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No One Was left behind by Major Len Olivero in a Warzone
Saturday, August 31, 2019
Wounded Somali being given aid by Major Len Olivero's boys
For those Dicks who do NOT know who Major Len Olivero is, here is news for you, Malaysia got forth placing in the 1975 World Cup Hockey, one of the ace players was Major Len Olivero!!

Staff Sergeant Azman was driving the UN white Toyota pickup, he tried avoiding the potholes filled with water, he had to slow down; on the left of them, in front, he passed a Militia strong point when a .50 calibre machine gun belonging to the Somali Militia opened up.
The rounds thudded through the sides of the Toyota pickup (left hand drive) and slammed through Staff Sergeant Azman’s body like a hot knife through butter. He died instantly. Corporal Ghani instantly opened fire in the direction; the .50 calibre machine gun had fired, with his M16, after exhausting the entire rounds in his magazine he took out his M79.
He tried to live up to the proud traditions of the Rangers. There were too many of them and they closed up all around the pickup very fast. The armed militia men started firing from the crowd of old men women and children. Ghani tried, desperately to fight then off, unfortunately the rest of the mixed patrol of different countries were not able to assist him. Ghani hesitated because of this screw-up, one of the Somalis yanked the rifle from his hands and another pumped some rounds into Corporal Ghani’s head. He fell down dead.
The Italian Colonel, the two Italian Captains, the New Zealand Army Warrant Officer, the rest of the Malaysians and the sole Malaysian Intelligence Officer were taken prisoner. The bodies of the two Malaysians were seized. Colonel Fulvio Vezzalini, the two Italian Captains were captured along with the New Zealand Warrant Officer. The Italian Colonel informed him that his patrol was ambushed and that two Malaysian were dead, two seriously injured (stretcher cases).
Along with the Italian Colonel was the Malaysian Intelligence Warrant Officer. Major Len who just awoke was in a state of confusion, his mind was reeling with the words of the Italian Colonel, “we have got to save them”. Major Len then went to meet the Somali Elders who had accompanied the Italian Colonel. The Elders told him that he could take a few soldiers to bring back the dead, the wounded and the prisoners. That they would not be allowed to bear arms, they had to recover their men unarmed. He considered that they were Rangers and that they did not need fire arms to prove to people how good and fearless soldiers they were. So, after a rough calculation, 2 dead and 2 stretcher cases, he needed 8 for stretchers (good terrain so 2 per stretcher), another 3 to help the walking wounded and himself to command the group.
There were no Somalis, there was no information and no feedbacks as the Somalis around K4 had shut down their ramshackle stalls and fled the scene as they were terrified that the Malaysians would indiscriminately retaliate against them. They walked unarmed towards Bakara Market and as they passed each alley that came to a main road, there was a Technical (a vehicle mounted with a .50 gun), indicating that the Somalis were scared shit of the Malaysians, as they were expecting severe retaliation.
Read it all here.............
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Does Malaysia need a Saddam Hussein? - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Sunday, August 25, 2019
Mullah of Perlis
Malaysiakini : “And we will look for a candidate.” - Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin
COMMENT | Recently PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang – who still has not replied to my numerous open letters and which makes me sad because he is the only one I have written to – said that we should debate people like controversial Muslim preacher Zakir Naik instead of turning the issue into a political one. Well, in the spirit of that admonishment, I will start with Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin.
The Perlis mufti (does the DAP still want to build bridges with him?) said that Malaysia needs a strongman like Saddam Hussein to take on the “many thugs we currently have”. This I find strange because as far the DAP leaders are concerned, I think they are a bunch of pussy cats. He did not mention the DAP but seeing as how they are his favourite target, it is not hard to imagine that he views them as one of the numerous anti-Malay thugs we have in this country.
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 12:05 AM   0 comments
Disturbed and upset over Mahathir's stand by Nadia Sukiman
Saturday, August 24, 2019
Our "Great Leader"
drngsc : Nadia, it is obvious after 15 months, THAT MAMAK IS THE PROBLEM. He is the problem obstructing the reform program for new Malaysia.
The suspicion is that after getting rid of Najib, he wants to revive DUMNO and lead DUMNO 3.0. Khat and Zakir is there solely to create instability, so that he can divide and conquer. This evil man is cunning and wily and untrustworthy. The issue is also the leaders of the other Harapan component parties.
They seem to be blinded by the glare of the Putrajaya sun and intoxicated by the rarefied air in Putrajaya. So much so that they cannot see through Mamak's scheme and dare not oppose him. Until and unless they wake up and tell Mamak to rule by consensus, we will continue to have instability and no reform. That is the way Mamak wants it.
Malaysiakini : LETTER | I have always loved and admired our beloved Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and believe he is truly one of the greatest leaders today.
However, I am disturbed and upset over his recent stand on two issues - Zakir Naik and the teaching of Jawi in schools. To most Malaysians, Zakir Naik is nothing but a troublemaker and someone we certainly do not need in this country. Why do we need to protect someone who does nothing but work to incite racial tension among the people? Till today, I am puzzled why Mahathir IS so defensive whenever it came to issues involving Zakir Naik.
Also, like most others, I do not understand why there is a need to teach khat in schools. I am not against khat at all, but just feel it should not be made compulsory for all students but rather it should be the student's choice. While other countries are moving forward and teaching their children subjects like coding in schools, we seem to be moving the other way.
