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“When you're left wounded on

Afganistan's plains and

the women come out to cut up what remains,

Just roll to your rifle

and blow out your brains,

And go to your God like a soldier”

“We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction.”

“It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.”

“Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.

“The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace,

for he must suffer and be the deepest wounds and scars of war.”

“May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't .”
“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.

“Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.

“Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man."
“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.
Rather we should thank God that such men lived.

The Soldier stood and faced God

Which must always come to pass

He hoped his shoes were shining

Just as bright as his brass

"Step forward you Soldier,

How shall I deal with you?

Have you always turned the other cheek?

To My Church have you been true?"

"No, Lord, I guess I ain't

Because those of us who carry guns

Can't always be a saint."

I've had to work on Sundays

And at times my talk was tough,

And sometimes I've been violent,

Because the world is awfully rough.

But, I never took a penny

That wasn't mine to keep.

Though I worked a lot of overtime

When the bills got just too steep,

The Soldier squared his shoulders and said

And I never passed a cry for help

Though at times I shook with fear,

And sometimes, God forgive me,

I've wept unmanly tears.

I know I don't deserve a place

Among the people here.

They never wanted me around

Except to calm their fears.

If you've a place for me here,

Lord, It needn't be so grand,

I never expected or had too much,

But if you don't, I'll understand."

There was silence all around the throne

Where the saints had often trod

As the Soldier waited quietly,

For the judgment of his God.

"Step forward now, you Soldier,

You've borne your burden well.

Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,

You've done your time in Hell."

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Vote Veterans into Parliament
Thursday, May 06, 2021


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Pakistani Diplomats Caught Shoplifting in South Korea - Stealing Chocolates!!!
Leave it to the cheapskate bloody Pakis!! Wherever they go bring "glory" to their nation "Pakistan".
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 3:07 PM   0 comments
History has shown that DAP can work with 'ketuanan' system - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy

"MCA" 2.0

Malaysiakini : If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.” ― Dwight D. Eisenhower

COMMENT | DAP organising secretary Anthony Loke made a couple of strange points in the press recently. He said: "The debate on the direction of DAP is small and concerns only party members” and “While we are pluralistic in our thinking, we have never said that we must give up our cultural roots."

Both these points are part of a larger narrative that has plagued the DAP for decades and are the talking points of Malay uber alles political operatives.

Firstly, the direction of the DAP does not only concern party members but should be of concern to all Malaysians. How DAP’s internal politics and how members vote will determine the kind of political party that non-Malays - and let us be honest, non-Malays are the DAP’s base - would be asked to support.

The internal politics of the DAP would not be an issue if whoever led the DAP subscribed to the foundational ideas of the DAP instead of the propaganda and toxicity that has replaced such ideas and principles.

Therein lies the rub. The foundational ideas of the DAP and such ideas that were once promulgated by the old warhorses of the DAP, which Lim Kit Siang is perhaps the best example of, are no longer considered sacrosanct in the DAP.

It became about the vacuity of saving Malaysia, 1MDB and ejecting kleptocrats by working with political operatives who the DAP once accused of being the biggest thieves in the country. Blame shifting has replaced self-reflection any time the DAP is at a crossroads.

DAP's Honest Broker
Sungai Pelek assemblyperson Ronnie Liu

Second, I have no idea what “cultural roots” means? Is it the “Chineseness” that Ronnie Liu was admonished for and how do these cultural roots jive with the Bangsa Malaysia malarkey that a certain section of the DAP likes to go on about?

Read it all here.................
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 2:18 PM   0 comments
Turkey (Created on the blood of Slaughtered Christians) : Armenian Apostolic Church sues government for return of its historic seat, seized during Armenian Genocide

Catholicos Aram

Jihad Watch : “This is the time that we move from the stage of [Genocide] recognition to reparation.”

Bravo. Free people may hope that the Church will prevail in the European Court of Human Rights, but it’s likely that the Turks will simply refuse to recognize their ruling if it goes against them. Still, any pushback against the advancing jihad is good, as there is so very little of it. 

“Armenian Church Seeks Reparation in Lawsuit Against Turkey,” International Christian Concern, April 30, 2021:

04/30/2021 Turkey (International Christian Concern) –  After a six-year struggle for a court hearing, the Armenian Apostolic Church Holy See, known as the Catholicosate of Cilicia, successfully refiled a lawsuit against the government of Turkey. In 2015, the Catholicosate, currently headquartered in Antelias, Lebanon, filed a lawsuit for the return of its historic seat and primary location in Sis, Turkey that was confiscated in 1921 during the Armenian Genocide. The lawsuit is part of Armenian’s larger goal of returning all properties and assets confiscated by Turkey during the eight-year genocide.

Due to technicalities, the lawsuit bounced between local courts, Turkey’s Constitutional Court, and the ECHR. A pre-trial hearing finally took place on March 30, 2021 in the Kozan Civil Litigation Court. At that time a judge agreed to accept the lawsuit, which the Catholicosate’s lawyers consider a positive development. The next hearing is scheduled for May 6, 2021.

The team of lawyers suspects the lower Turkish court will reject the lawsuit, at which point an appeal will be made to the Constitutional Court. Rejection is also suspected at this point which will allow the Catholicosate to file with the European Court of Human Rights.

When the original lawsuit was filed in 2015, Catholicos Aram I said, “This is the time that we move from the stage of [Genocide] recognition to reparation….
posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 2:15 PM   0 comments
Pakistan: Muslim nurses take over hospital chapel, demand Christian nurses convert or face blasphemy charges

Punjab Institute of Mental Health

Jihad Watch : Imagine if the roles were reversed, which they would not be and should not be. But this exercise in intimidation and threats will get no media attention, as it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Blasphemy charges would ruin the lives of these Christian nurses, as they would face criminal prosecution and imprisonment, or else mob violence.

