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" ā€œWhen you're left wounded on

Afganistan's plains and

the women come out to cut up what remains,

Just roll to your rifle

and blow out your brains,

And go to your God like a soldierā€

General Douglas MacArthur

" ā€œWe are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction.ā€

ā€œIt is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.ā€

ā€œOld soldiers never die; they just fade away.
ā€œThe soldier, above all other people, prays for peace,
for he must suffer and be the deepest wounds and scars of war.ā€

ā€œMay God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't .ā€
ā€œThe object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.

ā€œNobody ever defended, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.
ā€œIt is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.
Rather we should thank God that such men lived.

The Soldier stood and faced God

Which must always come to pass

He hoped his shoes were shining

Just as bright as his brass
"Step forward you Soldier,
How shall I deal with you?
Have you always turned the other cheek?

To My Church have you been true?"

"No, Lord, I guess I ain't

Because those of us who carry guns

Can't always be a saint."

I've had to work on Sundays
And at times my talk was tough,
And sometimes I've been violent,

Because the world is awfully rough.

But, I never took a penny
That wasn't mine to keep.
Though I worked a lot of overtime
When the bills got just too steep,
The Soldier squared his shoulders and said
And I never passed a cry for help
Though at times I shook with fear,

And sometimes, God forgive me,

I've wept unmanly tears.
I know I don't deserve a place
Among the people here.

They never wanted me around
Except to calm their fears.
If you've a place for me here,
Lord, It needn't be so grand,

I never expected or had too much,
But if you don't, I'll understand."
There was silence all around the throne
Where the saints had often trod
As the Soldier waited quietly,
For the judgment of his God.

"Step forward now, you Soldier,

You've borne your burden well.
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell."

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021


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The Christ Child: A Nativity Story
Sunday, November 21, 2021
This new depiction of the Nativity story recounts in beautiful detail the sacred events found in the Bible about Jesus's birth over 2,000 years ago.
Journey with Joseph and Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Witness the awe of the shepherds in the plains of Judea. Feel the joy of the wise men as they kneel before the Light of the World ā€“ our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
ā€œFor unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.ā€ Isaiah 9:6.
Come and see the fulfillment of this scripture as though you were there. Come and feel the angelsā€™ message. Come and worship with the wise men. Come and stay in the presence of the Savior and feel the love of God.
Visit to learn more about the significance of this special first Christmas.
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Wishing all my family members, relatives, dear friends who celebrate and RC's (Retired Christians), Non Christians who believe in Jesus Christ a very Merry & Blessed Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2021
It is the most wonderful time of the year. There is never a feeling like that, any other time of the year. That is a spiritual experience to celebrate the birth of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
 animated gif
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Dennis Ignatius: Stop PAS now before it is too late
Thursday, November 18, 2021
True Net : PAS leaders both at the federal and state level have neither the expertise nor even the inclination to properly govern.

Recent actions by PAS politicians on the sale of alcohol and the prohibition of lotteries are a potent reminder that PAS has nothing to offer Malaysians other than an intolerant, bigoted, narrow-minded sectarian state led by small-minded men with an even smaller vision for Malaysia. Make no mistake; itā€™s not about alcohol or gambling but about a grand strategy to impose upon the nation a dark and sectarian model where supercilious religious leaders police public morals, decide what we can and cannot do, how we dress, how we worship and what we read or watch. It goes beyond anything seen in other Muslim countries save for Iran where mullahs rule and basic human rights are trampled underfoot.

When PAS show their true colors.....
Now that it has finally acquired a measure of federal power, PAS is showing its true colours. Banning alcohol, needlessly inciting religious discord over the name of a brand of whiskey or banning lotteries are but low-hanging fruits. More drastic measures will surely follow. The trouble with playing the religious and racial card is you canā€™t stop; you have to keep upping the ante to grab attention, to stay relevant. It wonā€™t end until they turn Malaysia into a state where bigotry, racism and discrimination become the new normal. And then theyā€™ll turn on their fellow Muslims for not being Muslim enough. If they succeed, Malaysia is finished.

For this reason, I have always maintained that PAS ā€“ especially under its current leader, Abdul Hadi Awang ā€“ is the most dangerous political party in the country. Its ideology is completely incompatible with the Federal Constitution, its vision for Malaysia utterly contrary to that of our founding fathers. It has a long track record of denigrating other religions, discriminating against ethnic minorities and pushing hate and intolerance at every turn.

Furthermore, its leaders both at the federal and state level have neither the expertise nor even the inclination to properly govern. They donā€™t even have clean drinking water in Kelantan, a state where PAS has held sway for a good many years. A PAS government will quickly plunge Malaysia into the chasm of a failed state.

The Malacca state election is upon us. No Malaysian who truly cares about our future should ever give their vote to PAS or to any party or coalition that collaborates with PAS. To vote for PAS is to sanction the marginalization of ethnic minorities, to approve the destruction of their way of life, to consign our nation to backwardness, decay and decline. To collaborate with PAS is to betray everything that Malaysia stands for.

Political parties have to decide where they will now stand on the most critical issue of our time ā€“ the existential challenge from PAS. It is nothing but disingenuity to complain about religious and racial extremism and then continue to collaborate with PAS, the fountainhead of both racial intolerance and religious extremism in Malaysia.

The voters of Malacca too have a decision to make. There is little point in grumbling about the antics of PAS leaders and then giving their vote to parties that are facilitating PASā€™s rise to power.

My hope is that the good people of Malacca will send a decisive message to PAS that its brand of politics is not welcome in Malaysia. The same message should be sent to parties like PPBM, GERAKAN, STAR, GPS and SAPP who appear willing to shake hands with bigots in order to gain power. Just look at how these parties have bent over backwards to avoid criticising PAS over the lottery issue ā€“ Azmin Ali of PPBM calls for more discussions on the issue while GERAKAN proposes to send a delegation to discuss the matter with PAS (after the Malacca state election, of course). What about condemning these actions first and calling on PAS to stop all this nonsense?

Vote UMNO (especially now that it has broken away from PAS) if you donā€™t like Pakatan Harapan but keep PAS out at all cost. We might well be able to survive yet more years of corruption and misgovernment under UMNO, but we will not survive a few more years of PAS in Putrajaya. Besides, if UMNO-BN does well on its own ā€“ as pundits are forecasting ā€“ perhaps UMNO will be encouraged to stand on its own come GE15, and PAS will be consigned to the lunatic fringes of our politics where it belongs.

