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Soldiers engaged in immorality unworthy to wear uniform - army chief, seriously you are now enforcing Sharia practices, when it's not your job!!!
Thursday, June 20, 2019
Soldiers engaged in immorality unworthy to wear uniform - army chief.
General Ahmad Hasbullah Mohd Nawawi
Dear Sir, I think you should worry about obsolete equipment like the Sibmas, the Turkish Gempita which is actually a hulk of scrap metal, sold to us because of the incompetency of the Military Leadership! The Gempita has a very high silhouette. Since when has Turkey been advanced in producing high tech armoured vehicles. We are the only country who bought this pile of scrap metal.  
Our 63 tanks of which only a handful are road worthy, less if you count combat worthiness. Indonesia, Vietnam, and India grounded their fleets of Russian supplied jets, tanks, and even submarine from the lack of spares, eventually forcing these countries to source for alternative suppliers of parts.  So are our great Pendekar tanks, from Poland!! The production has ceased and so have the spares.
Our ancient 105 artillery pieces sometimes only a battery which means 6 guns facing off Multiple Launch Rocket Systems in the East. Sibmas against tanks, I can just imagine the East being overrun.
Think about the soldiers quarters, they are in pathetic shape and soldiers live in horrid conditions, with "kangkong" growing in the balconies as sewage water does not run off. Have you looked at the pathetic combat boots we have, when I first joined the Army in 1972 we had combat boots of class, from BATA, now we have Kulit Kraf, which virtually screws up the feet of soldiers. We are not improving but deteriorating. The new combat rations when they were first introduced was great full of body, now diluted with plenty of gravy, I guess the contractor/suppliers are allowed to live off the blood of your soldiers.
Think about the huge number of Generals making up our army. Most of whom are incompetents. Remember the Sulu Invasion. I want to laugh at times. Whatever happened to BMI, looking at the Infantry Officers you don't need Main Battle Tanks, the Infantry Officers look like them. Most of your Generals too look like MBT's. 
Sex is personal, please concentrate on your so called forte, which means being a competent Chief of Army, instead of being Shariah compliant, you are not paid by taxpayers to do that which is not your job. 🤔🥂No need to suck up to the religious nuts that are a plenty in and out of uniform to score brownie points.
Remember the words which is normal during procurement, "tak akan takde apa apa?" That should be your concern not soldiers banging willing women. There are more than enough Mullahs within and out of the army, do your job. Sulu invasion fiasco happened when you were somewhat high ranking in the Army.  We do not even have flying FGA's which is to support the troops on the ground, you should be worried about that.
Weren't some of these guys immoral?
There should be a major restructuring of the military with new credible leadership just as Our Great Leader's confidence in you guys can be surmised by his statement, which says a lot, the Anti Semitic Mahathir : “Everybody knows. If any country wants to invade Malaysia, they can walk through and we will not resist because it’s a waste of time." Why did he say that? He thinks that you are a bunch of incompetents and he insults you. like what is happening with the police. The confidence level of the public in you is in shambles and so are that of old soldiers. We won't fade away, we will keep watch on you.
So General where does that place you? Be a Military leader and stop being a Mullah!!!! Anyone can wear an Army Uniform, in the case of Khairy Jamaluddin and others too were involved in immorality, where were you then? That allegation has yet to be proven, if it is true so what? That's not your job.Thank you, for lending me your ear, sir.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 2:52 PM   0 comments
Who Has a Bigger Turnout? 9 Candidates or Donald Trump?
Democrats are all the same. No free speech in their world. What little of it remains.😂😂😂😂😂😂
They are all cowards! Apparently they are afraid of the truth! 2020 will go conservative and this is showing the truth! GO PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!Yeah bro you did pretty good trying to interview those Democrat losers. Especially that guy that was walking with you with the polka dotted dots shirt he seemed very scared and lost. 20/20 Donald Trump get used to it people. I heard that Walmart was selling Kleenex boxes for 10 for dollar. Because you guys going to need it. Democrats losers.
Don’t feel bad boys, the left is only in DENIAL!!! And they just can’t accept it.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 10:03 AM   0 comments
What you need to know before converting to Islam By a former Muslim
A former Muslim describes what you need to know before converting to Islam.
Also, please, don't get rid of your foreskin. It might have a major impact on your sex life. Some doctors say it prevents hygiene issues, but in reality it won't if you value fidelity. You will experience a loss of sensibility and a delayed orgasm. The latter can become an issue with you partner : she might say the contrary at first, but both of you won't want it to last 45 minutes or more almost every time.
Final note : this foreskin might end up having a minor impact at the beginning, but the area that is underneath it may turn like leather, thick enough to make it less sensible and more frustrating.
Educate the folks, no one will turn to Islam.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 9:58 AM   0 comments
Syrian Muslim Refugee Charged For Allegedly Planning To Bomb Pittsburgh Church In The Name Of Isis
From MSN.Com:  Hatip : Vlad Tepes
WASHINGTON (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh resident was arrested on terrorism charges after he allegedly was planning to attack a church on the North Side. Mustafa Alowemer, a 21-year-old man that was admitted to the United States as a refugee from Syria, is facing one count of attempting to provide material support and resources to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and two counts of distributing information relating to an explosive, destructive device or weapon of mass destruction.
“Targeting places of worship is beyond the pale, no matter what the motivation,” said Assistant Attorney General Demers. “The defendant is alleged to have plotted just such an attack of a church in Pittsburgh in the name of ISIS. The National Security Division and our partners will continue our efforts to identify and bring to justice individuals in our country who seek to commit violence on behalf of ISIS and other terrorist organizations.
