanted and contributes his share.
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Tok Mat, Defence Minister flogs a very dead horse - Urges more non-Bumiputera to join Armed Forces - They did, at one time long ago!!

The Malay Mail - PORT DICKSON, Sept 23 ― Defence Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan has called on more non-Bumiputera citizens to join the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), especially the Army. He said that despite various efforts to encourage the group’s participation in the ATM, the number of non-Bumiputera personnel remains low, at around three per cent. Read it all here.....

Here are extracts why they do NOT want to lay their lives down for this country. You all do not get it at all, you keep on repeating shit!!! It is NOT easy sucking it all up for 26 years, without compromising your beliefs, it's a fucking challenge.

The Platoon Sergeant calls me up, gives me one last to chance, to change my mind about joining the Army before attestation. He is doing this because those days a Malaysian certificate of Education Grade 2 (Cambridge Syndicated) was a big deal. People with a Grade 2 did not join as recruits. They applied to become Officers. I did, but then I was no “Son of the soil”, it is a policy like Apartheid,  practiced in South Africa at that time, only they are smarter now.

An overly flogged subject, thoughts of Lt Col Idris Hassan

They call it “affirmative action, positive discrimination, restructuring society and many other bullshit names”. You must be a Muslim or a Malay Muslim to enjoy equality in Malaysia. One might ask why I joined the Army then. It’s like this, no one can question the Non-Muslims and Non-Malays about their loyalty in this country which treats its minorities shabbily.

We Indians were constantly denigrated. We just had to suck it up. We were outnumbered and could get killed. They referred to all Indians as Hindus, immaterial of your faith. They used the word Hindu on us, the way they used the word Hindu made it sound like a dirty word.

If you were an Indian Muslim, no problem at all, those traitors!! All recruits who are non-Muslims after a month in RTC are allowed to go out on Sundays, to go to temples and churches, the Muslims are ‘lucky’ they have a mosque within RTC to cater for their needs. It is pure bliss to get out of the repressive and brutal atmosphere. This is also a money making opportunity, the Muslim recruits will want us to buy things that cannot be got at the canteen.

Money must of course be given in advance, one must not be stupid and trusting and use one’s own money. We were only paid a meagre sum of RM60.00, which was paid fortnightly, that is RM30.00 every two weeks. So Non  Malays not joining because the pay is low, is in the fantasy of the supremacists pricks, so as to have an agenda to push, like this one!!.  The rule is never ever trust a recruit. This running of errands for the Muslims is profitable, we always inflate the prices of items purchased, they know that.

It covers our bus fares, meals and enough money to put in the donation boxes either in the church or temple. The Muslims are allowed to go out on Sundays after 3 months, that too they are eligible only if they pass the foot drill test. We are allowed on Sundays to put on our civvies, which we get from our storeroom, we are allowed to take out a pair of civvies and a pair of shoes once throughout the 6 months of training.

A typical Sunday starts off with all the non-Muslims gathering in front of the orderly Corporal, a NCO on duty. He will inspect us, ensuring we are shaved, wear stockings, carrying handkerchiefs, shoes polished and of course that the hair is in regulation cut, meaning nearly bald. We are marched to the main guardhouse, inspected further and also verbally abused with derogatory terms. After all we are a mixed group of Indians, Chinese, and Dayaks with different religious faiths, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. This was in 1972.

After being ridiculed as worshipers of idols and Satan we are allowed to proceed to the bus stop. Freedom is when you are seated in the bus and it moves out of RTC compound. Actually for us this was a respite as most of us were not overly pious, we used religion to take a break from the tortures inflicted in RTC.

The Muslims are not so lucky, on Fridays they are assembled and force marched off, to the nearby garrison’s mosque, they do not get to go out to town. Woe, betide any Muslim who misses Friday prayers. If any Muslim hides and wants to avoid going to the mosque, we non-Muslims, have to finger them out, as to avoid group punishment for all the non-Muslims. As though we were responsible for them not going for their prayers.

Whenever we finger them out, they resent us. We lose both ways. Normally, I couldn’t care a damn, as I believed religion was an individual choice. The instructors who have sucked our blood, become hypocrites when it comes to religion as they believe by attending Friday prayers they are cleansed of their sins, of course they will continue sucking blood until next Friday, the cycle is repeated. Why blood suckers, they normally on a daily basis dump a basket full of nasi lemak. Make sure these are sold. Just hand in the money.

Non Muslims do NOT be conned. You will NOT be appreciated and you will be ridden like a horse. Even the Bumis of Sarawak.

Do NOT become canon fodder. I have done my bit for 26 years in an Infantry Unit, the Rangers during the Insurgency. Study and get qualified so that you can make big bucks in the private sector. Or overseas. I am talking through experience. I am now 70 years old. Once bitten twice shy. I do not trust them at all. Look at all the Generals in the image, they are out of shape. You do NOT want to risk your life under their command.

Our equipment too sucks. Remember the Sulu invasion of Sabah. It would have only taken 5th Brigade by itself to handle the situation. Sadly that did not happen. Pen pushers and boot lickers were involved, incompetents. They had to source the ammunition from West Malaysia during the Sulu Invasion. How is that for "Foresight", one of the principles of administration? See the incompetency.