“Muslim Nurses Take Over Church Inside Lahore Hospital, Threaten Christian Nurses,” Naya Daur, May 3, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

LAHORE: Muslim nurses at Punjab Institute for Mental Health last Tuesday took over the church at the hospital that was used for service on Sundays reportedly after a controversial video uploaded against Pakistan by an unidentified person from France. The contents of the video are not being shared here to avoid further controversy.

The Muslim nurses at the hospital were so infuriated, they took over the church and threatened their Christian colleagues with blasphemy cases if they failed to raze the church and convert to Islam.

The dispute went on for almost two weeks after which a 15-member negotiating team brokered an agreement with the help of senior doctors and Father James Chaman. The two parties agreed that there would be no further statements issued from and the parties won’t file any further complaints against each other….

Political rights activist and Huqooq-e-Khalq Movement wrote on Twitter that ‘the government had failed to take action against members belonging to majority community who attacked victims belonging to a minority community. Victims were left with no choice but to compromise with the aggressors.’
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NOT so great britain's government has ‘washed its hands’ of teacher who has gotten death threats for showing Muhammad cartoons

Jihad Watch : Of course it has. The government in shattered, staggering, dhimmi Britain is paralyzed with fear of its growing and restive Muslim communities, and is increasingly ready to throw Britain’s cherished principles away and embrace Sharia blasphemy laws in exchange for spurious promises of peace and security. And those who might have stood up against this have long ago been demonized, marginalized and silenced by the political elites and the establishment media. All that are left are trimmers, opportunists, self-seekers, and worse. Britain is finished.

“Government has ‘washed its hands’ of teacher who showed Mohammed pictures,” by Camilla Turner, Telegraph, May 3, 2021:

The Government has “washed its hands” of the Batley Grammar School teacher who was suspended after showing pictures of the Prophet Mohammed in class, it has been claimed. Ministers are not doing enough to ensure that Batley Multi Academy Trust’s investigation is “unduly influenced” by local imams, according to the National Secular Society (NSS).

Officials at the Department for Education (DfE) are also accused of failing to ensure that the probe will examine the school’s reaction to the incident and whether it was appropriate to immediately suspend the teacher. “This is a bit of a test case for how these things are handled, that’s why it is important,” said Stephen Evans, chief executive of the NSS.

“Here we have a teacher in fear of his life, in hiding and suspended from his job – yet there is nothing to indicate the materials were not handled correctly. “We are concerned that the Department for Education doesn’t seem interested enough given that the outcome of this will have national implications. They have washed their hands of it.”

Batley Grammar School sent pupils home early for the Easter holidays and issued an apology after a group of Muslims gathered at the gates to protest. The headmaster announced that the Religious Studies teacher had been suspended while the school looked into what happened. The 29-year-old teacher and his family went into hiding after reportedly receiving death threats in the wake of the protests.

Mr Evans said that ministers must appreciate the “broader significance” of the case, which had “already sent a damaging message on teachers’ ability to encourage critical thinking on culturally sensitive issues”. He said that “fundamental principles are at stake”, adding that if the Government failed to show leadership, it would leave the school and trust “vulnerable to pressure from assertive religious voices”.

The academy trust that runs Batley Grammar School announced at the end of March that it would carry out an “independent” investigation into the context in which the cartoon was shown. The trust, which runs three secondaries and two primaries in West Yorkshire, said it would appoint a panel which would make a series of recommendations about the Religious Studies curriculum.

Announcing the investigation in March, the trust said it would examine “how certain materials, which caused offence, came to be used in a Religious Studies lesson at Batley Grammar”….
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Has the Attorney General’s Chambers given free licence to insult non-Islamic faiths? A dangerous stand to take!
Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Malaysians are taken aback with disbelief to learn that the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) has no plans to prosecute two Muslim converts for allegedly insulting non-Islamic faiths.

We are told that the AGC was unwilling to prosecute Perlis-based preacher Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu and Multiracial Reverted Muslims founder and president Firdaus Wong Wai Hung as police had classified their cases as “no further action (NFA).”

It is very strange that the AGC should take instructions from the police. Normally, it is the other way around. There have been cases when the attorney general returned the files to the police, instructing them to investigate further.

Strangely, despite a thousand police reports having been made against these hate-preachers, the attorney general meekly accepts the police decision to close the case. A thousand reports mean nothing at all? Don’t they have any impact? Isn’t it obvious that thousands of people are upset, enraged and outraged? Compare this to other cases when one or two police reports were made, the police sprang to action to preserve our peace and harmony.

If some stupid idiot insults Islam, quick action is taken – as it should be – to safeguard our unity and peaceful way of life. This is how it should be. The same concern should have come to play in this instance and immediate action should have been taken when any other faith is ridiculed and condemned.

Read it all here....................

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NOT so great britain - Art show highlights ‘racism’ against Muslims due to ‘Islamophobia’

Faisal Hussain, an idiot phobic of all other faiths

Jihad Watch : 1. Islam is not a race, and Muslims are not all of one race. There are Muslims, as well as jihadis, of all races.

2. Opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women and others is not “racism” or “xenophobia.”

3. Printing slogans on signs in pseudo-Arabic and pseudo-Urdu is not art.

4. Faisal Hussain is not oppressed or marginalized. He is a privileged member of Britain’s new elite. He has an art show featured at a gallery. Would the same gallery feature an exhibitions of slogans about opposing jihad terrorism and the oppression of women justified by Sharia? Not on your life.

“Art show takes on global Islamophobia,” by Lauren Codling, Eastern Eye, April 28, 2021:

AN ART exhibition exploring the “victimisation” of Muslims in the UK and abroad is a response to the rise in racism against the community, its creator has said. Faisal Hussain’s Suspect Objects Suspect Subjects (SOSS) analyses the impact of government policy and monitoring of the Muslim community, the multi-faceted channels used to influence bias and its subsequent effect on individuals.

