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Australia: Muslims laugh as they’re found guilty of jihad plot to massacre non-Muslims on Christmas Day
Thursday, November 15, 2018
Twisted Muslim Terrorists Laugh When Convicted
Jihad Watch : Why did they laugh? Because they have nothing but contempt for the Infidel court, and because they are secure in the knowledge that they were trying to do a great thing for Allah.
“It’s not hard to kill a person with a machete. It just takes one slice to the neck.” That’s per Qur’an 47:4, “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” “I wanted to make sure that the casualties would be high. The bigger the better. The bigger the more terror is achieved, and that’s the point.” 
“And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know, whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged.” (Qur’an 8:60) 
“Chilling moment twisted terrorist trio LAUGH and pull faces as they are found guilty of plotting Christmas Day ISIS attack in the heart of Melbourne,” by Brooke Rolfe, Daily Mail Australia, November 14, 2018:
Read it all here......................
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Bourke Street Terrorist Who Stabbed Three Men, Killing One, Had Ties To One Of Australia’s Most Notorious Jihadists
Somali Muslim Terrorist
BCF : The Bourke Street terrorist who killed an elderly man during a stabbing rampage in Melbourne had ties to one of Australia’s most notorious extremists.
Hassan Khalif Shire Ali befriended ISIS sympathiser Khaled Sharrouf online in 2014. While Sharrouf posted photos of his son playing with decapitated heads, Ali shared his desire to be an Islamic State terrorist.Ali was one of 27 people to connect with Sharrouf in his profile's three-day lifespan before it was deleted by Facebook. 
Whether the pair contacted each other personally is unclear, as there is no public interaction. Ali posted to his own profile, praising the Islamic State for their takeover of the Iraqi city of Mosul in July 2014. Many of the people listed as friends with Sharrouf used profile pictures of black Islamic State flags or logos. Ali's was a colourful, wide-smiling selfie.
Read it all here....................
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Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Why Democrats Would Dare to Steal Elections in Plain Sight
Jihad Watch : It isn’t just a lust for power. My latest in PJ Media :
The brazenness of the theft is astounding. Democrat election officials in Arizona and Florida, not finding the will of the people to their liking, are manufacturing a will of the people of their own. In Florida, they’re miraculously finding ballots — overwhelmingly votes for Democrats, of course — that were somehow inexplicably overlooked on election day. 
In Arizona, the Republican Party has accused Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes of “premeditated destruction of evidence” leading to “voting irregularities.” The Democrats are determined to overturn the Republicans’ gain last Tuesday of two Senate seats, and are in the process of stealing those seats in plain sight. The theft of elections, even defying court orders to stop while the whole world is watching, is a new low in American politics, and testifies to the Left’s overriding lust for power. 
The Democrats have never recovered their equilibrium after losing to Donald Trump in 2016, and now appear to be willing to stop at nothing — absolutely nothing — to neutralize Trump and regain their hegemony.The Left is doing this out in the open to send a message: 
There is nothing you can do. We will win. If we lose, we will cheat. We will lie. We will steal. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that you can do about it. 
The intention is to intimidate and demoralize conservatives, induce them to give up and get out of this dirty game. This is, in a word, terrorism. The Left has taken a page from the fourteen-year-old playbook of Islamic jihadists. In my book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, I detail numerous analogous incidents, in which Muslim rulers displayed gratuitous brutality against their captive non-Muslim populations solely to intimidate and demoralize them. 
To reinforce the lesson that resistance was futile. In one such incident, Abd al-Rahman III, the Tenth Century Umayyad caliph of Córdoba, determined to make sure that his Christian subjects knew their place. The Eleventh Century Muslim historian Ibn Hayyan of Córdoba recounts that one of the officers of Abd al-Rahman III “chose the 100 most important barbarians” (that’s how the Muslim rulers referred to the Christians) and sent them to Córdoba, where Abd al-Rahman was headquartered. 
As Abd al-Rahman watched joyfully, “all the prisoners, one by one, were decapitated in his presence and under his eyes, in plain sight of the people, whose feelings against the infidels Allah alleviated, and they showered their blessings on the Caliph.” While noting that the Muslim onlookers were happy at this spectacle, Ibn Hayyan doesn’t record the reaction of any Christians who may have witnessed this scene. It isn’t, however, difficult to imagine: amid their shock and horror came the realization that there was nothing they could do. It was useless to resist Abd al-Rahman. And for the most part, they didn’t….
