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The Continuing Saga Of The Unbelievable Stupidity Of The Son of Tun Razak Bin Hussein
Saturday, May 19, 2018
They gave birth to a congenitally stupid son.
It is so very sad that it is becoming so obvious that the son of Tun Abdul Razak Bin Hussein is not only a low class, common thief but he is also unbelievably stupid. When the RM2.6 Billion in his private bank account was exposed he first said that it would be really stupid of him to have received so much money into his own personal bank account.
Later when the evidence had been leaked that it was indeed the case, he then acknowledged that the RM2.6 Billion had been deposited into his private bank account. So he was stupid after all. But . . .but . . but . . it was a donation. There are many levels of extreme stupidity here. First he denied it using a simple Standard One level lie. Not only was it a simple lie but he did not know that nowadays certainly such things can be instantly debunked / disproved with just a few touches on a smartfone, tablet or laptop.
He was too stupid to even realise that. Soon he had no choice but to acknowledge that the RM2.6 Billion was indeed in his private bank account. But it was now a donation from an Arab. Even the most stupid, third grade movie script could not be this stupid. But the son of Tun Abdul Razak Bin Hussein exhibited such unbelievable stupidity. And, he really expected the people to believe his stupidity. Now that he is ultimately going to jail, he will show even more stupidity.
For example he will NOT be able to show us or point out exactly the Arab Prince Al Saud bin Majed bin Aziz bin Majed bin Al Saud bin Abdul Azeez who he says gave him that RM2.6 Billion. Why? Because there is no such person. Lets see what he says has happened to that Arab prince. Maybe the Arab prince too was abducted like Pastor Koh.
Read it all here at OutSyed The Box.........................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 8:35 PM   0 comments
Ruminations of a country freed of Najib
Instead, this son of a famous father proved to be a big disappointment. In the years that followed, he ruled me like he and his family owned all of me. He discarded all those noble qualities associated with good governance.
I groaned. This is not what I wanted. I wanted Najib to be hardworking and disciplined, but he took a different path that had all the makings of a rotten leader. His politics was divisive – he played up race and religion to the hilt in his bid to stay put. This was most deplorable.
This man is showing his true colours. I watched him as he tightened his grip on power. Oh, power had got into his head to the extent that he did what he pleased. Or rather, he had all his ministerial sycophants to dance to his tune.
The games he played disgusted me. For instance, he made sure Anwar went back to prison on what many of us believed were politically-motivated charges. He sure was scared-stiff of this reformasi man.
Read it all here, subscription required...................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 3:42 PM   0 comments
New Education Minister Maszlee Malik said this " suara majoriti yang inginkan kehidupan bersama yang harmoni sepatutnya menjadi lebih dominan"
Dominant Enough For You?
What is he saying ? Menurutnya, dalam hal ini, Hindraf tidak boleh menjadi suara dan wakil kepada kerajaan India yang memaksa agar Zakir diserah semula kepada pihak kerajaan pimpinan Perdana Menteri, Narendra Modi.
What does he actually want to say? We have an Education Minister who believes that Zakir Naik a wanted terrorist and an Indian National to be not extradited to India. As it is,  our National Schools are polarized because of the Ketuanan types who push Islam down the throats of Non Muslims. Vernacular schools have no such problems.
His credentials are,  Maszlee is a lecturer at the Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia, He also contributes to a number of thinktanks and is often invited as a forum panellist or moderator to discuss issues relating to Islamic politics and the politics of the Middle East.  Yes, I can imagine about the about the poor Palis.  Maszlee obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the Al-Bayt University, Jordan and pursued a Master’s degree at the University of Malaya, both in the field of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and usul al-fiqh (principles of Islamic jurisprudence).
Yep guess you can listen to his views on Jews. Not forgetting he later furthered his studies at the School of Governments and International Affairs in the University of Durham in 2007, and received a doctorate in the field of good governance in 2011. So primarily he is an Islamic Scholar. Do we need more Islam in National Schools where there are many Non Muslim students who face apartheid like persecution.