Although currently available to view virtually, it will be open to view from May 18 at SOAS’s Brunei Gallery in central London (dependent on government guidance). In an interview with Eastern Eye, Hussain said SOSS was his response to the global rise in racism against Muslims. The manner in which Muslims were represented in the media, as well as the online abuse and racist attacks the group endures were additional contributing factors.

“It was affecting who I was, so I felt the need to respond,” the 43-year- old artist explained. “I began adopting a more analytical approach to what different media were reporting and what actions the UK government was taking in different ways in Birmingham through failed surveillance and educational interventions.”

 Hussain is known for using everyday items to get his point across – whether it is a kebab shop sign inscribed with the words “Go Back to Where You Hate From”, or the “positive facade but harmful core” of cupcakes to symbolise the government’s Prevent scheme. The Birmingham-based artist is known for incorporating humour into his work too, using it as a mechanism to question perceptions on identity and race. For instance, an installation of toy guns titled Muslamic Rayguns is a reference to the viral video of an English Defence League (EDL) march from 2011.
An individual partaking in the EDL event was mocked for his incoherent views on his reasons for joining the protest…

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Islamic State brides urge West to ‘leave hatred behind,’ let them back in
Monday, May 03, 2021

ISIS Bitch Hoda Muthana

Jihad Watch :  Do their murdered victims get to leave hatred behind?

“Filmmaker hopes new doc on Canadian and other ISIS brides will help ‘leave hatred behind,’ allow repatriation,” CBC News, April 30, 2021 Last Updated: April 30, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Hamilton native Kimberly Polman is among former ISIS brides featured in The Return: Life After ISIS by Alba Sotorra Clua and her Barcelona-based production company, and the filmmaker hopes the new documentary will give insight into the issues surrounding repatriation.

Sotorra Clua said the documentary, currently one of the films being shown digitally during the Hot Docs Festival, focuses on the plight of Polman and other women from Western countries who joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but then came to regret it.

“This brings a different light on the issues and the question of repatriation,” Sotorra Clua told CBC News via telephone from Barcelona. “Civil society, politicians and policymakers — it can make them rethink the way we are dealing with this issue. “At the moment, the Western world is rejecting repatriation, and maybe if they watch the film, they can have a different point of view,” said Sotorra Clua, of Alba Sotorra Cinema Productions….

The group of Western women in the Syrian detention camp featured in the documentary are from different parts of the world, including Canada, the U.S., the U.K., the Netherlands and Germany. They include Briton Shamima Begum and Hoda Muthana, both from the United States….

“The only way out for all of us is to leave hatred behind and start over with compassion, forgiveness and understanding,” Sotorra Clua added.
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US Defence Secy. Llyod Austin wishes to bypass the President to start wars on his own
In short terms we are in a world of trouble which we have been since that creep stole the election !!
It's really quite incredible because except for cases of extreme emergency, as in self defense, war is supposed to be authorized only by Congress. Not just the President, let alone a flunky of the President.

Every day I get more impressed about how well TFIglobal examines American politics. I wish you were in DC and informing the ignorant there, but I am also delighted that you are in India, and can well inform those there that all of America is not like Joe, Kamala, and the Dems. Stay safe and well.
It feel like Lloyd Austin is gonna be the next Dick Cheney, and thats not good.
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Mullah insults Christians, in a Christian country - Miami Mullah: ‘Palestine is land of Islam, we’ll take it back.’ ‘If you love Jesus,’ Islam ‘is the religion for you.’ The fcuker forgets that they are so late in History

Mullah Fadi Yousef Kablawi

Jihad Watch
: Kablawi is not remotely the first supporter of the “Palestinian” jihad to state the conflict in Islamic terms.

“Palestinian” spokesmen themselves do this on a routine basis, as do Iranians and others. Yet Islam is the one aspect of the conflict that is routinely ignored or even openly denied by mainstream “Middle East experts” in the West. Lying in Islam is an "In Thing, as it is part and parcel of their faith".  If a Christian was to say what they are saying in a Muslim majority country the Christian would have been killed soonest. Find out how central Islam really is to the conflict, and why the refusal of the “experts” to face this reality is so damaging, in The Palestinian Delusion.

Original video:

“Friday Sermon By Miami Imam Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi: We Will Take Palestine Back And Live In The Israeli Settlements; The Jews Will Run Like Mice; If You Love Jesus Islam Is The Religion For You – We Love Him More Than You Do,” MEMRI, April 16, 2021:

Miami imam Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi said that Al-Aqsa and Palestine are the “land of Islam,” and that Muslims will take them back. He made these remarks in a Friday sermon that was delivered at Masjid As-Sunnah An-Nabawiyyah in north Miami, and posted on the masjid’s official Facebook page on April 16, 2021.

Dr. Kablawi thanked the Israelis for building the settlements that would serve as housing for the Muslims when they take the land back, and the Israelis run away “like mice.” He said that every Muslim “should talk to himself about dying for the sake of Allah.” Dr. Kablawi asked why only Muslims who die for their cause are considered terrorists, while non-Muslims such as Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Che Guevara, and Bob Marley are considered heroes.

He elaborated that Christians claim that Jesus died for his cause, for their sins, but according to Islam Jesus didn’t die. Dr. Kablawi explained that Islam has come to tell the Christians that Jesus is alive, yet they fight Islam in return.

He (the lying bastard)  said to Christians: “If you love Jesus, then Islam is the religion for you,” because Muslims love Jesus, more than Christians do. Dr. Kablawi, who is a dentist, immigrated to the United States from Jordan. For more information about him, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 8752, 8063, 8136, 8389, and 8404. :

Read it all here.......................

