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For the First Time Ever: the Shocking 1,400-Year History of Jihad
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Here is the first official press release for my new book:

"Here, for the first time, is the entire history of Islamic jihad activity from the beginning of Islam to the present day – from Spain to India, from Muhammad’s massacre of Jews at the Khaybar oasis in Arabia to the hijacked jets taking down the World Trade Center, and beyond.
In The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, the renowned scholar of Islam Robert Spencer briskly traces the 1,400-year war of Islamic jihadis against the rest of the world, detailing the jihad against Europe, including the 700-year struggle to conquer Constantinople; the jihad in Spain, where non-Muslims fought for another 700 years to get the jihadi invaders out of the country; and the jihad against India, where Muslim warriors and conquerors wrought unfathomable devastation in the name of their religion. This briskly readable book spans the globe, involves multitudes, and introduces you to numerous unforgettable characters, including:
  • The Christian whose personal grudge facilitated the jihad conquest of Spain
  • The emperor of India who treated his non-Muslim subjects with tolerance and kindness – because he had grown disenchanted with Islam
  • The Sultan who commanded the jihad conquest of Cyprus because he had grown fond of Cypriot wine
  • The Christian leader who was hanged outside his cathedral for five days as a warning to other Christians not to resist Islamic rule
  • And many, many more, vividly portrayed in this rich historical epic
Told in great part in the words of contemporary chroniclers themselves, both Muslim and non-Muslim, The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS definitively proves the falsehood of the prevailing assumption that Islam is fundamentally peaceful and that jihad terrorism is relatively new.  This book is the key to understanding the geopolitical situation of the twenty-first century, and the challenges that free nations will be facing for generations to come.
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:40 AM   0 comments
What is Harapan’s Islamic agenda? - By Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Malaysiakini : “Man and fascism cannot co-exist. If fascism conquers, man will cease to exist and there will remain only man-like creatures that have undergone an internal transformation. But if man, man who is endowed with reason and kindness, should conquer, then fascism must perish, and those who have submitted to it will once again become people.” ― Vasily Grossman, ‘Life and Fate’
COMMENT | What does the Malay ruling establishment and the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) think about Perlis mufti Asri Zainul Abidin’s comment that the loser of the debate between Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy and Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik, “dihantar pulang ke India seperti yang menjadi hasrat mereka”?
Well, I know for a fact that Zakir Naik does not want to be sent home to India and Ramasamy is a citizen of this country, so what is the establishment stand on the racist remarks of the Perlis mufti towards a Malaysian citizen? Does this challenge our value system?
Read it all here..........
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:31 AM   0 comments
Coming to some reality on Crimea — which the Ottomans used as a jihad base for years
Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Ottomans in Crimea
Jihad Watch : Amid all the hysteria regarding Trump and Russia, with many people calling upon Trump to denounce Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, it is useful to regain some historical perspective. Crimea, as Michael Finch explains here, was point of contention between the jihadis of the Ottoman Empire at the Russians for many, many years.
I have details about this in my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS. It was settled by Russians, not Ukrainians, and Putin’s annexation was in accord with the reality that most of the people there are Russians and have been Russians for many centuries. “Coming to Some Reality on Crimea,” by Michael Finch, American Greatness, July 16, 2018: That is the status of Crimea. It’s non negotiable for Russia. Going into this summit, it behooves everyone to understand what is at stake in terms of Crimea. First some history.
The Crimean Peninsula juts out from the bottom of Ukraine into the north shore of the Black Sea. Its critical position in the Black Sea has made it a battle ground and prized possession for Empires over three millennium. It has been colonized by Greeks, Persians, Romans, Goths, Slavs, and Steppe nomads from the Mongols and Tartars. In the mid 15th Century, Crimea became a northern outpost of the Muslim Ottoman Empire and would remain in Ottoman control for over 400 years.
The Ottomans used the Crimean Peninsula as a launch pad for raids far into Ukraine and Russia. It is estimated that well over 2 million Slavs (Ukrainians and Russians) were taken as slaves between 1500 and 1700 and sent to modern day Turkey. In fact the word “slave” traces back to the Greek word for Slav. To put some perspective on this, it is estimated that just under 400,000 black slaves were shipped from Africa to the Colonies in North America and later the independent United States. The Islamic Caliphate’s hold at the southern reaches of the Russian Empire was an existential threat, literally so for millions of Slavs.