The battle for Malaysiaā€™s future could well begin in Malacca, the first statewide election in the peninsula since the infamous Sheraton Move gave PAS a foothold. Letā€™s hope that Malacca will be Waterloo for PAS. Iā€™m ready with my bottle of Timah whiskey to celebrate. I might even go and place a small bet on the number 2011 (20th November) or some variation of it.

ā€“ Dennis Ignatius
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Deeply disgusted by dictator's daughter's drivel By Martin Vengadesan

Marina the Bullshit Artiste

After 64 years, we only had one PM that every Malaysian can be proud off and that is TAR. After 54 years we only had one PM with a agenda to enrich his pathetic family and his cronies and above all destroy the very soul of this nation and very much cursed by every Malaysian and that is the indian who self proclaim himself as a melayu Tun Mahathirudan - Plagiarized and edited from the comments section, with apologies to the author.

Malaysiakini : COMMENT | All week long Iā€™ve been trying to keep cool as excerpts from Dr Mahathir Mohamadā€™s daughterā€™s book have been printed on this site.

But I could no longer hold my peace when reading the latest tripe in the form of ā€“ ā€œSheraton Move: The day Dr M resigned himself to betrayalsā€.

That appears to me to be another attempt by the Mahathir camp to rewrite history as if he was not at the heart of the machinations that brought down his own Pakatan Harapan federal government.

Mahathirudan's Betrayal
Maybe thatā€™s why some people are still confused ā€“ because having been under one-party rule for so long, we are not a country that understands the finer points of political manoeuvres.

Mahathir wanted to bring down a Mahathir-led Harapan government under which he was obligated to hand over power to Anwar Ibrahim and replace it with a Mahathir-led unity government that would allow him a free hand to serve a full five-year term without being tied to the promise of reforms and transition.

Read it all here...............
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When PDRM threatened to vote opposition - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy

Malaysiakini : If the IPCMC is formed, he (then Association of Gazetted Senior Police's head ACP Jamaludin Khalid) warned that the police will vote for the opposition in the next general election due 2009 and turn to the opposition to ask them to "fight for police rights in Parliament". ā€“ Malaysiakini report

COMMENT | This of course was in 2006 when the PDRM took the unprecedented step in waging a very public relations war on the proposal to set up an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).

The fact that the police force's big cheeses threatened to vote ā€œoppositionā€ because the BN government was seriously considering these proposals should tell us something about the politics in this country.

It sounds ridiculous, right, that the PDRM would vote for the opposition which (at that time) was clamouring for reform and would no doubt support the IPCMC proposal. But this is Malaysia where anything is possible and who knows what may have happened if the BN government actually went ahead with these proposals.

Read it all here..............
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The Dass legacy: Soldiering on By Adrian David - June 14, 2021 @ 12:43pm
Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Flying Officer (Rtd) David Samuel Dass in his Royal Air Force uniform during War War I

NST : Remember how Zahid Hamidi insulted the Non Malays questioning their patriotism? When he himself was an Indon Pendatang from Indonesia during the Confrontation. Only God knows why an Indon was accepted into Malaysia when Indonesia was attacking us.
KUALA LUMPUR: "No one is a man, until he has been a soldier." This is one adage the Dass family firmly believes in - for four of them have collectively clocked an impressive 110 years of service for the nation.  Their foray with the armed forces began with their patriarch - Flying Officer (Rtd) David Samuel Dass who had served with Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF) during World War I .

Then, David's son Warrant Officer II (Rtd) William David Dass continued the family's tradition with the Malaysian Army.  In later years, William's sons Maritime First-Admiral (Rtd) Christopher Ravindran Dass and Brigadier-General Dr Alexander Amaradran Dass donned the uniform.

Dr Alexander, who is due to retire on May 4 next year upon reaching 60, was promoted to a 'one-star' general recently and is serving as the maxillofacial surgeon and department head at the 94th Armed Forces Hospital at Terendak Camp in Malacca.
Read it all here in full...........
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Hadi is the willing scapegoat for non-Malay political operatives - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Monday, November 15, 2021

Malaysiakini :"For though ours is a godless age, it is the very opposite of irreligious. The true believer is everywhere on the march, and both by converting and antagonising he is shaping the world in his own image." ā€“ Eric Hoffer

COMMENT | Abdul Hadi Awangā€™s comment about PN being a coalition of non-extremists has brought predictable responses from the mainstream non-Malay/Muslim political class. 

The problem with criticism levelled against the PAS president is that it never addresses the underlying ideology of mainstream Islam in this country.

This has always been an issue. When BN was at the height of its power but was carrying out the Islamisation/Arabisation process that subverted democratic norms, institutions and the majority voting polity, it was also projecting itself as the middle of the road coalition while demonising the DAP as ā€œChinese chauvinistsā€ and PAS as religious zealots.

The religious terrain got even murkier when PAS joined the opposition under the leadership of the charismatic Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who to this day is still propagandised as some sort of paragon of Islamic moderation, which is a deliberate mischaracterisation of his political pragmatism or some would argue opportunism.

In many ways, the DAP, which continues to be demonised by the Malay political establishment, made possible the mainstreaming of PAS. 

Now here is the thing. Folks always like to imagine that the leadership of PAS under Tok Guru made PAS a moderate political entity which of course ignores the reality that it was the efforts of Tok Guru, amongst others, who redefined the partyā€™s discourse towards political Islam.

To understand the kind of working relationship in better days between the DAP and PAS, we can refer to Boon Kia Mengā€™s piece about "Working with PAS":

Read it all here...........
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The Kindu Massacre 11 November 1961 by Lieutenant Colonel Tan Siew Soo (Retired)
Thursday, November 11, 2021

The 13 Italians and their Names

Make no mistake, the Kindu massacre or incident was a day of ignomy and infamy for the Malayan Special Force, our army, and the country. The responsibility fell squarely on Maj David Daud Yassin, OC B Company 6 RMR, the designated Kindu Garrison Commander.

I first met Captain David Daud in September 1960, a graduate of RMA Sandhurst, he was a flamboyant person driving a MGA sports car when he visited us at the Government Mess A chalet (now Wisma LTAT) where we stayed prior to departure for the Congo.

A brief background. The Congo during that period was basically divided into three factions: (1) Mobotu's faction (pro-West), the central government, occupied slightly more than a third of the western portion of the country; (ii) Gizenga's faction (left-leaning) occupied roughly another third in the eastern Congo, and (iii) Tshumbe's faction (pro-West business), occupied less than a third, the southern part of Congo.