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Zakat Hina Saya! Pihak Gereja Yang Bantu Hampir 9 Tahun
Tiga ibu tunggal yang mendakwa diri mereka tidak mendapat bantuan sewajarnya daripada pihak berwajib dalam sidang media yang dianjurkan oleh aktivis Kramat di Ukay Perdana, Ampang
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Hamid Bador had nothing under control - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy

Malaysiakini : “It is all under control; I know who they are and what they are doing and I will take action.”  – Abdul Hamid Bador

COMMENT | You have to give it to Abdul Hamid Bador, he is going out with a bang. You have to wonder - with the way the PDRM is conducting business these days and investigating certain people who exercise free speech - if the former inspector-general of police will be on the PDRM’s manure list.

I have no idea why people would even ask what Hamid’s motives are for spilling the beans at this moment. What an absurd question.

Here we have the top cop of the country attacking the political apparatus, making allegations against the home minister and political frogs, questioning the legality of the appointment of his successor and some people think that the big takeaways are his motives?

Hamid likes to think he is revealing all now because he ”…. was busy trying to fix internal issues”, but the fact that he held a press conference of this nature is evidence of his failures. When he first talked about the “cartel” which was out to topple him, he reassured everyone that he could handle them.

Read his statements here, where he said that he was going to handle the problems in the house and that there was no need for an RCI (royal commission of inquiry), as if the state security apparatus was exempt from public scrutiny and legal processes - "I have explained it, that it is within my control. Why I shared this issue with the public is because I want the public to know that I know what they know (about issues plaguing the force)."

It is not for the IGP of this country to “handle” a group of rogue cops out to topple him and in the process engage in possibly criminal behaviour.

Read it all here....................
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The Exhausted Defender of Islam

Jihad Watch : The attempt to be a thoughtful Muslim must be exhausting. There are so many mental landmines to avoid and crumbling foundations to shore up when trying to build a consistent and coherent Muslim worldview.

This is seen clearly though not by any means exclusively in the schizophrenic mindset that on the one hand boasts of the supremacy of Islam over all other powers or beliefs and on the other hand rushes to claim victim status whenever Islam proves to be weak or at fault in some moral evil committed by its followers in the name of Allah.

This supremacist attitude is woven throughout the Qur’an and Muslim writings. Allah assures his followers that they are at the top of the heap of humanity (“You are the best of all peoples evolved for mankind” — Qur’an 3:110). He informs them that Islam is the perfect faith (“Today I have perfected your religion for you” — Qur’an 5:3). Muhammad tells his denizens that the age of jahiliyyah (i.e., ignorance of Allah and his ways) is now over, and that unbelief is no longer going to be tolerated. Anything not in accord with Islam is to be eradicated (something the Taliban, ISIS and Salafi Muslims have taken to heart in destroying religious sculptures, shrines and museums of religious and cultural artifacts from bygone eras).

Unbelievers (the kuffar) are to be won over to Islam or forced to kneel in submission to Islamic rule and pay the onerous yearly head tax known as jizya, or to face the sword of the Islamic state until they lose their heads (literally). Allah assures his jihadis that they will surely be victorious since he will send his angels to fight alongside them and they will overcome huge odds:

Read it all here...............

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India: Muslim tells Hindu leader to ‘stop speaking against jihad or else we will cut off your tongue’
Saturday, May 01, 2021

Jihad Watch : One might almost be tempted to get the impression that jihad is not a peaceful endeavor, but then Pope Francis and practically every last politician in the Western world couldn’t be wrong, could they?

"If you talk against Jihad, we will chop your tongue off, Inshallah’: Terrorist issues death threat against J&K BJP chief Ravinder Raina,” OpIndia, April 24, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

An unidentified terrorist has recently released a video in which he has threatened to assassinate BJP leader from Jammu and Kashmir Ravinder Raina if he continues to speak against jihad.

With his face covered with a veil and holding a rifle, the terrorist in the video threatens to chop off Raina’s tongue if he persists in speaking against Pakistan and Islamic jihad.

“The atrocities meted out on Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir will be avenged…We warn Ravinder Raina to stop speaking on Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Raina, you keep talking about rescuing Pakistan occupied Kashmir and building a temple there, but let me tell you, we are going to liberate Jammu and Kashmir from the Indian rule,” the terrorist said.

“Ravinder Raina, stop speaking against Pakistan and jihad or else we will cut off your tongue…This is my last warning to you Ravinder. You better watch your mouth or else you will be dead, Inshallah…We are on our path to seek Allah and jihad, and we will be successful in our endeavour.

People like Ravinder and other lackeys of PM Modi, be prepared to face the consequences,” the terrorist says….

posted by Major D Swami (Retired) @ 10:10 AM   0 comments
Pakistan’s Khan calls for Muslim countries to impose trade boycotts to force West to criminalize criticism of Islam

Imran Cocaine Kunt

Jihad Watch : In terms of the freedom of speech, Khan is pushing against a crumbling wall. Voices such as that of Sir Malcolm Rifkind, quoted below, are increasingly drowned out by advocates of criminal restrictions on “hate speech,” a concept that is devoid of objective content and can be anything those in power want it to be.

If the powers want to criminalize criticism of Islam, they will do so by labeling it as such, as Islamic supremacist groups in the West have been doing for years. This initiative is very close to coming to fruition, and then Khan can claim victory.

More on this story. “Pakistan PM Imran Khan urges the Muslim world to unite and use trade boycotts to force the West to pass blasphemy laws to protect the Prophet,” by Rachel Bunyan and James Tapsfield, MailOnline, April 27, 2021:

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has boasted that his plan for Muslim-majority countries to unite and force Western governments to criminalise insulting the Prophet Mohammed will work. The 68-year-old leader said lobbying Western nations, the EU and UN to adopt blasphemy laws with a warning of a trade boycott if they do not do so will be ‘effective’ in achieving their goal.

He said leaders of Muslim-majority countries should call on the West to ‘stop hurting the feelings’ of Muslims across the world with their current freedom of speech laws, reports Pakistani newspaper Dawn. Khan said insulting Islam’s Prophet should be treated in the same way as questioning the Holocaust, which is a crime in some European countries.

