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And sometimes I've been violent,
Because the world is awfully rough.
But, I never took a penny
That wasn't mine to keep.
Though I worked a lot of overtime
When the bills got just too steep,
The Soldier squared his shoulders and said
And I never passed a cry for help
Though at times I shook with fear,
And sometimes, God forgive me,
I've wept unmanly tears.
I know I don't deserve a place
Among the people here.
They never wanted me around
Except to calm their fears.
If you've a place for me here,
Lord, It needn't be so grand,
I never expected or had too much,
But if you don't, I'll understand."
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Saturday, May 18, 2024
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 2:09 PM   0 comments
Palestinian student who celebrated Hamas attack has visa REVOKED - 'I'm ECSTATIC'
Friday, May 17, 2024

ā€˜Forget her supporting Hamas, how do you think Jewish students would have felt in Manchester?ā€™ A Palestinian student who said she was ā€˜full of prideā€™ after the October 7 Hamas attacks has claimed the Home Office rescinded her visa.

Qais Hussain says he celebrated the news. If they are oppressed how can she afford to come here as student. She hasnt learnt much about law then , waste of time coming over. I want to know how a so called open air prison that is land locked allowed a young woman to apply for a visa and leave! Here to LEARN not to cause trouble. Vile people are vile people no matter what side they are on. They are so oppressed.

I'm surprised they could be here as students in the first place. Oh wait, I forgot, they aren't really oppressed at all, are they?
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 8:45 PM   0 comments
Playing A Dangerous Game ā€“ Hereā€™s Why Facebook Removes News Of PM Anwar Meeting With Hamas Terrorists

Finance Twitter : Defiant Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim thought he was clever and invincible when he deliberately met with Hamas political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh during his 3-day visit in Qatar.

He wanted to send a message to Washington that even if Malaysian banking system was helping the terrorist organization in funding and money laundering, thereā€™s nothing the U.S. can do.

Anwar has no idea the type of disaster that heā€™s putting the country into if the U.S. suddenly imposes sanctions on Malaysian banks such as Maybank, CIMB or RHB Bank for funding Hamas, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other Western nations. In fact, Hamas is banned in Jordan.

Even military powerhouse like Russia and economic superpower like China were cautious about American sanctions. If Washington wanted to, it could easily punish Malaysia ā€“ isolate and send the country back to Stone Age with skyrocketing poverty like the North Korea. Just ask Russia how it lost US$300 billion in frozen assets and its banking blocked from SWIFT international payment system.

Anwarā€™s meetings with Hamas leaders comes days after the U.S. Treasury Department sent envoys to Kuala Lumpur to warn about Hamas raising funds through Malaysia. Due to his obsession with Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni Islamist organization that gave birth to ā€œArab Springā€ as well as a spinoff called Hamas terror group, Anwar is leading the country to a ā€œdangerous gameā€.

Exactly what does Anwar Ibrahim hope to achieve by provoking the U.S.? If the intention was to promote himself as a global Muslim hero, he should be careful as Arab de-facto leader Saudi Arabia and its allies hate Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas more than Israel. Hamas and Palestinian are two different things. And this is why the Arabs were suspicious of his support for Hamas.

This can be proven during a photo session with the leaders of the OIC countries at the 8th OIC Emergency Summit Media Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where PM Anwar was bumped to behind, where the first row was reserved for leaders from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, the PLO and even Syria. It shows he was not appreciated because the entire Arab world despised Hamas terrorists.

Read it all here......

posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 8:22 PM   0 comments
Police station attack: Terrorist ideology 'still alive' in M'sia - analyst

Malaysiakini : The attack on the Ulu Tiram police station today by a man linked to Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) is a firm reminder that terrorist ideology is still a problem in Malaysia, said an analyst. ā€œAfter the terrorist attack on Movida nightclub in Puchong in 2016, we thought such a thing would never happen again in this country.

ā€œPerhaps, we became somewhat complacent but this latest attack is a reminder that just because we have neutralised their leaders or organisation, it doesnā€™t mean the ideology is gone too,ā€ Arunachala Research & Consultancy Sdn Bhd (Arrescon) principal consultant R Paneir Selvam told Malaysiakini. Earlier today, two police officers were killed and another was injured in an attack on the Ulu Tiram police station.

Johor police chief M Kumar confirmed the incident, stating that it occurred at 2.45am and involved a masked intruder armed with pistols and a machete. The suspect was reported to have been shot dead at the scene. Following the incident, the police seized a Walther P99 pistol and a HK MP5 rifle from the suspect.

Later, Inspector-General of Police Razarudin Husain said the suspect was identified as having links to JI. Police suspected the 22-year-old man had pre-planned and launched the attack to get his hands on firearms kept at the station, but have yet to ascertain the suspectā€™s agenda behind the plan. They have also arrested two students - one male aged 22 and one female aged 21 - who visited the station not long before the attack.

ā€˜Lone-wolf attackā€™

Touching on the matter, Paneir Selvam said that based on news reports, it is clear that it was a lone-wolf attack, adding it was peculiar for them to stage an attack on a police station.

Analyst R Paneir Selvam

ā€œThis is dangerously unique as terrorists hardly target our police stations. ā€œItā€™s a sign that the police must beef up security at their premises,ā€ he said. On that note, the analyst questioned the local security and intelligence agencies on strategies they have employed over the years to neutralise terrorist ideology, apart from compelling suspects to attend de-radicalisation programmes. ā€œYou must understand that these people are brainwashed with an extreme ideology.

ā€œTherefore, de-radicalisation programmes alone wonā€™t work as not many have shown remorse.ā€ As such, Paneir Selvam urged the state religious departments to work with the police and identify hate preachers among the community - who can come in the form of religious experts, teachers and others.

Whether the incident could have been inspired by the petrol bomb attacks levelled on a popular retail outlet and the home of a DAP MP, Paneir Selvam said politicians who play the race and religion card must be reprimanded by the police.

ā€œWhen politicians play on incendiary matters, it gets broadcast all over and some may feel the security forces are not doing enough to protect their faith. ā€œHence, they may feel a need to take matters into their own hands.