Kindu was strategic with a port, rail and airhead in Gizenga's eastern Congo. It was first occupied by a company of Nigerian (5QONR) ONUC troops. One day, a Nigerian platoon was ambushed by the Congolese near their Officers' Mess. The officer, a Lt Ben, a Sandhurst graduate was known to some of our officers, was killed, with many wounded.

The Nigerian Officers' Mess was a nice villa located on the road from the airport to Kindu town. After that ambush, the Nigerian contingent withdrew and was replaced by the Malayan Special Force (4RMR plus C Sqn 2 Recce) in March 1961. When we took over that Officers' Mess was rejected outright by our CO, Lt Col Ungku Nazaruddin simply because it was indefensible.

Read it all here......
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"Most Disgraceful Episode - In The History Of The Malaysian Armed Forces"

Via WhatsApp : The two Italian Air Force C119 Flying Boxcar, which had a total crew of 13 was commanded by a Major. On that fateful day they were tasked to ferry two Ferret Scout Cars from Kamina Air Base into Kindu Airport.

The two Ferrets belonged to 2/Lt Sam Low Tung Yeow, No 2 Tp, A Sqn 2 Recce that were left stranded at Kamina since 13 September 1961. Recall the First Katanga Secession War between ONUC and Katanga that erupted on 13 September 1961. When hostilities broke out ONUC ordered A Sqn 2 Recce to reinforce UN Forces in Elisabethville. Only No 3 Tp and a small tac SHQ managed to land. The next reinforcement was No 2 Tp belonging to 2/Lt Sam Low. However, it failed to land due to heavy fighting. Both C119 were diverted to Kamina Air Base in Central Katanga.

A Sqn 2 Recce then had the dubious distinction of the most overstretched subunit ever in the Army. The locations: Tac SHQ with No 3 Tp in Elisabethville, half No 2 Tp in Kamina while the remainder of the Sqn (who had newly arrived from Bukavu) was in Leopoldville separated by over one thousand six hundred kilometres. Towards the end of September, the balance of A Sqn 2 Recce in Leopoldville under the command of the Sqn 2i/c Cap Maurice Lam was ordered to move to Stanleyville (Kisangani), Congo's third city due to a rumoured impending rebellion by the Deputy Prime Minister, Antoine Gizenga. Travelling by river boat up the Congo took the Sqn a few days to cover a distance of over one thousand miles.

To recapt, the Officers situation of A Sqn then was: OC Maj Lekhbir Singh with No 3 Tp, 2 Lt Abd Rahman Dato Hussein in Elisabethville, Sam Low in Kamina, Capt Maurice Lam with No 1 Tp, 2 Lt Neville Siebel, and No 4 Tp, 2 Lt Michael Chong now in Stanleyville. During the later part of October 1961, the remainder of the A Sqn, was again ordered to move, this time to join B Coy 6RMR in Kindu. They arrived in Kindu towards the end of October 1961.

B Coy 6RMR was commanded by Maj David Daud Yassin. Some people confuse him with David Daud Abu Bakar (Lt Gen Dato). Both were Sandhurst graduates, Daud Yassin was the more senior at RMAS. Designated the Kindu Garrison Commander, Maj David Daud had taken over Kindu on arrival in July 1961 from D Coy 4RMR. Dad's fatal error was occupying that Villa located about a mile up the road from the airport to Kindu Town. It was vacant, left abandoned by the Nigerian Coy since March 1961 after one Nigerian Platoon was ambushed by Congolese troops.

The consequence of that ambush was the replacement of the Nigerians by the original Malayan Special Force made up of 4RMR and C Sqn 2 Recce commanded by Lt Col Bruno Ungku Nazaruddin. However, when B Coy 6RMR arrived in Kindu in July 1961, only D Coy 4RMR was left in Kindu. The rest of the MSF were already in Albertville (Kalemie) and Goma on the last lap homeward bound. It is pertinent to recall that the villa was rejected outright as our Offcers' Mess by Col Ungku Bruno who had the whole force deployed under tentage by the airport. If Maj Daud had followed his predecessor, the 13 Italians could have been saved.

The Massacre was indeed the most tragic and saddest episode in the annals of the ONUC Malaysian Force. After safely delivering the two Ferret Scout Cars at Kindu, the Italians were ready to fly back to base. Their last words to A Sqn were whether they had any mail for Leopoldville. Just then Maj Daud arrived and invited them to the Officers' Mess for lunch. The Italians had wanted to go back into the aircraft to collect their side arms but ironically told by Maj Daud, it was not necessary.

Read it all here.................
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German ā€˜Newspaperā€™ Prints List of Soccer Players Collapsing With Cardiac Issues by Steve MacDonald / 10 November 2021

Granite Grok : The independent German Newspaper, Berliner Zeitung has another list of athletes who have collapsed with cardiac issues. If you missed it, we published an extensive list last week of athletes who had collapsed or died in what appears to be alarming numbers. Iā€™d expect some crossover from the original list but I did not make any effort to compare them.

And as I noted in the previous piece these are not definitive lists of known COVID-vaccinated athletes suffering cardiac events. Weā€™re posting these to alert folks that there appears to be a marked increase in these incidents alongside a global push for mandatory vaccination.

Given the increased incidence of known cardiac issues (Myocarditis) from these vaccines in younger folks and the marked increase over the last several months, a correlation seems likely.

Hereā€™s the new list, again, with some potential overlap from the lists we published here.

Emergency situations have come up again and again in the last few weeks and months:

Read it all here.................
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While World Focuses on ā€˜Islamophobia,ā€™ Christians Live Precarious Existence in Muslim Lands By Robert Spencer Nov 08, 2021

Christian Congregation

PJ Media : Everyone is worried about ā€œIslamophobiaā€: New Jerseyā€™s unlikeliest new state senator-elect just apologized for criticizing Islam; Muslim leaders in Canada want the Ontario government to be more proactive against ā€œIslamophobiaā€; and a mosque leader in London recently charged that Muslim women in Britain live in fear of ā€œracism.ā€

Meanwhile, in Pakistan several days ago, Muslims fired upon Christians in an attempt to seize their lands; in Nigeria, Muslims kidnapped over one hundred Christians; and in Egypt, two Muslim brothers murdered a Christian shopkeeper because of his faith.