Read the rest here.
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You want ‘Happy Ending’? You got it.
From BCF
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The beckoning of the rest house in Bamboo River causes, UMNO warriors to fall sick 🍺🥂😎😃
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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Muslims in US electing Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood to government
Vlad Tepes : What CAIR is: CAIR is the cultural jihad arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is their military arm. All are working hard to overthrow the US Constitution and government & put us under totalitarian Sharia or "strike at the neck"
Where CAIR is now:
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Two videos on leftist aggression against others
Vlad Tepes : Fox News contributor Kat Timpf says she was forced to leave an establishment after a patron started screaming at her.
Antifa protesters chants outside, vandalizes Tucker Carlson's home. Reaction from 'The Five'.
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Guardian columnist criticizes Samaritan’s Purse for “anti-Muslim proselytizing”

Jihad Watch : The Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee argued in an article on Thursday that the gift boxes sent to children, many in Muslim countries, stem from an organization that holds anti-Muslim and anti-homosexual sentiments…The Guardian op-ed…took issue with the Bible stories and books dispatched alongside the children’s gifts, arguing that such a strategy targets Muslim families.
Christians can believe something is wrong without dehumanizing the individual. Sin is ubiquitous, but Christianity preaches love and acceptance. If Samaritan’s Purse was against Muslim families, the charity would not be giving to Muslim families. Polly Toynbee should be attacking the Islamic teachings that call for the murder of gays and apostates, and for those Muslims who actually act upon these teachings should be held to account. 

She should also be attacking the Islamic teachings that deem women to be inferiors, allow for child brides and  the continuation of black slavery, and the like. Instead, this coward chooses an easy target: a loving, charitable organization that gives. Samaritan’s Purse responded:
Our purpose is to show God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world. We do this by distributing millions of shoebox gifts to children who are affected by war, disease, disaster, poverty and famine to let them know that they are not forgotten…..No matter where we go, we don’t hide the fact that we are Christians. Samaritan’s Purse Responds to Accusation Operation Christmas Child Is ‘Anti-Muslim Proselytizing,'” by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post, November 10, 2018:
Read it all here................................
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“They see no shame” in Syria: Muslim who murdered his sister in honor killing is “untouchable”

Jihad Watch : Footage of a young Syrian woman’s execution by her brother was greeted with widespread horror. Yet such violence is all too common – and as a member of the Free Syrian Army, with its own police and courts, the man is untouchable.
This kind of honor murder is “all too common” and its perpetrator is “untouchable,” yet criticizing Islam and Muhammad in the West is deemed “offensive.” This took place in Syria, but no one leaves his or her culture at the door when immigrating. Immigrants bring their cultural practices with them. Those who insist upon open borders are choosing the path of willful blindness to the detriment of all free societies.
These are people who see no shame in killing the girl, but actually believe it’s what washes away the shame she has brought on the whole family,” says exiled Syrian writer Loubna Mrie. “An innocent girl is dead because some guy posted her pictures on Facebook.
According to the World Health Organization:
There are an estimated 5000 murders in the name of ‘honour’ each year worldwide, although this is believed to be an underestimate (16). These killings occur mainly in parts of the Middle East and South Asia, but also among some migrant communities – for example, in Australia, Europe and North America. Studies have reported ‘honour’ killings being committed by use of firearms, axes and edged tools; through strangulation and stabbing; and by burning, forcing a woman to take poison or throwing her from a window. “‘They see no shame’: ‘honour’ killing video shows plight of Syrian women,” by Shawn Carrie and Asmaa Alomar, Guardian, November 12, 2018:
Read it all here.............
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The Pakis must be smoking rare and expensive pot : Professors agree that following Quran is prerequisite to set up an ideal, tolerant society
Jihad Watch : “Following Quran a prerequisite to set up an ideal, tolerant society: speakers,” Pakistan Today, November 12, 2018:
LAHORE: Following the teachings of Holy Quran is a prerequisite to achieve the objective of establishing an ideal, tolerant and peaceful society and countering the menaces of terrorism, extremism and sectarianism was the crux of two days of discussions held here at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and the University of Lahore (UoL).