JBond : The biggest cell is in Marang. That extremist spew hatred every other day so itā€™s a matter of time temples and churches will be attacked by their followers. Wayward teaching against the NM are ignored by the authorities, so itā€™s a time bomb waiting to blow up

Focusapp : Should we give thanks and credit to Mr Permaidani for being such an ardent Hamas supporter?

Knucklehead : identify hate preachers among the community Lets start with the following:-

Zakir Naik

Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

Firdaus Wong Wai Hung

Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu

Shakir Nasoha

Dr Muhamad Akmal Salleh

What is PDRM going to do about him? All talk?

ā€œIn any case, the attack on the police station was definitely done by a sleeper cell and our security forces must understand that these days, terrorists act autonomously as they no longer rely on an organisation or central leader,ā€ he added.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 5:22 PM   0 comments
Isu Pelrasan Pencen Veteran ATM

Veteran tak habis habis, kena kongkek!! Tanpa pelincir!!!
@jinggo_citizennews 20240516 - Isu pelarasan pencen Veteran ATM. Veteran kecewa dengan tindakan Semakan Kehakiman oleh MENHAN. "Jadi Komunis lebih baik dari jadi Veteran". Dari menyertai atau kekal bersama parti Melayu ada Veteran yg sudah menyertai DAP sebagai tanda protes. #perkasa #syedhassanali #veteranatm #pelarasanpencen #menhan #dap #komunis ā™¬ original sound - minaq jinggo
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 4:53 PM   0 comments
Watch: Screams Before Silence ā€” a documentary film of October 7th

Robert Spencer : The documentary Screams Before Silence: Bearing Witness to the Violence of October 7th reveals the monstrous attack upon Israeli citizens on that fateful day. Evidence, evidence and more evidence is presented, amid the horrifying multitudes of pro-Hamas gaslighters who claim there is no evidence:

200,000 visuals collected, 2000 testimonies takenā€”including first-hand eye witness accounts; substantial evidence of sexual violence. For anyone who finishes watching this film, it is worthwhile pondering the mentality of people in our midst who support or justify Hamasā€”those who are now occupying our campuses and public spaces as they scream ā€œfrom the River to the Seaā€ and ā€œglobalize the intifada.ā€

Who could possibly make excuses for the Palestinian jihad, even as it is presented as a ā€œresistance?ā€ Normal people would do thorough research before doing something as heinous as attempting to justify the level of savagery that Hamas displayed on October 7. Ignorance is no longer an excuse in the face of such evil.

Once can also no longer say that the jihad needs to be exposed. It has already been exposed. For 1400 years up to today, culminating in October 7, Westerners have seen jihadis in action. What more is needed in terms of evidence? Christians and other religious minorities persecuted in Africa and the Middle East know firsthand what religiously sanctioned sex slavery means to jihadists, as well as jihad bil saif (jihad by the sword).

The West is now at a crossroads. Jihadists aim to annihilate Israel and conquer infidels in pursuit of their goal to create an Islamic caliphate. Israel is left with no choice but to fight for its existence, and the West is under systematic attack, whether or not its leaders recognize this fact.

Disunity is increasing as the rule of law is challenged. If left unchecked, anarchy and violence at the hands of Islamic supremacists and their leftist allies will follow.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 4:20 PM   0 comments
Suspect in Ulu Tiram police station attack linked to Jemaah Islamiyah - IGP

Malaysiakini : The man who killed two police officers and injured another during an early morning attack at Ulu Tiram police station in Johor has been identified as having a link to the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terror group, according to Inspector-General of Police Razarudin Husain.

Police suspected the 22-year-old man had pre-planned and launched the attack to get his hands on firearms kept at the station, but police have yet to ascertain the suspect's agenda behind the plan.

Razarudin said the suspectā€™s five family members had been arrested during a raid at their house. "I have also instructed the Special Branch to identify all JI members in Johor and pick them up for investigation," he told reporters in Johor.

Police have also arrested two students - one male aged 22 and one female aged 21 - who visited the station not long before the attack, which occurred at 2.45am.

According to Razarudin, the students went there on the pretext of getting police advice on a sexual assault they claimed happened about two years ago. When the two were lodging their reports, the attacker entered the station on a motorcycle and went straight to the rear side of the premises.

Seladang : Police must review the petrol bomb thrown at Minister of Housing & Local Government mother's s house in Perak and who is hiding Mrs Gandhi's daughter. PDRM must round up & arrest under Sosma all JI infiltrators.

Anwar must tone down his Hamas rhetoric less he stir more JI extremist coming out of the wood works with his Hamas gumption. All tafiz schools must be supervised by Ministry of Education and PDRM . PAS members must also be screened for allegiance to peaceful Malaysia.

AyuhMy : This is what happens when you do not prosecute hate preachers and sign off as NFA. You embolden these other freaks of society. This is what happens when you promote extremist religious schools and radical indoctrination.

This is what happens when you give PR to religious extremist and promote hamas..! This is what happens when you promote syariah and try to weaken constitutionally supreme secular law..!

You must come down hard on religious extremist wherever they are and strengthen secularism giving no place to religious extremists to propagate. You reap what you sow... Sad for the 2 police officers..

Sealthedeal : The religion of peace. Crazy Islamists are rampant in Malaysia. PAS breeds them.

GrayCondor1956 : Syabas! This is what you get when you bring terrorism into schools - telling students itā€™s ok to carry firearms. The dreadful act of PMX showing how close he is to Hamas and supporting them by allowing our countryā€™s banking system to be used and transferring oil from tanker to tanker in our waters, tell these kids that violence is fine.

Donā€™t wait until worse things happen please. PMX open your mouth and nip this in the bud. For once be concerned about what is happening at home. You have to take the rap for the deteriorating situation in our country and put a stop to it. If you canā€™t please be at least honourable enough to resign.

Patriot Malaya : So PMX do you see where all the terror excitement you have caused has led to? What are you going to say now? Will you act against these Islamic extremists or will you continue to go around preaching about Islamophobia?

The hypocrisy can only be covered as long as there are no attacks and incidents but clearly that is changing. You will have to address this very real security issue.