Another thing which I believe is on the minds of many others is the actual handover date between Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim. I clearly remember reading about Mahathir saying he would willingly hand over power to Anwar within two years, just before the last general election.
However, today, why is he delaying the transition and not giving us a specific date? Was Mahathir sincere when he made that pre-election statement?
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 11:55 PM   0 comments
Michigan, California, Georgia, Texas, Florida, NJ public schools: Islam glorified, Christianity vilified, US bashed
Huda Essa, the Bitch who disparages Christianity in Christian America
Jihad Watch : There is nothing wrong with students learning about Islam in school, if what they’re taught is accurate. But it isn’t. Because of the overpowering influence of the multiculturalist ethos and fears of charges of “Islamophobia” and “racism,” public school materials on Islam and other religions are for the most part heavily biased, with scarcely a critical word about Islam, Muhammad depicted as a cross between Gandhi and Sheriff Andy Taylor, no mention of jihad or dhimmitude, and harsh criticism of Christianity.
Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Law Center, commented on the results of their investigation, “We found that the teachers were subjected to two days of Islamic propaganda, where Islam was glorified, Christianity disparaged, and America bashed—all funded by Novi taxpayers.”
The information on Islam she provided to Novi teachers was riddled with falsehoods and errors of omission that were clearly meant to deceive. Essa provided no truthful information on Sharia law and jihad, two of the most important aspects of Islam. All references to terrorism were dismissed as having nothing to do with Islam. White Christian males, she suggested, are more dangerous than Islamic radicals.
Essa’s client list reveals she has been spreading her “trash America first” philosophy to colleges, universities, schools and professional educator associations throughout Michigan, California, Georgia, Texas, Florida and beyond. In Michigan alone her website lists nine school districts as clients – Oakland County Schools, Ann Arbor Schools, L’Anse Creuse Public Schools, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, Roseville Community Schools, Farmington Public Schools, Dearborn Public Schools, Birmingham Public Schools and Melvindale Public Schools.
Under the banner of promoting diversity, inclusion and a multicultural approach to education, Essa sets about comparing Islam to Christianity, calling them “mostly similar.” The one big difference, she claims, is that Islam is the world’s “only purely monotheistic religion.”
Islam’s holy book, the Koran, came straight from Allah to the prophet Muhammad and, unlike the Jewish and Christian scriptures, has never been altered or changed, she told the Novi teachers. Significantly, the Koran commands Muslims to “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” (Koran 9:5Her message was clear: The Koran is superior to the Bible. But she did not address the fact that it calls for the extermination of Christian and Jews.
“TMLC Uncovers Tax-Payer Funded Islamic Propaganda Forced On Teachers,” Thomas More Law Center, August 22, 2019 :
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STAGING A RETURN ‘Badly wounded’ ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi hands control to brutal ex Saddam Hussein henchman ‘The Professor’
Abdullah Qardash, a former officer in Saddam Husein's military, is reportedly the new leader of ISIS
THE “disabled” leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has handed over control of the death cult to an ex-Saddam henchman known as The Professor.
Baghdadi, who is in hiding and plotting the group's comeback, has promoted Abdullah Qardash to oversee the rebuild, according to the terror group's propaganda arm Amaq. The power shift has led to further speculation that the bearded terror boss was left badly wounded in a 2017 air strike.
Qardash is a former officer in Saddam Hussein’s army who grew close to Baghdadi, 48, when they were both jailed in Basra by US forces for their links to al-Qaeda in 2003. It was in the Iraqi prison that Baghdadi became a jihadist demagogue converting hundreds of prisoners to his sick vision of a so-called caliphate. Qardash, whose age is unknown, is believed to have worked alongside him ever since, reports The Times.
The Iraqi worked as the brainwashed death cult’s top legislator before his promotion to leader, it has been reported. His nickname is the Professor and is known as a ruthless policymaker in the group. Qardash was also a confidante of Abu Alaa al-Afri, Baghdadi’s previous deputy, who was killed in a US helicopter gun raid in 2016. Read it all here..................
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Tlaib’s “Palestinian” village is wealthy and thriving as she whines about “oppression”
Evil Bitch
Saudi journalist Fahad al-Shammari declared [in a television interview] that: “the Palestinians are beggars,” and “have no honor”.
SOURCE: PA and Jordanian incitement against Saudi Arabia by Yoni Ben Menachem of JCPA, 2019/7/28 Incitement against Saudi Arabia
Jihad Watch : “War is deceit” (Bukhari 4.52.268). Among “Palestinians” it’s a veritable art form. “Tlaib’s Palestinian village is thriving, but she is in denial,” by Akiva Bigman, Israel Hayom, August 21, 2019:
What is it really like to live in the Palestinian village Beit-Ur al-Fauqa, where Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s grandmother and other family members live? Are conditions there as bad as she has claimed? If you look at the Facebook profiles of people who actually live there, you will discover that things are actually not bad at all.
Achiam Tlaib, for example, drives a brand new BMW. On his Facebook account, you can see that his family lives in a very comfortable three-story building. Raja Tlaib shared on his Facebook account pictures of himself posing next to his new Mercedes, wearing an expensive suit. He also has pictures showing him working out in a gym that has the latest equipment.