Unqualified people are promoted over experienced and seasoned infantry officers and men. They leave frustrated and bitter. I would not lift my hands, not again!!! How can you serve a country that does it's best to tell you, that it does not love you and your children. This country does NOT allow you to love her. I joined the army in 1972 as a lowly recruit. I was fortunate that I was sent for Cadet Officer's training in 1980.
Got commissioned and joined a blooded Ranger Battalion. After a few years posted out to a Training Establishment as an instructor. 3 years there , back to my old unit after that. The in between I will not dwell on, it's about promotions. I had already passed my Captain to Major promotion exam around 8 years ago then. I was in the unit for several years, I helped in the conversion of the Battalion from a Standard Infantry Battalion to a Mechanized Infantry Battalion to prepare for Somalia. Apart from my Company Commander's course at the Army Combat Training Center, I also did my Squadron Leader's course in Armour School.
Read it all here how I made it to become a mere Major, 8 years after passing the promotion exam..... Others do NOT experience this SHIT!!  Here is my profile
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Sheikh Madani should read this and it's NOT about Meritrocracy - It's about getting screwed over
Major General Toh Choon Siang

Malaysiakini : The army is carrying out an information campaign in schools to attract non-Bumiputera candidates to join the force.

Here is Major General Toh Choon Siang and Lieutenant General Stephen Mundaw. It's NOT about MERITOCRACY it's about service and placing your life on the line for this country, which is ours too.

Lieutenant General Stephen Mundaw

Army Chief, Gen Mohammad Ab Rahman, said the campaign aims to provide information to non-Bumiputeras and the younger generation on career opportunities in the army, which is one of the branches of the armed forces.

“They were also informed that individuals who joined the army could pursue higher education to advance their careers within the force,” he said. Mohammad said this when asked to comment on the army’s effort to attract non-bumiputra recruits before the Aidiladha sacrificial ceremony at Kem Perdana Sungai Besi in Kuala Lumpur today.