NFSC8888 : Most RECENT 2024 terrorism in Malaysia: -petrol bomb on KK Mart -Mossad Operatives caught with gun in KL -Teror group Hamas blatantly announce to the world Kuala Lumpur will be Gateway for terorist Hamas into Asia.

-Then footballer are attacked by acid & rob -Petrol Bomb again on KL entertainent outlet -Latest Johor police station attacked by Jemmah Islamiyah terror group aiming for police station firearms! Why did terorism & extremism rear its ugly head & gaining momentum under Madani? Has it got to do with Madani that vehemently supported terorist Hamas???

On the Other Hand : This is what happens when Islamist fanatics are emboldened by PMX's support for HAMAS. Don't say we didn't warn you.

And the PDRM still has not caught the firebombers who firebombed Nga's house and tried to murder him and his wife in their sleep. Now two policemen are dead. The blame lies squarely in the lap of the PDRM and PMX for their and his inaction.

Vijay47 : At the end of the day, Anwar Ibrahim, all roads lead to Rome and you, and the chickens are coming home to roost. You can twist and turn, you can plead innocence and ignorance as you invariably do, but the responsibility for the JI police station attack ultimately falls on your shoulders with trickles flowing onto the IGPā€™s head.

Now you learn first hand the hard truth that heavy the head that wears the crown. You strove so earnestly to be viewed as a latter-day international Islamic leader, you seemed so enamoured with the attention showered on you by dubious characters like Erdogan and Haniyeh. How about other, more respected world leaders?

I donā€™t recall them greeting you with affection when in truth they merely humoured you. To use a crude comparison, where would you stand standing next to Lee Hsien Loong? Forget the rest of the world. Forget even that IGP. On the local front, your greatest failing, Anwar Ibrahim, is where religion is concerned.

For the prime minister of a multi-religious nation, you seem obsessed with Islam, which is understandable within reason. But your entire focus appears solely towards that direction ā€“ your statements, your tolerance, your fundings. Who do the non-Muslims have to turn to?

For all your fancy ā€œelitistā€ turn of phrases, you have never convinced us ā€œSemua anak sayaā€. Never. During the recent outbreak of religiously delicate controversies, you more often than not chose to be silent or came out with pathetic, insipid platitudes.

And your ā€œRespect all religions especially Islamā€ is condemned to remain forever in history. If only you had issued tough warnings that cut across racial and religious lines, if only you had table-thumping promised you would brook no nonsense from anyone, they could have been warnings well heeded, serving to allay and assure the country. But Anwar Ibrahim remains Anwar Ibrahim.

Read all the 60+ comments here.....
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 3:22 PM   0 comments
PAS appeals for calm after attack on police station

Head Of ****ful Party

Malaysiakini : PAS has appealed for calm following the attack on a police station in Ulu Tiram, Johor, which claimed the lives of two police personnel and injured another.

Expressing condolences to the families of the victims, information chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari also urged for a thorough investigation to determine the motive for the attack.

Describing police stations as ā€œcritical locationsā€, the Pasir Mas MP said the security and methods of dealing with the public, especially when there are fewer personnel on duty, must be reviewed.

ā€œThis is a dark day for the police in Malaysia. It is similar to the attack on the Batu Pahat police station in the 1980s by a group of followers of a deviant teaching. ā€œThe difference is, that two police personnel lost their lives compared to the incident in Batu Pahat which left several injured.

ā€œPAS asks the public to remain calm and to allow the police and Home Ministry to conduct a thorough investigation,ā€ he added. Inspector-General of Police Razarudin Husain said the 22-year-old suspect behind the attack is linked to the Jemaah Islamiyah terror group.

Earlier, it was reported that the suspect, who was shot dead at the scene, had entered the police station at 2.45am armed with a gun and a machete.

Ahmad Azza Fahmi Azhar (left) and Muhamad Syafiq Ahmad Said, who were killed in a pre-dawn attack at the Ulu Tiram police station in Johor.

The police personnel who were killed have been identified as Ahmad Azza Fahmi Azhar and Muhamad Syafiq Ahmad Said. Both were members of the crime prevention patrol at the police station and had only served with the team for about two years.

Call to boost security

Sri Gading MP Aminolhuda Hassan and Tebrau MP Jimmy Puah also visited the Tebrau police station after the incident to extend their sympathies to the families of the police officers who died, as well as the injured officer.

With a pledge to provide initial assistance to the victimsā€™ families, Puah said he would meet with Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, to propose upgrading the security system at every police station within his constituency, especially in critical areas.

Proud Infidel: No amount of exoneration or excuses can PAS explain away this tragic event as they too contributed towards this. Many have called for PAS to be declared a "frightening" outfit (M'kini has banned that word to describe them) in the same category as the MCP as it was against our Constitution. Likewise so is PAS!! Time to clean them out as anyone against our Constitution is an Enemy of the State.

Only truth : PAs you know you are dangerous We know what is taught in your schools hate the govt ,hate other races This is why the youngsters follow pas cause they are not allowed to think Strict shariah law is indoctrinated into their brains Gone are they for they are made robots with absolute no thinking capacity Take the blame pas

World Citizen : You are a fine one to call for calm here when young Malay boys and girls follow what you are preaching and brainwashing them everyday. This was a beautiful country before and not now because Islamic extremism and racism have pervaded into everyday lives of many Malay Muslims. The country is being destroyed and there doesn't seem to be anything bright to look forward to.

Focusapp : Wide indoctrination and open support for Hamas, Taliban.... festering the rise of extremism in the country. Live by it die by it.

Aminolhuda said the security measures after office hours must be enhanced and streamlined.ā€œRobust, swift, and guaranteed emergency procedures are essential to ensure and safeguard the safety of personnel.ā€

posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 3:20 PM   0 comments
Ramasamy: UiTMā€™s rejection of non-Bumiputera to post-graduate training is tragic zero-sum ethnic game

Focus Malaysia: IT IS sad and tragic that the opportunity to open Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) to non-Bumiputera for post-graduation training in cardiac thoracic surgery has been denied.

Such denial did not take into acute shortage of cardiac thoracic surgeons in the country. A doctor now serving in Sabah could not save the life of pregnant patient because there was no cardiac thoracic surgeon available in the state.