He also happens to be a Palestinian Issues activist, Ong Kian Meng of DAP comes out swinging for him. I guess Ong Kian Meng has never heard about Taqiya, Kitman and Mudarat President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for thousands of deaths.I guess he has something in common with Our Great Leader, the reason for his selection. Yes, to make it acceptable they spin it.
He Champions the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist outfit.
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 1:20 PM   0 comments
For now, Malaysia has no opposition - By Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Malaysiakini : COMMENT | So, do we finally have a two-party system? No, we don’t. “We were too drunk on our own Kool-Aid, and this is a sobering lesson for us which we'll remember for the rest of our lives." - Khairy Jamaluddin, member of the opposition
COMMENT | As someone who took a big gulp of Kool-Aid and wrote this, I’m thankful to de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim who reminded us that one election does not a democracy make. One wonders though when the circus of 1MDB issue peters out, what kind of bread would be offered? So, do we finally have a two-party system? No, we do not. Not in the kind of way that an egalitarian Malaysia needs. As someone who has spent a great deal of time and effort promoting that line of propaganda – the many emails from Malaysiakini readers reminding me that it was propaganda is testament to my doggedness in pursuing an objective, I suppose - I have to concede when I am wrong. Malaysia has no real opposition, hence there is no two-party system. Not yet.
Read it all here.........
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Video Yang Disembunyikan Dari Rakyat Sarawak
Friday, May 18, 2018
Video dakwa dedah salahguna lesen oleh keluarga Taib - Malaysiakini Satu siasatan oleh sebuah NGO antarabangsa telah mendedahkan bukti video yang mendakwa bagaimana ahli keluarga Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud dan rakan perniagaan penyalahgunaan lesen pembalakan untuk memperkayakan diri mereka.
Dua sepupu Taib, ahli keluarga kepada rakan kongsi utama Taib, dan seorang peguam yang mewakili kerajaan negeri Sarawak telah dirakam dalam video, didakwa menjelaskan mekanisme untuk mengelakkan undang-undang yang sedia ada bagi memperolehi keuntungan daripada skim itu.
Video itu telah direkodkan secara tersembunyi oleh seorang penyiasat dengan Global Witness, sebuah NGO yang berpangkalan di London yang menyiasat dan berkempen menentang pencabulan hak asasi alam sekitar dan manusia. Penyiasat itu telah dihantar ke Sarawak tahun lepas, dengan menyamar sebagai "pelabur asing" yang ingin membeli tanah untuk mengusahakan ladang kelapa sawit.
Penyiasat itu menemui Lembaga Pembangunan Koridor Wilayah (Recoda), badan kerajaan negeri yang mengendalikan pelaburan asing, dan terus dibawa kepada ahli-ahli tertentu keluarga Taib yang menjual sebuah syarikat yang dilesenkan untuk membalak dan membersihkan tanah untuk perladangan di Sarawak.
Lesen ini dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Perancangan Sumber dan Alam Sekitar Sarawak, yang diketuai oleh Taib. Pertemuan dengan ahli keluarga dan ejen lain syarikat itu telah dirakam secara tersembunyi oleh Global Witness dan dihasilkan menjadi filem selama 15 minit yang disiarkan di lamanwebnya.
SUMBER :Global Witness
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:00 PM   0 comments
Ex-Police Chief Khalid In Trouble – The Traitor Who Tipped Off A.G. Gani’s Charge Papers On Najib
Khalid Abu Bakar was one of the most arrogant and corrupted police chief under Najib administration. After retired as IGP (Inspector-General of Police) on Sept 4, 2017, he was rewarded with the chairmanship of Prasarana, which owns public transport operators such as RapidKL. Two months ago, he was appointed as a director of Apex Equity Holdings Bhd.
But his luck is running out. Mr. Khalid is among those who have been blacklisted from leaving the country.Others include Arul Kanda “Anaconda” Kandasamy (1MDB CEO), Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi (former 1MDB CEO), Ismee Ismail (former 1MDB director), Apandi Ali (Attorney General), Irwan Serigar Abdullah (former treasurer-general), Dzulkifli Ahmad (former MACC chief).  