By 1700 however, the Ottoman Empire was starting a long period of decline, while the Russian Empire, first under the reign of Peter the Great, and then under Catherine the Great, were in the ascendancy. Peter the Great in the early 18th Century had secured, through a war with Sweden, a port on the Baltic Sea, what was to become St. Petersburg. Russia however, desperately desired a warm water port. They looked South, where they had been war, on and off for centuries, against the raiding Mongol and Tartar hordes as well as the Ottoman Sultanate.
Constantinople, the great seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church, from which Russian Orthodoxy had sprung, fell in 1453 to the Ottomans. It had been a dream of Christians everywhere to return Constantinople to the Christian fold and  that feeling was no more passionately held than in Russia. Moscow became the “Third Rome.” :
Read it all here...............
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“I want Obama deposed”
From Vlad Tepes : IMMEDIATELY SUBPOENA Mueller about why Strozk was fired, DEMAND Obama be deposed under oath about what he knew
No wonder Obama sounded so confident when he said Trump would never be president. My-my!Give her whatever she wants! As she feels she was thrown under the bus by BF & boys club! You go girl! Bring down those that had planned on using you as their Patsy! For 7 months the DOJ/FBI refused to give you the letter requesting to meet with you putting you in a weak position of contempt of court & being part of the swamp.
It's time for the FBI to eat their own as the other honorable FBI agents sit on their hands with a gag ball in their interrogating mouths praying. Karma is sweet!
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 4:34 PM   0 comments
The Direct Connection Between Devoutness in Islam and Violence
Anwar al-Awlaki
PJ Media : It is commonplace for Leftists and Islamic apologists in the West to claim that jihadis are ignorant of Islam, and indifferent to it.
“Terrorists don’t kill for their religion,” asserted an article published in the World Economic Forum last year, just one of many that claim the same thing. Yet again and again we see just the opposite: jihadis are devout, informed Muslims.
Here is yet another example: According to the Times Ledger, a Muslim named Ahmed Parveg “pleaded guilty in a Brooklyn federal court last month to helping the overseas terrorist organization ISIS.” Parveg “traveled to Saudi Arabia [in] June 2017 to celebrate the Islamic religious holiday Ramadan, then attempted to travel to Syria to join ISIS.” Parveg was a fan of the now-dead jihad mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki, and had bookmarked on his computer a recording of a sermon in which al-Awlaki preached:
“Jihad must continue and fighting must go on until the Final Hour comes. Fighting is only increasing as prescribed by Allah -- now it is time to carry the battle to further lands outside of Arab countries.” Was Parveg intending to kill for his religion? “He got religious in the last year. Not radical, just religious,” his brother said after Parveg was arrested. Not only was Parveg religious, the group he wanted to join was -- and is -- as well.
The Islamic State (ISIS), in its heyday, quoted the Qur’an frequently -- odd behavior if the group was actually ignorant of, indifferent to, or in violation of the book’s core tenets. ISIS quoted the Qur’an extensively in threats to blow up the White House and conquer Rome and Spain; in explaining its priorities in the nations it is targeting in jihad; in preaching to Christians after collecting the jizya (a Qur’an-based tax, cf. Qur’an 9:29); in justifying the execution of accused spies; and in its various videos.
Read it all here...............
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Zakar Naik supports corruption as a corrupt Muslim is better than a Kaffir
Quran 3: 28  Let not the believers take disbelievers for their friends in preference to believers. Whoso doeth that hath no connection with Allah unless (it be) that ye but guard yourselves against them, taking (as it were) security. Allah biddeth you beware (only) of Himself. Unto Allah is the journeying. This verse too is relevant Quran 3:110
Please share this video until it reaches Mahathir. Zakir Naik preaches that Muslims must vote for a corrupt leader according to Islam, he quotes Quran 3:28  He condemns Mahathir for sharing power with the Kafirs or infidels. Why do we need this arsehole in our country. He doesn't believe in applying intellect to solve socio-economic issues rationally. He wants Muslims in Malaysia to kowtow and remain poor and subservient to Corrupt Leaders. We need to kick him out as soon as possible.