Mawaid Tlaib uploaded pictures of his vacations in Italy and other places, and Anas Tlaib has a very expensive Mercedes. Samach Tlaib drives a BMW and Niaf Tlaib drives a Corvette convertible and uploaded pictures posing next to his new home under construction, also with three stories. Many of them also have pictures showing them visiting places inside the Green Line (pre-1967 Israel): Jaffa, Acre, Tel Aviv and so on. So perhaps all those checkpoints that supposedly make Palestinian life so miserable are just a myth?
In fact, even the World Bank said in 2014 that the village is one of the richest in the region. The poverty rate in the village stood at 7.4 % in 2014, compared to the overall rate of 21% in the Palestinian Authority. Only a handful of villages have a lower poverty rate in the PA and employment in the village is also among the lowest in the PA. But perhaps the most important statistic is this: The rate of social mobility in Beit-Ur al-Fauqa is among the highest in the PA.
According to a 2017 PA report on the quality of life of Palestinians, the village has 230 households. The report says that 215 structures are considered private residences and four of them are actually single-family homes, attesting to their wealth.
More than 115 of the households are in apartments that have 5 bedrooms or more, and 65 of the households have four bedrooms….
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Denmark: MP proposes ban on migrants “with Muslim values” becoming Danish citizens
Member of Parliament Mette Thiesen
Jihad Watch : In an effort to control the Islamization of Denmark, Member of Parliament Mette Thiesen for the Danish party, The New Right, has proposed a “ban on migrants from predominantly Muslim countries from becoming citizens of Denmark.”
Thiesen states: “In the New Right, we would vote no to grant Danish citizenship to people who come from countries based on Muslim values,” and she argues:
As long as the problems in foreign policy are not solved from the bottom up, you have to do something like this. It is simply purely practical. We can see that these groups are overrepresented in the crime statistics, and we do not want to grant them Danish citizenship.
This proposed ban will inevitably lead to predictable charges of “racism” from the mainstream media. The frequently heard charges of “racism” throughout the West almost always refer to “racism” against Muslims, not Hindus, Buddhists, or adherents of any other religion — and Islam is not a “race.” The rise of populist parties was in response to the ongoing crisis of the Islamization of the West, a point which should be obvious. 
But precisely because of the Islamic supremacist incursion into the West, even open discussions about the impact of Muslim migration is a non-starter. Such discussions are now judged as “Islamophobic” and have been driven underground and stifled in mainstream conversation. Meanwhile, Denmark’s Justice Minister admitted in June to the fact that the country has a “‘big problem’ with criminal migrants.”
Denmark, like other countries, has been besieged by Islamization problems in every sector, including the undermining of its culture. For example, the country has a “cherished cultural tradition” of singing  a communal morning song that children learn in schools, but now a proposal to include mention of Ramadan has been introduced. “Inclusion” should never mean the elimination of one’s own tradition.
In an effort to control Islamization, Denmark introduced a program last year to force children “‘living in  ghettos‘….containing large numbers of immigrants to be educated about democracy, equality and major Danish holidays such as Christmas.” This was in response to the country’s struggling “for decades…. with how to integrate immigrants, primarily from the Middle East, into its ethnically and religiously homogeneous welfare society.”
MP Mette Thiesen has correctly stated that “it is not a right to obtain Danish citizenship. We must only grant citizenship to those who we believe will benefit Denmark.” That should be the policy of every Western country; peaceful Muslims would benefit, along with everybody else. “Danish Party: No New Citizens Should Come From Muslim Countries,” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, August 21, 2019:
Read it all here......................
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Judea and Samaria: Muslims murder 17-year-old girl, seriously injure her father and brother with explosive device
Rina Shenrav, 17 murdered andFather and Brother Seriously Wounded by Palestinian Terrorists
Jihad Watch : Yes, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar have said nothing.
“One dead, two wounded from explosive device in West Bank,” by Anna Ahronheim, Jerusalem Post, August 23 2019:
A teenage girl was killed and her father and brother were seriously injured on Friday in an explosion near a natural spring near the Israeli settlement of Dolev in the West Bank in what the military is calling a serious terror attack.
IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis called the attack “a serious terror attack” and said that the military is still not sure if the explosive device was thrown at the family or if the device had been planted in the stream and remotely set off.
Manelis said the military had still not determined if the terrorists, who fled the scene, acted as part of an established terror group or were working alone. Rina Shenrav, 17, of Lod, was critically wounded in the attack at Ein Bubin spring and was treated at the scene before succumbing to her wounds. Her funeral was scheduled for 3.30PM in the Lod cemetery.
Her father Eitan Shenrav is said to be conscious and in moderate condition while his 19 year-old son is out of surgery and stable with injuries to his entire body. The two men were evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem for medical treatment by helicopter while the Rina was treated on the spot.
According to reports, Eitan Shenrav received a commendation during his reserve service when he thwarted a terror infiltration by two armed Palestinians in the West Bank….
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The lioness who drove Taimur out of India (English Subtitles)
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BCF : Angry customer causes mayhem when she can’t get a “McFlurry”… with sprinkles

I don’t blame the Bull

Chair fight – Egypt
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“Coming here is mental torture”: NOT so great britain’s Sky News highlights home for Muslim migrants “not fit for humans to live in”
Jihad Watch : There is one discordant note in this Sky News weeper about the supposedly inhuman conditions that Muslim migrant welfare recipients are being forced to endure in Britain: “She even said it was worse than when she lived in a ‘normal house’ in Eritrea and Sudan.”