The discussions titled “Paigham-e-Pakistan Narrative and the Establishment of an Ideal Society” were organised as part of a two-day “International Quran Conference”, attended by international scholars, including professor of Comparative Civilization, Department of Political Science and International Relations Istanbul Sehir University Dr Abdullah al-Ahsan; Dr Khairi Mahyuddin of Faculty of Leadership and Management, University Sains Islam Malaysia; reader in Islamic Studies, University of Glasgow Dr Lloyd Ridgeon; Dr Martin Mahmud Kellner of Institute for Islamic Theology, University Osnabruck Germany and UK Academy of Islamic Sciences principal and director of Wiselife Academy Manchester, UK Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh.
Addressing the participants, the speakers said the Holy Quran as well as Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) have advocated the creation of a socially inclusive society that embodies a sense of inclusion, establishes a tradition of mutual respect, encourages diversity of perspectives and commends broadmindedness without any racial and religious prejudice.
Read it all here.................
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Washington Post op-ed contributor ordered deaths of 26 journalists in Yemen jihad
Jihad Watch : In rushing to show how much they oppose the Saudis after their killing of their pro-jihad “journalist” Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post has embraced Iran, its clients the Houthis, and the Shi’ite jihad. 

“WashPo contributor Mohammed al-Houthi pictured with rifle in past interviews,” Al Arabiya, November 11, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
Users on Twitter were able to unearth past photos and videos of Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, the controversial Yemeni militant leader who published an op-ed piece on the Washington Post, showing him with his gun as he conducted televised interviews. The op-ed by al-Houthi, the head of the so-called the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of the Houthi militia, was published by the US newspaper on November 9. Al-Houthi is implicated in issuing directives for killing more than 26 Yemeni journalists, while there are 16 journalists until this day in detention centers.
The shocking images of al-Houthi dating back to 2016 shows him with his AK-47 placed either on his lap or on a table during multiple interviews that were aired on pro-Houthi channels….
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Spain: 14 Muslim migrants sexually abuse girl and knife her boyfriend, establishment media silent
"Spanish Pussies"
Jihad Watch : Why does this keep happening? One survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK said that her rapists would quote Quran to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam.  “14 Moroccans sexually abuse girl and knife her boyfriend in Spain – Mainstream media silent,” by Ben Perchiron, Voice of Europe, November 13, 2018:

The events took place in Santa Coloma de Gramenet in Catalonia two days ago. The young lady was travelling on the Metro with her boyfriend when the Moroccan “manada” (or wild herd, as the Spanish call sexually violent groups of men) started molesting her.

The youths followed the couple out of the train compartment and inserted themselves inside an elevator in the train station with them and proceeded to knife the young man as he defended his girlfriend, and violently sexually attack the young lady. The group were arrested by the local police of Santa Coloma de Gramenet this past Sunday, November 11th, in the house they were squatting in.
Read it all here.....................
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Death penalty - who is up for a killing? - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Malaysiakini : “But secondly you say ‘society must exact vengeance, and society must punish’. Wrong on both counts. Vengeance comes from the individual and punishment from God.” ― Victor Hugo, ‘The Last Day of a Condemned Man’
COMMENT | I have never had a problem with the idea of killing but I am one of those people who is against the death penalty. When Pakatan Harapan promised to abolish the death penalty, I was all for it. I still am. With the cabinet decision of abolishing the death penalty for 32 offences including murder, the Harapan government is on its way of removing the death penalty from our judicial system.
The recent case of a toddler who died because of a sexual assault, however, has brought forth the revenge fantasies of those who are for the death penalty and, of course, political operatives who are ever ready to pander to angry mobs. The horrific death of an infant offers the opportunity for some to put forward the idea that the death penalty be retained for certain cases. This is morally and intellectually reprehensible but predictable.
Does everyone who kills an infant deserve death? Would it matter if that person were mentally ill or in drug-induced fugue? What of people who intentionally kill babies? I once had an interesting conversation with a police officer. She was part of a team attempting to find a young teen who had thrown her new-born baby into a storm drain. The baby’s body was smashed to a bloody pulp when it hit the pavement. I do not know why but what I kept imagining was the baby gurgling with laughter or wailing in frustration as the infant dropped to the pavement.