He should also investigated for Corrupt Practices in India as well as terrorist financing.
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 3:47 PM   0 comments
In NOT so great britain : Leftists enraged as UKIP leader Gerald Batten quotes Bukhari 7.62.88
Muslim Rape Gang Survivor
“Ukip leader Gerard Batten tells it as it is,  at Tommy Robinson rally,” by Eleanor Busby, Independent, July 15, 2018:
Ukip’s leader insults  the founder of Islam for mentioning Bukhari 7.62.88, at a rally for jailed far-right leader Tommy Robinson.
Gerard Batten, an MEP for London, told protesters campaigning for the release of Robinson in London that “rape gang members are predominately followers of Islam”.
His comments were called “deeply disturbing” and “worrying” by an anti-Islamophobia group.
In a speech provided to The Independent by Ukip, Mr Batten said: “The great British media do not want to talk about the group identity of the rapists, or the ideology that inspires them.
Read it all here...........
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On election meddling and more
Vlad Tepes : Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) is demanding an explanation from the Department of Justice as to why it didn’t turn over two text messages between FBI official Lisa Page and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.
Omission of facts constitutes perjury and should be addressed accordingly. Congress must impeach Rosentein now !!
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 11:23 AM   0 comments
Multiculturalism is failing BIg Time !! Spot on
From Vlad Tepes : I agree, Kirralie. The type of 'culture' we're importing now is fundamentally incompatible with our western democracy. For many (fundamentals), their culture is their ideology, religion & way of life. They may come here willingly, but with no intent 2 assimilate or contribute.
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AFP: “Taliban defeated by the quiet strength of Pakistan’s Buddha”
The Blown Up Bamiyan Statues
Jihad Watch : That will come as news to the Taliban.
What happened to the people who carved this statue? Why doesn’t Pakistan have a large Buddhist community, and why is its Hindu community rapidly diminishing in size? Find out in my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, the first history of jihad published in the Western world to include the bloody jihad against India. Click here to preorder The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS now.
“Taliban defeated by the quiet strength of Pakistan’s Buddha,” AFP, July 12, 2018:
MINGORA, Pakistan: The Buddha of Swat, carved on a cliff in the seventh century, was dynamited by the Pakistani Taliban in 2007. Now it has been restored, a powerful symbol of tolerance in the traumatised Pakistani valley.
The holy figure, depicted in a lotus position at the base of a granite cliff in northern Pakistan, was severely damaged by Islamist insurgents in an echo of the Afghan Taliban’s complete destruction of its more imposing counterparts at Bamiyan in 2001.
For some, it was a wanton act of vandalism that struck at the heart of the area’s unique history and identity.
Continue reading all the Bullshit from the AFP.........................
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The Brits are getting dry humped through their bloody arses, still they don't bat an eyelid !! The Free Tommy demo and the Muslim bus driver

Jihad Watch : The driver of the bus was a Muslima in a headscarf, although it should be noted that the bus wasn’t targeted because a Muslima was at the wheel.
The last time this happened, the driver was a middle-aged white man. On both occasions, it was the bus that was targeted and not the driver. The focus was on blocking the road and bringing the traffic to a halt. Anti-Trump supporters had shut down central London the day before, and earlier on Saturday afternoon the police refused to allow pro-Trump supporters to gather outside of the US Embassy to show their support for the President.
Also, it should be noted that on both occasions, both bus drivers could do nothing more than stay in their seats and wait for the police to disperse the crowd in order that their buses could continue on their way.
The last time this happened, when the white middle-aged bus driver was at the wheel, the newspapers focused on the disruption by the “far-right” drunken mob. This time, the reporters ran with the headline that a Muslima in a headscarf demonstrated to the world everything that is great about Britain. She, like the other white bus driver, sat calmly, sometimes smiling, and always waiting for police direction.