Non Muslims do NOT be conned. You will NOT be appreciated and you will be ridden like a horse. Even the Bumis of Sarawak. Do NOT become canon fodder. I have done my bit for 26 years in an Infantry Unit, the Rangers during the Insurgency. Study and get qualified so that you can make big bucks in the private sector. Or overseas. I am talking through experience. I am now 70 years old.
Once bitten twice shy. I do not trust them at all. Look at all the Generals in the image, they are out of shape. You do NOT want to risk your life under their command. Our equipment too sucks. Remember the Sulu invasion of Sabah. It would have only taken 5th Brigade by itself to handle the situation. Sadly that did not happen. Pen pushers and boot lickers were involved, incompetents. They had to source the ammunition from West Malaysia during the Sulu Invasion. How is that for "Foresight", one of the principles of administration? See the incompetency.
Unqualified people are promoted over experienced and seasoned infantry officers and men. They leave frustrated and bitter. I would not lift my hands, not again!!! How can you serve a country that does it's best to tell you, that it does not love you and your children. This country does NOT allow you to love her. I joined the army in 1972 as a lowly recruit. I was fortunate that I was sent for Cadet Officer's training in 1980.
Got commissioned and joined a blooded Ranger Battalion. After a few years posted out to a Training Establishment as an instructor. 3 years there back to my old unit after that. The in between I will not dwell on, it's about promotions. I had already passed my Captain to Major promotion exam around 8 years ago then. I was in the unit for several years, I helped in the conversion of the Battalion from a standard Infantry Battalion to a Mechanized Infantry Battalion to prepare for Somalia.
There were vacancies for Major. Some convert who did it for the love of pussy with no experience comes and takes over the appointment to become a Major. In Somalia I did well, as I had prepared my soldiers well in two companies. My OC a Dayak, Major Christopher Joseph, told me, "Once we go back you will be taking over from me".
In a place called Merca whilst my Commanding Officer was distributing food to the Somalis, it became a stampede and the militia guys were pointing their weapons at my CO, I received that news via my walkie talkie I quickly dismounted and gestured to Captain Ivan Lee who was operating my rear General Purpose Machine Gun who gave me a thumbs up. I sprinted to my CO's location and went in between the pointed guns and my CO, I pointed the M79 and my M4A1 at the 5 gunman.
There were other soldiers of course it was a confined space amongst the crowd of civilians. It could easily turn into blood bath, my CO was not wearing his protective vest. I was, therefore I shielded him with my body. I looked back at my 6 Infantry Fighting vehicles which were around a 100 meters away. My boys had their rifles and machines guns trained on the Militia.
Captain Ivan Lee again gave me a thumbs up. I told the militia leader to lower his weapons, while pointing my M79 at his abdomen. I guess he knew what a 40 mm grenade would do to him. The way it looked was, I was determined to take him down even if I became a casualty. They backed off. Many more incidents I will not relate to you.
Then when I was ordered to lead the patrols to keep the Lines of communication open after the Americans with drew. I give my patrol orders around 1900 hrs, long before my patrol time which will be at 0100 hrs to one of my 3 platoon commanders who was fresh out of royal Military College. When he first reported he said he did not have any experience. I told him it is OJT (on the job training).
At 0100 hrs, I was walking towards where the Infantry Fighting Vehicles were parked. My platoon commander said, "Sir, the operations officer told me not to follow your orders and NOT to return fire if fired upon the patrol, that they are all our "saudara" (relations by virtue of them being Muslims). The Ops Officer was a Chinaman convert for the love of pussy. A typical Reduan Tee.
I asked him if he wants to obey my orders as his patrol commander or that dick of an ops officer. He told me, he would obey my orders. After all I am his 2IC. Came back from patrol and assembled the whole company and told them what the Ops Officer did. My OC, a Dayak was there too. I told the whole company if ever the Ops Officer follows you all on patrol and there is a firefight, shoot him first, in front of my OC. My OC,  Major Christopher Joseph, said  "I second that". That evening my CO asked me if that was true. I related the incident and told him that it was true and whether he had a problem with that. He just shook his head. The Ops Officer was removed from that appointment.
There is always "Swami, why don't you embrace Islam, you do not know what you are missing".  I actually yearn to say, "Fcuk you, sir". They insult you by saying that, they do NOT even respect your faith. My 2IC who was an arsehole from Sarawak frequently brought it up. He virtually worshiped Mahathirudan, saying that no one can be compared to him!!  So you know the kinds of mentality you had to deal with. I am glad I am NOT subservient to their supremacist attitudes.
Well, finally we are back in Malaysia. Guess what? They were promoting another, who converted for the love of pussy, he was my fucking junior. I was very angry and disappointed. I went to my Sergeant Suntai Tinggi's  quarters, whom I had known for many years. Hey sir, this tapai (native wine) is strong he told me. I drank a lot.
Most of the Officers are posted to 7th Rangers to enable them to go to Staff College, as Mentakab is only a two hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, they do not have to shift. They enjoy the perks of getting promoted and going to Staff College at the expense of the serving officers in 7th Rangers, enabled by some fucking senior officer whose balls they were licking. Also still get to screw their wives who are left in KL during the weekends. Whilst in Somalia they get to do all the safe jobs and get extra allowances for just being there. Ain't that cushy?
Walked to the Battalion Headquarters with a confident gait, inebriated. The Adjutant Captain Ivan Lee was there, I told him I wanted to see the CO. He told me that I could not see him in the condition I was in. I told him step aside Chinaman, I want to see him. I pushed him aside and went in of course I knocked the door. Saluted my CO and said, " Sir, how soon you forget. Tuan, ingat tak, saya lindung tuan dengan badan saya (Sir, do you not remember me protecting you with my body)". Why is my junior getting promoted over me again. Tuan, kena ke saya potong lanchiao untuk naik pangkat dalam battalion ini? (Do I need to convert to rise in the ranks? I actually said slice my dick)
To which he said he was instructed by Mindef and some other bullshit. I told him in no uncertain terms that I wanted a posting out of the battalion. You are an ungrateful person, I would die fighting rather than convert, I know all about your faith. That evening he came to my quarters with his wife to talk to me. I told him that I did not want to talk to him. Instead my wife spoke to them giving them a piece of her mind.
Two weeks later I became a Major. When two guys were shot dead on patrol in Somalia, a Muslim and a Christian the attention differed. The Muslims had their own clergy. The OC Major Len Olivero, managed to get the Chaplain from the American Contractor Brown and Root. When you die in combat in the Malaysian Army there will not be anyone to attend to your spiritual needs.
Then there is the saying of the grace (doa selamat), where everyone is forced to raise their hands. They say this, "صِرَٰطَ ٱلَّذِينَ أَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيْهِمْ غَيْرِ ٱلْمَغْضُوبِ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلَا ٱلضَّآلِّينَ ٧ (the Path of those You have blessed—not those You are displeased with, or those who are astray). Which means Christians and the Jews have earned the anger and are led astray, but the anger is one of the attributes more particular of the Jews. So do you guys want to still lift your hands to curse yourselves?
They also did away with serving duty free beers in messes, the culprit was Sheikh Madani when he was the Finance Minister. The Ranger Units have become more like Royal Malay units, most of the CO's are Malays. They even try and stifle your faith.  That was the main cause I left the service. By giving instructions that praying in Military camps, "akan menjejaskan kredibiliti anggota angota yang beragama Islam". Still have that directives in black and white.
Brigadier General Arshad Raji (Retired) : I recently received an email from a retired army officer (that's me) who had served in a unit of a formation of which I was its commander. We had somehow lost touch of each other for more than 10 years, and it was a wonderful feeling to be in touch once again with an old acquaintance. He reminded me of some of his experiences with me, which I could easily recall. I can also recall having to instruct him to lay a demonstration for the visiting Colonel -in-Chief, HRH the late Raja of Perlis, of a pair of snipers in action, as well as an assault in a build up area. These are some of the activities that I miss, and I suppose most of the officers and soldiers of the unit that had come under my charge, have all left the army too.

The officer, who opted for an early retirement was frank and forthright in explaining to me the reasons for quitting the army early. He joined the army out of sheer love for the military service, and being a non-bumiputra, he was commissioned into a Ranger battalion. I recall, the battalion had a high percentage of soldiers from Sarawak and Sabah, and one particular company of that battalion served with me in Cambodia under its able commander Major Christopher Joseph.
Now getting back to the retired army officer, he claimed that being a Christian himself, he was deprived of his religious obligations to conduct catechism classes with other Sarawakian and Sabahan Christian soldiers and their families in the camp. He reasoned out that the church was some distance away from the camp, and that the soldiers were not able to take their families to church regularly, because they do not have their own transport; besides them being out on training and operations most of the time.
He thought that the most convenient way for his Christian soldiers and their families to get together for catechism classes, was to have it in their private homes in the camp. The officer cited that the instruction to disallow catechism to be conducted in camp was from the Division Commander, of which a copy of the instruction is still in his possession. The above aptly described the grievance of a Malaysian Christian officer, residing in a predominantly Muslim community, who felt that he was being deprived of one of his religious obligation.
I am not fully aware of any documented instructions from army headquarters, forbidding officers and soldiers of the Christian faith from conducting catechism classes in their private homes in the camp. If there was one, it has to be properly explained, and an alternative offered to them. I believe, the Division Commander had issued the instruction based on his own interpretation, without reference to any standing instructions. I personally think that it was wrongful for the Divisional Commander to issue the 'forbidding instruction' unilaterally.