I want to thank the agents, analysts, and prosecutors who are responsible for this investigation.” According to an affidavit, the FBI Pittsburgh Joint Terrorism Task Force, an investigation revealed that the man had plotted to place a bomb on the church and he was inspired by ISIS.
More: Target was a black church: A Syrian refugee living in Pittsburgh was arrested Wednesday in an alleged plot to blow up a church in the name of the Islamic State.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 9:45 AM   0 comments
Brilliant example of selective enforcement by the media, legal system in NOT so great britain
Vlad Tepes : A truly classic case of double standards! The last statement, "figure of speech" excuses any and all "hate speech" - as long as you're on the political Left!
The end of this clip is laughable. The left seem completely oblivious to their hypocritical double standards. The woman defends Jess Phillips comment but attacks Farage for his comments .... the hypocrisy here is unbelievable!! 🙄🙄 Brendan owned Rachel Cunliffe when she said about Farage saying he would shoot MPs and Brendan countered by saying that Jess Phillips wanted to knife Corbyn in the front. Rachel wouldnt accept that that was the same sort of thing. Double standards. What about Tommy Robinson. Not his real name by the way. The perp was congratulated and police gave him a left to the station.
Oh dear me, the last bit is absolute quality!!! 🤣🤣🤣 & she gets paid for that bollocks! 🙄And enough people still don’t see it. They truly are It’s disgraceful I agree
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 9:38 AM   0 comments
Christian School Raided - The War on Christians
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Christian school raided by California gov't as religious freedom concerns cloud future. A Christian boarding school run by Teen Rescue in Northern California faces the possibility of closing after it was raided by state investigators earlier this year. The head of the school claims that its First Amendment rights, as well as parental rights, are being violated.
The school fears that it would not be able to uphold its rules reflecting traditional Christian teaching on marriage and sexuality. Additionally, the school says that the state requires licensed facilities to allow students to have the right to engage in spiritual and sexual exploration.
Additionally, the law does not allow for religious exemptions in cases where a religious school would be forced to violate its moral convictions. “We have been kind of harassed by the state of California Department of Social Services. Specifically, it's called Community Care Licensing,” RVCA CEO Phil Ludwig told The Christian Post, arguing that state investigators seem to have a political “agenda.”
River View Christian Academy (RVCA), which helps troubled teens from across the U.S., has faced pressure from the Department of Social Services for over a decade over claims that it operates as an “unlicensed community care facility.” A law passed in 2016 requires many alternative boarding schools in the state to attain Community Care Licensing.
Read it all here............
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 4:16 PM   0 comments
In NOT so great britain - It is totally F'ed - Sajid Javid: "Vote for me - I'm a Muslim"
Moderate muslims are the long grass that hides a deadly snake.
"Vote for me - I'm a Muslim" , exactly what Khan said I remember. I am sick of these sneaky underhand invaders encroaching into our society. Why the hell would we want a Muslim PM when the ideology he follows is totally incompatible with our culture, and is already being rammed down our throats.
I don’t want to live in an Islamic Britain. Why should I be forced to ? I’m Christian, born in a Christian country, abiding by Christian laws and was happy.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 4:03 PM   0 comments
WTF! New Zealand man JAILED for sharing Christchurch video
Vlad Tepes : This whole thing is fuzzy to me. Did they convict him on a new law they passed banning that video retroactively?
Or did they dredge up some never before used, arcane law that they applied to this case. Do they also jail muslims who take share or otherwise glorify any of the thousands of jihad videos available online all over the place?
Again, I urgently suggest to people everywhere, especially New Zealand, that they watch the new Indian film, Kesari, about the Battle of Saragarhi before the communist totalitarian who runs New Zealand bans that bit of history in keeping with her Orwellian leanings.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 3:49 PM   0 comments
Turkish author slams Our Great Anti Semitic PM - Dr M's comments on Jews as 'disrespectful'
Our Great Leader
Malaysiakini : Our Embarrassment of a PM, Our Great Leader's hate for the Jews is on the world stage.  Renowned Turkish author and journalist Mustafa Akyol has criticised Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad over his disparaging comments against Jews during a recent talk in the United Kingdom.

We must be reminded that he is always the PM of Malaya for treating Sabah and Sarawak like pieces of old rags despite plundering their oil richess for developing Malaya. His discrimination against them are all written in the lopsided development recorded. He's old and demented...a tragedy for our nation...
Mahathir has received flak from numerous quarters after telling the Cambridge Union on Sunday that the Jews he knows are only his friends because they are unlike others from the community. "Imagine some non-Muslim politician saying that. We Muslims would find it quite disrespectful.
"So, Malaysian PM Mahathir is similarly disrespectful here," Mustafa tweeted on Tuesday, as he retweeted a post by the Union of Jewish Students (UJS). In a short clip of the talk uploaded in UJS' tweet, Mahathir can be heard saying, "I have some Jewish friends, very good friends. They are not like the other Jews, that’s why they are my friends." The premier made the comment in response to a question by the session moderator Adam Davies, who asked him to justify saying that Jews were "inclined towards money".
Read it all here, subscription required................
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 2:55 PM   0 comments
Why isn't PKR investigating if it is an inside job? - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
The Snake of Yusuf Al Qaradawi
Malaysiakini : "If it's hidden, you don't know (who it is). You should not cast aspersions prior to an investigation.” – Anwar Ibrahim
COMMENT | There are two mutually exclusive questions in this sex video scandal. The first is, is the video genuine? And the second, who are the conspirators who wish to bring down a federal minister? PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution’s denial that there is no crisis brewing over the sex tape scandal is ludicrous, considering that there is a crisis brewing over the scandal involving power players at the highest level. This is played out in the press by statements from PKR's political elite - and not just whispered conversations on chat groups.