Read it all here...........................
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Australia: Imam of jihad terror-tied mosque that jihad murderer attended says PM should “blame police…not us”
Tuesday, November 13, 2018
The "Goat" of the Hume Islamic Youth Centre
Seriously kick them out of Australia, don't you dumb Aussies know that they are indoctrinated to hate the Non Muslims and Jews from the time they are born? Go to the links!!! It has everything to do with Islamic Supremacy.
Jihad Watch : We see it all over the free world, after every jihad attack: instead of vowing to clean house and root out imams who preach the violent teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah, Islamic leaders claim victim status, complain that they and the entire Muslim community is being blamed and scapegoated, and point fingers at others. And most authorities in the West fall for this — every last time.
“Sheik Mohammed Omran tells ‘bloody PM’ Morrison: ‘blame police … not us,’” by Chip Le Grand, The Australian, November 13, 2018: The spiritual leader of the Islamic youth centre where Bourke Street terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali ­attended prayer sessions has ­accused Scott Morrison of making the Muslim community a scapegoat to distract from the failure of police and intelligence services to prevent Friday’s attack.
Mohammed Omran, the emir of the Hume Islamic Youth Centre close to Shire Ali’s Meadow Heights home, dismissed the “bloody Prime Minister’s’’ call for imams to do more to stop Islamic extremists, saying the greatest power he had was to dial triple-0 when confronted with a threat.
The HIYC, a sprawling mosque, cafe, gym and bookstore in the Melbourne suburb of ­Coolaroo, has seen a procession of jihadists and would-be terrorists through its doors, including ­domestic terror plotters and suicide bombers who killed themselves in Iraq.
Sheik Omran — the most senior Australian figure in the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah movement, which adheres to a strict, salafist interpretation of Islam — said the “Prime Minister’’ needed to be ­accountable for the failure of government agencies before he blamed Islamic leaders.
Read it all here................
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Australia: Muslims outraged, demand apology over PM’s calling out “radical, violent Islam” after jihad attack
Jihad Watch : “The Muslim community will not be scapegoated and we will endeavour to keep Australia safe where we can, but the actions of a mentally ill person suffering from a psychotic episode, is not the fault of a whole religious community.”
Now wait a minute. He was screaming “Allahu akbar” during his attack, and not only that: “The 31-year-old and his family were known to counter-terror agencies at a state and national level and were believed to have ties with north African extremist groups. His passport was cancelled several years ago after he was noted as one of 300 potential security risks.”
That’s not a “mentally ill person suffering from a psychotic episode.” That’s a committed, hardened jihadi. Moreover, the Prime Minister called out “radical, violent, extremist Islam that opposes our very way of life.” That is not scapegoating or blaming a “whole religious community.” All this whining and complaining about scapegoating is just a dodge. The problem here is that there are Islamic texts and teachings that call for and incite violence against unbelievers.
Morrison is right to note that by referring to “radical, violent, extremist Islam.” Instead of facing that and working to find ways to fight against the literal understanding of these passages so that their capacity to incite violence is blunted, the Muslim groups are excoriating Morrison for daring to note the ideological derivation of attacks such as Hassan Khalif Shire Ali’s. And so those texts and teachings will go unexamined, no efforts will be made to confront them and find ways to neutralize them, and Australia will suffer many more jihad attacks.
Keysar Trad does claim that “we all go out of our way to try and make sure our children have a better understanding of Islam and that they keep away from extremists,” but since the incitement to violence is within the Qur’an and Sunnah, this is hardly reassuring unless he admits the existence of those texts and explains how he is dealing with them. But he has never even admitted they exist. “Imams, Muslim groups outraged by PM’s ‘divisive’ Bourke St comments,” SBS News, November 11, 2018:
Read it all here........................
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Australian PM dismisses mental illness as an “excuse” for “dangerous ideology of extremist Islam” after jihad attack
Jihad Watch : Shire Ali “was known to ASIO and had his passport cancelled in 2015, it is understood to prevent him travelling to Syria to join Islamic State.” Mental illness? Come on. It is always about hatred for the Non Muslims and Jews. They always think that they are the best of people, Islamic Supremacy at play.