Read it all here by Brig Gen Arshad Raji.....
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Canada House Speaker RESIGNS After Honoring Ukrainian Nazi W Zelensky As Poland DEMANDS EXTRADITION
What are y'all's thoughts on the Canadian house speaker resigning following the honoring of a Ukrainian Nazi? So nobody in Parliament in Canada did not think to vet or look into this guy's background before honoring the guy? Talk about a stupid and embarrassing mess up.

I worked in Eastern Europe and I just want to express how brave and strong Poland is. They’ve had enough of totalitarian/socialist regimes, their people suffered long enough. They are finally free and standing strongly against the very forces that killed millions of their people, stripped and destroyed their land and aspects of their culture. If Canada has any dignity left they will send skeletor over to Poland. May he rot in prison and experience the very pain that he made millions of Polish, Jewish, Hungarian, Romanian, etc felt.

Justin Trudeau is the ONLY Canadian who is unable to say sorry. Justin Trudeau and the liberal party will NEVER dictate the pride I feel to be Canadian.
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Trudeau Hides In Auschwitz As Jewish MP LOSES It In Parliament
Being accountable and accepting consequences for their actions is not something modern liberals understand or will ever do. The international community isn't looking for the Speaker to take the fall. They are looking at Trudeau.
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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Bagi melayakkan seseorang anggota Tentera untuk menerima pencen perkhidmatan, Bagi LLP mereka mestilah mempunyai perkhidmatan diakui sekurang-kurangnya 21 tahun. Bagi Pegawai mesti ada sekurang-kurangnya 20 tahun perkhidmatan. Duit pencen Perkhidmatan awam adalah di bayar oleh KWAP.

KWAP mendapat dana untuk bayar kakitangan awam ( sibil dan tentera) dari KWSP, LTAT, dan mungkin dari Gratiuti pegawai, dan duit itu di labur di seluruh dunia untuk mendapat keuntungan yang maksimum. Syarat kelayakan pencen bagi seorang Ahli Parlimen pula ialah sekurang-kurangnya berkhidmat dalam tempoh 36 bulan sahaja mengikut Akta Ahli Parlimen (Saraan) 1980 [Akta 237].

Bezanya jauh sekalikan??

Sekiranya apa yang dikatakan YB Syed Saddiq tempuh hari itu benar, maka negara kita wajar mengambil satu bentuk langkah drastik. Kita tidak boleh lagi mengunakan wang negara (dan wang rakyat/pembayar cukai) untuk menampung segala kemudahan pencen yang diterima oleh kalangan ahli politik ini. “Dahlah baharu masuk pejabat terus layak dapat pencen, pencen pula bukan satu, bertingkat-tingkat. Ada pencen ahli Parlimen, menteri, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) dan speaker. Siap ada jawatan bertimbun-timbun syarikat berkaitan kerajaan (GLC) serta agensi lain,”

“Kiraan pencen bagi ahli politik agak unik. Mereka baru masuk pejabat sebagai menteri tetapi jumlah pencen bukan berdasarkan berapa lama mereka berkhidmat sebagai menteri tetapi berapa lama mereka berkhidmat sebagai ahli Parlimen. Lagi lama mereka berkhidmat sebagai ahli Parlimen, lagi tinggi pencen menteri tersebut,” “Sebab itu banyak ahli politik tua tak nak lepaskan jawatan. Bergaduh-gaduh dengan pimpinan anak muda kerana lagi lama mereka berkhidmat sebagai ahli Parlimen, lagi tinggi jumlah pencen ahli Parlimen dan pencen menteri,”

Ahli politik harus terima hakikat bahawa diri mereka dipilih oleh rakyat dan pengundi untuk berkhidmat kepada rakyat dan negara. Segala khidmat yang diberikan oleh semua ahli politik ini perlu dilakukan secara ikhlas demi rakyat dan negara. Maka tidak perlu semua ahli politik ini menerima apa-apa bentuk gaji, elaun termasuk pencen daripada negara.

Harap kerajaan dapat mengkaji cadangan ini dengan lebih mendalam dan serius. Veteran harus bersatu dan menuntut hak kita berdasarkan Perlembagaan Persekutuan, Akta Angkatan Tentera 1972, Peraturan Pencen P.U.(A)123 tahun 1982.

PSPRM menuntut Semakan Kehakiman (Judicial Review) dari Mahkamah Tinggi untuk memastikan tindakan Kerajaan tidak meyelaraskan Pencen veteran ATM adalah salah/khilaf dari undang-undang. Kuasa untuk membuat semakan kehakiman ini terletak kepada mahkamah tinggi dan bukan oleh mana-mana mahkamah tribunal yang lain. Pada mulanya (2022) saya hendak membawa kes ini ke Timbangtara tetapi saya tukar fikiran atas sebab sebab berikut:

a. Mahkamah Timbangtara tidak ada kuasa untuk membuat semakan kehakiman.

b. Untuk ke mahkamah timbangtara, kedua-dua pihak (plaintiff dan defendant) perlu ada surat perjanjian/kontrak untuk bersetuju ke Timbangtara dan bersetuju untuk menerima keputusan timbangtara sebagai muktamat. Perjanjian ini tidak pernah berlaku dan pihak defendant berhak untuk enggan hadir di Mahkamah Timbangtara untu perbicaraan.

c. Jika defendant enggan hadir, walaupun perbicaraan di buat secara ex parte, keadilan sukar di capai dan ianya terpaksa di rujuk juga ke mahkamah tinggi untuk mendapatkan semakan kehakiman samaada kerajaan betul atau salah.