The Muslim persecution of Christians has rarely been as virulent or widespread as it is today, yet it gets little attention. Thatā€™s why a new book by Casey Chalk, The Persecuted: True Stories of Courageous Christians Living Their Faith in Muslim Lands (Sophia Institute Press), is a breath of fresh air and a welcome dose of realism in an international public discourse increasingly dominated by sloganeering and propaganda.

Chalk explained to me that this much-needed book had its genesis in encounters he had with Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Bangkok, Thailand, where he and his wife moved in 2014. ā€œThe very first Sunday that we attended Mass,ā€ he told me, ā€œI immediately noticed a substantial number of South Asians. We soon befriended several Pakistani families at our parish, and became intimately familiar with their stories of persecution, suffering, and loss.

While in Thailand, and since returning to the United States in 2017, Iā€™ve written articles about their plight for many Christian and conservative publications. Sophia Institute Press graciously agreed to help turn their stories ā€” and my reflections on the broader global problem they represent ā€” into The Persecuted.ā€

Itā€™s more than just gracious. Itā€™s urgent, as most Americans are completely unfamiliar with the plight of these Christians, which has been criminally underreported. Yet ā€œthe Pakistani Christians I now count as friends,ā€ Chalk recounts, ā€œhave endured terrible trauma. Some have been shot at, others set on fire by angry militant mobs, and others beaten within an inch of their lives. Many have female family members or friends who have been abducted by extremists and forcibly married to Muslim men, something local authorities rarely do anything about.ā€ 

Read it all here..................

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Multicultural Europe Swept by Week of Migrant Violence and ā€˜Allahu Akbarā€™ Attacks

In just over a week, several western European countries have seen incidents of violence, including an attack on police officers in France on Monday by an Algerian migrant yelling ā€œAllahu Akbar.
Since the end of October European states Italy, France and Germany have all seen violence perpetrated by men from migrant backgrounds, and in some cases, attackers professing ā€œAllahu Akbar,ā€ or ā€œGod is Greatā€ as they struck.

Egyptian Migrantā€™s ā€œAllahu Akbarā€ Knife Attack on Halloween Revellers

On October 31st in the Italian city of Piacenza, a 32-year-old man ā€” an Egyptian national and already subject to a deportation order ā€”  pulled out a knife and repeatedly shouted ā€œAllahu akbarā€ after being approached by police who believed he was acting suspiciously.

According to the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, the officers attempted to calm the Egyptian down but he created panic in a popular city square filled with Haloween party-goers as he brandished his blade. He then made attempts to stab those passing by him, with one city refuse collector stabbed and a police officer attempting to subdue the migrant stabbed too.

Both injured parties were treated at hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. Italian populist lawmaker Matteo Salvini deplored the fact the Egyptian, who had already been ordered to be deported, could be in Italy to attack members of the public in the first place. ā€œIn our country there is no room for criminals and fanaticsā€, he wrote, also sharing social media footage of the attack.

ā€œAllahu Akbarā€ Knifeman Shot In Paris Railway Station 

Just a day after the Italy attack, another knifeman yelling ā€œAllahu Akbarā€ was shot by police at the Saint-Lazare railway station in Paris when he threatened members of the SUGE, the force in charge of security at the countryā€™s railway stations.

Read it all here.............
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The Roshni Act in Kashmir Created to Steal Hindu Lands

In 1990, Kashmiri Pandits were given three choices ā€” convert to Islam, leave Kashmir or get killed.

Conversely think of Kashmiri pandits in thousands who exited erstwhile J & K forced to leave their properties which later stands transferred to Muslims who aggressed & occupied it.

The then govt. just closed their eyes to this event. Why one can easily guess.See kids in present Taliban occupied Afghanistan. How the children of today being used and what they are going to be? This Roshni Act was a conspiracy made by Farooq Abdullah after giving away the houses, shops, gardens and fields of the Hindus who had fled Kashmir to the Muslims.

All the Hindus who fled Kashmir in the 1990s were not killed by Pakistani Muslims, but by their own neighbours with whom they used to eat vermicelli, celebrate festivals, drink tea, and were killed by the same neighbours and Abdul Aslam Ghaffar. Tax evaded.

After that, when the entire Kashmir valley became empty of Hindus, then some Muslims went to Farooq Abdullah and said that you should make some rules to give these houses, shops, lands, fields, barns of Hindus to the Muslims.

It was omitted that the houses around the houses of the Muslims, which belonged to the Hindus, are no longer here. Due to disconnection of electricity connection, there is darkness around their houses, which can put them in danger. That is why it is necessary to light such houses.

In this way, the fabric of Roshni Act was woven by Farooq , Omar and supported by other CM's like Mehbooba mufti. Since the Hindus were thrown out of Kashmir valley leaving their bag and baggage and everything else, then due to their not being able to pay the electricity bill, the electricity connection of their fields or shops or houses was cutā€¦. Then Farooq Abdullah made a Roshni Act. Through which any Muslim could apply in his name to get electricity connection for the farm, ,farm house or shop of that Hindu by paying only ā‚¹ 101 fee.

In this way, first the electricity bill was generated in the name of that Muslim, after that in a few years the full ownership of the house, shop or farm of the Hindu was given to that Muslim.

In this way, by this blasphemous light act, Farooq Abdullah and his cronies gave the valuable property of thousands of Hindus of Kashmir Valley to the Muslims for just Rs 101. And the most surprising thing is that the Left media of India never discussed this Roshni Act.

posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 11:11 AM   0 comments
Can Malaysia have meaningful coalitions? - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy

Malaysiakini : ā€œA politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen.ā€  ā€“ Winston Churchill

COMMENT | DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang said this recently: ā€œThe day for meaningful coalition politics in Malaysia has come, and political parties must learn to co-operate with one another for the good of the nation ā€“ not for personal and political party self-aggrandisement but on the principles of justice, freedom, fair play, well-being for all Malaysians so that Malaysia can be a world-class great nation and avoid the traps of kleptocracy, kakistocracy and a failed state.ā€

I believe most Malaysians want this but the problem has always been that ideas such as ā€œjustice, freedom, fair play, well-being for all Malaysiansā€ has never really been the goal of any political party. 

In a way, this should make cooperation between race-based parties and multiracial parties easier, but it does not because both sides have been demonising each other for decades.

Honestly, when two political parties ā€“ DAP and Umno ā€“ who have a sizable share of votes and representation, cannot find the middle ground, you know that this country is in trouble.