Kudos to the PM for NOT being politically correct and speaking the truth
The family’s claims might carry more weight if they could produce any evidence that Shire Ali was actually being treated for mental illness; so far they’ve just asserted that he was mentally ill.
And this excuse is so often used in obvious cases of Islamic jihad that skepticism becomes unavoidable. The Muslim community in Australia is trying to prevent scrutiny of Islamic teachings, the very thing that is most needed. Kudos to Morrison for (so far) standing his ground.
“PM dismisses mental health as an ‘excuse’ for ‘radical and dangerous ideology of extremist Islam’ in Melbourne terror aftermath,” by Cameron Jenkins, Australian Times, November 12, 2018:
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said Australian Muslims need to take greater responsibility in helping to uncover potential terrorists…. “Religious extremism takes many forms around the world and no religion is immune from it. That is the lesson of history and, sadly, modern history as well,” he said.
“But here in Australia, we would be kidding ourselves if we did not call out the fact that the greatest threat of religious extremism in this country is the radical and dangerous ideology of extremist Islam.” In interviews with Australian media on Monday, the prime minister urged the Muslim community to be more “proactive” claiming some imams and community leaders will know who is “infiltrating” and radicalising members of their congregations.
He dismissed the idea that the metal health of Friday’s attacker was the root cause of the incident as an “excuse”. “This bloke, radicalised here in Australia with extreme Islam, took a knife and cut down a fellow Australian in Bourke Street,” Morrison told Network Ten on Monday. “I am not going to make an excuse for that. Of course issues of mental health and all these other things are important.
“He was a terrorist. He was a radical extremist terrorist who took a knife to another Australian because he had been radicalised in this country.” On Friday evening on Bourke Street in Melbourne’s CBD, 30 year old Hassan Khalif Shire Ali crashed a car loaded with gas bottles before stabbing three people. He was shot by police and later died in hospital. One of the victims, well known Melbourne restaurateur Sisto Malspina, died from his wounds. In a letter given to 9News, the family of Shire Ali say he was mentally ill and was in need of help but refused it. “Hasan suffered from mental illness for years and refused help,” the letter reads.
“He’s been deteriorating these past few months. “He has seen a psychologist and psychiatrist, but stopped as his paranoia and hallucinations led him to believe they’re ‘after him’. “Please stop turning this into a political game.” 30-year old Shire Ali was born in Somalia and moved to Australia in the 90s. He was known to ASIO and had his passport cancelled in 2015, it is understood to prevent him travelling to Syria to join Islamic State, but was not being actively monitored.
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“Palestinian” jihad intensifies as Muslims fire 200 rockets at Israeli civilians
Jihad Watch : The international media, as well as the UN, will — as always — condemn Israel for fighting back. But it remains true that if the “Palestinians” laid down their arms, there would be peace. If the Israelis laid down their arms, there would be a new genocide of the Jews.
“LIVE BLOG: IDF strikes Gaza after 200 rockets fired at Israel, 60 intercepted,” i24 News, November 12, 2018:
Read it all here...............
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Video: What would the UK look like under Islamic/Labour party rule?
Joshua Winston : I interview The Reality Report’s Vinnie Sullivan, who discusses what Britain would be like under Labour/Islamic rule, and the peculiarities of the Leftist/Islamic alliance.
Look what happened to Lebanon..its exactly what happened..the left marched along side the Islamist until they turned on them.
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Does Silly Mahathir Have A Magic Wand Able To Tell Which UMNO MPs Are No Longer Crooks?
Monday, November 12, 2018
The  "Great  Leader"
Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has announced yesterday (Nov 10) that his government would not offer government posts to Mustapa Mohamed, former International Trade and Industry Minister under previous Najib regime and one of UMNO warlords who had jumped ship from the corrupted and racist Malay nationalist party to Mahathir’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM).
That is definitely a piece of good news. However, Mahathir’s announcement could be an “afterthought” decision after huge condemnation from the public, especially on social media. If Mustapa is being offered a position now, not only will the 93-year-old premier be mocked and insulted, but he would certainly be accused of bribing Mustapa with posts to defect. Still, that doesn’t mean Mahathir will not change his mind later.