She, unlike the white bus driver, is now being touted as the face of everything that makes Britain great – tolerance, patience, a sense of humour, the ability to laugh in the face of a perceived threat by “nazis,” courage and the refusal to leave her station (even although she and her passengers were never in any danger, and there was never any reason as to why she or the other bus driver should have abandoned their vehicles).
Read it all here......................
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Norway: Muslim “unaccompanied child refugee” stabs man to death inside store, motive unknown

Jihad Watch : Celebrate diversity! Diversity is our strength!
This may not have been a jihad attack. Although the Islamic State and other jihad groups have called on Muslims in the West to murder random civilians, this particular killing could have been over some personal dispute between the killer and the victim. In any case, it is an indication of how marvelously diverse Norway, and much of Europe, has become. “Unaccompanied child refugee murdered Coop employee with knife,” translated from “Ensamkommande knivmördade Coop-anställd,” Fria Tider, July 16, 2018 :
A so-called unaccompanied child refugee from Afghanistan has been arrested for a brutal assassination in Vadsø in Norway last Saturday, reports Norwegian TV2. The detainee has a temporary residence permit and came to Norway in 2015. It was just after 10PM on Saturday night that the Finnmark police were alerted to a stabbing at the Coop Extra store in Vadsø in northeastern Norway. At the site, 18-year-old Håvard Pedersen was found stabbed to death.
Read it all here.................
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Weather in France: Raining car parts, smoke, gasoline smell, rioting imbeciles
Monday, July 16, 2018
From Vlad Tepes : Celebrations have turned to chaos in France with riots and looting in Paris as millions of French fans have been celebrating their team’s 4-2 victory over Croatia in the World Cup final.
EUROPE is dead. Europe is not a civilized region anymore. These are not fans, they are vandals, robbers, always finding an opportunity to loot, to smash windows, to destroy. The best would have been that France loses the final. Well, these Negroes would find another reason to show their high culture in a country that is not theirs.
Ah,.... the "French" team? What are the FROGS celebrating? That Africa won the World Cup?
“It’s nice to see how Culturally Enriched France has become since World Cup ‘98.” -EU. I didn't know they were filming the sequel to "Planet of the Apes" in Paris. Are there any French left in France?
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 8:30 PM   0 comments
Muslim ruler tells Christians: “You have two options. Either die or convert to our religion.”
The Genocide of Christians in the Middle East since the 7th Century , when Islam arrived
Jihad Watch : As I detail in my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, in the late 770s, the Abbasid caliph al-Mahdi traveled to Aleppo, where twelve thousand Christians greeted him with great honor.
Al-Mahdi, however, was not disposed to respond in kind, and told them: “You have two options. Either die or convert to our religion.” Most of the Christians chose to die rather than embrace Islam.
In and around Baghdad, he noticed that the Assyrian Christians had built new churches since the Muslim conquest, in violation of dhimmi laws; he ordered them destroyed; five thousand Christians in Syria were given the choice of conversion to Islam or death. Many stayed true to their ancestral faith and chose death.
Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Click here to preorder The History of Jihad, the first and only comprehensive history of jihad worldwide — not just against Europe, but against India, Africa, Israel, the U.S., and more — in the English language.
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Coptic Pope: Egypt has been model for coexistence between Christians and Muslims for 14 centuries

Jihad Watch : The Coptic Christians are under tremendous pressure in Egypt, and in that light it is understandable why Pope Tawadros would say this, as preposterous as it is: to state the truth might make the situation even more difficult for Egyptian Christians.
In reality, they have been oppressed for centuries, and when that oppression was relaxed, Islamic hardliners made sure that the relaxation was temporary. Just one example from my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS: in 1301, according to the fourteenth-century Muslim historian Ibn Naqqash, the vizier of Gharb in North Africa visited the Mamluk sultan al-Malik an-Nasir and several other high dignitaries in Cairo, including the emir Rukn ad-Din Baybar al-Jashangir, “who offered him magnificent presents and received him with the greatest distinction.”
But the vizier was not happy with what he had seen in Egypt: the dhimmi Jews and Christians were “attired in the most elegant clothes” and “rode on mules, mares, and expensive horses.” Even worse, they were “considered worthy of being employed in the most important offices, thus gaining authority over the Muslims.”