Read it all here...............
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Kroni Kroni GPS iaitu Menteri Menteri Malaya guna Kereta Mewah Vellfire Sementara Rakyat Sarawak dan Sabah Menderita Dalam Kemiskinan - Use of Vellfire Cars By Ministers Gets To Save RM 2.80 cents Per Car - Ka ka Ka ka-
Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Malaysiakini : ā€œKerajaan (hari ini) pada masa musim orang susah luluskan kereta Toyota Vellfire sebagi kereta rasmi baru.

Dengar Bekas Mentri Tarbi Mereka
"Kenapa secara tiba-tiba? Kata nak bantu rakyat, macam mana beli banyak Vellfire boleh bantu rakyat?ā€soal bekas menteri itu. Putrajaya secara senyap-senyap membayar pajakan bulanan kereta Toyota Vellfire 2.5 untuk menteri kabinet sejak April lalu dengan kos bulanan RM5,759.35 setiap satu. Susulan itu, Menteri Kewangan Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz terpaksa tampil dengan alasan bahawa langkah itu perlu kerana kos sewa bulanan Toyota Vellfire adalah lebih murah.

Mengikut harga yang disediakan oleh Kementerian Kewangan, kos bulanan Toyota Vellfire 2.5L ialah RM4,851.61 manakala Proton Perdana 2.4 Premium ialah RM4,854.41 sebulan.

Ini bermakna penjimatan adalah sebanyak RM2.80 >setiap kenderaan sebulan.

Seterusnya di sini...............

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The Pleading Voice of The Dayaks : Suara Rayuan Orang Dayak - From an Ex Soldier of the Rangers (A Dayak) - Updated
Monday, November 08, 2021
DESPICABLE AND EVIL - How GPS Sought An Election Just As Field Hospitals Were Rolled Out To Cope With Rising Pandemic In Sarawak

Suara Dayak, tinggalkan GPS kalau inginkan bangsa Dayak berada di tempat yang sepatutnya.

Kalau kali ini Dayak tidak dapat mengalahkan Dayak GPS, jangan mengadu atau merungut melihat bangsa kamu ditindas, jangan merungut sekiranya tanah buah kamu habis tergadai.

Jangan menangis sekiranya rumah panjang mu dirubuh, jangan menangis kalau anak mu kekal meyadi hamba Melayu yang menyadi kaya raya kerana sukongan kamu yang bergelar Dayak.

Lupakan semua derita tersebut, hadapi dengan ketawa gembira kerana itu adalah pilihan kamu sendiri. Selamat mengundi wahai DAYAK ku sayang.

Willing To Slaughter Their Own People To Keep Power! GPS Ready For Snap Election To Avoid The Youth Vote
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May light of inclusion conquer darkness of insecurities by Wilfred Madius Tangau - MP for Tuaran

Malaysiakini :MP SPEAKS | I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Hindu Malaysians and others who celebrate the Festival of Lights, a very Happy Deepavali.

While Hindus constitute a small community in Peninsular Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak constitute 60 percent of the Malaysian landmass lest we forget), they are much loved and appreciated.

Withdraw govt appeal on Allah ban

More importantly, Ismail Sabri must instruct the Attorney Generalā€™s Chamber to withdraw its appeal against the High Courtā€™s ruling on March 10 that declared the Allah ban since 1986 is unconstitutional.  The PM must hear the plea of Borneo Christians and the 18 MPs, four senators and 31 assemblypersons from Sabah and Sarawak representing them in a statement dated March 15 calling for the withdrawal.

The plea is a cross-party voice. Included in the list are four MPs, one senator and 15 assemblypersons in the governmentā€™s camp, namely Willie Mongin (Bersatu-Puncak Borneo), Richard Riot (SUPP-Serian), Larry Sng (Julau) Anyi Ngau (PDP- Baram), Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew (SUPP), Harry Henry Jinep (PDP-Tasik Biru), Miro Simuh (PBB-Serembu), Martin Ben (PBB-Kedup), John Ilus (PBB-Bukit Semuja), Snowdan Lawan (PRS-Balai Ringin), Gerald Rentap Jabu (PBB-Layar), Rolland Duat (PDP-Meluan), Alexander Vincent (PRS-Ngemah), Allan Gramong (PBB-Machan), Christopher Gira (PRS-Tamin), Wilson Nyabong (PRS-Pelagus), Jefferson Jamit (Bukit Goram), Kennedy Chuk Pai (PRS-Murum), Majang Renggi (PRS-Samalaju) and Dennis Ngau (PBB-Telang Usan).

Ismail Sabri must summon the moral courage to inform Malayan Muslims that Allah is used by Borneo Christians in worship because that is the word used in Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia and even Arab for ā€œGodā€ in any Abrahamic religions, and that the cultural shock many Malayan Muslims encountered since the 1980s was due to the success of the National Language Policy in Sabah and Sarawak, and the influx of Sabahans and Sarawakians to Malaya for education and employment because their home regions had been marginalised. 

If Malayan Muslims need to feel more secure, then the government should introduce comparative religions courses in schools and through public media so that both Muslims and Christians know their different understandings of Allah without feeling insecure.

Use your vote wisely in Malacca, Sarawak

Malaysians must not give up hope that the light of inclusiveness can conquer the darkness of insecurities.  In the upcoming state elections of Malacca and Sarawak, make sure you turn out to vote and use your vote to reject any candidates and parties who deliberately exploit the politics of insecurities.

Read it all here..........
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Malacca polls and the end of the Malay unity myth - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
The Fanatics

Malaysiakini : ā€œNo one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems - of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind.ā€- Thomas Sowell

COMMENT | The Malacca state assembly election is the bottom of the barrel as far as Malaysian politics is concerned. Two mainstream Malay parties are going to attempt to outdo each other in ā€œketuanan politicsā€ in the hope that only one can be the standard-bearer for the kind of racial and religious supremacy that forms the anchor of BN-type politics.