Read it all here............
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 10:41 AM   0 comments
State Dept Finds 23 Violations Regarding Hillary Clinton Emails
She SOLD classified info to the highest bidder- lock her up!
So when is she going to be jailed ??? When the dems start lawyering up... THEN I’ll get excited. Listen to the jargon that is constantly used regarding Hillary. They soften everything - like "mishandled". This is total BS! We're talking about straight-up TREASON! Life in prison would be a tame consequence indeed for treason, which is a capital offense under the law!
She should be in jail at the very least what she did in my mind is treason I'm not going to hold my breath for her to get locked up I would have been Dead 2 years ago but it would be nice to see in my lifetime
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 10:14 AM   0 comments
NOT so great britain : Muslim rape gang members still not deported seven years after judges ruled they should lose citizenship
Muslim Rape Gang
Jihad Watch : The UK Home Office works assiduously to keep foes of jihad terror out of the country, but two and possibly three of the rapists are living freely in Britain, despite having been ordered deported.
It is easy to see why: British authorities are paralyzed by the fear of being seen as “racist” and “Islamophobic.” And that fear could be Britain’s epitaph. “Rochdale grooming gang members ‘still not deported’ 10 years after attacks,” by Kate Buck, Metro, June 16, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace) :
Read it all here...................
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 9:57 AM   0 comments
Ask about zakat and jizyah at Open-Mosque events
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Know these 4 Arabic Words : Taqqiya, Tawariya, Kitman and Muruna, their meaning!!
Jihad Watch : A friend called to tell me about an Open-Mosque evening he recently attended.
Yes, he said, it was as predicted: “Earnest, ostentatiously sincere ask-us-anything faces. Thirty or so unwary Infidels. The main speaker began by telling us that Islam means ‘peace’, then quoted the Pope  who had said that  ‘Authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence'”. Qur’an 5:32 was presented in its abridged form: “If any one slew a person… it would be as if he slew a whole people; and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of a whole people”.
Then again they will not mention the chapter and verse immediately after the former 5:33 which says : The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.
Someone in the audience asked about the Jizyah and the speaker took it in stride. He said, not missing a beat, that the Jizyah was what non-Muslims paid to the state, instead of the Zakat that Muslims had to pay.  Since non-Muslims were receiving protection (from whom was not spelled out) and did not have to serve in the army, it was only just that they be asked to pay their fair share — hence the  Jizyah. In fact, he added, the Zakat was actually more burdensome than the Jizyah. No one sought to take issue with the speaker; the audience seemed satisfied with that preposterous claim.
In K. S. Lal, “The Theory and Practice of the Muslim State In India”, Delhi,1999, on pp. 139-140, the author makes plain the difference between Zakat and Jizyah:

“There is a desire to equate Zakat with Jizyah to emphasize the fairness of the Islamic fiscal system. The Muslims pay Zakat and the non-Muslims Jizyah. But the analogy is fallacious. The rate of Zakat tax is as low as 2.5 per cent and that on the apparent [visible] property only. All kinds of concessions for payment of the Zakat exist with regard to the taxable minimum. In its collection no force is applied because force vitiates its character.

“On the other hand, the rate of Jizyah is very high for the non-Muslims: 48, 24, and 12 tankahs [one of the main historical currencies in Asia] for the rich, the middling, and the poor, whatever the currency and whichever the country. Besides, what is central to Jizyah is always the humiliation of the Infidel, particularly at the time of collection. What is central in Zakat is that it is voluntary; at least it should not be collected by force. In India Zakat ceased to be a religious tax imposed only on the Muslims.  

Zakat was levied in the shape of customs duties on merchandise and grazing fees on all milk-producing animals or those which went to pasture, and was realized both from Muslims and non-Muslims. According to Muslim law, ‘import duties for Muslims were 5 per cent and for non-Muslims 10 per  cent of the community.  Abu Hanifa, whose  Sunni school of jurisprudence prevailed in India, would tax the merchandise of the Dhimmis as imposts at double the Zakat fixed for Muslims.

Jizyah was calculated so as to inflict real financial pain on Infidels, and had to be paid no matter how poor they might be. This was part of their punishment for being Infidels, to pay for their own protection (protection from Muslims themselves). Zakat, on the other hand, was never meant to be a financial burden on Muslims. Normally it would be only 2.5% of a Muslim’s wealth, and imposed only if he possessed a certain minimum wealth, or nisab.

An important part of the Jizyah payment, which is never mentioned by Muslim apologists (and certainly not at any Open-Mosque event) was the deliberate humiliation, while making the payment, of the dhimmi. The Jizyah was not, as most Infidels would understandably assume, simply handed over to Muslim collectors. There had to be humiliation. Surah 9:29 states that the people of the book (Christians and Jews) are to pay the Jizyah in a state where they are saaghiruun. This word, according to the Arabic experts, means “humiliation or disgrace.” (See Tafsir Al-Tabari, Volume 12, page 96; Al-Qaradihi, Kitab Al-‘Ayn Lil-Khaleel, Volume 4, page 372).
Read it all here...................
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 10:42 PM   0 comments
Burkina Faso: Muslims murder 19 Christians, injure 13 others — “There’s no Christian anymore in this town”
Slaughtering Christians in Muslim majority Burkina Faso without repercussions
They want to brand those who report on these atrocities promoters of hate, they are such hypocrites, their stench has reached heaven and they will reap their reward. Their silence is actually promoting hate and violence to thrive. 