Atas sebab-sebab diatas PSPRM mengabil keputusan untuk terus ke Mahkamah Tinggi. Jika mahkamah tinggi menyalahkan tindakan kerajaan, maka kita boleh menutut supaya kerajaan membayar balik secara kebelakangan (backdated) dari 2004, 2007 dan 2013 dan apa-apa ganti rugi yang boleh kita tuntut dari kerajaan.

Saya sangat-sangat mengharapkan semua veteran bersatu. Tidak salah kita duduk dalam persatuan veteran yang berlainan mengikut perkhidmatan dan kor kita tetapi mengenai hak kita menurut undang-undang yang sama kita harus bersatu dan jangan berpecah , dengki mendengki, gila kuasa dan macam-macam lagi. Saya berpendapat hanya Mahkamah Tinggi hingga mahkamah Persekutuan sahaja yang boleh menentukan siapa betul dan siapa salah dam isu pencen kita.

Saya belum lagi huraikan dengan jelas tentang veteran tak berpencen, bekas tentera yang di berhentikan atas tatatertib, pencen hilang upaya dan layanan sentiasa, dan akhir sekali Pencen terbitan yang melibatkan Veteran dan bekas ATM. Saya ada hujah yang banyak dalam isu-isu ini InsyaAllah. Melalui PSPRM saya juga telah membuka satu koperasi pertanian bagi mengatasi sosio ekonomi veteran dan juga industri pemakanan negara. Saya sudah ada banyak perancangan bagi ahli-ahli PSPRM dan kelurga PSPRM dan raakyat Malaysia dari industri permakanan national dan antara bangsa.

Saya juga ada menyediakan program-program latihan motivasi dan pembangunan manusi secara expericial learning untuk menjadi mereka sebagai masyarakat yang berguna dan tidak menjadi pemimpin yang Kakistokrasi seperti yang kita ada sekarang. Marilah kita bersatu bukan untuk menentang kerajaan tetapi menegak kan kedaulatan undang-undang denga cara yang betul.

Veterannnnn Bangkit!

Mej Hj Mior Rosli TUDM (Bersara)

Presiden PSPRM

26 Sep 2023 @ 1800Hrs.

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My Lovely Dogs, Rusty, Storm and Raven
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Can Ronaldo save Saudi Arabia from an economic crisis?
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Throwing Live Grenades Whilst In Special Warfare Training Center
That's me conducting a grenade throw for ROTU students on a weapons course in PLAW, at the Police Field Force Grenade throwing range in Ulu Kinta

It was very interesting but severely taxing on the physique. We had to go to Asahan, for our live fire combat training. Since there were 13 of us, we were broken up into a group of 6 and 7. I was in the 6-man group. Two Mag 58’s (GPMG’s)were mounted on tripods at 600 meters behind us. So when they fire the live rounds, it is above us. The assault route was downhill and then slopes uphill.

Each of us had 5 magazines that’s 150 rounds of 5.56mm, 6 live grenades. This was serious business, this training. There will be two leaders for a team, one for the advance and one for the withdrawal. The start would be the firing of the GPMG’s, the order was given, “30 round magazine load”. We were managed by 17 instructors, so that none of us accidentally shot each other.

Then it started. The Mag 58’s (GPMG’s) opened up, dum, dum, deep sounds and a reassuring sound of a backup. We started paper potting, 6 of us nervous kids of fantastic parents. No parent would allow their kids to be in harm’s way. We dashed forward, 3 of us, the other three opened up with their M16’s. One of us forward, when were behind a slightly raised ground, looked around, to judge if everyone would be safe, which was per-arranged, took out a M73 hand grenade, pulled out the pin, shouting “grenade” threw it forward of our group.

The very live grenade, which can kill you blew up barely 30 meters in front of us. The casualty radius of a grenade is between 5 and 20 meters; with a minimum of 50% of exposed personnel becoming casualties within a radius of around 15 metres from the blast. A single grenade can kill an individual up to 10 metres away and can cause serious injuries up to 20 metres away (extracted infor from Google).

We hugged dirt, trying our best to burrow into the earth. Never trust novices with grenades when they are given a free reign of 6 grenades each. Well, that was our daily recreation and fun. Our life of challenges without thinking of material gain, only serving with our lives and soul. We got our rocks of that way, hey it was a macho way, our life was not that of pussies and mama’s boys.

Which was the norm of over protected and pampered guys, who never had an inkling of hardship or camaraderie. After the grenade throw the other 3 moved forward of us, while we fired, it was aimed fire, no firing from the hip or swinging our rifles left to right. It was a sacred commandment to only fire aimed shots. So as not to kill our buddies. This is not like in the movies. There is no director to say, “cut” and then say “re-shoot”, once you are dead you are dead. We keep on repeating this drill, sweat will be pouring out of our pores.

The other group will be observing and learning so as not to screw up. We did this very well. The instructors were very pleased with us. We definitely had to run a few miles to the truck that was waiting for us at least 5 miles away. They are always very good at toying with you and get their rocks off by seeing us sweating and puffing. By the time we have our dinner and put up our bashas, sleeping place with hammock. We had to do that quickly before the tide comes in, as our accommodation was in a swamp by the sea.  In an area called Betutu Laut in Sungei Udang.