Those who had been aiding or abetting their crooked boss Najib in the 1MDB scandal will either get demoted or paraded – in court. It’s safe to presume all the people whose names are on the no-fly list will be punished, one way or another. It’s not sure how Prime Minister Mahathir plans to skin former IGP Khalid, whose pastime hobby was using Twitter to get his job done.
Unlike others, he has been suspected to be the traitoramong the top 4 guns – former Bank Negara (Central Bank) Governor Zeti Akthar Aziz, former Attorney General Gani Patail, former MACC chief Abu Kassim and former IGP Khalid Abu Bakar – who were part of a task force involved in the investigation of 1MDB scandal back in 2015.  
Mahathir had hinted that one of the four top guns hadbetrayed the other three in an attempt to bring Najib Razak to face justice. Mahathir said that if not for the alleged act of betrayal, the corrupted prime minister would have had faced action.Pro-Najib bloggers had claimed 3 of them – Zeti, Gani and Kassim – had betrayed Najib, suggesting that Khalid was indeed the traitor.
Read it all here @ Finance Twitter.......................
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Dr M disagrees with arrest of man who criticised him
Malaysiakini : Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad disagrees with the arrest of a man who criticised him and has instructed the police to look into the matter.
                           Okay arrest all the idiots in this video for insulting Tun ! ! # $ *
In a tweet, the Pakatan Harapan chairperson said: "I do not agree with action taken against those who criticise me. I have informed the police regarding this. This law will be studied when the Parliament convenes soon." He had appended a Malaysiakini article yesterday, titled "Police detain man who insulted Dr M", with the tweet. In a Facebook posting yesterday, Langkawi police said that the male suspect was arrested following police reports by several NGOs that were unhappy about "excessively insulting statements on Facebook towards Mahathir and Islam".
To resolve this matter, please transfer the CPO of Kedah to take care of toilets in the Police Force.
Well done Tun! I respect you. What a contrast to the guy who is afraid of a few yellow balloons - hoperenewed.
Yes ! Please stop this feudalistic approach whereby the leaders can’t be criticized by the people. Are these NGOs good for nothing except polishing shoes , now different size of shoes ? - Hearty Malaysian.
Tun is unlike Najib. The latter relishes when his opponents are quickly apprehended even for a small offence under the watchful eyes of his Ketua Twitter Negara Khalid - SultanMydin.
Singapore PM should learn from Dr Mahatir, the government should allow any citizen to criticise, freedom of speech is the basic right of human being. Malaysia Boleh Sekarang - Parit Samsu HENG.
Read it all here, subscription required..................
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Mahathir has said that he has to be Education Minister because there are so many uneducated fools in this Country
Malaysiakini : A staunch supporter of Najib Abdul Razak said today the former prime minister has no qualms about amassing a huge wealth because he comes from a rich family.
As such, Gabungan Gerakan NGO Selangor chief Nazilah Idris said, there was nothing to be disputed about the police confiscation of 72 bags of cash and jewellery, as well as 284 boxes of high-end designer handbags from two condominium units linked to Najib in Kuala Lumpur. "He was the son of the then prime minister (Abdul Razak Hussein). He is a blueblood and he was well off from young, he then became menteri besar," Nazilah told reporters after she visited Najib at his Taman Duta residence.
All fools think they are smart. This Nazilah is a typical one, and Malaysia has so many of such people, that's the reason why BN continue to win elections while its rakyat suffers! - Otak-otak.
These are the type of fools found in UMNO/BN who have benefitted over the years and now has to be seen defending their boss. No wonder TDM has said that he has to be Education Minister because there are so many uneducated fools in this Country who cannot use basic common sense to distinguish right from wrong - RedHero
Delusional and in denial. Some people are too dumb and stupid - Honest. So Najib surrounds himself with these fools? No wonder he thought he could win GE14 - Anonymous_b67840c8.