Mutual consent between corrupt individuals is okay as it is NOT covered by Hudud laws
Forget about the unity of the ummah. The reality is that the political landscape of Malaysia is not conducive to the kind of Malay-Muslim hegemony envisioned by Malay political structures that want to be the sole custodian of Malay rights and Islam.
Zahid Hamidi Lying Through His Arsehole
How can this Pendatang aspire to be PM who was born in Java?
Havenā€™t these numbskulls read anything by Syed Husin Ali about what happens if there are only Malays in Malaysia, which is the desiderata (desire) of Malay uber alles ideology? A couple of years back, the grand old man of Malaysian politics wrote about how an eventual class conflict would arise even if the Malays were the last people standing in this country.
Read it all here..........
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Another Warrior, Major Moses Ripai (Retired) Joins The Fight Against The Cronies Of The White Crocodile
Look at the Robber Barons in the Video Above.
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Afghan Goat Shagger sells his 9 year olfd daughter to a 55 year old Goat Shagger
What sort of people sell their children?
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Trump Derangement Syndrome


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Germany: Muslim ā€˜refugeeā€™ stabs three people on train, has ā€˜psychological problemsā€™ By Robert Spencer

Jihad Watch : Yet another instance of the global outbreak of mental illness. No one ever seems to be curious about why the psychological problems that so many Muslim migrants apparently have so often manifest themselves in violence.

ā€œā€˜Cruel knife attack on the ICE,'ā€ translated from ā€œā€žGrausame Messer-Attacke im ICE,ā€œā€ by Karl Keim, Bild, November 6, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

Seubersdorf (Bavaria) ā€“ There was a knife attack on the Intercity Express (ICE) between Regensburg and Nuremberg on Saturday morning. Three people were seriously injured. BILD has learned that the victims are three men (26, 39, 60).

The knife attacker was arrested on the spot. According to BILD information, he is a 27-year-old Syrian, Abdalrahman A. He is said to have had psychological problems and also called for help on the train.

He is said to have entered Germany in 2014 and been a recognized refugee.
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Bidenā€™s handlers may be withholding $130 million in aid to Egypt unless Muslim Brotherhood prisoners are freed

Mohamed Soltan, Qatari Dog Yusuf-al-Qaradawi & Salah-Soltan

Jihad Watch : Resuming the decided affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood that was a hallmark of the Obama administration. ā€œBiden administration pushes Egypt to free Muslim Brotherhood associates,ā€ by Kyle Shideler, Center for Security Policy, November 5, 2021:

Is the Biden Administration holding Egypt aid hostage in exchange for freeing a bloodthirsty Muslim Brotherhood leader? The Biden Administration is currently withholding $130 million in security and counterterrorism assistance to the Egyptian government, unless 16 unnamed prisoners, among whom may be included a virulent anti-Semitic jihadist cleric, are released from Egyptian prisons.

That was the reveal in a recent floor speech by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) this week. Cruz has been locked in a rhetorical battle with the Biden Administration for weeks in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, centered around nominee Barbara Leaf, currently proposed for state department assistant secretary of state for Near East affairs. Cruz has sought to force answers to questions about the conditioning of Egyptian security aid on the release of the unnamed prisoners.

Read it all here or at the link.........
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Pakistan: Muslims attack and fire upon Christians in order to seize their lands By Robert Spencer

Burewala Christians

Jihad Watch : These Muslims, the ā€œbest of peopleā€ (Qurā€™an 3:110) have contempt for the Christians, ā€œthe most vile of created beingsā€ (98:6). They know that in the perfect Islamic State, Christians would be paying jizya to them and submitting to their hegemony (cf. Qurā€™an 9:29). They know that police and law courts in Pakistan are likely to be more sympathetic to them than to their victims. So there is no downside to this behavior.

ā€œMuslims fire at Christians in Burewala to seize their lands,ā€ by Shafique Khokhar, Asia News, November 4, 2021: Burewala (AsiaNews) ā€“ A group of Muslims attacked and fired at Christians in order to seize their lands in Trikhani, a village near the city of Burewala, Vehari district (Punjab). At least nine people were wounded, three hospitalised in critical condition.

On 29 October, Muslims started shooting at Christians as they watered their fields. After the latter filed a First Information Report (FIR) with police, the attackers, who had obtained pre-arrest bail, continued to threaten the Christians, demanding they drop the FIR.

ā€œThey wanted to kill us,ā€ said Raja Masih. ā€œThey fired straight at us, so I got a bullet that almost hit me in the heartā€. Kamran Masih, a resident of the village and an eyewitness to the incident, explained that Muslim landowners demanded local Christians to sell their land. Uttering threats, they told them if they refused, they would face ā€œserious consequencesā€.

This is not new. Local Christians have already resisted selling their land in the past because ā€œthey are the history and legacy of our ancestorsā€ and allow families to earn a living. The village was originally founded by missionaries and farmland was donated to the poorest families, who handed it down through the generations.

ā€œIn any case, the Muslim offers do not reflect the real market value of the fields,ā€ Masih told AsiaNews. Human rights activist Saleem Iqbal, who visited the injured in hospital in Sahiwal, expressed his regret over the affair.

ā€œIt is sad to see how Muslim landowners use their influence to target Christians.ā€ā€¦
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Niger: Muslims murder at least 69 people in jihad massacre in village, targeting anti-jihad defense force By Robert Spencer

Jihad Watch : The members of the ā€œlocal anti-jihadist defence force called the Vigilance Committeesā€ apparently havenā€™t gotten the memo that resistance to jihad violence is ā€œIslamophobicā€ and ā€œracist,ā€ and must be eschewed at all costs.  ā€œAt least 69 dead in west Niger jihadist attack,ā€ AFP, November 5, 2021:

At least 69 people, including a local mayor, have been killed in an attack in Nigerā€™s volatile ā€œtri-borderā€ zone with Burkina Faso and Mali, the interior ministry said on Thursday. The assault took place on Tuesday at Adab-Dab, a village about 55 kilometres from Banibangou in the western region of Tillaberi, but was only confirmed by the government on Thursday.

ā€œThe mayor of the commune of Banibangou, while travelling with a delegation from the commune, was ambushed by unidentified armed bandits,ā€ the ministry said in a statement. ā€œThe provisional toll of the attackā€¦ is 69 dead, including the mayor, and 15 survivors,ā€ it saidā€¦. Local sources said earlier that a motorcycle-borne defence force was attacked by ā€œheavily armed members of the ISGS (Islamic State in the Greater Sahara,ā€ [sic] who were also on motorbikes.

Another source said the target of the attack was a local anti-jihadist defence force called the Vigilance Committees, which was headed by the mayor of Banibangou district. The assailants headed off back to Mali ā€œtaking the bodies of their fighters with themā€, the source saidā€¦. The worldā€™s poorest country by the benchmark of the UNā€™s Human Development Index (HDI), Niger is facing jihadist insurgencies both on its western border with Mali and Burkina Faso and on its southeastern frontier with Nigeriaā€¦.