So being exhausted we hauled our very tired arses to sleep, that was at 2200hrs. Suddenly at 0100hrs, there was that hateful sound of the whistle being blown, which meant that we had to assemble, we quickly put on our boots and jumped off the hammock, forgetting that the tide was in, we waded in knee deep water in the dark, to the assembly point, which was a volleyball court.

Mr. Nightmare the CSMI was waiting for us, wearing a T shirt and a volleyball tucked under his armpit! He announced gleefully, “Sirs, I hope you all have been well rested”. That was at 0100hrs, meaning at 1 o’clock am! Every other sane person on planet earth would be fast asleep. Well, this was with the Commandos, crazy bastards. “We are going to play volleyball, under this dim bulbs, the yellowy bulbs.

Since there are 13 of you, I will be one of the players, so each team will have 7 players”. Yes, that was a start of the nightmare, it was repeated a few nights. We were deprived of sleep; sleep was a luxury that we could only daydream about.
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NAZlS and the West… The ‘dirtiest’ truth that INDIANS should know...
Shooting hellfire missiles at wedding parties is an example of the impeccable human rights values of the West. How did the Israelis miss this Nazi SS officer, simple the Canadians were protecting him…. We shall take the matter with USA and UNSC also. Let Canada know that we know everything about what they do and they don't. Isn't there a Canadian

Chrystia Freeland, is a Canadian Minister, reporting by The Globe and Mail showed that Freeland had known of her grandfather's Nazi ties since at least 1996, when she helped edit a scholarly article by Himka for the Journal of Ukrainian Studies.[96]

Whaddaya expect when Justin Trudeau is covering her sorry arse?
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Is Western Media Whitewashing Hardeep Nijjar?
Western media houses have described slain Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Nijjar as a plumber and a Sikh activist. Is there an attempt to whitewash Nijjar? Why is the western media downplaying his links to terror attacks in India?

Nijjar was a sikh Plumber. Osama was a peaceful Engineer. Zawahri was a talented Doctor. Bagdadi was a Philosopher. As a Canadian I’m glad I came across this channel as it answers a lot of the questions I was asking. This is real journalism. Why would India be alleged to kill a plumber? Shows the intelligence of their readers. Hypocrisy of western news is deplorable. Superbly exposed hypocrisy of Trudeau and western media. It always a new experience listening from you washing these hypocrites with your sharp hard hitting crafted words. Way of presentation as well as the crisp content is really awesome. Big fan of yours keep going.

Finally someone is talking about this. Its so infuriating seeing those bias media.
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Canadian Parliament gives WWII Nazi standing ovation
Canada’s Parliamentary speaker has apologised for honouring a Ukrainian WWII Nazi in the House of Commons. 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka, an SS veteran, was dubbed a ‘Ukrainian and Canadian hero’ - before a Jewish group revealed he was a Nazi fighter.
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Justin Trudeau just honored a NAZI war criminal. SHAME By Major Gaurav Arya
Canadian PM : "Lets support Khalistani terrorist and honor NAZI" rest of the world : WTF !!!! Most Canadians despise Trudeau. Please keep that in mind when planning India policy. As a Canadian I am disgusted by Trudeau.
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Is R&AW the new Mossad? India’s image turns from ‘soft State’ to hard under Modi and Doval by Abhijit Majumder
Monday, September 25, 2023
First Post : In April 2001, all leading Indian newspapers carried a photograph on the front page which made the collective heart of a nation sink. The photo was of Bangladeshi villagers carrying the body of an Indian soldier dangling by his hands and feet from a bamboo pole like a freshly hunted animal. He was one of the 16 Border Security Force soldiers allegedly tortured and killed by Bangladesh Rifles men in a border skirmish.

The entire nation watched helplessly as a young nuclear power failed to act against even tiny Bangladesh and swallowed the humiliation with merely meek condemnation. What Indians despondently believed was embodied in that front-page image: theirs was a ‘soft State’.

The label was hung in an even larger font after each terror strike, culminating with the 26/11 Mumbai attack. India’s political and security establishments were caught asleep; the air force did not even have the coordinates of Pakistan terror camps to retaliate. We kept sending dossiers of Pakistan-sponsored terrorists, Pakistan kept crumpling those into paper balls and throwing them into a bin.

From that day to Monday when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Indian intelligence agencies of being behind the assassination of India-designated Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, this nation has come a long way. Today, India is seen by the world as a ‘hard State’; a rising superpower which unhesitatingly retaliates against the enemy with stunning force.

The new ‘hard State’ label is a byproduct of National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval’s ‘defensive offence’ doctrine, in which you go and attack the place where the offence is coming from. As NSA, he set his doctrine into motion with a terse but eloquent warning to Pakistan: “You do one more Mumbai, you lose Balochistan.”

Read it all here.....
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An ERA of WAR and PEACE : A Short History of Sarawak (1839-1990) By James Ritchie

Chapter 1: James Brooke—Sarawak’s first White Rajah

When Englishman James Brooke sailed into Kuching on August 15, 1839 it was a vassal State under the Brunei sultanate. The sleepy village on stilts 20 miles from the coast, comprised about 800 Brunei Malays and a handful of “Eastern foreigners” mainly Chinese shopkeepers and Indians from the Malabar coast.

To James Brooke, Kuching was a no better than a “collection of mud huts” where “there is little sign of cultivation either of rice or other grain” and where fowls and goats were the only means of subsistence.