Jihad Watch : “The killing in Arbinda comes as armed groups have spread across the Shael region and committed atrocities in Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso. The United Nations reports that the violence has led to the displacement of at least 4.2 million people, 1 million more than in 2018.” But it isn’t “Islamophobia,” so the world yawns.  “19 killed by gunmen in Burkina Faso: ‘There’s no Christian anymore in this town,'” by Samuel Smith, Christian Post, June 14, 2019:
Dozens of armed unidentified gunmen killed at least 19 and injured 13 others in northern Burkina Faso on Sunday. A local government official told AFP on the condition of anonymity that the attack occurred between 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and that 19 bodies were found at the time. The official said a search was underway to find others who were killed.
Hours before the gunmen attacked, the source said the gunmen stopped three vehicles in the town of Arbinda and set them on fire. The official detailed that one of the drivers was killed. The killing in Arbinda comes as armed groups have spread across the Shael region and committed atrocities in Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso. The United Nations reports that the violence has led to the displacement of at least 4.2 million people, 1 million more than in 2018.
In Burkina Faso, innocent lives are being lost due to the rise of jihadist attacks and government counterterror operations. In April, more than 60 people were killed in an attack in Arbinda which has been hit hard by violence. “There is no Christian anymore in this town [Arbinda],” an anonymous contact told the Christian aid charity Barnabus Fund. “It’s proven that they were looking for Christians. Families who hide Christians are killed. Arbinda had now lost a total of no less than 100 people within six months.”
Since 2016, armed Islamist groups linked to both al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and the Islamic State in Greater Sahara have been attacking civilian targets, police stations and military posts in Burkina Faso, according to Human Rights Watch. Although the violence has spread throughout the country, the “epicenter” of the violence sits in the northern Sahel, a region that borders Mali and Niger.
Contacts told Barnabus Fund that as many as 82 pastors, 1,145 Christians and 151 households have fled from violence in different locations in the Muslim-majority nation…
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 2:11 PM   0 comments
A father’s testimony on muslim rape gangs and his own daughter
Monday, June 17, 2019
Vlad Tepes : Here is something I have wanted to see for many years now. The testimony of a father of one of the girls forced into sex slavery by muslim grooming gangs.
Heartbreaking and sick, this has to be stopped and now. The whole british Police and political system is rotten to the core now and Tommy Robinson is so right!!! This is hard to listen too, it's also hard believe this stuff is going on today, and Labour as been covering this stuff up .The police are using the term 'racist' as an excuse NOT to act.
I don't know anything about this case but it sounds like this Pakistani family is being protected. That level of protection can only come from very high ranking officer[s]. The average Bobby on the street just follows due process UNLESS he/she is told by a senior officer to act otherwise. Get a solicitor and take action against the police officers involved in the case.
Absolutely disgusting, not just the dirty, stinking pieces of shit but also the corrupt, bastard police and council! They should all be hung,drawn and quartered SLOWLY!
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 11:51 PM   0 comments
Top Muslim Channel Wants Us Banned
Acts17Apologetics : The MercifulServant channel is the top Muslim channel on YouTube. After YouTube announced its latest crackdown on "hate speech," MercifulServant wasted no time in encouraging Muslims to mass-flag channels that are critical of Islam, in order to get them banned. MercifulServant's subscribers replied by flagging David Wood's videos (along with videos by the Apostate Prophet, Abdullah Sameer, and others) and by asking YouTube to deplatform Acts17Apologetics. Will the new campaign of "censorship jihad" be successful?
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 4:48 PM   0 comments
#India: #Muslim man in Jalpaiguri marries his own daughter! Is there still any other abnormal increases? by blocked @OnlineMagazin
Vlad Tepes : Nothing that bunch does surprises me This is another example of why they don't belong in America
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 2:41 PM   0 comments
Father Daughter Parking Fail
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 2:36 PM   0 comments
Muslim MP slams UK government for silence over Trump’s twitter attack on London Muslim mayor
Another Kunt named Naz Shah
That’ll be Naz “rape victims should shut up for the sake of diversity” Shah.

Jihad Watch : UK Labour MP Naz Shah says that the government is “failing to stand with minority communities” and allowing “hatred and bigoted views to become legitimised”. Her accusation follows what she called “the government’s shameful silence after Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack London Mayor Sadiq Kunt.” Trump had every reason to. Here’s a general recap of the state of affairs in Kunt’s London:
A knife crime epidemic has struck London and has seen over 51 murders this year. A Muslim migrant “acid gang” was sentenced four months ago following violent, unprovoked attacks on gays. London gangs also include “the Mali Boys“, which are becoming “more ‘organised, ruthless and driven by drugs profits.” Mali is a Muslim country plagued by Islamic rebel groups aiming to impose strict Islamic law across the country. The groups include: Ansar Dine, Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, the Signed-in-Blood Battalion and the Islamic Movement for Azawad. Somali rape gangs have also victimized girls in London.
London has become a cesspool of crime where jihad preachers speak and recruit freely. An Islamic State jihadist “tried to create jihadist child army in east London,” and now, Somalian parents are sending their children back home to save them from knife attacks in Sadiq Kunt’s London. Naz Shah stated: “If Donald Trump can endorse the far-right that use racist tropes to attack the Mayor of London and that does not warrant a response from our Prime Minister or those planning to become Prime Minister, then it sets a dangerous and worrying precedence.”
Shah is nervous over so-called “islamophobe” , Boris Johnson, becoming the UK’s next Prime Minister. Days ago, a Conservative Muslim leader Mohammed Amin compared Johnson to “Hitler”, and vowed to quit if he becomes PM. Johnson once compared the image of  burqa-clad women to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”, and refused to apologize. After an unleashing of criticism and a follow-up investigation, Johnson was cleared of any intentional wrongdoing.“Muslim MP accuses government of ‘shameful silence’ over Trump’s attack on Sadiq Khan”, by Basit Mahmood, Metro UK, June 16, 2019: 
Read it all here..................