‘My way is to take heads of all Muslim countries into confidence,’ Khan said in an address on Monday. ‘Together we should ask Europe, the European Union and United Nations to stop hurting the feelings of 1.25 billion Muslims like they do not do in [the] case of Jews.’ ‘I want the Muslim countries to devise a joint line of action over the blasphemy issue with a warning of trade boycott of countries where such incidents will happen,’ Khan continued. ‘This will be the most effective way to achieve the goal.’

Khan said Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has already discussed the plan with four foreign ministers from Muslim-majority countries. Britain’s former foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind told MailOnline that trying to force Western countries to bring in such a ban would be ‘foolish’. ‘That is a pretty foolish decision. It is not countries that insult the Prophet Mohammed, it’s individual citizens. However distasteful that might be, as in Pakistan it is the law of the United Kingdom or any other country to determine whether they are allowed to do that or not,’ Sir Malcolm said.

He said it should be for the courts to decide whether insulting the Prophet breached the law. ‘We already have laws about hate crimes, which apply regardless of a particular religion. I do not think there should be a separate law for one religion.’

Sir Malcolm added: ‘The comparison with the Holocaust doesn’t really carry weight. If the Holocaust happened elsewhere, something similar, the reaction should be exactly the same as the reaction has been to the Holocaust during the Second World War.’

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For Israel, It’s Time to Recognize the Armenian Genocide

Jihad Watch : The recognition by the United States of the Armenian Genocide now puts more pressure on those nations that have yet to do so, and especially on Israel, that has until now refused, for reasons of misplaced — and increasingly nonsensical — realpolitik.

A report on why Israel has for so long refused to recognize the first genocide of the 20th century, and the moral cost of that refusal, is here: “Why has Israel not yet recognized the Armenian Genocide?,” by Jeremy Sharon, Jerusalem Post, April 25, 2021.

Read it all here...................

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France: Macron threatens to ‘punish’ generals who signed open letter warning of ‘radical Islam’ stoking ‘civil war’

Jihad Watch : France24, reports that 25 generals signed the document, not 20. More from the France24 report:

“The hour is grave, France is in peril,” the retired generals wrote, adding that failure to act against the “suburban hordes”

— a reference to residents of the mainly immigrant areas that ring French cities — and other unnamed groups who “scorn our country” will lead to “civil war” and deaths “in the thousands”.

Anadolu News Agency stated:

The signatories of the letter went beyond the 25 retired generals. It included “more than 1,000 officials of different rank and files in the military, police and gendarmerie” who stated that they cannot remain “indifferent” and “passive spectators” under the current circumstances.

Tensions kept rising in France between mainstream France and mainstream Muslim groups, and now comes the letter by the generals in an effort to steer France back to its fundamental values.

It was the beheading of school teacher Samuel Paty that caused an awakening in France. French citizens witnessed mainstream Muslim groups and leaders express some regret about Paty’s murder, but many also added that Paty should not have insulted Muhammad. The French were not willing to tolerate any “ in this context; nor should they have done so. The condemnation of Paty’s murder should have been unequivocal. No hint of justification was acceptable. But instead, multitudes of Muslims from France, Pakistan and across the Islamic world justified his murder, some more tacitly and some blatantly.

Following Paty’s murder (as well as revelations about the horrific and shocking circumstances around it, involving schoolchildren and even relatives), the French government heightened its crackdown on “Islamic separatism.” In response, the Muslim lobby in France and beyond retaliated by accusing the French government of being “Islamophobic.” Condemnation came from as far away as Egypt, where the renowned Al Azhar in Cairo condemned Macron’s plan for fighting “Islamic separatism” as an “explicit call for racism and hate.” Macron came out in defense of the “right to blaspheme.” In Britain, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, also supports this right to blaspheme.

In any Western society, there is no room to accommodate any religion that violates the tenets of a free society. The freedom of speech is a cornerstone of any free society. And in any Western society, one can easily see that there are no religions except Islam that persistently and relentlessly attack this freedom, taking their fight all the way to the United Nations. That’s because offending Islam is a crime under the Sharia — a law that is at odds with otherwise universally accepted principles of human rights. “Islamophobia” initiatives from mainstream Muslim groups are intended to put a stop to any speech that may be offensive to Islam and Muslims.

“French generals who called for military rule if President Macron cannot stop ‘Islamists’ from ‘disintegrating society’ will be punished, government declares,” by Ross Ibbetson, Danyal Hussain and Sophie Tanno, MailOnline, April 27, 2021:

Read it all here or at the active links..............
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Israel hammered with 36 rockets overnight. Rumour has it Gaza will be a much safer place in a few hours.
Monday, April 26, 2021
Vlad Tepes : Malaysia's Special Envoy to the Middle East, Hadi Bawang should be doing something about this instead of talking shit!! 36 rockets fired at Israel overnight. IDF hits Gaza terror targets in response. Terrorists fired 36 rockets toward Israel from the Gaza Strip overnight with six projectiles intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, the Israel Defense Forces said Saturday morning.
The barrages were the worst assault from the Strip in many months and while there were no Israeli injuries, the rockets did cause damage in a number of communities.

In response, the Israeli military struck multiple Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in the early hours of Saturday morning, including rocket launchers and underground infrastructure, the army said, in response to several salvos of rockets fired into Israel overnight.

There were no immediate reports of casualties in the Gaza strikes. Sirens sounded in numerous Israeli communities near the Strip overnight, including Ashkelon and the Eshkol, Sdot Negev, Sha’ar Hanegev and Hof Ashkelon regional councils. The Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted six of the projectiles. Some fell in communities while others landed in open areas.