Oh my goodness! I cannot believe this! Is there a more stupid woman than this one here? Are the other supporters of the world's greatest kleptocrat as stupid as this one? Has she been smoking some superweed? - Dire Straits.
Oh kacik, berapa kilo dedak u sudah dapat? Nak bodek lagi..... .....kakakakaBila dia masuk dalam, jangan lupa hantar nasi bagi dia.. oh sorry, dia tak makan nasi, dia makan quionoa - Pahat Mari
Read it all here, subscription required.............
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The mother of all defeats - MCA still talking about New Villages
As for the MCA, the descendants of Tan Cheng Lock and Tan Siew Sin… Sigh.
Locked in the past, still talking about what they will do for new villages. New villages!New villages are from a time in the mid-50s when I followed my parents to the Lido cinema in Brickfields.
After the curtain was raised to reveal a cellotaped, faded still asking cinema patrons to be considerate and not smoke, the cue for smokers to light up and make loud rude suggestions, there would be a map of Malaya, just like the one we primary school kids had to practice drawing free-hand, except this one had black patches splotching it. As a kid, I was only waiting for the three or four Looney Tunes cartoons, and didn’t really know why my country was blighted in this way, something to do with communists, cruel men hiding in the jungle. Hello, six decades later still talking about new villages, terminology revealing minds caught in an inescapable past.
Like the shrinking power-base in clan associations. How many young Chinese are members of clan associations? Their clans are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. And their friends know them as Felicia and Steven, not Khoo or Lim. MCA has become history. Its leaders can sheepishly talk about analysis and swear to continue serving the people, but they have been tainted by servile association with their corrupt Big Brothers for so long, who is going to vote for them? The Chinese? Malays, Indians and Others? Please, get back on your chairs and stop laughing.
Read it all here subscription required..............
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Gerakan's Keng Liang, a running dog of UMNO attacks Lim Kit Siang
Where on earth did they find their balls? Under the UMNO Regime they were virtually Eunuchs. Not a squeak out of them, now that UMNO is in it's death throes they come out swinging.
Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang has accused DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang of being Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's apologist. This was over Mahathir's decision to appoint himself as education minister, although Pakatan Harapan's manifesto had pledged to bar the prime minister from holding more than one portfolio.
Well, sure beats what the Gerakan folks have been doing for years - ball carrying for Najib - BrightSpark.
Apologist or not, it's still better than being a BN reject and an UMNO boot polisher - Anon1.
There are some choice words I could use to describe this clown. But why waste time and words on the irrelevant. But I just have to say this: he’s not fit to undo Kit Siang’s shoelaces. Just had to get that in! - Sirach.
Hiya this jack shit from gerakan who did nothing while the 1Narcissist Najib with his plundering manifesto was raping the nation of its wealth wants to talk cock here. Shut up and hide in your tak boleh gerak siput lah! - God Bless Malaysia
Lim had argued that this was acceptable because it did not violate the spirit of the document because the goal was to impose term limits for the prime minister and ensure that the prime minister could not hold the Finance Ministry portfolio.
Read it all here subscription required.............
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That wave of attacks on churches in Indonesia: Is the ‘moderate’ Muslim news hook gone?
Blazing Cat Fur : If you asked typical American citizens to name the world’s largest Muslim nation, in terms of population, most would probably pick a land somewhere in the Middle East – not Indonesia.
However, if there is one fact that many Americans do know about Islam in Indonesia, it is that most Muslims in this sprawling and complex nation practice a “moderate” form of the faith (whatever that “moderate” label means). This has allowed believers in various faith groups to live in peace, for the most part.
Read it all here.................
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The Suicide of Europe
Europe is committing suicide. How did this happen? In this week’s video, Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, explains the two major causes of Europe’s impending downfall.
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“Complaints from the public” about inaccurate results? - Seriously would you trust these guys?
MCMC explains why it blocked M'kini's GE14 page The baby of Salleh Said Croak Keruak .