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The Islamophobia Victim’s Murder Plot
Mahmoud Shalash
Jihad Watch : “Observe how peaceful we are,” Imam Mahmoud Shalash urged. “We do not cause any harm to anybody.”
Shalash’s mosque, the Islamic Center of Lexington, had contacted Lexington cops and Homeland Security, while claiming to be suffering from Islamophobic threats.
Before long, two cop cars in the Kentucky city known as the Horse Capital of the World were parked outside the mosque to protect the imam and his congregation. The FBI also got on board.
CAIR widely circulated reports of the threat to what it called, a “house of worship”.
“Our nation’s leaders must send a clear message challenging the rising Islamophobia that leads to such threats,” CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper declared. With the 2016 election still imminent, his news release blamed the “extreme anti-Muslim rhetoric” of Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Four years later, Imam Mahmoud Shalash is in jail. The imam of the Islamic Center, along with John Sadiqullah, and Abdul Hadi, were charged in a harmful and not especially peaceful murder plot.
What makes this particular murder plot interesting is that it would have been authorized with a fatwa. Imam Shalash has worn many hats. According to a LinkedIn profile, In addition to running the Islamic Center of Lexington, a man of that name owned a mobile home park and the Bluegrass Extended Stay motel (guest reviews have complained about roaches, stained beds and unfriendliness to service dogs), was a member of the Muslim Students Association (a terror linked Muslim Brotherhood hate group) while working on a degree in electrical engineering at the University of Chicago, and, ironically, considering his current predicament, had worked as a chaplain at “fedral and state prisons”.
Read it all here.......................
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Is hoping for meritocracy futile? - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Churning out low class graduates who qualified by the race and religious factor
Malaysiakini : “Age was respected among his people, but achievement was revered. As the elders said, if a child washed his hands he could eat with kings.”- Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart
COMMENT | On a working visit to England, prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said: “Whose hands would we leave the fate of this nation to, if not to the young generation? Let us work together and unite to create a bright future for Malaysia.” Politicians like to claim that “young people” are the future of this country. What they really mean is that young people are potential voters to keep the system in place. Meanwhile, a young Malaysian wrote a letter to the media about the harsh reality of education in Malaysia that exemplifies all that is wrong with the system. What I liked about it was that it was devoid of polemics.
Read it all here............
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Congratulations, Dems. You’ve Made An Iron Clad Case Against Hillary Clinton And The DNC
Sunday, June 16, 2019
A Chess Master
BCF : Yesterday I wrote that Trump had goaded democrats and Pelosi into doing what he wanted, i.e. ban foreign foreign opposition research.
He has repeatedly said that what happened to him should never happen to another President. But there’s more and the left still doesn’t get it and I need to spell it out even more clearly. Trump has baited the left into making all kinds of caustic remarks and they have swallowed the lure.
Analysis of this Trump clip consumed most of the hour with O’Donnell interviewing several guests, including MSNBC contributor Jennifer Rubin, who went on an angry tirade against the President: “You have to ask a more fundamental question which is, how can anyone in their right mind and good conscience support putting this guy in office for another four years…”
Another ‘fundamental question’: how does MSNBC retain viewership when it insults over half the U.S. population who voted for Trump? Rubin continued: “He is a mess. He has betrayed his country. He will do it again. If he’s reelected can you imagine what he’s going to do, then? It’s really catastrophic.” The only one Trump has been betraying is the liberal media that he has rightfully labeled “fake news”.
Here’s what the DNC media spent its time on yesterday. Remember all these words. They’re going to be used again and all of the above may be called as witnesses. Against Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Their hatred of Trump has made them clueless and careless and Trump was counting on that. They did not let him (or me) down.
Here is the key point:
  • It is illegal for anyone to solicit, accept, or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election
Christopher Steele is a foreign national. He solicited and obtained Russian disinformation which was then paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC and spread throughout the government because obama changed the rules. The Steele dossier was very valuable to democrats in the 2016 election and then even afterward.
Donald Trump was not talking about himself. He was talking about Obama, Clinton and the DNC. He let the left make an iron clad case for charging Clinton and the DNC with felonies. Remember, Obama’s OFA paid Fusion GPS nearly a million dollars beginning in April 2016, shortly after Josef Mifsud began poisoning the well. And while we’re at it, Adam Schiff may be similarly charged. He solicited nude pictures of Donald Trump and never told the FBI about it. No word on whether he still wants them.
Felony. Treasonous. Not on America’s team. Dead wrong.
There’s a lot for Barr and Durham to unpack here but Trump has set the left up like bowling pins. All Barr and Durham need do now is knock them down.
Congratulations, dems!
Read it all here..............
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Donald Trump attacks Sadiq Kunt over London violence
US President Donald Trump has once again criticised London Mayor Sadiq Khan, calling him a "national disgrace" who is destroying the UK's capital.
His comments came after five violent attacks in London in less than 24 hours left three men dead and three injured. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said it was "absolutely awful" Mr Trump was using the "tragedy of people being murdered to attack the mayor". Police have increased patrols in the capital following the attacks. President Trump's tweets follow a long-running feud with Khan.
Retweeting a post by right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins about this weekend's violence in London, the president said Mr Khan was "a disaster" and the capital needed a new mayor.