In September, President Mohamed Bazoum, making his first visit to the region since being elected in February, said the attacks on ā€œunarmed innocent peopleā€ were a sign the jihadists were losing ground against the armyā€¦.

Yeah, sure, thatā€™s it.
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Canada: Muslim population triples in three years, Islam now fastest-growing religion in the country By Christine Douglass-Williams

Muslims Praying In Toronto

Jihad Watch : ā€œIslam is now the fastest-growing religion in the country, says Statistics Canada.ā€

As in other globalist countries, this increase is compounded by Canadaā€™s open-door policy toward immigration, with Muslims taking center stage, and those entering are not necessarily vetted, which only adds to other legitimate concerns. Take for instance, the infamous Roxam Road. Illegal migration via this route saw about 50,000 illegals enter Canada by 2019.  Although the largest concentration of these illegals was initially Haitians, by 2019, the largest group was reportedly from Nigeria, while Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt and Yemen were all in the top 12 countries of origin. Illegals from around the world were responding to a big welcome from globalist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who also threw out a welcome mat to returning Islamic State fighters. In 2019, Canada set out a countrywide plan to welcome more than 1,000,000 new immigrants over three years.

Canadaā€™s population is 38 million. In 2018, Canada announced plans to ā€œlead the chargeā€ for the UN Migration Pact. And those Canada was welcoming werenā€™t persecuted Christians. Concerned Canadians reached out to try to help a Christian refugee family that had been ordered deported back to jihad-plagued Nigeria. The Trudeau government paid no attention to the many who rallied in the familyā€™s defense, and a year later, it emerged that the family had gone underground to avoid deportation and certain death in Nigeria. For Muslims, different immigration rules apply in Canada, what with Trudeauā€™s welcome mat.

Read it all here....................
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India: Muslims unleash virtual terror on social media after Bollywood actor visits Hindu shrine By Ashlyn Davis

Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan

Jihad Watch : Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan was bitterly and vehemently chastised by Muslims online for her recent visit to the Hindu shrine, Kedarnath.

Sara Ali Khan, who acts in Hindi movies, hails from the distinguished Pataudi family of Afghan descent. The princely title was awarded to the family by the British after Faiz Talab Khan aided them in ambushing the Hindu Maratha Empire in 1804.

The influential family, an erstwhile royal family that lost its right to reign after the abolition of monarchy and establishment of democracy in the country. Nevertheless, the family retains a great deal of influence because of its achievements in the fields of cricket and cinema, and for being distantly related to one of Indiaā€™s greatest poets, Rabindranath Tagore.

Read it all here.................
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Updated - Video Yang Disembunyikan Dari Rakyat Sarawak (Video ini yang asal dah hilang)

Taib  the White Crocodile Gets A Public Kicking From Ragad!

Mula mula di siarkan pada Jumaat, May 18, 2018, documentary penuh sudah hilang. Lebih sejuta orang telah menonton video tersebut, Ajaib, sudah hilang!! Penuh daripada Global Witness. Ini hanya sebahagian: Video dakwa dedah salahguna lesen oleh keluarga Taib. Sumber Malaysiakini. Satu siasatan oleh sebuah NGO antarabangsa telah mendedahkan bukti video yang mendakwa bagaimana ahli keluarga Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud dan rakan perniagaan penyalahgunaan lesen pembalakan untuk memperkayakan diri mereka.

Dua sepupu Taib, ahli keluarga kepada rakan kongsi utama Taib, dan seorang peguam yang mewakili kerajaan negeri Sarawak telah dirakam dalam video, didakwa menjelaskan mekanisme untuk mengelakkan undang-undang yang sedia ada bagi memperolehi keuntungan daripada skim itu.

Video itu telah direkodkan secara tersembunyi oleh seorang penyiasat dengan Global Witness, sebuah NGO yang berpangkalan di London yang menyiasat dan berkempen menentang pencabulan hak asasi alam sekitar dan manusia. Penyiasat itu telah dihantar ke Sarawak tahun lepas, dengan menyamar sebagai "pelabur asing" yang ingin membeli tanah untuk mengusahakan ladang kelapa sawit.
Penyiasat itu menemui Lembaga Pembangunan Koridor Wilayah (Recoda), badan kerajaan negeri yang mengendalikan pelaburan asing, dan terus dibawa kepada ahli-ahli tertentu keluarga Taib yang menjual sebuah syarikat yang dilesenkan untuk membalak dan membersihkan tanah untuk perladangan di Sarawak.
Lesen ini dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Perancangan Sumber dan Alam Sekitar Sarawak, yang diketuai oleh Taib. Pertemuan dengan ahli keluarga dan ejen lain syarikat itu telah dirakam secara tersembunyi oleh Global Witness dan dihasilkan menjadi filem selama 15 minit yang disiarkan di lamanwebnya. Wahai Orang Dayak bangkit lah dan buka mata. Ini adalah DNA Orang Malaya dan Melanau.
You Dayaks, want to take back Sarawak from the Melanaus and Orang Malaya? Then send Candidate LINGGA ANAK ATOK for N 26 GEDONG of PBDS to the State Assembly. For that he needs money from the Sarawakians to make it a reality. Details at this link!!!!!! 

SUMBER : Global Witness

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What Sarawak could be without the Corrupt GPS and it's hangers on from Malaya
Pesona wajah ibukota baru Indonesia di Pulau Kalimantan salah satu nya adalah Kutai Kartanegara. It cannot be like this due to all the thieving and plundering of the resources of Sarawak by the Robber Barons of the White Crocodile!!
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A Wanted Poster For The Robin Hood Of Sarawak

Clare Rewcastle-Brown the Lady who has been fighting tooth and nail against the corrupt for Sarawakians

Malaysiakini : COMMENT |A ā€˜wantedā€™ bulletin titillates but is it an ominous notice? By R Nadeswaran. The movement control order (MCO) imposed in March last year saw the end of live shows. Musicians and stand-up comedians including Jason Leong, Harith Iskander, Alan Perera and the like resorted to online rib-tickling episodes with their wit and humour.

Now, unwittingly and perhaps inadvertently, the police have joined in providing ā€œfunā€ but not the much-needed comic relief. Malaysians have been amused by a public appeal ā€“ complete with a ā€œwantedā€ poster - for information on the Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, following an arrest warrant issued against her in September.

I am amused because she was in the news two days ago. If the police arenā€™t already aware, she is in London and by referring to recent media reports, they would have confirmed her location.