Iron Dome is programmed to not deploy when rockets are projected to hit non-populated areas — it was unclear why it had not activated to intercept the projectiles that landed in the border towns.
Two terror groups in Gaza took responsibility for the rocket fire — Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades. Israel has stressed in the past it holds the ruling Hamas terror group responsible for all violence emanating from Gaza.
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National security law: former Chinese University student leader reveals he has fled to Canada fearing arrest in Hong Kong

BCF : A former student union chief at Hong Kong’s Chinese University who was involved in setting up a now-defunct cross-party platform for political cooperation in the city has revealed he fled to Canada fearing arrest under the national security law.

Ernie Chow Shue-fung was among a number of local activists and politicians – including outspoken church leaders – who recently left the city in the wake of the Beijing-imposed security law.  Read it all here..........

Watch what you say: Hong Kong civil servants become wary of office snitches jostling to prove loyalty

Alice* was working in a public-facing civilian job in one of Hong Kong’s disciplined services when she was transferred last year to the back office of another government department after her bosses received anonymous complaints about her.

The abrupt move caught her by surprise. She said she had only shared a news article about a police raid following the introduction of the national security law last June, without adding any comments of her own.

Read it all here.........

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Islamic State flourishing in Christian-majority Democratic Republic of the Congo, with mass slaughter of Christians

Jihad Watch : The Allied Democratic forces is rampaging through the Christian-majority Democratic Republic of Congo. Like many other jihadist groups on a mission to establish a caliphate in Africa (and beyond), the Allied Democratic Forces are affiliated with the Islamic State, which is the principal, but by no means only, group waging violent jihad to advance Sharia across Africa.

The mass killing of innocent Christian families is an ongoing phenomenon in the DRC; all while the UN and other bodies which falsely present themselves as interested in human rights ignore the plight of the Christians.  “The Islamic State is flourishing in Christian-majority Democratic Republic of the Congo,” by Mihailo S. Zekic, The Trumpet, April 21, 2021:

The United States State Department classified an Islamic State-affiliate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a terrorist group last month. The Allied Democratic Forces was formed in Uganda in the 1990s in a Muslim revolt against Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni. Pressure from Museveni forced the group to flee to the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo. They have since allied themselves with the Islamic State and rebranded themselves as Islamic State-Central African Province.

Also put on sanctions was the Mozambique-based jihadist group Al-Shabaab (no apparent relation to the Somali group of the same name). Al-Shabaab recently was in the news for laying bloody siege to the Mozambican city of Palma. Sub-Saharan Africa isn’t generally considered a major battleground for radical Islam. But the State Department designations shows how serious Islamic terrorism is in Africa. According to the State Department press release, the Allied Democratic Forces killed at least 849 Congolese civilians in 2020 alone. Al-Shabaab, meanwhile, is responsible for thousands of deaths since 2017, as well as the displacement of hundreds of thousands.

As serious as the threat is today, the Allied Democratic Forces (adf) was almost snuffed out by the Congolese Army in 2015. Its founder, Jamil Mukulu, was apprehended, and its membership was estimated by the United Nations to be as low as 65. His successor, Seka Musa Baluku, needed new life breathed into the movement. He found it by pledging allegiance with the Islamic State. This opened up foreign sponsorship to the adf, now under a new name, and it has been wreaking havoc in D.R. Congo ever since. The Islamic State provides finances and training to the Congolese terrorist group; however, it doesn’t manage the group’s affairs directly.

Although the Allied Democratic Forces-cum-Islamic State–Central African Province is a brutal organization, it isn’t made exactly in the same mold as the Islamic State. It once fought alongside Christian militia groups against the Congolese government. Some of its practices, such as having female and child soldiers, aren’t common with the Middle Eastern Islamic State. The Islamic State also doesn’t seem to take its Central African “province” too seriously. Of the estimated $100 million the group has accumulated, it has spent only $1 million on Central Africa.

The marriage between the Allied Democratic Forces and the Islamic State seems to be one of convenience. And the Islamic State seems to be an unreliable partner at best. It may have made sense to associate with it several years ago, when it was strong and controlled much territory. But the Islamic State’s caliphate has been wiped out of Iraq and nearly out of Syria. Its former leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is now dead. The days when the Islamic State seemed like the premier terrorist group in the world appear to be over.

Will the Allied Democratic Forces soon be looking for another sponsor?

A possible option is Iran. The brutality of the Islamic State and other groups have stolen some of Iran’s limelight, but it is still the number one terrorist-sponsoring nation in the world.

Unlike the Islamic State, it has all the resources of a fully-functioning country behind it. It has a professional military and sizable economy. Tehran’s terrorist proxies, like Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, control territories themselves. And Iran has a long track record of sponsoring radical Islam in Africa. It supported the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt.

It sponsors al-Shabaab in Somalia and may even be linked to Mozambique’s al-Shabaab movement (which, in turn, is affiliated with Islamic State–Central African Province). Esmail Qaani, the leader of Iran’s infamous Quds Force, specializes in infiltrating Africa.

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Sedition probe against Fahmi Reza result of broken Harapan promise - Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy

Malaysiakini : "In fact, they were all justifying the use of  the Sedition Act and now we pay the same price again.” -  Former Malaysian Bar president K Ragunath.

COMMENT | When I see all these activists chanting “Free Fahmi” and “Political satire is not a crime”, all I can do is shrug. Well, yeah kids, it is a crime here in Malaysia and you know that when Pakatan Harapan had a chance to ditch such laws, they chose not to.

It is convenient to blame the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government for problems this country faces, but when Harapan promised solutions to these problems, they never delivered. As always, blame-shifting and deflection will define how Harapan handles issues like these.

It is pointless laying the blame on PN because, ultimately, it was Harapan’s responsibility to repeal these laws because, for the Malay uber alles government, sedition laws were always tools in their box of dirty tricks.