Mr Trump later followed it up with another post saying: "He is a national disgrace who is destroying the city of London!"In response, Mr Khan's spokesman said the mayor's thoughts were with the victims' families and he "is not going to waste his time responding to this sort of tweet". The mayor was focused on supporting the city's communities and "over-stretched" emergency services, he added. Mr Khan later tweeted: "Violent crime has no place in our city, and there's no higher priority for me than Londoners' safety."
Read it all here........................
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In NOT so great britain, Boris was right about the niqab – it’s oppressive and ridiculous
Saturday, June 15, 2019
Evil Ninjas in NOT so great britain
BCF : The real extremists are those who want to protect Islam and its beliefs from public debate and ridicule.
If Mohammed Amin really believes that people like Boris Johnson who make fun of the niqab are unfit to hold high public office, then it isn’t Boris who’s the extremist – it’s him. Amin, chairman of the Muslim Conservative Forum, has caused a stink by saying on this morning’s Today programme that he would leave the Tory party if Johnson becomes PM.
He thinks Johnson lacks the ‘basic level of morality and integrity’ to hold such a position, partly because he once ‘chose to mock Muslim women who wear [the] niqab and burqa’. Amin doesn’t understand morality. What would be truly immoral in a free country would be to deny people high office on the basis that they have ‘blasphemed’ against Islamic practices.
Amin was referring to the now infamous Daily Telegraph column in which Johnson said the niqab and burqa make women look like letterboxes and bank robbers. This is frequently held up by Corbynistas and commentators as proof of Johnson’s ‘Islamophobia’, which only confirms that the term ‘Islamophobia’ is now explicitly used to police not only abuse or discrimination against Muslims, which everyone agrees are terrible things, but also mere criticism of Islamic practices.
Read it all here.....................
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Is It Worse to Be a “Global Threat” with Fascist Links or a “Stone Cold Loser”?
Sadiq Kunt
Jihad Watch : When Donald Trump described London Mayor Sadiq Khan as a “stone cold loser,” this was dutifully reported as an unprovoked attack by our unhinged president. What the mainstream media often failed to mention was that Sadiq Khan and Donald Trump have a history of exchanging insults, and that the current exchange was begun by Sadiq Khan.
Khan has not always been accurate in his charges. Just before Trump’s first state visit to the U.K., Sadiq Khan published in The Observer on June 2 an article in which he described Trump as “one of the most egregious examples of a growing global threat.” He added that Trump’s “divisive behavior flies in the face of the ideals America was founded upon — equality, liberty and religious freedom.”
How does Trump’s ‘“divisive behavior” fly in the face of these ideas? When has Trump threatened either “equally” or “liberty” in America? We know that Sadiq Khan is thinking of Muslims in the U.S., and perhaps believes the CAIR-promoted tales of victimhood, but Trump, who is rightly worried about Muslim terrorism, has not in any way restricted the “religious freedom” of Muslims.
Perhaps Sadiq Khan would care to supply us with a single example of how his behavior “flies in the face of religious freedom”? Did Trump shut down a single mosque, censor a single verse in the Qur’an, prevent the observance of Ramadan or of Friday Prayers? He hasn’t done a single thing, not one jot or tittle, to restrict Muslims in the free exercise of their religion. Sadiq Khan should know this. But in his haste to score points against Trump, he did not bother to inform himself properly. He deplored the so-called “Muslim ban” thus:
“I think this ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries” is cruel and shameful. Khan had simply assumed they were all Muslim-majority countries, when two of the seven, Venezuela and North Korea, were non-Muslim. One minute of Internet searching was all he needed to discover the truth.
Read it all here...............
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Hayleab and Tesfit Brhane found guilty of raping woman in Canterbury
Vlad Tepes : Two sexual predators lured a drunken woman back to a house and raped her as she drifted in and out of consciousness.
Hayleab and Tesfit Brhane, 19 and 20, picked their victim up on the city’s streets after she had been drinking wine and smoking cannabis. They then subjected her to a sustained sexual assault at Hayleab's home in Downs Road. The pair – who are from Eritrea - argued she agreed to intercourse and made up the rape allegations because she felt ashamed.
But today a jury rejected their story and convicted Tesfit of two counts of rape and Hayleab of one count. Both men stared straight ahead emotionless, not looking at the jury, as the verdict was passed.
Judge Catherine Brown told the men: “Tesfit you have been convicted of two counts of rape. Hayleab you have been convicted of one count of rape. “Before I determine the appropriate sentence I need to know more about each of you. You have not grown up in the UK and I need to know about your backgrounds.
Read it all here..........................
Another day another child raping tard
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Documentary on the Thugs of ANTIFA
Vlad Tepes : The communist movement known as Antifa (short for Anti-Fascist Action) has sparked violence across the nation.
In the wake of their battling despicable white supremacist in Charlottesville, Antifa has begun to gain mainstream popularity. But unbeknownst to much of the public, the vast majority of Antifa violence isn't targeted at genuine fascists, but mainstream conservatives and civilians.
With help from those who have encountered Antifa, including Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern, Jack Posobiec, and Steve Deace, conservative author Trevor Loudon guides us through the history and ideas behind the Antifa movement, starting with Leon Trotsky and going all the way through the events in Berkeley, CA and Charlottesville, VA.
“Antifa” is the third episode in the "America Under Siege" documentary web-series from Dangerous Documentaries (a project of the Capital Research Center) and Cohesion Films. Each episode profiles the influence of radical Marxists on various segments of American society.
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The 2020 Battle Begins – And Donald Trump holds the high ground
Donald J Trump
BCF : The 2020 campaign begins in earnest next week in Florida, when Donald Trump officially launches his reelection bid. On June 26, 20 Democratic candidates and five moderators hold the first of two nights of debates. Where do things stand?