Back home in Gharb, by contrast, the Jews and Christians were “maintained with constraints of humiliation and degradation. Thus they were not permitted to ride on horseback, nor to be employed in the public administration.” The emir Rukn and several others were impressed, and “unanimously declared,” according to Ibn Naqqash, “that if similar conditions were to prevail in Egypt this would greatly enhance the [Muslim] religion.”
New rules were implemented swiftly. Ibn Naqqash continued: “The churches of Misr [old Cairo] and Cairo were closed and their portals were sealed after having been nailed up….Next, the dhimmis were dismissed from the public administration and the functions that they occupied in the service of the emirs. They were then prohibited to ride horses or mules. Consequently, many of them were converted to Islam.”
Of course: the light of its truth was shining brightly. Click here to preorder The History of Jihad, the first and only comprehensive history of jihad worldwide — not just against Europe, but against India, Africa, Israel, the U.S., and more — in the English language. “Egypt has been model for coexistence between Christians and Muslims for 14 centuries: Tawadros,” Al-Masry Al-Youm, July 14, 2018:
Read it all here..............
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Mayor Sadiq Khan of Londonistan aka A Friggin Paki deserves a lot more scrutiny than he gets as he is a bloody hypocrite full of double standards
From Vlad Tepes : This Twat's hypocrisy is breathtaking. Hitter and Stalin were in favor of free speech. If it fit their own viewpoints. The whole point of free speech is to say things that others may find offensive. Otherwise it’s NOT FREE SPEECH!
Says the guy that stopped pro trump rally yesterday.
Sadiq the Clown of London
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Middle East Genocide
Genocide Against the Christians
New York Post June 2nd  2013 : Our Middle Eastern “allies” and foes alike eradicate thousands of years of Jewish and Christian heritage. Our diplomats treat the persecution as a minor embarrassment, best ignored. A thousand years ago, there were more Christians in the Middle East than in Europe, and Jewish communities prospered from the Nile to the Tigris.
Even a century ago, more than 20% of the region’s population was Christian, and Jews still adorned Arab cities with their talents. But all they possess does not suffice for Islamist fanatics. Israel must be blotted from the earth, and the last Christians must be driven out.
This is an old, old story, nearing its end. We shroud it in lies to excuse ourselves from taking a stand, even accepting the preposterous Arab claim that Muslim failures today are the fault of the Crusades, a brief interlude when Christians occupied a coastal strip hardly larger than Israel. In fact, it was the Mongols, then the Muslim Turks, who shattered Arab civilization. And as for conquests, Muslims occupied Spain in all or part for 800 years — and brutalized the Balkans for half a millennium. The Crusades were hardly a burp.
We also accept extravagant claims that “civilized” Arabs rescued the classical texts that formed our civilization. That’s utter nonsense. The Arab hordes that burst out of barren Arabia in the 7th century were composed of illiterates. Conquering at a time when the warring Byzantine and Persian empires had exhausted themselves, the new rulers found that tribal practices didn’t suffice to run provinces. So they took over the existing bureaucracies, staffed by Greek-speaking Christians and Jews. It was those officials who saved the Greek classics for Europe’s future Renaissance — and their descendants designed Islam’s greatest monuments.
Yes, some Arab rulers came to value learning — but the Arab world never produced a Homer, Plato, Sophocles or Thucydides whose appeal transcended their culture.
Islam was a religion spread by war. It was only a “religion of peace” where it had conquered. True, Islam sometimes proved more tolerant of minorities than Europeans, but that was at the zenith of the faith’s power.
Read it all here.....................
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Father says no money for expensive legal fees and treatment for daughter who “has cancer”...
Enjoying Life with wine and women
He is “poor now”... Happily accepts donations!!!
But son Nazif Najib can afford to fly to Taiwan for just a day trip and stays in expensive Grand Hyatt Hotel... Now Nazif in Russia for World Cup Final... Proudly posts in his FaceBook... He doesn’t look sad nor poor...