Indeed. And there’s the rub. The British government had no obligation to take her in and give her a home, but it did. Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield said: “Something has gone very wrong with our housing system when children are growing up in B&Bs, shipping containers and old office blocks.” Maybe. Or maybe it’s a problem with Britain’s immigration policies.

Meanwhile, Lulu Abubaker, in the video below, complains bitterly about her accommodations, and clearly thinks the British authorities should provide her with better housing. Why does she have such a sense of entitlement? One reason may be because non-Muslims paying for the upkeep of Muslims is a Qur’anic dictate:
“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (Qur’an 9:29).
The caliph Umar said the jizya payments from the dhimmis were the source of the Muslims’ livelihood:
“Narrated Juwairiya bin Qudama at-Tamimi: We said to `Umar bin Al-Khattab, ‘O Chief of the believers! Advise us.’ He said, ‘I advise you to fulfill Allah’s Convention (made with the Dhimmis) as it is the convention of your Prophet and the source of the livelihood of your dependents (i.e. the taxes from the Dhimmis.)’” (Bukhari 4.53.388)
UK jihad preacher Anjem Choudary said in February 2013: “Children ‘robbed of childhood’ as families housed in converted shipping containers and offices,” by Rebecca Taylor, Sky News, August 21, 2019:
Read it all here....................
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Austria: Muslim migrant arrested for attempted arson at office of party that warns against Islamization
Party against Islam in a Christian Country
Jihad Watch : “An Afghan migrant has been arrested in Austria in connection with the attempted arson of an office of the populist Freedom Party (FPÖ).”
Four “masked individuals” also threw “rocks at the party headquarters.” These are the kind of threats and behavior that open-door globalists have signed up for. Hooliganism, wars, human rights abuses and disorder are endemic in Sharia states. In the mind of globalists, such behaviors will magically disappear when Muslim migrants immigrate to Western countries.
Globalists think that any immigrant must be welcomed with open arms, and that screening is not a necessity or priority; and neither are the safety and freedom of Western societies.
The FPÖ has been warning about “creeping Islamisation” and what it refers to as “population displacement.” “Afghan Arrested on Suspicion of Arson Against Populist Political Office,” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, August 20, 2019:
Read it all here....................
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Terroristan aka Pakistan: Religious minorities ask jihad-supporting government for protection and rights
Friday, August 23, 2019
Killing Christians in Pakistan Terroristan
Jihad Watch : Terroristan's “Pakistan’s religious minorities have submitted a 10-point memorandum asking Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government to adopt policies to safeguard the rights of minorities and women.”
Terroristan Pakistan is a state sponsor of jihad terror and has no interest in the human rights of religious minorities and women. The country is grounded in sharia and in its infamous blasphemy laws. As for Terroristan's Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, he supports Terroristan's Pakistan’s abusive blasphemy laws that targets Christians, who often suffer from accusations that have no basis.
Right after Khan was elected last year, he vowed to take his campaign against blasphemy to the United Nations and commented that “few in the West understand the pain caused to Muslims by such activities.” Khan also pressed the UN and OIC for international restrictions on speech in line with Islamic blasphemy laws.
Yet few in the West are willing to hold Terroristan Pakistan accountable for its human rights abuses against Christians and other minorities. As for the UN, the UN Human Rights Council includes countries such as Somalia, Nigeria, Qatar, and Terroristan Pakistan — a slap in the face to human rights. And in 2017, Saudi Arabia was elected to the UN women’s rights commission.
Last year, the Trump administration canceled $300,000,000 in aid to Terroristan Pakistan because of its jihad terror record. That was a good start. Hope remains grim for minorities in Terroristan Pakistan (and other Islamic countries), yet in an era of globalist open-door immigration, these minorities are not prioritized.  Terroristan's “Pakistan’s religious minorities ask government for protection and rights,” by Robin Gomes, Vatican News, August 21, 2019:
Read it all here......................
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Our Peace time Army wants to leave our soldiers behind?
Wong (left) and Edmund
No One Was left behind by Major Len Olivero in a Warzone
KUCHING: The Defence Ministry must not shirk its responsibility in searching for the two soldiers of the Royal Ranger Regiment who went missing on Pulau Perak during an operation codenamed ‘Op Pejarak’ at Pulau Perak, Kedah on July 19 following the halt of the search operation due to lack of ‘new leads’.
This was stated by retired Lieutenant Colonel Fabian Wong and retired Major Edmund Abitt who both served in the same regiment during their service, when speaking to The Borneo Post yesterday. “You have to continue the search (for the missing soldiers) because you cannot leave them behind.
Leave no one behind,” Wong said. He warned the morale of the army personnel in the country would be adversely affected if the government decided to halt the search operation for the two soldiers. The two soldiers Corporal David Edmund Rapi, 39 of Dalat and Lance Corporal Moses Logers, 25 from Bau, from the Fourth Battalion of the Royal Ranger Regiment (4RRD), were reported to have had their dinner with 13 other soldiers on the evening of July 19 at the camp before all of them went to their room at 7pm.
Sarawakians take note - YB Sabu wants to set up Amanah, until today he hasn't answered on the status of the two missing Sarawakian soldiers.
Army duo missing 29 days: Minister says new signs needed to intensify search.