UiTMā€™s vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Sharin Sahib said the university will adhere to its policy of empowering the Bumiputera and not admit students of other races or colour.

This was in line with the objective of the establishment of the university to address the empowerment of the Bumiputera ā€“ the Malays, natives of Sabah and Sarawak and the Orang Asli.

Sharin reiterated that such policy was in line with the thinking of the Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir or the Higher Education Ministry.

Recently, there was suggestion by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) for UiTM to accept non-Bumiputera post-graduate students to address the shortage of cardiac thoracic surgeons in the country.

Staunch opposition

However, before the suggestion could be further explored, the 214-member student council of the university objected to the change in the admission policy.  They threatened to protest by wearing black attire.

Anyway, Zambry explained the this was a mere suggestion from MMC to address the shortage of cardiac thoracic surgeons and that the matter was not pursued at other levels including the universityā€™s senate of the relevant faculty.

It is sad and regretful that admission policy in UiTM is still mired in the outmoded principle of affirmative action to empower the Bumiputras.

Read it all here......

posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 2:29 PM   0 comments

So, these people left third world countries for a better life, only to want to recreate the conditions that led to their desire to leave their country of birth? Yikes. Last year we had a federal investigation. It is now established that we have more practicing Muslims than practicing Christians. But they kept this quiet in the media.

Douglas Murray is brave. He knows immigration has both positive & negative effects on host countries and knows how unpopular it is to even whisper the negatives, yet he speaks the facts. That requires courage. Douglas Murray is one of the greatest analytical thinkers of our generation.

So blind. Lebanon's history will explain it all to you. It was a Christian country
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 2:06 PM   0 comments
UN ā€˜quietlyā€™ lowers Gaza civilian death toll by ā€˜almost halfā€™: Kenny

Sky News host Chris Kenny says the West must be ā€œvery scepticalā€ of death toll claims coming from Gaza as they are numbers only Hamas allows out of the region.

ā€œI have said before that we have to be very sceptical ā€¦ about claims made when it comes to casualties in Gaza ā€¦ the only numbers coming out of Gaza are numbers that Hamas allows out of Gaza,ā€ Mr Kenny said.

ā€œThe UN, quietly, has dramatically revised downwards its claims about the number of women and children killed in Gaza, just a week ago they were claiming more than 9,500 women had been killed and more than 14,500 children, two days later, they reduced those numbers to less than 5,000 women and less than 8,000 children.

ā€œIf those numbers are true, they are horrible, a horrendous toll, a terrible loss because of a war Hamas has deliberately, started, and deliberately prolonged. ā€œSo, the UN now revises down the civilian toll by almost half ā€¦ the bottom line is the war must end ā€¦

Hamas must hand over the remaining hostages and surrender its terrorists, the sooner the better.ā€
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 1:55 PM   0 comments
"We Don't Need Islam", Douglas Murray Confronts Muslim on Terrorism
Thursday, May 16, 2024

Douglas is a hero and we should be worried about the Muslims of England trying to take over England. They never condemn their own islamist terrorists. Radical Islam is the snake in the grass, Moderate Islam is the snake the grass hides in.

This Muslim guest is no different than any other Muslim guest on TalkTV - they never answer the question at hand. Instead, they take you on a wild goose chase (and change the narrative to fit their personal beliefs...), get loud and talk over the host and other guests. Thatā€™s because there is no difference between ā€œradical Islamā€ and regular Islam. Itā€™s just Islam.

Douglas Murray for Prime Minister!
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 5:48 PM   0 comments
Sunni Muslims Are Turning To Faith In Jesus Christ
That's Brother Rasheed from Morocco huge impact for many ex-muslim. so many brave souls Praise be to God almighty for doing works in their lives so they accept the Truth of Our Lord Jesus! We serve The One TRUE GOD bless you all and may the Lord protect you.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 5:42 PM   0 comments
Mediation fails, DAP leaders' suit against Siti Mastura set for trial By Hidir Reduan Abdul Rashid

Malaysiakini : A court-advised mediation today has failed to settle a defamation suit by DAP chairperson Lim Guan Eng and two other party heavyweights against PAS lawmaker Siti Mastura Muhammad.

As a result, the Penang High Court is set to proceed with a full trial in September for the civil actions filed by Guan Eng, DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang and Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, over an allegation that the trio has blood ties with a communist and a former Singapore prime minister.

The court initially proposed mediation for the parties involved to resolve the lawsuits. When contacted this afternoon, the DAP trio's counsel Sankara Nair confirmed the unsuccessful outcome of the mediation attempt.

The lawyer added that the matter will proceed to trial for nine days in September. Malaysiakini is attempting to reach Siti Mastura's legal team for a response.

Kepala Batas MP Siti Mastura Muhammad now squirming  (PHD - Permanent Head Damage)

On Nov 27 last year, Guan Eng, Kit Siang and Teresa filed civil actions against the Kepala Batas MP.

The three lawsuits are over the defendantā€™s speech at a Kemaman by-election campaign event at Dewan Berlian, Majlis Perbandaran Kemaman, on Nov 4.

Siti Mastura claimed that the three DAP leaders were related to Communist Party of Malaya leader Ong Boon Hua, popularly known by his nom de guerre Chin Peng, and Singaporeā€™s first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew.

The plaintiffs seek general, compensatory, aggravated and exemplary damages, as well as an injunction to restrain the defendant from further uttering the allegation.

GalaxyM : Certain people including the PhD defendant in this lawsuit brought by DAP leaders belongs to the pampered class. They have been protected and provided with ample privileges until they cannot even know prominent figures like Lee Kuan Yew and Chin Peng.

Their general knowledge is so scanty and yet they can pass university PhD exams They also cannot speak proper English but they can be elected as lawmakers to move about in the Parliament. Such pathetic situation is seen here in Malaysia.

Anonymous11223355 : Mastura, let face the reality you are a novice in the political scene as compared to on LGE and LKS. I am very sure you will lose in the defamation suit against you by both LGE and LKS.