Several years earlier, a member of the Brunei royalty Pengiran Mahkota had been sent to Sarawak as the “Viceroy” and establish his capital at the mouth of the Sungei Kuching (it is said along the riverbanks grew the Mata Kuching tree.

At that time the original people of the region, the Sarawak Malays, lived at another place called “Katupong” which was not far up the Sarawak River and at “Leda Tanah” (Lidah Tanah or tongue of the earth in Malay) under their chief Datuk Patinggi Ali.

Unhappy Malays under Brunei Rule

But behind that peaceful façade of the sleepy hollow, Brooke would learn that a rebellion had been brewing for the past three years between the Bruneians and the local Malays called “Siniawans” who were unfairly over-taxed and badly treated.

If the locals refused to abide by the Sultan’s men, they would be duly punished. Just before Brooke arrived in Kuching the locals had suffered at the hand of the Sultanate. In the latest attack on Katupong in 1837, the Brunei rulers unleashed the wild and fierce Saribas “Sea Dayak” (Iban) headhunters on the locals who lost 120 people.

Read it all here.....
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"Sultan Sarawak Darulhana" - A Fabricated History To Sideline The Dayaks - From a Sarawakian published as received

"Sultan Sarawak Darulhana" among the many he fabricreated. He seems to have been given a special task for years to create and narrate the supremacy of Malay history for Sarawak the Melayu version. I can't listen to all the dongeng especially the sultan darulhana bs.

First of all if Sarawak belongs to the Malay and was once rule by Malay sultan, then their population by now should be the largest not to mention the fact that they can marry wives. Secondly, not only Sarawak but the whole of Borneo itself is called by the Brooke and the British as the Land of the Dayaks. The Dayaks are the majority. What does logic tells you?

Thirdly sultan Barunai never rules our aki ini and our land. Until now their land is confined to the rivermouth of Limbang river. 4thly, Niah caves is the clearest evidence of non Malay dominance and existence in Sarawak Borneo. 5thly, the Malays were mostly confined to and living near the sea or laot just like Barunai. What does that tells you?

6thly, find out the history of 2nd generation jawa like Sanib from Lawas. Even in Lawas the majority are Lun Bawang. How is this 2nd gen jawa creating our history as if the pendatang are the original inhabitant and sultan of Sarawak darulhana? 7th : the Sanib's dongeng history propagated via TVS sure has plenty of money thrown to not only sanib but the actors of the drama. Let it be for Malay viewers only then. We don't buy cheap script.

8th . Our historian jangan tido. If no money ask from Jugah foundation. Create a committee of Dayak academicians or historians to specifically write our real Borneo Dayak history. Counter the claims and let it be made clear to all once and for all that Borneo is indeed truly and not bullsh#+

The Land of The Dayaks.
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Sunday, September 24, 2023
As a non Canadian, we used to look at Canada as the nicer friendlier version of America. Now we see Canada as a wreck. Bad govt, hateful and just a bad drama show. I’m sorry to say I have lost faith in Canadians ability to vote for Canada’s future ahead of all else. Waving at people who are chanting for him to go , it’s called extreme global narcissism!

We can’t afford Trudeau until 2025! We should demand elections NOW! Who were the losers cheering for Trudeau I wonder? Imagine standing there as a grown adult, cheering and clapping for a man who's sole purpose it is to deceive you, steal your money and ruin your home/country. I pay taxes to make Canada a better place. Not Ukraine!! He acts like a cocky bully especially when you have protection all around him. He should be terminated with extreme prejudice.

"We are rapidly approaching an era where people vs government becomes a worldwide phenomenon." ~ John McAfee
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Mr. Trudeau, Is This "Freedom" Or "Terror"?
Canadian "Rule of law". Mr. Truedeau is the janitor of rascals. What a crazy country Canada has become. What is freedom, what is terrorism.? Curious to know. What happened to the Freedom Protest by Truckers ?? Liar Trudeau...... Move over Pakistan.. you could not even hold this industry inside you country.. now Canada has outsourced it from you..

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Fadhlina should go back to school By Mariam Mokhtar
Saturday, September 23, 2023

Flared Nostrils

Malaysiakini : COMMENT | Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek should ditch her 40 Hadith module and focus on a total overhaul of the education and training of our children so that employers have the skills they need for the economy to grow and children have a good start in life.

With several universities and colleges set up as a pre-election promise by former prime ministers, do we know if these institutions have delivered good results for the communities they serve? Do they provide high-quality education and training which is relevant to the labour market?

Talk to anyone involved in education and you will understand that the issues about schooling and education in general are huge. In the past, academically poor students were forced to take up teaching as a career. We end up with teachers who hate their jobs to help shape our children’s future. How clever is that?

BrownCheetah9736 : Firstly, it is wrong for such an important portfolio to be held by first time inexperienced MPs and political lightweights. I dare say no one has heard of both the minister and deputy minister of education before their appointment and they don’t even have the necessary basic knowledge of our education system.

They are there simply to fill party and racial quotas. They are totally unqualified to make any significant changes. Instead, they will Mickey Mouse around social issues and welfare, like improving toilets, the roofs of schools, the food in the canteen etc. There will be no changes to improve the standard and quality of education per se.

Anyway, the minister has already said it before. Our education system is on par with Japan and Singapore, so no changes and improvements are necessary….except in religious studies What a sham and a joke.

Replying to Milshah, the UMNO supremacist :

GreenKucing2965 : I do not know where you're from but my guess, you're from an urban area. If you care to go to rural national schools, most of them are like religious schools. Every lesson starts with a doa.