According to the polls, President Trump starts at a disadvantage. He has 44 percent approval in the Real Clear Politics average, with a net disapproval of 9 points. The most recent Quinnipiac poll has the major Democrats defeating Trump.
The margins range from Joe Biden’s 13-point victory to Pete Buttigieg and Cory Booker’s 5-points. Another recent Quinnipiac poll has Biden leading Trump by four points in Texas. Private surveys of the Lone Star State also show a tight race.
Trump polls very badly among suburban women, and the growth in suburban Texas has been extraordinary. Which spells trouble.
Read it all here..........................
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On the Moral and Legal Status of Islam in the United States
The Cost of Islam
BCF : Last week, Hungarian leader Viktor Orban and Canada’s leading intellectual, Jordan Peterson, met to lambast illegal immigration and political correctness which they believe make sensible public discussions impossible.
Peterson also made a noteworthy claim worth thinking about. He said that Islam is not compatible with democracy and that this issue has been barred from public discussion. I believe Peterson is correct.
Islam is not only incompatible with democracy. It is inimical to America’s fundamental values and principles. More important, it is in violation of the United States Constitution. It is time for the United States to take a pre-emptive strike against a moral and political ideology whose stated goal is the abolition of our political system.
Read it all here....................
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Should Azmin Ali resign if the sex video is genuine? - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Azmin Ali
Malaysiakini : “In the past, it was said that I put him in prison. Now I have freed him.”Mahathir Mohamad on Anwar Ibrahim. “I love him as a father and as a leader.” Anwar on Mahathir
COMMENT | The only thing of importance in this sex video scandal is that, is the video genuine or, as some claim, a fake? I do not care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of the bedroom but I do care if they belong to a class of people who routinely demonise marginalised groups using religion. But this is also another point in a litany of moral and intellectual corruption in mainstream Malay politics.
Read it all here...............
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Trump Should’ve Called FBI?! Like Hillary Did to Spy on Him?!
Friday, June 14, 2019
Who is fooling who? The Democrats are up in arms over Trump’s recent remarks about a hypothetical situation where he might consider accepting foreign opposition research, calling it TREASON.
The Dems clearly launched a coup and failed. In ancient times, their heads would be chopped off. They need to be brought to Justice! Hillary and Obama didn’t call the FBI because she ordered the FBI to to do the job. The lefts hipocracy knows no bounds. And their Lies are pathetic at best!!! They will go down!This channel should be playing in airports instead of CNN. Never vote democrat ever again traitors to America.
However, this is coming from the same group of people who had no problems using foreign oppo research paid for by the Clinton campaign to impeach Trump. Also, the latest Feminist Fight: Renaming blockbuster franchises to remove “men” from the title.
This push for “equality” in "X-Men" and "Men in Black" is a progressive sham.
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National Parks QUIETLY Remove Signs OBAMA Ordered Put Up ALL OVER America
How many years can they keep screaming the same thing! The green deal is a lie like everything else that comes out of their mouths! HABITUAL Liers
Looks like our fantastic President Donald Trump is draining the Park Swamps too. How much did those signs cost the American Taxpayers. The money they use so freely!!!!!
I don't want to see any signs of Obama, thank you Trump for making this possible
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The Dumfuk PM Imran Khan of Terroristan on the Unfairness of Linking Islam to Terrorism
The Dumfuk Playboy PM of Pakistan aka Terroristan
Jihad Watch : Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan recently attended a meeting of Muslim states in Mecca, where he delivered himself of some thoughts on the unfairness of blaming Islam for terrorism. He asserted, not for the first time, that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.
No one ever blamed Hinduism for Tamil Tigers’ bombings or Japanese religion when they blew up themselves on US ships. So why Islam is branded so?” Khan said during the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit in Makkah. He asserted that “the Muslim world has not been able to powerfully convince the world that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism,” adding that the OIC should clarify its ‘propaganda’ about Muslims.
This was duly reported around the world, without his charges being subject to critical examination. But Imran Khan had a number of things wrong — aside, of course, from his absurd claim the “Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.” First, he wondered why Hinduism was not blamed for the terrorist attacks of the Tamil Tigers. But the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), were not inspired by Hinduism; no Hindu texts were relied on by them to justify their attacks; some of the Tamil Tigers were not even Hindus.
Compare the Tamil Tigers to Muslim terrorists, who are acting according to the Qur’anic verses that command them to wage violent Jihad against all Unbelievers, and to “strike terror” in their hearts. The goal of jihad is ultimately to conquer the world for the faith, so that Islam everywhere dominates, and Muslims rule, everywhere. The LTTE, by contrast, was a self-styled national liberation organization, with the primary goal of establishing an independent Tamil state in northern Sri Lanka. It had nothing to do with spreading Hinduism; Tamil nationalism was the basis of its ideology.
The LTTE denied being a separatist movement based on religion — non-Hindu Tamils were members, while non-Tamil Hindus were not. It t saw itself as fighting for self-determination and the restoration of Tamil sovereignty in part of Sri Lanka. The LTTE was an avowedly secular organization; religion did not play any discernible part in its ideology. In fact, the LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was a secularist who criticized what he saw as the oppressive features of traditional Hindu Tamil society, such as the caste system and gender inequality.
And that is why no one blamed Hinduism for the terrorism of the Tamil Tigers. It’s doubtful that Imran Khan knew any of this; he is known not for his intellect, but for his skills as a cricket player and playboy before he entered politics, and apparently he did not feel the need to learn more about the Tamil Tigers and their nationalist and secular agenda, before presuming to pontificate about them. It may be worth noting that Khan’s knowledge of geography has also put to the test, and found wanting:
Read it all here............................