Soldiers engaged in immorality unworthy to wear uniform - army chief, seriously you are now enforcing Sharia practices, when it's not your job!!!
Read it all here from The Borneo Post................
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Muslim commentator Hasan Piker of The Young Turks (The Muslim Enemies Within) says US deserved 9/11, mocks soldier who lost eye in Afghanistan
Who is this lying, vile, piece of shit? He doesn’t belong in America, and should be shut down, and deported immediately. Where does this a-hole belong? In prison.
Jihad Watch : Piker wrote: “America deserved 911…Americas [sic] foreign policy decisions has lead [sic] to 911. this would’ve been a controversial thing to say in 2001. stop being a f***ing idiot.
We supplied arms to and trained bin laden. we destabilized the region long before 911. and now we’re stuck in perpetual war, which dan crenshaw was trying to justify in that clip. it’s exactly this kind of attitude that has sent thousands of young men and women overseas to die.”
In reality, the U.S. did not supply arms to or train bin Laden, but certainly misguided foreign policy “experts” had the U.S. training other mujahedin in Afghanistan in the late 1980s. Does this justify the murder of 3000 innocent civilians? In Hasan Piker’s mind, yes. His Leftist fanbase eats this stuff up with two spoons, ecstatic at finding another reason to hate and denigrate America.
Meanwhile, why is Hasan Piker such a jerk? This kind of behavior is very common among Leftists and their Muslim allies. Islamic supremacist spokesmen in the U.S., including many who claim to be “moderate” and are lauded by the intelligentsia as wise, broad-minded, tolerant people who are busy building bridges of understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims, are all too often immature, arrogant, foul-mouthed creeps whose idea of a discussion is to hurl insults. The hate fairly oozes from their pores. There are many, many examples of this; Reza Aslan and Omid Safi stand out.
Read it all here......................
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Why Trump’s comment really troubles Jewish Demorats
Two Evil Bitches from the Demorat Party
BCF : President Trump said out loud what others are wondering: how can American Jews still vote for Democrats?
The New York Times and Washington Post are purposely distorting President Trump’s point when he said Jews voting Democratic in the coming election showed either gross misinformation or disloyalty.
It was very clear that the “disloyalty” of Jews supporting the party of Tlaib and Omar was to other Jews, not the United States. The president’s comments were not invoking the “dual loyalty” canard, as his critics well know.
By attacking the President, Trump’s detractors are trying to divert attention from the Democrats’ disturbing support for the antisemitic representatives Tlaib and Omar.
Read it all here....................
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Germany’s Bitch, Merkel demands that EU states resume illegal Muslim migrant naval pickup mission
The Bitch of Germany
Indeed, that is what the Muslims say also. Keep the filthy Infidels out of our lands. Muslims do not come to Europe because they love the European Infidels.
They come because they love what the Infidels have. If they loved the Europeans they would invite them to come into their own lands and would then treat them with respect and kindness. But no, that is not what’s happening. When the Europeans were in Africa and the Middle East they were kicked out, usually by violence. No, the migrants are motivated by envy of what the Europeans have. Merkel and the other globalist European leaders like her refuse to admit this.
Even the Pope encourages the migrants in their sin of coveting their neighbor’s goods and by doing so he shares in their sin. Dear God, please send us better leaders.
Jihad Watch : Earlier this year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel backed out of Operation Sophia, which used naval vessels to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean. Her move was in response “to populist Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s policy of keeping ports closed to illegal migrants.”
But now Merkel is calling “on members of the European Union (EU) to resume rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean using naval vessels.” Merkel doesn’t seem to think that her country has suffered enough from jihad attacks, the soaring Islamic antisemitism that even she has admitted exists, sex attacks, prison radicalization and other violence, not to mention the exorbitant costs associated with the excessive influx of Muslim migrants (to top 78 billion by 2022) into Germany, many of whom refuse to integrate.
She is willing to invite more of the same into Europe as she demands that other EU leaders follow her suicidal immigration policy, as she demands that EU leaders resume efforts to aid illegal migrants coming to Europe from Libya via the Mediterranean. A month ago, the upstart Libyan leader Fayez al-Sarraj threatened the EU with 800,000 more migrants, including “criminals and terrorists,” “unless the assault on Tripoli by warlord Khalifa Haftar ends soon. Sarraj issued this warning – which could be taken as a threat to prod Europe into taking action against Haftar.”
Given the weakness and globalist assumptions of leaders such as Merkel, the threat of renewed hijrah could well materialize. “Merkel Demands EU States Resume Mediterranean Migrant Naval Pickup Mission,” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, August 20, 2019: 
Read it all here................
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The problem is national schools, not vernacular schools
Vernacular Schools are very much better
Malaysiakini : 'National schools do not make the grade for quality of education.’Abolishing vernacular schools would be a 'policy nightmare', KJ says
Caripasal: Racists want you to believe vernacular schools are a breeding place for racism and racial disharmony. Not true. Students are not taught to hate other races/culture. It is pure education. Every student is taught to be a good student/citizen and to work hard. A large majority of these students will end up in secondary national schools.
It is the racists who always use vernacular schools for their political gain. The syllabus in these vernacular schools is almost identical to that of any national school. Do not be jealous just because their education standard is higher, and the result of hard work. It is not a crime to learn their own language or culture, besides the national language.