Don't be a sacrificial lamb on behalf of your party leaders who are very selfish. You just need to apologise openly and save your easy earn money as an MP. This because you are such a low class MP without much intelligence.

Read all the 46+ comments here......
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 5:33 PM   0 comments

Douglas. Unapologetic and brutally blunt, eloquent, intelligent and great orator. As a Dane Douglas Murray is absolutely right!!! No Islam in Britain means peaceful Britain. When u notice them, they are not at the invasion stage, they are at the occupation stage.
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Malays say they are falling behind other ethnic groups in many fields.

Zaid Ibrahim : They seem to think that it is all because the non-Malays are in control of the economy and the country. The solutions offered to them by their political and religious leaders are the same; they were told that they must unite and that they must follow the real teachings of their religion.

It is the same advice given to them all these years since independence. It did not work out to help the Malays and the poor. How much more unity can the Malays achieve, and how much more Islamic can they be? I wish to offer the Malays a new practical solution to their problems. They need to abandon their political groupings where only Malays are members of that group.

They tried UMNO PAS and lately Bersatu; for sixty years now, and what have they achieved? Very little. The Malays should abandon the Malay only parties altogether. They are not only useless but damaging to the welfare of the Malays. For many years now, we are full of corruption and abuse of power; and where religion has become a political tool. The purity and sanctity of religion are compromised ā€” the need for politics soils religious values every day.

They must now join the grouping that they believe is a "threat "to them. DAP is seen by many as a threat to the Malays, according to these failed Malay leaders. If that is true, then the Malays should join the DAP in droves. You may say that DAP is a Chinese party, but that's because the Malays refuse to join them. If we all join DAP then DAP becomes a multiracial party where Malays will be fairly represented. It will cease to be a Chinese party. It can be a dominant Malay party; not that it's essential.

DAP has been a party in government. Its a strong democratic party. Besides PKR, this is the party that the Malays should join and try to get better economic benefits for them by having a government with good policies for the Rakyat. Some questioned if the Chinese will share the fruits of the country's economic development with the Malays. Of course, they will. They have been sharing the wealth of the country with the Malays for three hundred years now. Except that in the past; the wealth was shared with the Malay elites.

In Perak, the tin miners were partners with the aristocracy. Since the NEP the Chinese were partners with the Malay political leaders. I am sure you must know how many Malay political leaders become wealthy because they have good Chinese and Indian friends. I don't have to elaborate. In this religious country; PAS leaders tell you that we must elect Muslim leaders first.

They conveniently do not follow what they preach. You must know that the big timber tycoons and developers in the country are mainly Chinese. PAS leaders, too, are close to wealthy Chinese people in the business. So you see the Chinese do share their wealth with the Malays. What must change is that the ordinary Malays like you and me must get together to create a new political force and become a genuine business partner of the non Malays? Why should the Chinese deal with the 'middlemen' like they have done for hundreds of years when they can deal directly with the "Rakyat" to make this country prosperous and to share its prosperity?

The reason why our leaders, both political and religious, want to keep the Malays and the non Malays apart is to make them "relevant' as power brokers. After sixty years of independence, I urge you, the people of this country, regardless of race, to take ownership of the country. Enough of the leaders using the politics of race and religion to divide the people; and enrich themselves. When the Malays and the non-Malays have real political power and willing to collaborate as one, we can devise policies and programs that will benefit all Malaysians.

We can do so directly; addressing the real needs of the people. Only then can we give real development to the people; without the need to continue with the services of the rent-seekers and wealthy politicians and wealthy civil servants. All the Malays need to change is to abandon their fear of the non-Malays. After all the non-Malays have always been sharing their wealth with the Malays; since the days of Yap Ah Loy, the Perak miners and the estate owners.

This time we just have to tweak the formula; Let the non-Malays unite with the Malays. Political and economic benefits will flow to the ordinary Rakyat instead of the elites of this country when politics ceases to be about race and religion.

Zaid Ibrahim
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ā€˜Miserable little doom goblinā€™ Greta Thunberg ditches climate activism for Palestine protests

Greta Thunberg has ditched climate activism for pro-Palestine activism, hopping on the latest woke bandwagon with her posse of professional protesters. Sky News All-Stars Rita Panahi, Rowan Dean and Andrew Bolt analyse Gretaā€™s crusade against Israelā€™s Eurovision contestant.

Behind closed door, Greta gets off on chopping woods. She's a fake. How dare she? Now the whole world SEE her intelligence and action speaks louder than words. Let her do this, she is losing credibility every day. That is her fuel. The less educated one is the more pro Palestine one is it seems.

Guess the terrorist protest pays more than the climate protest tune in next month for the new protest
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Race and religion: After fried chicken cools down, pizza heats up

Malaysiakini : Police are investigating a controversial message mocking Islam which appeared on the receipt of a popular pizza chain in Penang. According to Barat Daya district police chief Kamarul Rizal Jenal, the case has been classified under Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act.

ā€œPolice request the public not to make any speculations regarding this issue which can threaten public order,ā€ he added. Earlier, it was reported that Dominoā€™s Pizza had filed a police report and taken ā€œappropriateā€ action against the customer and staff involved.

ā€œWe are deeply disappointed that a customer made a hurtful and disrespectful comment when placing their order. ā€œWe are also disappointed that one of our team members thought it was appropriate to share this online, including the customerā€™s personal information,ā€ it told FMT.

Meanwhile, Bayan Lepas assemblyperson Azrul Mahathir Aziz (above) said he sought clarification from the pizza outlet. ā€œMany, like myself, misunderstood that the receipt was generated by the cashier. ā€œHowever, the receipt, which went viral, is for an online order which has the category ā€œremarkā€ which was misused for the act of provocation,ā€ he added on Facebook.

Calling for the perpetrator to be arrested, the assemblyperson also urged the public to remain calm. On May 6, local restaurant Darsa Fried Chicken landed in the limelight when its Facebook administrator made a comment which reeked of racism.

DFC, touted as an alternative to KFC, which is reeling from a boycott in relation to the conflict in Gaza, later apologised and said that it had transferred the person responsible for the remark.