Already, his decision to welcome Mr. Mustapa into PPBM is a joke. Prior to Mustapa’s admission to his party, the old man had said that UMNO MPs can only join PPBM if they quit UMNO first to be independent MPs, and there will be a cooling off period, not to mention it’s not a guarantee they would be accepted. Mahathir made it sound like PPBM is a very exclusive club. Yet, one month after Mustapa quit UMNO after serving loyally for 40 years, he was accepted by Mahathir with open arms.
So, is 1-month the standard period for UMNO MPs, whom most were crooks, to cleanse themselves of past corruptions and sins before they are considered fit for admission to Mahathir’s club? Subsequently 2 weeks ago, Kadir Jasin, the media and communication adviser in the Prime Minister Office, dropped a bombshell – up to 40 UMNO MPs (Member of Parliament) were ready to jump ship, presumably to Mahathir’s PPBM party. UMNO currently has 48 MPs left, therefore, at least 8 of the MPs are too toxic and dirty to be interviewed to be crews of Mahathir’s ship.
The revelation by Mr. Kadir has raised millions of eyebrows for obvious reason. The idea of accepting UMNO crooks into the new government was already bad enough. And after fighting tooth and nail kicking out the evil UMNO, all Mahathir could think of to rebuild the nation is to welcome all those thieves, crooks and even perverts or rapists back to the new government? Has he gone senile?
Read it all here.................
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UMNO sudah jadi Bersatu
Mamakthir's Legacy
Malaysiakini : ANNONYMOUS : A hypocrite and only a Political correctness statement in front of the Chinese, but with his Malay group another story!!
Recently, WHY BLATANTLY CALL ONLY FOR A SECRET MEETING OF ALL MALAY MPs & leaders in the PH coalition to "remind" the Malays of Msia's history?????????? WHY ONLY MALAY LEADERS, UMNO's STYLE SUPREMACIST MENTALITY???????? 
Is this your new Malaysia??? Why not include ALL MPs to remind them of the FACT of history that without the Chinese & Indians who slogged and sacrificed with their sweat, blood and tears to build the country's strong foundation, Malaysia & especially the Malays would not only be lagging behind, but would have been an underdeveloped race and a failed state!

Rais Yatim the arrogant prick
Why not REMIND your only Malay meeting (& your Race Yatim & Bersatu/Umno2 Malay party) not to bite the hands that fed them the last 60 years???? Malaysia would be lagging behind if not for the Chinese, Malaysia would be lagging behind if not for the Chinese.
A handshake....Bersatu is now UMNO
Mamakthir speaks with forked tongue : "Malaysia fully appreciates the Chinese contribution to the development of Malaysia. Indeed, we feel that without them, much of the development of Malaysia would be somewhat lagging behind".
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Is it really over for Zaid Ibrahim? - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Malaysiakini : “Here is a man who has done everything to alienate the political establishment by espousing views that are anathema to mainstream Malaysian politics.” – “Can Zaid make DAP more convivial to Malays?”
(Full disclosure: Zaid Ibrahim is a friend and I edited a collection of his articles.)
COMMENT | The best way to describe Zaid Ibrahim’s political career is that it is a self-inflicted wound. People tell me that when they read my articles about what the former de facto law minister said or did, their takeaway is always “Can Zaid ever play well with others?” Whether he was slaying Malay sacred cows or giving the middle finger to whoever is supporting him at the time, he has always been an interesting political operative to write about.
After May 9, I saw it coming. I was wondering when Zaid would upset the apple cart, and say something that would bother the power brokers in Pakatan Harapan. Truth be told, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. What most people – sometimes even this writer – do not understand is why Zaid is so eager to burn bridges. As he once told me, sometimes there is no diplomatic way to put things. I, of course, disagreed with him on this.
Read it all here............
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Muslim scholar: “Humanity was relieved of oppression only when Islam spread its wings throughout the world” - Ka Ka Ka Ka
Jihad Watch : “Humanity was relieved of oppression and exploitation, and of the plundering of resources and the denial of rights only when Islam spread its wings throughout the world.