“Complaints from the public” about inaccurate results? Were any MK results inaccurate? The MCMC better come up with a better excuse than that because it is outrageous that MCMC should decide that a “public complaint” of inaccuracy should be believed above what was clearly the truth. Some heads at MCMC should role for sure after that pathetic admission! So MCMC now just deterime was true and not true based on “public complaints” without any attempt to validate to complaints. Let’s hear who these “public complaints came from. No doubt one complaint came from Salleh. And another from Najib - Oxymoronictendencies 
MCMC is still with UMNO mindset. When exposed doing something wrong, just say due to public complaints. Why not say done to protect your own interest at that time or someone or party. It is so much better to apologize now, rather than give stupid excuses! - Benar123
House cleaning is in order here too. A reset or a reboot and a purge is needed..Too long a tool to silence and terrorize the people - AnakMalaysia@Merdeka0905
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A Sycophant's Letter - About Anwar, who ain't NO Saint!
The return of the Father of Refomasi! A Sycophant writes "I believe most of sane Malaysians including me can't believe that the man who had been “ardently” hated by the previous regime can now breath in the fresh air of the reborn Malaysia".
Well you were a kid, all the spin by his supporters  will not erase his sins. 1. Was it not the same Anwar Ibrahim who was once honoured by the 'Islamic' dictator of Pakistan, General Zia 'ul Haq, for his services to Islam? Anwar was quite willing to accept such decorations, despite the fact that General Zia was himself a willing recipient of American military aid and he had used the radical Islamist movements to wipe out the secular opposition in Pakistan.
(2) And was it not the very same Anwar Ibrahim - who today calls for a culture of tolerance and pluralism - who lead the Islamist activists as they 'cleaned out' the local university campuses of leftist students, 'secular' ideas and everything they regarded as un-Islamic in the 1970s? (With the help of such unlikely characters like Ibrahim Ali, one might add. 
The sycophant who wrote the letter needs to open his eyes to history. We ended up in this sorry state was because of him, he is trying to redeem himself by painting a rosy picture that he is for all Malaysians. Many of us still remember.
Read it all here........................
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South Africa, UK, and other nations conspiring against their own civilizations
From Vlad Tepes : There was some, probably deliberate, confusion about a British rich singer or something that was chest pounding her leftist credos and got busted for not actually following through. PJ Watson does a great job of presenting the time line on that story. The following post is a good summary of a lecture I got in the 80s from a South African friend. It really stuck with me, as it was so contrary to the narrative even then, and Canada was at the forefront of BDS for South Africa based on, well a bunch of solid BS.
So I thought I would paste this comment as it summarizes the facts we are all not allowed to know or contemplate. My doctor is an immigrant from South Africa to Canada… He played a role in saving my life most assuredly and has a clinic that is exceptional serving the Winnipeg community. I asked him on my last visit to his clinic if he had family still there. He didn’t answer with yes or get angry, he instead talked about the history of those fomenting the actions against whites.
He didn’t act irate or dismissive of those enacting the “reverse racism”, but instead basically said history will repeat itself, Zimbabwe all over again. He made sure I understood the history of South Africa… the people enacting the “reverse racism” are immigrants themselves as they came for jobs and the promise of a better life from Central Africa, they weren’t original South African tribes. He was resigned to the inevitable destruction of what the Afrikaners had created and too what it would become.
He wouldn’t say the words in his mind to describe what it would become… he wouldn’t speak it. So I interjected, sort of paraphrasing, and I said “a shithole”. With a hesitation and regret he nodded his head and said quietly “yes, a shithole”… So this is what happens in our new progressive societies… destruction a western society based on idealism… even if it is misplaced and hateful.
God help us all…
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 11:05 AM   0 comments
Gaza: Hamas admit that 50 of the 62 people killed by the IDF were Hamas gunmen
From Eye On The World : (Gaza) The world as usual is currently is venting its spleen over the killing of 62 people on the Israeli/Gaza border.
The message they are sending is that all these people are poor starving innocent children who simply want what is their's (Israel) and the nasty Joos are stopping them from claiming their so called birthright. Well now the dust has cleared Hamas Political Bureau Member Salah Al-Bardawil speaking on Gaza’s Baladna TV yesterday (May 16th) responded to allegations that Hamas was sending children to die on the border.