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Defying the US, Anwar bellows support for Hamas

Asiatimes : Malaysian leader defies threat of US sanctions while grandstanding for populist effect; he may be targeted by Israelā€™s Mossad intelligence arm.

SINGAPORE ā€“ Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahimā€™s vocal support for the Palestinian cause could blow back on Malaysia as the United States tables legislation to sever funding for Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups through economic and financial sanctions on their foreign supporters. 

Anwarā€™s administration has played up its resistance to US and Western pressure to review its stance on Hamas, which Malaysia has refused to condemn or label as a terrorist organization.

Malaysian police, meanwhile, have warned of possible economic sabotage, espionage and even security threats to the premier allegedly emanating from Israelā€™s intelligence agency Mossad.

The Muslim-majority nation has long stood in solidarity with Palestine and long rejected diplomatic relations with Israel even as certain Arab nations have recently pursued normalization with Tel Aviv.

Putrajaya views Hamas as the legitimately elected government of Gaza, according to Anwar, owing to its victory at 2006 parliamentary polls. Hamas members are known to reside in Malaysia to work or attend university and have been alleged targets of Israelā€™s spy agency. 

But Anwarā€™s unflinching stance is just as much about local politics as he seeks to curry favor with Muslim ethnic Malays who represent a national majority and are thus crucial to his governmentā€™s survival and potential re-election.

Analysts say the premier cannot afford to be seen as equivocating on the plight of the Palestinians at a moment when his nearly year-old administration has lost electoral ground to the pro-Islamist Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition.

Both Anwarā€™s multiracial government and the conservative opposition bloc have recently staged competing mega-rallies denouncing Israelā€™s bombardments of Gaza. ā€œThere is a strong domestic imperative for the prime minister to support the Palestinian cause,ā€ said Mustafa Izzuddin, a senior international affairs analyst at consultancy firm Solaris Strategies Singapore.

Anwar seeks to ā€œportray himself as a strong and principled statesman in the eyes of the domestic populace by not bowing to American political pressure,ā€ he said.

Addressing parliament late last month, Anwar said the US Embassy had issued three demarche notes as a ā€œwarningā€ to Malaysia to review its informal ties with Hamas after killed civilians and took hostages in an October 7 surprise attack on Israel. ā€œI said that we, as a policy, have a relationship with Hamas from before and this will continue,ā€ the premier told the legislature.

Read it all here.....
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Non-bumi enrolment: UiTM students urged to don black in protest
Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Malaysiakini : The Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) student representative council has urged students to dress in black tomorrow in protest of a proposal to allow non-bumiputera students to enrol in its cardiothoracic surgery postgraduate programme.

The council also encouraged students to upload photos of their attire with the #MahasiswaUiTMBantah hashtag on social media, to support the online campaign launched yesterday. ā€œThe objective of UiTMā€™s establishment is to ensure less privileged bumiputera students get access to higher education.

ā€œWe unanimously support for UiTM to stay with its original objective to protect and advance bumiputera students as a bastion of national privilege and progress,ā€ the council said in an Instagram story.

Proarte : Donning black is appropriate because it is a black day for Bumiputera dignity, self worth and respect for citizenship rights of the non-Bumiputera, namely, their rights to equality.

The fact that UiTM students can without shame want to exclude non-Bumiputera citizens whose communities pay much of the taxes which keeps UiTM afloat because it is a public funded university, is a reflection of the Apartheid mindset which these entitled Malay students have. UiTM students have criticised Israel for being an ā€œ Apartheid State ā€œ despite a disproportionate number of doctors being Arab Israeli. 20% or roughly 2 million of the Israeli population is Arab yet 30% of its doctors are Arab.

Israelā€™s cardiothoracic teaching universities do not have a discriminatory policy towards Muslim Arabs. Indeed, many of the top cardio-thoracic surgeons in Israel are Arab. Israel is fair to its cardio-thoracic trainees and does not have an Apartheid policy of excluding Arabs. It operates on a basis of fairness and merit. By contrast, our spoilt UiTM students without any sense of shame want to maintain a policy of discrimination and unfair privilege.

Furthermore, they expect tax money from those discriminated against to fund their privileged and unfair education. Let the black dress of UiTM be their badge of shame and dishonour for countries like South Africa to be aware of. South Africa has a horrible history of Apartheid whereby the Blacks were excluded from most universities and the idea of a Black cardio-thoracic surgeon was laughable. They will be sad as well as shocked to learn that Apartheid is alive and kicking in Malaysia.

Anon25 : US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Uk should not allow Malaysian MALAY students into their universities or their graduate medical programs. Let them go to Indonesia or to Pakistan or Afghanistan. They have openly banned Non Muslims from UiTM

kita orangbiasa : ""The Malaysian Medical Association previously said that UiTM should allow non-bumiputera Malaysians seeking specialised training in the cardiothoracic field, given that international students can enrol in the university."""

Warga asing boleh tapi rakyat Malaysia yang bayar cukai tak boleh!!!!! Hello MPP, ini perihal kesihatan dan kesejahteraan rakyat seluruh Malaysia. Jangan sampai pada suatu hari kelak nanti ada yang tersesak nafas terlantar di katil hospital kerana kekurangan pakar. Masa tu jangan kesal lah.

Koel : So these students wish to put race before country like an Apartheid system. And this is in an institution of higher education which should be about nobler values.

How interesting. Can the news media reach out to worldwide ranking bodies such as QS ranking and Times Higher education to get their views on racism in education and whether such bodies support racist arguments of universities like this one. Are such institutions allowed to participate in international rankings exercise?

If so, this is to the lasting shame of these rankings agencies. This is not about affirmative action, it is sheer discrimination and racial segregation in education. If these students were at all interested in affirmative action, there would be an honest attempt to look at the entire country and to address this along class dimensions.

This beast is of a completely different and brutish nature, using a colour bar. This is the legacy of ethnicised preferential treatments. The country has become irrelevant to this lot.

JayWai : Hypocrites!!! It's CRAZY that they would wear black to protest opening up to Malaysian non-Muslims, ONLY for the cardiothoracic specialist training when all these while they are open to International students!!!

Seems like as far as UiTM is concerned, non-Muslim MALAYSIANS are less welcomed than international students. And these same hypocrites keep harping on how vernacular schools are the cause of disunity in Malaysia.