Look at national primary school curriculum. The number of periods for STEM is limited with more allocated for religious studies. Most teachers in primary national schools are from one majority race and sadly some are racists too. Would non malay parents want to send their children there?

Look at vernacular schools. Each year the number of Malay students keep increasing. They look more like national schools. So, the minister and the top people at KPM should go down to the ground to really understand the issue.

Read it all here.....

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NIA Launches High-Stakes Crackdown On Gurpatwant Singh Pannun Amid Khalistan Plot Investigations
A significant NIA operation targeting Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the alleged mastermind behind the Khalistan plot, is currently underway in Chandigarh, Punjab. NIA officials are intensively investigating properties linked to Pannun amid heightened tensions in the India-Canada relationship. In a statement, Vikram Singh, former U.P DGP, shared his perspective on this critical development.

NIA teams have successfully confiscated two properties associated with the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) founder Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, one in Amritsar and another in Chandigarh. Stay tuned to Times Now for live visuals and updates on this ongoing crackdown. Better late than never.

Similar action on every other names mentioned in the shared dossiers required. Beneficiaries of their funding have also to be questioned, love to hear the voices crying from Canada. Why did it take this long for the action? Why can’t the government be proactive rather than reactive?

Anyway, better late than never.
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Black People Around The World MELT DOWN Over A White Woman Being Crowned Miss Zimbabwe 2023
Complete racism coming from people who claim that everything is racist. Insane. Congratulations to the newly crowned Miss Zimbabwe! If it's possible for a beautiful black woman to win in America or other western countries, then there is nothing wrong with this. As a black Zimbabweangirl I stand with my white Zimbabwean sisters ❤ Congratulations queen you earned it. Ignore these ignorant people who are divisive.

So basically, a group of people who claim racism about everything, get upset and act racist. I am Zimbabwean and Proud of our Miss Universe Zimbabwe. We are a diverse nation and people just need to keep all this racist energy on this side of the Atlantic! This backward and hateful thinking is what’s causing this world to stay divided.

As a Zimbabwean, no one cares... She won , deal with it...
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Most Canadians ignorant of Air India bombings, nation’s deadliest terror attack
June 23, 2023 marked the 38th anniversary of the deadliest terror attack on Canadian citizens in the country’s history. But a new poll has revealed Canadians know little about the National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism and the Air India bombings it was created to honour.
On June 23, 1985, 329 passengers and crew, 268 of them Canadians, were killed when a bomb went off on Air India Flight 182. A second bomb killed two baggage handlers in Japan. Both attacks were tied to a B.C.-based terrorist group seeking an independent Sikh state in India. As Global's Paul Johnson reports, a new poll suggests people are woefully ignorant about the worst mass murder in our country's history.

The guy who constructed the bomb didn't get a life sentence even though he was caught and the evidence pointed to him? That's horrific. The fact that this man is now walking free horrifies me. He murdered over 300 people yet he's allowed to walk free! That is so messed up!Just putting it out there 90% of the citizens were Canadians and yet the Irish have done more to memoirals this than the Canadians.

Just goes on to show how dirty vote bank politics can get, that Canada and Justin Trudeau support terrorists over genuine Canadian citizens.
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“Transnational terrorism…” Former Top Pentagon Official calls out American hypocrisy on Nijjar
Former Pentagon Official Michael Rubin on September 23 slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his allegations against India and said PM Trudeau has made a huge mistake.

Being an Indian I am disappointed with Canada. The current government openly supports extremism In the name of rule of law. Canada should respect the sovereignty and integrity of other countries. I'm sorry, I won't hear a bad word against Mr. Osama. He was a respected civil engineer, with a minor in aviation and a major in landscaping.

Well spoken and collected assessment on the matter by intelligence officer. Clearly it cant be expected from politically driven Truedau and Blinken
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“Vacate our Union Territory, stop cross-border terrorism…” India brings Pakistan into line as it rakes Kashmir
Pakistan was met with a grave response by India when it raked Kashmir at the United Nations on September 22. India asked Pakistan to put its own house in order before commenting on the “internal matter” of Bharat. First Secretary of India at the United Nations, Petal Gahlot, slammed the Pakistan Prime Minister for raking Kashmir while asking the nation to vacate the occupied areas of Union Territory and take action against terrorism.

"As a country with one of the world's worst human rights records, particularly when it comes to minority and women's rights, Pakistan would do well to put its own house in order before venturing to point a finger at the world's largest democracy.

A glaring example of the systemic violence against minorities in Pakistan was the large-scale brutality perpetrated against the minority Christian community in Jaranwala, in Pakistan's Faisalabad District in August 2023, where a total of 19 churches were gutted and 89 Christian houses were burnt down. The condition of women belonging to minority communities in Pakistan, notably Hindu Sikhs and Christians, remains deplorable.

According to a recent report published by Pakistan's own Human Rights Commission, an estimated 1,000 women from minority communities are subjected to abduction, forced conversion and marriage in Pakistan every year. Pakistan has been the home and patron to the largest number of internationally prescribed terrorist entities and individuals in the world,” said the First Secretary.

Petal Gahlot added, “Instead of engaging in technical sophistry, we call upon Pakistan to take credible and verifiable action against the perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attacks whose victims await justice even after 15 years. In order for there to be peace in South Asia, the actions that Pakistan needs to take are threefold.

First, stop cross-border terrorism and shut down its infrastructure of terrorism immediately. Second, vacate Indian territories under its illegal and forcible occupation.

And third, stop the grave and persistent human rights violations against the minorities in Pakistan."
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