PW Cheng: It is the government's duty to make national school acceptable to every child, meaning having an education system which can give a good foundation for students to achieve better careers in life, like in the 50s, 60s and early 70s, and not as a centre for ‘dakwah’ as espoused by our black shoe minister.
An example in the early era before Dr Mahathir Mohamad destroyed our education system - most of us wanted to go to an English-medium school because we knew it would help us in our careers later in life.
The Analyser: Indecision has been the bane of Malaysian development. Too many people have sat back and let things happen. That is largely why Pakatan Harapan has failed. With no consensus on anything and a penchant for constantly disagreeing, Harapan was sitting duck for a Mahathir takeover.
The only way out of the existing chaos called an education system is to abolish all vernacular schools and start a totally new education philosophy:
- English as the sole language of education. Introduce other languages at the secondary level. The benefits of a multilingual society do not exist unless there is a common language.
- Eliminate all religions from national schools. Eliminate examinations and homework, and concentrate on education, not on learning.
- Spend the early years educating children to understand themselves and the environment in which they live.
- Only introduce formal education of Science, Maths, Literature, etc, when young people are old enough to comprehend what and why they are being taught.
Read it all here............
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The Battle of Yarmuk: ISIS’s Blueprint for Terror by Raymond Ibrahim
Thursday, August 22, 2019
Given that “to see Christendom fall” was Omar’s “delight”
Raymond Ibrahim : Today in history, on August 20, 636, one of the most consequential battles between Islam and the West took place, that of Yarmuk.  Not only did it decide whether the Arabian creed thrives or dies; it became a chief source of inspiration and instruction for jihadis throughout the centuries, right down to the Islamic State.
And yet, very few in the West are even aware of this encounter’s existence—much less how it motivates ISIS.  As such, and in what follows, a detailed examination is offered. The story begins, perhaps unsurprisingly, with the prophet of Islam.  Four years before the battle, in 632, Muhammad had died. During his lifetime, he had managed to rally the Arabs under the banner of Islam.
On his death, some tribes that sought to break away remained Muslim but refused to pay taxes, or zakat, to the caliph, Abu Bakr, Muhammad’s successor. Branding them all apostates, the caliph initiated the Ridda (“apostasy”) Wars, which saw tens of thousands of Arabs beheaded, crucified, or burned alive.
In 633, these wars were over; in 634, so was the life of Abu Bakr. It would fall to the second caliph, Omar bin al-Khattab (r. 634–44), to direct the full might of the once feuding Arabs — now one tribe, one umma — against “the infidel.” Almost instantly, thousands of Arabs flooded into Christian Syria, slaughtering and pillaging. According to Muslim historians, this was done in the name of jihad — to spread Allah’s rule on earth.
Emperor Heraclius, who had just experienced a decade of war against the Persians, proceeded to muster his legions and direct them to Syria, to quash these latest upstarts. Roman forces engaged the invaders in at least two significant battles, Ajnadayn (in modern-day Israel, in 634) and Marj al-Saffar (south of Damascus, 635). But “by Allah’s help,” writes Muslim chronicler al-Baladhuri (d. 892), “the enemies of Allah were routed and shattered into pieces, a great many being slaughtered.”
Read it all here........................
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Why Does CAIR Want to Ban Sale of the Confederate Flag?
Confederate Flag
Jihad Watch : My latest in PJ Media:
The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) weighed in Saturday on the Confederate flag controversy, calling for the banning of the offending ensign at the Lorain County Fair in Wellington, Ohio. But why would an Islamic advocacy group that doesn’t even consider itself American at all (hence the hyphenated “American-Islamic” in its name, as if they were two distinct entities) care to enter into a conflict over America’s racial divide?
CAIR’s officials claim that it’s because of their concern for civil rights. CAIR-Cincinnati Executive Director Karen Dabdoub explained: “Those who wish to traffic in racist symbols that only serve to marginalize their fellow Americans should not be permitted to do so in a public facility at a community celebration. Instead they should seriously consider putting their time and talents toward positive pursuits that make their community stronger and more inclusive.” How the community could become more inclusive by exclusion, she didn’t say.
Meanwhile, CAIR’s notoriously prickly National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper was more direct: “Symbols glorifying and honoring white supremacy, slavery and treason should be repudiated by all Americans, not put on display at mainstream venues. Those who reject white supremacy and racism can best demonstrate that rejection by avoiding any enterprise that seeks to profit from hate.”
It is important to remember when reading these statements that CAIR is not actually as high-minded and opposed to “hate” as Dabdoub and Hooper would have you believe.CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. CAIR officials have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups.
Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Hooper himself), have made Islamic supremacist statements about how Islamic law should be imposed in the U.S. (Ahmad denies this, but the original reporter stands by her story.)
CAIR chapters frequently distribute pamphlets telling Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement. CAIR has opposed virtually every anti-terror measure that has been proposed or implemented and has been declared a terror organization by the United Arab Emirates. CAIR’s Hussam Ayloush in 2017 called for the overthrow of the U.S. government. CAIR’s national outreach manager is an open supporter of Hamas.
Read the rest here.
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Mamakthirs bullshits the Public - On Highways, seeks understanding from public
Our "Great Leader"
Galil Khibran : Dear tun mamak. Who owns the highways? The rakyat or the highway operators? Just cancel their contracts. The way these crony owned companies operate the highways, surely there can be termination for cause. Stop trying to support your lazy ass malay cronies.