Read all the 80+ blistering comments here.....
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Crocodile Tries Taking Down 5 Elephants
A crocodile was caught outright targeting a herd of elephants multiple times... This was nothing more than an irritation for the herd until the crocodile managed to grab one by the nose!
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Muslim 'Vote Bank' Now Dictating Politics in the UK

Op-India :Boycott of Israel, Sharia compliant ā€˜pension for Muslimsā€™ and more: Read how Muslim vote bank is now dictating UK politics. Their controversial demands include Sharia-compliant pensions for Muslims, and depositing 7% of local government pension scheme/public sector pensions to Islamic funds among others.

Amidst the raging Israel-Hamas war, Muslim vote bank politics has intensified in the United Kingdom. An Islamist umbrella outfit named the ā€œMuslim voteā€ group has asked the UKā€™s principal opposition party, the Labour Party, to apologise to the Muslim community for their stance on the Middle East crisis. The group has threatened to ā€œpunishā€ those MPs who didnā€™t back a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war, that is, those who didnā€™t put pressure on Israel to stop its retaliation in response to the 7th October 2023 Hamas terror attack. Strikingly, the Islamists supported the 7th October attack and to date continue to defend it as ā€œresistanceā€. 

Additionally, the Muslim vote group has asked Keir Starmer, the leader of the opposition, to accept their 18 demands if they want to win back Muslim voters lost because of their stance on Israelā€™s attack on Gaza. These controversial demands include ending Britainā€™s military ties with Israel, recognising the state of Palestine, Sharia-compliant pensions for Muslims, and depositing 7% of local government pension scheme/public sector pensions to Islamic funds among others. 

Incidentally, the Islamist umbrella outfit issued this list after Starmer promised to win back the trust of voters who felt he didnā€™t support Palestine enough. His remarks are seen as an outreach by the Labour Party to Muslims as its 12 candidates lost councillors election to Independents or other partyā€™s Pro-Palestine individuals. As per The Daily Mail, more than 40 pro-Palestinian candidates won seats as councillors in England, alluding to the fact that Muslim vote bank politics and the Gaza issue have started to dictate the UKā€™s politics. Mayors of several cities and towns in the United Kingdom are Muslims.

Read it all here.....
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Maine Kid Who Tried to Kill Cops With Machete Is Sentenced, Elephant in Room Still Ignored

PJ Media : When Trevor Bickford was 19 years old, on Dec. 31, 2022, he ventured down from his home in Wells, Maine, to Times Square. But he was not planning to join with multitudes of New Yearā€™s Eve revelers.

Instead, he attacked three NYPD officers with a machete. On Thursday, he was sentenced to 27 years in prison, and so even if he is on his very best behavior for the next few years, we likely wonā€™t be hearing about him for a while. But his case reveals a massive problem that the whole world seems determined to ignore. 

NBC New York reported Thursday that Bickford was sentenced ā€œafter pleading guilty to several terror-related charges.ā€ The report noted that Bickford also ā€œpreviously told the judge he was under psychiatric treatment for schizoaffective disorder.ā€ So did he attack the cops because he was nuts? Not necessarily: Bickford ā€œsaid he carried out the attack to wage jihad, with the goal of killing military-aged men so he could become a martyr.ā€ U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said that Bickford was "inspired by radical Islamic extremism.ā€

In Jan. 2024, the Associated Press stated that Bickford ā€œshouted ā€˜Allahu akbarā€™ ā€” the Arabic phrase for God is great ā€” before striking the officers in the head with the machete and trying to grab an officerā€™s gun.ā€ This explanation was inaccurate and misleading. ā€œAllahu akbarā€ doesnā€™t mean ā€œGod is greatā€; it actually means ā€œAllah is greater.ā€ That is, the god of Islam is superior to anything that non-Muslims worship or hold dear. This declaration of superiority frequently accompanies acts that are designed to enforce the subjugation and submission of the infidel. 

That wasnā€™t all. When Bickford was arrested, he had a handwritten note in his backpack, asking his family to ā€œplease repent to Allah and accept Islam.ā€ To his mother, Bickford wrote: ā€œI fear greatly that you will not repent to Allah. And therefore I hold hope in my heart that a piece of you believes so that you may be taken out to [sic] the hellfire.ā€ To his brother, he likewise wrote: ā€œPlease repent to Allah and accept Islam. I fear for you.ā€

To another brother in the Marines, he added: ā€œYou have joined the ranks Faced with all this evidence, authorities had to admit that this was a jihad attack, something they were extremely reluctant to do. Thomas Galati, the NYPDā€™s chief of intelligence and counterterrorism, epitomized that reluctance in a Jan. 2023 statement that he could barely get out amid all his discomfort with what he had to admit

 ā€œUm, yā€™know, during the attack he did yell out ā€˜Allah akbar,ā€™ um, you know, and, um, you know, I ā€“ I believe he thought that this would be, um, you know, kā€“, suicide by cop, uh, basically, at the end of this attack. This is a distorted, uh, you know, um, uh, uh, version of him being radicalized and thinking that what heā€™s doing is right, um, you know, just, uh, want to make sure that thatā€™s clear, heā€™s not representing, you know, uh, the Islamic religion, but rather, you know, a very, very small percentage of people that get radicalized.ā€of my enemy. And for that I can give you no kind words ā€“ return to Allah.ā€

Read it all here.........