Before that – what did the Romans do in Egypt? What did they do in Libya? What did they do in Syria and in Palestine? What did they do throughout the world? The imperialist-colonialist mentality of the Romans was inherited by Europe in the Middle Ages, as well as today. I’m talking about Europe in general, about Europe and America. Today, it is [America] that spreads its influence. America wants to oppress and grab each and every region. This mentality can only be smashed by Jihad – not defensive Jihad, but offensive Jihad.”
This is flagrant historical revisionism, but that revisionism is rampant these days. In reality, when Islam “spread its wings throughout the world,” everywhere it went it brought violence, oppression, and misery to non-Muslims. Few in the West today know this or will believe me when I say it. That’s one reason why I wrote The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, in which I rely primarily upon Muslim sources in order to demonstrate definitively what Muslims throughout fourteen centuries of Islam have understood jihad to mean, and what it has meant for individuals and societies.
Authorities in the West should have a fluent knowledge and understanding of this information, but they don’t, and won’t get one, either. “…the Jews, whom the Quran called ‘the most despicable creatures of Allah”…” That would be Qur’an 98:6. “The descendants of apes and pigs rule over us, and inflict upon us all kinds of torment.”
The Qur’an three times recounts that Allah transformed disobedient Jews into apes and pigs (2:62-65; 5:59-60; 7:166). “When in their insolence they transgressed (all) prohibitions, We said to them: ‘Be ye apes, despised and rejected’” (7:166).
Read it all here............................
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Malaysia to Put 70,000 Refugees Back Out to Sea - Mamakthir
Sunday, November 11, 2018
More images here, courtesy of Lt Col Idris Hassan
New York Times : KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, June 15 - The Malaysian Government announced tonight that it would ship out to sea some 70,000 Vietnamese refugees now in .camps: along the coast and that its forces would shoot on sight any. more refugees who try to land here.
This statement, by Deputy Prime Minister Mohamad bin Mahathir, followed an official announcement last week that the Government would take harsh measures to halt the increasing influx of refugees, who are coming in faster than they can possibly be resettled elsewhere. 
The Malaysian authorities have come under increasing local pressure to deal with the problem. While the Malaysiim Government appeared to be in earnest, it was not entirely clear whether the announcement was a policy that would be carried out fully or a tactic to try to get help in dealing with the flood of refugees.
Read it all here............
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Nine-month-old baby dies after alleged rape by caretaker's husband
Why is this "animal" NOT named? Privileged ? Handicapped? Special? 

 Malaysiakini : A nine-month-old baby girl has died after allegedly being raped, sodomised and abused by a male suspect on Thursday in Bandar Baru Bangi, near Kuala Lumpur.
Kajang police chief ACP Ahmad Dzaffir Mohd Yussof said the victim died at 10.30am yesterday after being admitted for two days at the Serdang Hospital. 
"Based on the statement of the victim's mother, when she was sent to the caretaker's home in the morning, the victim was in good health. "However, the victim was said to have suffered from shortness of breath in the afternoon and was rushed to the Bandar Baru Bangi Clinic, before being referred to the Serdang Hospital. 
"Further examination on the victim found a tear on the victim's hymen, and a subsequent examination found that the victim's anus was also torn," he said in a statement today. Dzaffir said the post-mortem by the Serdang Hospital’s pathology department found that the victim's death was due to a "blunt impact to the head" whereby the baby's skull was fractured. 
"There were also bruises found on the top left and right sides of the victim’s head," he said. According to him, the victim’s parents who lived in the same housing estate as the caretaker had sent their child there since September. Dzaffir said the police had subsequently arrested the caretaker and her husband, who worked as a barber. 
"We arrested the 28-year-old caretaker and her husband, aged 36, yesterday. "Urine tests found the man positive for methamphetamine," he added.
The man has been remanded for five days until Tuesday, and the case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.
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Remembering the fallen on Armistice Day - With thanks to Major Murugaya (Ex-7)
They went with songs to the battle, they were young, Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow. They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted, They fell with their faces to the foe.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. 
At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. They mingle not with their laughing comrades again; 
They sit no more at familiar tables of home; They have no lot in our labour of the day-time; They sleep beyond England's foam. 
But where our desires are and our hopes profound, 
Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight, 
To the innermost heart of their own land they are known 
As the stars are known to the Night;
As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust, Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain, As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness,
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