Anonymous : Tun you cannot tame the monsters you created? Agreements under OSA and must be surely one sided to favor cronies? Rakyat has to pay a huge sum to operators who benefited for so many years and we still have to bear the burden? Why not lift OSA and let the rakyat what kind of agreement your government then signed with the operators?
Malaysiakini : Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has sought the public's understanding over problems faced by his administration in fulfilling Pakatan Harapan's promise to abolish highway toll charges.
He told reporters in Putrajaya today that the only way to remove toll booths was for the government to acquire highway operators, which was a very costly exercise. "The problem with buying (the highways) is that if we don't allow the companies to collect toll charges, how are they going to recover the funds they put up for the acquisition? This is the problem.
"All highways need to be maintained, enlarged, add new lanes... all that cost money. Previously, money came from toll collection. But (it is) already said in the (Harapan) manifesto (that) we don't collect toll. "If we manage to buy, we have to spend a lot of money to maintain the roads. The public has to understand the problem we face," he said.
Read it all here.....................
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A Political Party Stupid Enough to Call You a Racist Is Too Stupid to Govern
BCF : What happens when a political party is hijacked by fanatics, ideologues, and hysterics who don't care whether they win or lose an election? They lose elections.
That's where the Democrats are headed because they'd rather be "right" than clever. And when it comes to the issue of race, Democrats think they have a corner on "right."
They've got a small problem, though. In order to appeal to the fanatics, ideologues, and hysterics to tap them for money and support, they have to at least give lip service to their warped views on race. And that includes calling you and me and about 70 percent of the American voters "racist." John Kass points out that at one time Democrats believed they had a "winning issue" by running on the certain indictment of Trump for treason. How'd that work out, guys?
They had invested so much in their fantasy that President Donald Trump was a treasonous agent of Russian boss Vladimir Putin. But when special counsel Robert Mueller’s report came out, and there was no collusion, no crime charged, their fantasy collapsed.
With Americans working and with money in their pockets again, with the 2020 election approaching, Democrats are reaching for the race card the way a sick man reaches for the waters of Lourdes. Desperately. Their allies in media followed suit, with Trump called everything from a white supremacist, to a Nazi, and on and on.
Read it all here..................
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Terroristan aka Pakistan - Muslim brothers who murdered their sister in an ‘honour killing’ may walk free after their parents forgive them

Qandeel, 26
BCF : Brothers who murdered their sister, ‘Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian’, in an ‘honour killing’ over her sexual social media posts could walk free after their parents forgave them.

Her mother (pictured) looked inconsolable as she cried at Qandeel's funeral on July 17, 2016
Waseem Baloch strangled his sister Qandeel, 26, to death at their home in 2016, claiming her risque photos and videos had ‘brought dishonour to the Baloch name.’
Her other brother Aslam Shaheen is also before the court at Multan, in the Punjab, although his role is not clear. An affidavit submitted today by the Baloch parents asked that the court throw out the case and that they had forgiven their sons.
Read it all here..................
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AN ISLAMIC holy site once believed to be the tomb of a saint was actually built for a famous Ancient Greek boxer.
Dumfuk Turks
Islam is only 1,400 years old and the tomb is 2,400 years old!! -edit.
The Sun : Local worshippers had "sacrificed goats and chickens" at the Turkish tomb for decades – but now fear that their prayers were in vain. The 2,400-year-old tomb was revered by local people in the Marmaris district of Turgut. The strange hilltop pyramid tomb was believed to be te the burial place of a holy Islamic figure.
But archaeologists recently confirmed that the tomb actually belonged to a boxer called Diagoras of Rhodes. "I used to kiss the tomb," said one local resident, speaking to Turkish broadcaster TRT.
Read it all here........................ 
Hat tip : RoP
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Shocking: Man attacks passenger after offering namaz in an airplane
TOI : A man decides to pray inside an aircraft. But he is blocking the way to the bathroom.
This was causing inconvenience to passengers who wanted to use the loo. One person informed the pilot about the situation. The man finishes his prayers and attacks the passenger.
The attacker tried to resist but was overpowered by security later.He was not praying -he was teasing. No prayer, in islam, is legal without a rug; washing hands and feet; and have a piece of clay bellow head. Those public 'prayers' on streets, airports and these are just show off.
True face of RoP.
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Boost for NDA's case, Outraged Malaysians gun for Zakir Naik - India Upfront With Rahul Shivshankar
On India Upfront With Rahul Shivshankar, Malaysian authorities have decided to summon Indian Islamic preacher Zakir Naik for questioning for his alleged racially sensitive remarks against ethnic Hindu and Chinese communities.
Naik had recently said that Hindus in Malaysia had “100 times more rights” than the Muslim minority in India and that they support Prime Minister Narendra Modi and not Mahathir Mohamad, the prime minister of Malaysia.
Outraged Malaysians gun for Zakir Naik. 115 complaints against Zakir in Malaysia. Support in govt dwindling for Zakir and stage set for Zakir’s isolation.