Accounts frozen? Where does he get money to fly to Taiwan and Russia, stay in expensive hotels? Or went to Taiwan and Russia to cash out money there? Open your eyes DONORS!!!
Via WhatsApp
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World View: China’s Railway Contractor in Kenya Accused of ‘Neo-Colonialism, Racism and Blatant Discrimination’ - This could have happened under Najib or already happening ?
Punishment being meted out to the Kenyans for so called disciplinary issues by the Chicoms
Breitbart : A series of reports in Kenyan newspapers being described as “explosive” accuse the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), responsible for developing and operating Kenya’s Special Gauge Railway (SGR), of “neo-colonialism, racism, and blatant discrimination” towards Kenya workers.
The SGR train is the Madaraka Express, which operates between Kenya’s Port of Mombasa and the capital city Nairobi. Racism is rampant, to the point where the Chinese have apparently set up an apartheid system. At the staff canteen, Kenyans may not sit at the same tables as Chinese. Kenyans may not share the company’s staff vans used by the Chinese. All the signs are written in Chinese, apparently with no translations available, to prevent the Kenyans from doing many of the jobs.
Although Kenyan workers have at least civil engineering degrees, the Chinese masters order them to perform only menial tasks, well below their skill levels. If a Kenyan refuses to perform menial work as ordered, he can be physically punished. Furthermore, when a Kenyan and a Chinese employee perform the same job, the Chinese employee’s salary is four times as high. There are 40 Kenyan locomotive drivers employed by the company, but the Chinese do not actually let them drive the train. The Chinese are supposed to be training Kenyans to do the technical jobs, but according to one Kenyan driver who has been working at the company for over a year, “We just sit at the back and watch. There is no actual transfer of skills that is happening here.”
Chinese workers blatantly violate the rules – smoking inside the trains, urinating on the tracks, and other violations that are ignored for the Chinese workers but would immediately get a Kenyan worker fired. The Chinese contractor CRBC is apparently also guilty of corruption and financial fraud. Some employees have also discovered that the Chinese contractor has been reporting different figures to the Kenya Revenue Authority for tax purposes.
Read it all here.......................
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KJ wants Umno homecoming, but old guard want to fight the future - By Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Khairy Jamaluddin
Malaysiakini : “I'm Jack's complete lack of surprise.” - Narrator, Fight Club
COMMENT | With Umno going full metal far right, the only person in the largest opposition party who seems to be talking any sense is former youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.
His failed bid for the Umno grand poohbah post indicates that the old guard and their old ways will continue to hold dominion over the Umno base. Khairy’s rhetoric of Umno being a big tent party for the Malays is from the playbook of the GOP, which makes similar claims. But unfortunately, that’s not the reality.
Read it all here................
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A tale of two Aurangzebs
Sunday, July 15, 2018

Jihad Watch : The modern-day Aurangzeb was a Muslim in the Indian military who was murdered by Pakistani jihadis last month.
Those who conclude from this that the jihad is over in India, and Muslims there are now loyal members of Indian society, happy to contribute to their nation’s defense, should also bear in mind that those who killed today’s Aurangzeb were animated by the same jihadist principles and exhortations that motivated the first Aurangzeb, the bloody seventeenth-century Mughal emperor. And there are many of them.
As I show in my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, Aurangzeb was outrageously cruel to his non-Muslim subjects. In 1670 he issued this decree: “Every idol-house built during the last 10 or 12 years, whether with brick or clay, should be demolished without delay. Also, do not allow the crushed Hindus and despicable infidels to repair their old temples.”
A Muslim historian, Saqa Mustad Khan, writing just after Aurangzeb died in 1707, reported that in January 1680, Aurangzeb “went to view lake Udaisagar, constructed by the Rana, and ordered all the three temples on its banks to be demolished.” The following day, “Hasan Ali Khan brought to the Emperor twenty camel-loads of tents and other things captured from the Rana’s palace and reported that one hundred and seventy-two other temples in the environs of Udaipur had been destroyed.” Later that year, “Abu Turab, who had been sent to demolish the temples of Amber, returned to Court…and reported that he had pulled down sixty-six temples.”