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Demographic Genocide in NOT so great britain - Actually a suicide
Thursday, June 13, 2019
Sharia Crime Stoppers is pleased to be able to present : Homelands.
This is a pre-screening of Katie Hopkins documentary, telling us about what is happening in Europe that has changed and the impacts to people who are questioning... Is it SAFE to stay? "They don't recognize their own country!"
With full permission from Katie, she has allowed us to show this in our webinar and post it along with our commentary and the attendee's Q&A. From Vlad Tepes
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Islamic State regrouping, expanding in Afghanistan to attack the West, including America
Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Jihad Watch : The American and Afghan governments have warned “that the Islamic State is dramatically expanding its footprint in Afghanistan and planning to use it as a base for attacks on Western countries, including the United States.”
The Islamic State, despite losing territory in Syria and Iraq, has long called for attacks on Western nations globally. General Joseph Votel–head of the US military’s Central Command–also stated months ago “that it was necessary to maintain a vigilant offensive against the now largely dispersed and disaggregated [IS] that retains leaders, fighters, facilitators, resources and the profane ideology that fuels their efforts”. The “profane ideology” to “Kill them wherever you find them” (Qur’an 2:191, 4:89) has infiltrated all Western countries, while Leftists fall for the “Islamophobia” trap.
Yesterday, Jihad Watch reported that a “major Taliban sanctuary and weapons storage area” was found in a mosque. While Western authorities largely fail to recognize what the obvious jihadist threat is about, using a mosque–a place of worship–is highly significant in further demonstrating the clear religious motive in the global jihad. “Afghan armed forces carefully conducted the operation to bust the sanctuary of the group considering the sacred place of mosque.” “Experts: Islamic State Reshaping the Jihadi Landscape of Afghanistan”, by John Hayward, Breitbart, June 10, 2019:
Read it all here..........................
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Kafir, the most racist term - The word kafir is a pejorative and derogatory term usually used for non-Muslims. It is almost used as abuse by Muslims.
The word Kafir is inducing many Muslims to, not integrate themselves with other non-Muslims.
Pgurus : The word Kafir is inducing many Muslims to not integrate themselves with other non-Muslims.
The word Kafir and justification for punishment for kafirs have been used extensively by various Islamic rulers against non-Muslims during last 1300 or so years of Islamic history. Non-Muslims were levied taxes known as Jizya to force them into submission to Islam, also indescribable violence towards Kafirs and many times justification of violence against non-Muslims or Kafirs were carried out by Islamic invaders.
The word Jizya comes from Persia when Arabic Islam invaded the Sassanid empire. Arabic Muslim invaders adopted the Sassanid system of taxes and levied a special tax on those who didn’t accept their rule. The people on whom this tax was levied were called dhimmi. The word Kafir thus holds to be the most racist and derogatory term ever used in the history of the world. Islam makes a very strong distinction between Muslims and non-Muslims. The distinction often creates islands of Muslim communities wherever Islam is practiced.
Ultimately the goal of Islamic rulers is to make everyone subservient to Islam. The six principal articles of faith as per Islam are God, His messengers, angels, revealed books, day of resurrection (Kayamat) and destiny. Anyone who doesn’t believe in them or has an alternate system of beliefs is called kafir.
Read it all here.....................
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Would Harapan trade Zakir Naik for Jho Low? - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Mujid with Zakar Naik
Malaysiakini : “May Allah strengthen his preaching efforts to guide people to recognise Islam." – Mujahid Rawa
COMMENT | There is all this venom against alleged money launderer and fugitive Zakir Naik online. Truth be told that I have contributed to the venom and am distressed that this time, I cannot summon enough outrage to write a piece about how damaging Zakir is to this country. It is the same with Jho Low. People despise him, but if you have hung around the corridors of power in Putrajaya, people like Jho Low are a dime a dozen. Both Zakir Naik and Jho Low, the fugitive and alleged accomplice of Najib and Co, have a couple of things in common.
Read it all here............
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CAIR “Demands” US Army War College Cancel Raymond Ibrahim Lecture on Muslim History
Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Read the review here
The “unindicted co-conspirator” Council on American-Muslim Relations (“CAIR”) and its Islamist allies are “outraged” because the US Army War College in Carlisle, PA, has invited me to give a lecture on my recent book, Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West.
On May 28, CAIR’s PA leadership—namely Jacob Bender, Timothy Welbeck, Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu —sent a letter to USAWC Commandant Gen. John Kem and Provost Dr. James Breckenridge urging them to revoke “the decision of the US Army War College to invite Mr. Raymond Ibrahim to deliver the prestigious 50th Annual Lecture Series of the US Army War College.”
The reason CAIR cites to disinvite me is that “Raymond Ibrahim’s book …  advance[s] a simplistic, inaccurate and often prejudicial view of the long history of Muslim-West relations which we find deeply troubling.” Much of this is covered in a Task Force report, which contains some responses from me, titled, “Army War College under fire over historian’s upcoming lecture on ‘clash of civilizations’ between Islam and the West.”
As a reflection of the unprecedented (and ongoing) nature of this Islamist campaign against me, the Task Force notes that, “The trend of disinviting speakers on controversial subjects has been on the rise at American universities in recent years, but this appears to be the first time that a speaker at U.S. military educational institution has been subject to such a campaign, according to a database maintained by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (emphasis added).”
CAIR has since issued other screeds, including a Press Release and a petition that present me as a “notoriousIslamophobe,” and—despite my being of Egyptian descent—a “white nationalist,” who, if allowed to speak, will cause “white nationalism, Islamophobia, and violence” against Muslims in America to break out.
Read it all here.............
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