Read it all here................
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China, Pak Offer 'Help' To India - Where Is America's Offer To Help?
Various nations have offered to help India during the Covid crisis, including China and Pakistan. The United States has yet to offer any solidarity.
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The Genocide of Hindus by Muslims in Bangladesh
The Bengali Hindu Genocide. Deepali Kulkarni and Debleena Biswas talk about the Genocide of Bengali Hindus. This is a story that is not discussed enough. We know it happened, but do we know the scale of the genocide? Do we know the sociological and psychological consequences of the same? Also, why do Hindus not receive the same level of hearing when it comes to their pain and misery?
My family was among those. Some were able to flee. Some unfortunately couldn’t. The stories are scary and the fact remains that it’s still not safe to be a Hindu in Bangladesh. The rapidly shrinking numbers speak for themselves.
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Turkey built on the blood of the Byzantine Christians - The Armenian Genocide Forges On
Sunday, April 25, 2021

BCF : Today, April 24th, is Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, marking 106 years since the start of the Armenian Genocide, when the Ottoman Turks massacred approximately 1.5 million Armenians during World War I. Biden’s handlers recognize Armenian Genocide.

This is an extremely positive development, long overdue, and Biden’s handlers deserve kudos for getting this one right. We can only hope that this will herald a new vigor in opposing Turkish neo-Ottoman jihadist aggression and expansionist ambitions. “Breaking With Predecessors, Biden Declares Mass Killings of Armenians a Genocide,” by Katie Rogers and Carlotta Gall, Read it all at the New York Times, April 24, 2021:

Raymond Ibrahim : Today, April 24, is Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, marking 106 years since the start of the Armenian Genocide, when the Ottoman Turks massacred approximately 1.5 million Armenians during World War I.

Most objective historians who have examined the topic unequivocally agree that it was a deliberate, calculated genocide. According to the Genocide Education Project:

More than one million Armenians perished as the result of execution, starvation, disease, the harsh environment, and physical abuse.  A people who lived in eastern Turkey for nearly 3,000 years [more than double the amount of time the invading Islamic Turks had occupied Anatolia, now known as “Turkey”] lost its homeland and was profoundly decimated in the first large-scale genocide of the twentieth century.  At the beginning of 1915 there were some two million Armenians within Turkey; today there are fewer than 60,000….

Despite the vast amount of evidence that points to the historical reality of the Armenian Genocide, eyewitness accounts, official archives, photographic evidence, the reports of diplomats, and the testimony of survivors, denial of the Armenian Genocide by successive regimes in Turkey has gone on from 1915 to the present.

Not only has Turkey repeatedly denied culpability for the Armenian Genocide; it appears intent on reigniting it, most recently by helping Azerbaijan wage war on Armenia in the context of the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute, which again erupted in late 2020.

As Nikol Pashinyan, Armenia’s prime minister, observed in October 2020: “Why has Turkey returned to the South Caucasus 100 years [after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire]? To continue the Armenian Genocide.”

During this recent conflict that did not concern it, Turkey funded and funneled sharia-enforcing “jihadist groups,” in the words of French president Macron, that had been operating in Syria and Libya—including the pro-Muslim Brotherhood Hamza Division, which kept naked, sex slave women in prison—to terrorize and slaughter Armenians.

Among other ISIS-like behavior, these mercenaries and their Azerbaijani partners “tortured beyond recognition” an intellectually disabled 58-year-old Armenian woman by hacking off her ears, hands, and feet, before murdering her.  Her family was only able to identify her by her clothes.

“Armenians,” according to a December 2020 report, “are being brutalized” and have “lost territory to their jihadist neighbors before agreeing to a cease-fire enforced by Russia…. Prior to violating the so-called peace agreement, the Turkish Muslims of Azerbaijan did as Muhammad commanded in beheading Christians.”

The report linked to a video of soldiers in camouflage overpowering a struggling, elderly Armenian man to the ground, before casually carving at his throat with a knife.

“Azerbaijan has accused Armenia of violating the peace deal first,” the report continues, “but observers note the only provocation Muslims need to attack Armenians is their continued existence.”

Anti-infidel rhetoric underscores this view. A captured terrorist confessed that he was “promised a monthly 2000 dollar payment for fighting against ‘kafirs’ in Artsakh, and an extra 100 dollar for each beheaded ‘kafir.’” (Kafir, often translated as “infidel,” is Arabic for non-Muslims who fail to submit to Islamic authority, which by default makes them enemies worthy of slavery or death.)

Similarly, Armenian churches that came under Azerbaijani control have been desecrated—despite promises from the authorities to protect them.  In one instance, a soldier—unclear whether an Azeri or a jihadi mercenary from Syria or Iraq—was videotaped standing atop a church chapel, where the cross had been broken off, and triumphantly shouting “Allahu Akbar!”   Azerbaijani forces also shelled and destroyed Holy Savior, an iconic Armenian cathedral which was “consecrated in 1888 but was damaged during the March 1920 massacre of Armenians of the city by Azerbaijanis and experienced a decades-long decline.”

More recently, according to a March 29, 2021 report, over the course of just two weeks, at least three Armenian churches in the Nagorno-Karabakh region were recently vandalized or destroyed by Azerbaijani forces—even though ceasefire was declared in November.  Video footage of the desecration of one of these churches shows Azerbaijani troops entering the Christian place of worship, and then laughing, mocking, kicking, and defacing Christian items inside it, including a fresco of the Last Supper.  Turkey’s flag appears on the Azerbaijani servicemen’s uniform, further implicating the Erdogan government of involvement.  As they approach, one of the Muslim soldiers says, “Let’s now enter their church, where I will perform namaz.”  (Namaz is a reference to Muslim prayers; when Muslims pray inside non-Muslim temples, they immediately become mosques.)  In response to this video, Arman Tatoyan, an Armenian human rights activist, issued a statement:

The President of Azerbaijan and the country’s authorities have been implementing a policy of hatred, enmity, ethnic cleansing and genocide against Armenia, citizens of Armenia and the Armenian people for years.  The Turkish authorities have done the same or have openly encouraged the same policy.