Bakhtawar Khan, a nobleman during Aurangzeb’s reign, was also pleased, noting that “Hindu writers have been entirely excluded from holding public offices, and all the worshipping places of the infidels and great temples of these infamous people have been thrown down and destroyed in a manner which excites astonishment at the successful completion of so difficult a task.”
You won’t learn all this in today’s whitewashed, politically motivated histories. But you can get the truth in The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS: click here to preorder. The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS is the only comprehensive one-volume history of jihad in the English language, including not just the jihad in Europe but in India, Africa and elsewhere, drawing primarily on accounts of eyewitnesses and contemporary chroniclers. Arm yourself with the truth against the prevailing disinformation. Preorder here now. “A tale of two Aurangzebs,” by Minhaz Merchant, New Indian Express, July 7, 2018:
Read it all here.......................
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Netanyahu Vows to ‘Hit Hamas with the Harshest Blow’ Since 2014 War After Rocket Attacks - Excellent !!
Breitbart : The Times of Israel reports: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Saturday that Israel would step up its strikes on Gaza until the Palestinian terror groups halt all violence coming out of the coastal enclave.
Netanyahu said that after consultations with Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and the IDF chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot it was decided to take “powerful action against Hamas terror.” Ynetnews reports: A family of four Israelis were lightly wounded from shrapnel of a Gaza rocket that landed near a home in the city of Sderot on Saturday evening.
Another rocket landed near a synagogue in the city. The father of the family, 52, suffered injuries to his forehead and legs, the mother, 45, suffered injuries to her legs, a 15-year-old girl suffered injuries to her face, head and legs, and a 14-year-old girl suffered injuries to her face, legs and back of the head.
Read it all here....................
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Muslims “all about unity” as they attack Tommy Robinson supporters
From Vlad Tepes : A rally in support of Donald Trump and demonstrators marching in support of jailed far-right leader Tommy Robinson joined forces in London on Saturday. And there were brief scuffles as they were met by a counter-protest.
Tommy Robinson could easily win a seat in Parliament if he decided to do so. That would be a fantastic result of this government's tyrannical oppression and would stop any further similar attacks. I hope he does take them on and win. Could you imagine Tommy giving them the truth inside the Commons ? The BBC and the rest of the MSM could not avoid the real issues anymore. He could make real change possible.
You tube and the Google Gestapo are really doing their best to silence the voice of the anti-establishment. Scrubbing and shadow banning videos and changing the algorithm have become the new norm.
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Second British schoolgirl who fled to Syria to join ISIS ‘was killed in air strike a year ago’ mother claims

BCF : A British schoolgirl who travelled to Syria to join Islamic State with two teenage friends is feared to have been killed in an air strike.
The mother of Amira Abase, who was just 15 when she fled her London home to join IS in 2015, has told friends that she understands her daughter died almost a year ago.
“Feared” to have been killed??? I’m happy to hear it.
Read it all here...........
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Pakistan: Persecution of Christians increases in first six months of 2018
The Pakis should be doing this as a favourite pastime instead of killing minorities
 Jihad Watch : Meanwhile in Pukistan ooops Pakistan. Christians live an increasingly precarious existence in Pakistan, but the global human rights organizations are generally too preoccupied with finding incidents of “Islamophobia” to take much notice.
“Persecution of Pakistani Christians Heightens in First Six Months of 2018,”, July 11, 2018: Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – The first six months of 2018 have marked the beginning of another frightening and difficult year for Christians in Pakistan. As we review the last six months of Christian persecution in Pakistan, you will see that the nation is yet to experience any positive change regarding religious freedom for Christians.
Since the formation of the country, Pakistan has regarded its religious minorities as second-class citizens. Upon reading Pakistan’s constitution, one can see evidence of this. Religious minorities are legally barred from high government offices and all laws are required to be compatible with Islamic teachings. The interpretation of the constitution has only served to reinforce the marginalization of Christians and other religious minorities.
Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws continue to damage Pakistan’s Christian community as seven Christians were booked under these laws between January and June 2018. Six of these blasphemy accusations were reported from Faisalabad and one from Lahore.
Read it all here about the Sicko Pakis..................
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