He states: That of the 62 people killed in clashes along the Gaza border on May 14, 50 were from Hamas.
Funny how no other media outlet has mentioned this.
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:28 AM   0 comments
170 killed in Syria the first three days of this week. No one bothered to report about THOSE dead Arabs.
From EOZ : On Sunday, 114 Arabs were killed.

On Monday, 30 more.

On Tuesday, 26 more.
But the media didn't think that Arabs dying is an interesting story. Those people had the misfortune of being killed by other Arabs. If they had been killed by Jews, then suddenly there would be interest.

Instead, the news agencies sent hundreds of reporters to "report" on something that they already decided would be a massacre of innocent, unarmed civilians before a single shot was fired.

The reporters were busy falsely accusing Israel of shooting randomly into crowds of innocent unarmed civilians who were simply protesting the "blockade." Or the US embassy.  Or their frustration. (Most reporters pretended that the protests, named the Great return March, had anything to do with "return" to overrun Israel based on its having the audacity to exist since 1948.)
If it was, say, Egypt killing Hamas members at the border, the media would have cheered them. But when Jews act in self-defense, they are the ones who are vilified.
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“…and lo, the dead shall rise to scratch their noses…”
Vlad Tepes : I am reliably informed that the video above is from the last Gaza war, heretofore known as, “The Kleenex War”. But similar things have been filmed in this Hamas driven conflict such as the guy dancing around on crutches on the front lines. When you're a dead Palestinian martyr but your nose keeps itching
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Hugh Fitzgerald: No, Thomas Jefferson did not host the first Ramadan iftar dinner at the White House
Jihad Watch : “America’s First Ramadan Break-Fast Was Hosted by Thomas Jefferson,” says Atlas Oscura, a site that says “our mission is to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share.” The article yesterday by Natasha Frost attempts to suggest that the “tradition” of the Iftar Dinner goes all the way back to Thomas Jefferson who, as is well known, was asked by a visiting Muslim envoy of the Bey of Tunis, one Sidi Soliman Mellimelli, to postpone the dinner to which Jefferson had invited him, along with others, until after sundown, which Jefferson, as a matter of courtesy, did.Frost states:
Observing this holy month and its daily fasts in such a foreign environment must have been a challenge. Newspaper commentators at the time thought of him contemptuously, variously “depicting him as a sex-crazed barbarian, or associating Islam with licentiousness,” writes Jason Zeledon. But in Thomas Jefferson, he had an unexpected ally. Despite facing criticism for his hospitality from Federalists in Connecticut and Vermont, Jefferson looked after his Muslim visitor graciously, going so far as to rearrange a dinner party around Mellimelli’s fast. In doing so, America’s third president became the country’s first ever host of an iftar meal.
What actually happened is clear for those without an insensate need to make Islam, as Barack Obama repeatedly claimed it was, “always part of America’s story.” Jefferson was not putting on an Iftar dinner. A little history will help: Mellimelli came to Washington as the envoy of the Bey of Tunis. The Americans had blockaded the port of Tunis in order to force the Bey to halt his attacks on American shipping. Mellimelli was sent to make an agreement that would end the blockade.
Invited by Jefferson to a dinner at the White House set for 3:30 (dinners were earlier in those pre-Edison days of our existence), he requested that it be held after sundown, in accordance with his Muslim practice, and Jefferson, a courteous man, obliged him. There is no hint that the dinner had changed in any way; no one then called it, or thought of it, as an “Iftar dinner.”
Mellimelli himself did not describe it as an “Iftar dinner.” There is no record of it being anything other than the exact same dinner, the same menu, with wine (no removal of alcohol, as would have been necessary had it been a real Iftar dinner), the only change being that of the three-hour delay until sunset. Frost continues:
Read it all here................