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On This Day... May 15, 2009: Sargodha, Pakistan A university student is raped and murdered and 55 other articles

On This Day...
May 15, 2009: Sargodha, Pakistan
A university student is raped and murdered
after refusing to convert to Islam: 1 Killed

1. Prison Van Ambush in France Leaves Two Guards Deadā€¦
2. Florida Imam: "Oh Allah, Annihilate the Tyrannical Jews"ā€¦
3. Madrassah Cleric Murdered by His Alleged Sex Abuse Victimsā€¦
4. Uber Driver to Woman: 'If This Were Pakistan, I Would Kidnap You'ā€¦
5. Moral Cops Violently Assault Girl over Short-Sleeved T-Shirtā€¦
6. Woman Jailed for Leaving Islam is Denied Medical Careā€¦
7. Rashida Tlaib Calls for ICC to Arrest Netanyahuā€¦
8. Columbia Student Honors Hamas Leader at Graduationā€¦
9. Over 1000 Hamas Terrorists Convalesce in Turkeyā€¦
10. Vatican Hosts Activist Accusing Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing'ā€¦
11. Filmmaker Flees Iran Following Sentencing over Movieā€¦
12. Organizers Try to Cancel Celebrities Who Won't Conformā€¦
13. Paris: Beheading Victim Found Near Open Quranā€¦
14. NYC 'Activists' Shout "Baby Killers" at Jewish Childrenā€¦
15. Philadelphia Student Praises Hamas and Jihad: "Pinnacle of Islam"
16. FSU Student Admits: 'We Muslims are Anti-Jewish'ā€¦
17. LGBT Comedian Charged with 'Blasphemy' over Prayer Skitā€¦
18. Erdogan Declares: Netanyahu Worse than Hitlerā€¦
19. 'Queers for Palestine' Blocks Traffic at Disneyworldā€¦
20. Iranian Lawmaker: We Already Have Nuclear Weaponsā€¦
21. Burning Man Backs Off from Massive Anti-Semitic Sculptureā€¦
22. Conviction in Honor Killing of Hindu Coupleā€¦
23. Professor: Balfour Goal Was to 'Get Rid of the Jews'ā€¦
24. Hamas Thanks Russia and China for Supportā€¦
25. ESC Contestants Defy Ban on Political Messagesā€¦
26. White House Withholding Hamas Intel from Israelā€¦
27. Sharia Court Sentences Nigerian to Death by Stoning for Homosexuality
28. German Imam Defends October 7 Atrocityā€¦
29. Urinals Removed from Tehran Mall for Being 'Un-Islamic'ā€¦
30. Mozambique Jihadists Take Over City in Large-Scale Attackā€¦
31. WaPo Journalist: 'No Proof of Islamic Terrorism'ā€¦
32. UK Islamic School Teaches Gender Inequalityā€¦
33. Afghan Political Parties Banned: "All are Subjects of Islamic Law"
34. Iranian-Born Belgian MP Sounds Alarm over Islamic Extremism in EU
35. Spouses of Iranian Dissidents Forced into Divorceā€¦
36. Iran Mulls Allowing Women to Ride Motorbikesā€¦
37. US 'Repatriates' ISIS Familyā€¦
38. Hindu Minor Raped and Killed Following 'Conversion'ā€¦
39. Taliban: "We Will Flog the Womenā€¦ We Will Stone Them to Death"
40. Anti-Semitism Lecturer Attacked by Muslims in Germanyā€¦
41. UN Admits Big Accuracy Problems in Reporting Gaza Casualtiesā€¦
42. Hillary: Anti-Israel Protesters "Don't Know Very Much"ā€¦
43. "Ring of Steel" Protection for Israel's ESC Contestant in Malmo
44. Explosives Planted at 3000-Year-Old Jewish Archaeological Siteā€¦
45. Five Americans Held by Hamasā€¦
46. Toronto School Board Backtracks on Star of David 'Ban'ā€¦
47. UN Rewards "Palestine" Following October 7 Massacreā€¦
48. Actual Genocide in the Sudan: Children Piled Up and Shotā€¦
49. Award Winning Iranian Film Director Sentenced to Lashings, Prison
50. PA Attributes Protests in U.S. to 'Work by Islamic Communities'ā€¦

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Unilateral conversion: Loh tells Maips to leave her alone By Hidir Reduan Abdul Rashid
Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Malaysiakini : Fresh off today's Federal Court ruling which affirmed the non-Muslim status of her three unilaterally converted children, Loh Siew Hong told the Perlis Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (Maips) to leave her alone.

The single mother tearfully said her twin girls, 15, and son, 12, have suffered four years since her children were converted by her ex-husband and Muslim convert Muhammad Nagahswaran Muniandy in 2020.

ā€œI do not want Maips to disturb me. Leave me alone. Enough,ā€ the 36-year-old said as her legal team led by lawyer A Srimurugan stood with her at the lobby of the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya today. As she regained her composure, Loh said she was happy with todayā€™s verdict.

She expressed gratitude to the public for supporting the familyā€™s legal battle, adding that her children are fine. Earlier today, a three-person Federal Court bench chaired by Chief Justice Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat unanimously denied leave for Maips and three others to proceed with an appeal to reinstate the Islamic conversion of Lohā€™s children.

Loh and Nagahswaran, now 36, entered a civil marriage in 2008, but their marriage broke down over allegations of domestic violence that saw her hospitalised. She filed for divorce in December 2019.

Muhammad Nagahswaran Muniandy

However, while she was recuperating from her injuries in a hospital, it was reported the father took the three children away and converted them on July 7, 2020. In March 2021, Loh was granted sole custody, care, and control over the children, and was legally divorced in September of that year.

In February 2022, Lohā€™s children - who were under the care of the Social Welfare Department - were released to their mother after the Kuala Lumpur High Court allowed her habeas corpus application.

Krabian : Does those misguided religious bigots think they can make Islam a better religion if they keep forcing the issue which the court has duly decided?

On the Other Hand : I am no less than completely disgusted with the behaviour of MAIPS. Their behaviour has exposed the lie that there is no compulsion in Islam.

MAIPS is supposedly headed and run by people knowledgeable about Islamic practice, so there can be no excuse about them being 'True Muslim'. What we see is bullying, coercion, and outright hatred for anyone who refuses to convert to Islam.

This is a far cry from what Anwar Ibrahim preaches what Islam is all about. Where is the compassion, the kindness or any semblance of divinity? I see none. Non-Muslims are fully justified in being Islamophobic.

Walau apapun : Kudos to Mdm Loh Siew Hong! The court verdict is a testament to her unwavering resolve and tenacity. Let her stand firm, unyielding in the face of religious bullies who seek to curtail the liberties of others. MAIPS did you hear it loud and clear - LEAVE HER ALONE!

More comments here.....

The family now resides in the Klang Valley.
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