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Apa lagi Cina mahu redux - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Ahli Majlis Pemimpin Tertinggi Bersatu Mohd Redzuan Yusof
save our currency : They have usurped the status of the orang asli, calling themselves Pribumi where before they were Bumiputra. They have been upgraded. They are NOT pendatang although they say they have Bugis blood, Javanese, Arab, Turkish and Indian ancestry etc. please lah work for the nation, not the race. Do you have a nation? The context is the nation, not the race. Taking the race out of the nation is no longer patriotic. The nation is providing for you not the race.
Malaysiakini : COMMENT | "Kumpulan pentadbir kerajaan baharu yang dipimpin PH pada hari ini mengamalkan dasar 'lead by example' dan saya yakin ia menjadi tarikan untuk mereka menyertai kita terutama Bersatu... kita tidak sekat asalkan mereka tinggalkan budaya lama," - Ahli Majlis Pemimpin Tertinggi Bersatu Mohd Redzuan Yusof.
The liberal intelligentsia in this country plays the same kind of game the far right in this country play. Both use race to detract from objectively examining policy decisions and political rhetoric. The far-right makes everything about race, while the liberal intelligentsia attempts to erase “race” from the discourse. The latter enabled by this nonsensical Bangsa Malaysia claptrap.
Read it all here...............
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Dr M, spare Sabah, Sarawak the sermons by Francis Paul Siah
Our so called "Great Leader"
Malaysiakini : COMMENT I have said in the past that when we need to speak up and tell our prime minister some hard truths, we have to do so with respect.
It is true that there are some politicians for whom we have little or no respect, but this is Dr Mahathir Mohamad, our elder statesperson who is 94 years old, not a man of 30 or 40 whom we can whack as we please without any remorse if they go off track. Unfortunately, of late Mahathir has been seriously vilified by Malaysians, including some of my fellow Sarawakians, rightly or wrongly. To many, the writing is clear on the wall. His time as prime minister is up.
Read it all here..........
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Liberals aka Leftists are the New Fascists
Vlad Tepes : He’s totally right. Unfortunately these twats that he refers to have infiltrated every part of our life.
They are in all the top jobs and they only promote like minded people. Our kids are indoctrinated at school. It’s self perpetuating and there’s sod all we can do about it now. 100% agree with this, so many people making the world a miserable place to live.Well said piers, you nailed it in one. British people are sick of being told what we can say, in snowflake Britain .
Under UK construction, we were born free to speak freely. If liberty means anything at all, it’s the right to say what others don’t want to hear. George Orwell.It’s called Post Modernist philosophy and you have described its application to western society which has now been neutered and made dysfunctional. The next step is a Communist power grab, which is exactly what Corbyn and McDobald are doing. And Islam is riding the horse. ☹️
All very true, especially that last part. If you don’t act and speak exactly like they want you to, they will do their best to destroy your life, especially if you’re a public figure.
“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” - Wm F. Buckley
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Muslim Prays and Punches. The 5 mile high club
Vlad Tepes : It’s not about piety is it? It’s about power.
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The Battle of China
1944 - This motion picture film explores Japanese aggression. In Reel 1, Japanese planes bomb Shanghai; citizens flee. Describes Chinese development of the compass, printing, astronomy, gunpowder, and porcelain.
The reel shows views of the Gobi Desert, sampans, and types of architecture and statuary. Japanese artillery fires and cavalry advances. The reel also describes Japanese plans for world conquest; contrasts Japanese unity with Chinese disunity. Footage also shows Emperor Hirohito. Reel 2 shows Sun Yat-sen and uprisings against the Manchu dynasty. Students go abroad. Hospitals, highways, schools, and factories are constructed. Children play at school.
Emperor Hirohito reviews Japanese troops; tanks roll down a street. The reel shows a Japanese munitions factory, a Japanese fleet at sea, troops marching, the Army occupying Manchuria, views of the League of Nations as the action is condemned, the Great Wall of China, the puppet premier Pu-Yi, Japanese attacking Chinese at Marco Polo Bridge in 1937, and Chiang Kai-shek. Reel 3 shows street and harbor scenes in Shanghai, the bombing and naval bombardment of the city, street fighting, and the city's capture by Japanese units.
Japanese troops advance toward Nanking. The gunboat Panay is bombed in the Yangtze. The reel also shows fighting in and around Nanking. In Reel 4, the battle continues. Footage describes Japanese atrocities during the rape of Nanking and shows dead and injured civilians. Chinese demonstrate against Japan. Chiang Kai-shek speaks. Hordes of Chinese emigrate to the West carrying their belongings with them.
Reel 5 shows the establishment of the new Chinese capitol at Chungking. Air raid shelters are dug; the city is bombed. The reel shows an underground factory, fires being fought, recruits for the Chinese Army, the "Flying Tigers" taking off, and Japanese units occupying the Chinese coast. In Reel 6, coolies repair and expand the Burma Road by hand; trucks move over it. Dikes on the Yellow River are blown up to stem a Japanese offensive on Chengchow. Guerrillas ambush a Japanese patrol. Japanese planes attack Pearl Harbor. Footage shows the Japanese high command.
In Reel 7, Japanese units advance against Changsha, their supply lines are cut forcing their withdrawal, and the Chinese infantry advances. Footage shows Generals Douglas MacArthur and Joseph Stilwell. Madame Chiang Kai-shek addresses the U.S. Congress.
The Ledo Road is constructed; transport planes fly over "the Hump." The "Flying Tigers" bomb Japanese airfields in China. - Copied by Tim Vollmer
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