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New Perak MB should NOT appoint Ipoh Barat Bersatu chief Afzainizam Salleh for anything, except to clean Public Toilets
Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Malaysiakini : I hope he has the good sense to appoint accordingly : The results were PKR 4, DAP 18, Amanah 6, Bersatu 1 - seats won.  Be gracious and appoint those NOT with the UMNO DNA in them. Like the idiot who lodged a police report against people who mocked Mahathir. This guy
"Ipoh Barat Bersatu chief Afzainizam Salleh, this is era Malaysia Baru. Everything goes by the rule of laws. If TDM feels insulted and reputation damaged, it is up to TDM to take private Defamation suit against who ever did the slandering act. This is not a criminal case.
Anybody has liberty to say anything bad about another person provided it's substantiated with true facts or else he will have to pay for it. Therefore there isn't a need for third party to do on behalf. The unscrupulous UMNO's abusive way is already dead on 509. It's cheap publicity. You get it? If not, please go and study elementary law first before entering politics"  - I WONDER?
Read it all here...................
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The diplomat who came in from the cold - By Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Malaysiakini : “And I became the envoy of a lost kingdom, ambassador of the best country we never had.” – Dennis Ignatius
(Full disclosure. Dennis Ignatius and I are friends. Although we may disagree on a range of issues, we understand that Malaysia needs to change. Our last protest against the Umno hegemon found us walking together with other like-minded individuals for the Bersih march in Parliament protesting the redelineation exercise carried out by the former regime.)
BOOK REVIEW | I wrote the following as a blurb for Dennis’s book ‘Diplomatically Speaking’ – “Mr Ignatius dissects the Malaysian political landscape with a skeptical if emphatic gaze, borne of years of experience in the Malaysian Foreign Service. More than just a collection of essays, this book is a historical document by a professional whose clarity of purpose is evident from the very first chapter.”
Read it all here...........
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How can these bunch of crooks from UMNO be an effective opposition?
Grabbing and stealing from  the old and invalid? Menteri Besar Selangor, Datuk Seri Azmin Ali menyifatkan dakwaan Datuk Seri Rahman Dahlan berserabut dalam isu tanah Ijok. Beliau juga mempersoalkan tindakan kerajaan negeri Selangor semasa pemerintahan BN merampas tanah peneroka dan selama 18 tahun peneroka di Ijok tidak menerima pampasan.
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Auditor-general declassifies 1MDB Audit Report
Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Malaysiakini : Auditor-general Madinah Mohamad today announced the declassification of the 1MDB audit report. This followed Madinah's meeting with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad earlier in the day. "I refer to the 1MDB audit report which was classified as secret on Jan 22, 2016 and was presented to the Public Accounts Committee on March 4, 2016. "I would ike to inform that the audit report on 1MDB has been reclassified as an open document," she said in a press statement this evening.
The US Department of Justice believes that at least US$4.5 billion was misappropriated from 1MDB.
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The week that Najib's world fell apart
Najib and Rosmah
Malaysiakini : As results poured in from polling stations around Malaysia on the night of May 9, with one parliamentary seat after another falling to the opposition, a stunned Prime Minister Najib Razak stared defeat in the face.
There was no hiding the fact: the Najib-led BN coalition that had run Malaysia for the six decades since its independence from Britain, had lost the election. Voter anger over GST, as well as allegations of corruption that had swirled for years around Najib's government, and the apparently lavish lifestyle of his wife, had finally taken its toll.
A consultant who was in Najib's office as the reality of the defeat sank in said the prime minister was stunned. "When he knew that the numbers were not on his side, Najib broke down," he said.
Explaining Najib's shock on election night, one political strategist with ties to the now-defeated government said it was not unusual for him to be out of the loop when there were unwelcome developments.
"Najib lives in a bubble," he said. His advisers "don't accept others' views," he added. "They don't listen to bad news." Najib's removal, and the disarray in his camp during the campaign and the election, was pieced together from interviews with about a dozen political operatives and members of the ruling coalition and the opposition.
Read it all here...........
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Padan Muka !!! - Pembangkang yang kutuk TUN MAHATHIR

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