On Tuesday, she spoke at a virtual forum hosted by the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ), Freedom Film Network (FFN) and Gerakan Media Merdeka (Geramm) in conjunction with the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists.

Last night, she declared that the police had previously texted her directly and the authorities knew ā€œall there is to knowā€, including details of her whereabouts.

Read it all here.................
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Sarawak Elections Candidate LINGGA ANAK ATOK for N 26 GEDONG (PBDS is NOT with GPS) with Manifesto

RM 10 is loose change for some of you, please be generous. You can forgo Timah for a Day!! 

If you want to get back your state from the White Crocodile and his cronies please vote for me, I am an indigenous person of Sarawak and we are getting robbed and marginalized . I need the help of all fair minded people to give me a chance to get back our state from the robber barons. The White Crocodile's abuse of power converting his Arab wife and step children into Melanaus, not a squeak from any of the hangers on !!   Take note how dirty these crooks are, they want to do it before the Undi 18 is made into law.

Here is the manifesto :  Click here  11 PERKARA PBDS manifesto PRN 12


DAYAK ; 40%

CALON PRN 12 : 5 Calon - 4- Muslim Melanau, Dayak- 1

Calon Dayak needs only 75% (2000) Dayak support/voter to win.

PELAJARAN : Tamat Tingkatan 6 Rendah (1988-Berhenti - disebabkan masalah kewangan keluarga)

KERJAYA : Bekerja sendiri ( Bermula 2011)

. PENGELAMAN BEKERJA : Site Coordinator supervisor(Aluminium & Glass).

A. 7 Tahun di Kuala Lumpur(2000 to 2007)

B. 1 Tahun di Filipina (2008).

C. 2 Tahun di Singapura (2009 & 2010).

PENGALAMAN POLITIK (aktif : 6 Tahun - Bermula 2016)

Please contribute generously to help me in my campaign by contributing any amount, small or big, whatever amount you can afford,  that will enable  me to fight for your rights against the corrupt and powerful. We are very much against GPS, who have been selling us out for their personal benefits and gain!!!

Here are my Bank Account Details : 

NO ACC : 288 000 1836 6

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Updated - Stealing Dayak Land, Melanaus of Mahmud Taib's kind can live of the fat of the Natives - Heartless, Tengok macam mana Dayak di tindas
Apa kah Dayak memang untuk di tindas di bumi sendiri, iaitu Sarawak.
Fikir2kan sendiri, kalau Dayak masih mau di tindas sehingga merepat di bumi sendiri, silakan lah undi GPS.Penyamun kesayangan sebahagian orang2 Dayak yg di beri tangung jawapan utk memusanah kan Dayak, org2 Dayaks YG menyadi org kuat GPS sdh pasti takut kehilangan kekayaan (easy money) yg menyadi perjanjian dan syarat utk menikmati kakayaan berpanjangan.
Lain2 hal hal dgn bangsa Dayaks bulih pergi Jahanam dgn mereka, tabur sedikit dgn janji2 maka tuduklah Dayaks, yg penting keturunan ku hidup senang linang makan hasil haram dari white hair the Maharaja of all time. Kerja yg paling senang, kita hanya perlu memberi kacang kuda dan pisang kepada ketua masyarakat Monyet, itu pun sudah memandai utk mereka sangup memengal kepala bangsa sendiri, maka nanti nya mereka digelar BUJANG BERANI PEMBILA BANGSA.
Minta maaf kepada semua rakan2 Dayak andainya statement sya ini akan menyingong perasaan kelian, tetapi harus diingat kita sebagai anak Dayak harus menerima kenyataan ini, kerana iya nya bukan cerita Donging seperti cerita Pahlawan Hang Tuah yg di agong2kan dan akhirnya lenyap dari buku sejarah Msia dek kerana mereka adalah berbangsa Cina dari China.
Sedarlah kawan2 Dayaks kitai bukan hendak melawan sesiapa maupun melawan Kerajaan yg sedia ada, tetapi kitai punya hak yg harus kitai perjuangkan, punya hak memilih kerjaan yg kita inginkan, kitai mungkin sdh bosan menyadi pak turut, kita tdk mau Sejarah Dayaks akan lenyap dan dihapus kan daripada sejarah Borneo, seperti sejarah Hang Tuah.
Marilah kitai bertindak dari saat ini bagi menyedarkan bangsa Dayaks yg masih lagi dibuai mimpi indah bersama sejarah silam zaman kegemilangan ketua2 Dayaks dehulu kalanya, yg mempunyi keberanian mendega hukum bangsa hingga dikenali dunia.
Marilah kita sama2 mengangkat dalam setiap Doa kitai, setiap kita yg masih bernafas janganlah kita abaikan tanggungjawab kita utk berdoa kepada Tuhan, kita perchaya satu hari nanti Tuhan akan berkerja utk bangsa ini. Ingat bahawa Tuhan itu melihat, mendengar dan peduli akan hambanya yg minta dgn Iman, pechayalah wahai Dayaks ku, berjuanglah dgn iman dan yakin maka kita akan memperulihi kemenangan.
You Dayaks, want to take back Sarawak from the Melanaus and the Orang Malaya? Then send Candidate LINGGA ANAK ATOK for N 26 GEDONG of PBDS to the State Assembly. For that he needs money from the Sarawakians to make it a reality. Details at this link!!!!!!
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Sarawak : Stealing of Dayak Land by the GPS, abetted by traitorous Dayak Politicians for self interest
Dijangka mayuh rakyat nda nemu/nda faham cerita k amat nyadi pasal tanah ba Tinjar Baram tu, ngau aku empu mega ndai nemu. Nemu pia2 semina berita sebubu ngapa aja.
Listen to this Lady.
Penerang ari bala kitai (indu) tu baru berita ti tau dipecaya. Diak meh kitai meda PENYAIE PERINTAH GPS ngau kitai rakyat (kelebih agi Dayak). Mimit pan nadai ka nulong, tang majak ka nganchur kitai rakyat (Dayak).
Look at the blatant theft above!!
You Dayaks, want to take back Sarawak from the Melanaus and Orang Malaya? Then send Candidate LINGGA ANAK ATOK for N 26 GEDONG of PBDS to the State Assembly. For that he needs money from the Sarawakians to make it a reality. Details at this link!!!!!!
Listen to this lady, before you become a minority in your own land just like the Kadazans in Sabah. Engineered by the Orang Malaya to increase the Muslim population of Sabah
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