By way of example, he said that Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev proudly stated in early March that “the younger generation has grown up with hatred toward the enemy,” meaning Armenians.

Such hate, which is a precursor to genocide, seems evident everywhere.  One need only listen to a Turkish man rant in a video about how all Armenians are “dogs,” and that any found in Turkey should be slaughtered for an idea of the impetus fueling this hate:

What is an Armenian doing in my country? Either the state expels them or we kill them.  Why do we let them live?… We will slaughter them when the time comes…. This is Turkish soil.  How are we Ottoman grandchildren?….  The people of Turkey who have honor, dignity, and Allah must cut the heads of the Armenians in Turkey.  It is dishonorable for anyone to meet and not kill an Armenian… If we are human, let us do this—let us do it for Allah…. Everyone listening, if you love Allah, please spread this video of me to everyone…

Similarly, in response to a question being asked to random passersby on the streets of Turkey—“If you could get away with one thing, what would you do?”—a woman recently replied on video: “What would I do? Behead 20 Armenians.”  She then looked directly at the camera, and smiled while nodding her head. 

Much of this genocidal hate is unsurprising, considering that Turkish public school textbooks continue demonizing Armenians—in fact, Christians in general, and Jews—as a recent study found.

If Turks, who are not affected by the Armenian/Azerbaijani conflict, feel this way, it should be unsurprising that any number of Azerbaijanis do too.  Thus, for Nurlan Ibrahimov, head of the press service of Qarabag football club of Azerbaijan, “We [Azerbaijanis] must kill all Armenians—children, women, the elderly. [We] need to kill [them] without [making a] distinction. No regrets, no compassion.”

Accordingly, today, on Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, it is well to remember not only what happened then, but what is clearly being primed to happen again.
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Civil WAR In PAKISTAN - Just Beautiful, heading towards the Abyss
Pakistan will soon evaporate from this world. It's inevitably unavoidable as the monsters they fed thinking it will only attack the neighbour have out grown their masters uncontrollably.
We could cheer them on from the sidelines until they decimate themselves. Best case scenario.
One reaps what one sows in the case of pakiland.
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BCF : Frying pan vs Antifa
Fishing boat under tow Indian ocean
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I Left Islam for Liberal Values. Now Woke Liberals Are Embracing a New Religion

BCF : I was raised in a religious Muslim home and practiced the faith for a long time.
Eventually, I realized I was not a religious man, after spending a long time educating myself, immersed in our texts. Certain things bothered me after I investigated them deeply.

I felt the hijab was misogynistic, and I opposed the strain of violence that had emerged from our holy books. Then there were the blasphemy laws outlined in the Quran, which seemed like the opposite of the liberal values I believe in. As a secular man, I went about my life, working as a contractor for the Canadian military for over a decade in Kosovo, Sudan, Bosnia, Haiti, and then Afghanistan.

I encountered other Muslims, and others like me, who were no longer Muslim. But when I came back to Canada in 2014, I returned to a different country than the one I had left.
Read it all here................
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The Question Of Whether Americans Should Pay Reparations Is Thornier Than You Might Think

BCF : After being first proposed more than 30 years ago by Rep. John Conyers, D-Michigan, the 116th Congress of the United States voted last week to advance H.R. 40, the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-American Act.
Aided by the Democratic Party’s control of the executive and legislative branches of government, the current sentiment in the country regarding racial justice and equity may provide the bill’s proponents the opening they seek. To start, it’s worth noting reparations are not without precedent.

The United States paid reparations to Japanese-Americans as restitution for their internment during World War II. It also made reparations to American Indians for seizing their land and mismanaging natural resources. Yet paying reparations to black Americans who are the descendants of slaves is likely to prove more contentious for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is the vast length of time that has passed since slavery ended, coupled with the fact no living person has participated in the heinous practice. Indeed, as it violates our fundamental sense of fairness and justice, we tend not to visit the sins of the father upon the son in this country.

Furthermore, while all the relevant demographic data isn’t reliable, it is safe to assert the majority of non-black Americans are descendants of individuals that immigrated to the United States after the end of the Civil War in 1865.
Read it all here.........
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France: Muslim migrant stabs police officer in throat, kills her, authorities not sure it’s terrorism
Saturday, April 24, 2021

Jihad Watch : And so the same grim comic opera plays out yet again. Darmanin is going to Yvelines to offer support. Great. But what is he doing to address this problem realistically and ensure it never happens again? Nothing whatsoever.

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)

“Yvelines: attack at the Rambouillet police station, the stabbed police officer dies,” translated from “Yvelines : attaque au commissariat de Rambouillet, la fonctionnaire de police poignardée est décédée,” by Julien Constant and Jean-Michel Decugis, Le Parisien, April 23, 2021:

Shortly before 2:30 p.m. this Friday, an individual armed with a knife entered the Rambouillet (Yvelines) police station and attacked a police officer, we learned from the public prosecutor’s office and from a police source. The stabbed victim succumbed to his injuries. She is a mother of two in her 40s. The individual, who was shot twice by a police officer, also died.

The victim, an administrative officer at the police station, was surprised in the airlock of the police station as she entered the compound, according to a police source. Her attacker allegedly stabbed her in the throat. The police at the scene then opened fire on the assailant.

The 36-year-old attacker is of Tunisian nationality. He arrived in France in 2009, according to our information. The man is unknown to the police and in a regular situation. The judicial police (PJ) of Versailles was summoned. For the moment, the hypothesis of a terrorist attack has not been confirmed. The prosecution went to the scene to assess the situation. Jean Castex and Gérald Darmanin go on site

Gérald Darmanin, the Minister of the Interior, as well as the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, are also going there. “They will provide support to the victim’s colleagues and through them to the entire national police” and “re-targeted” security forces, the government said in a statement. Rambouillet is a town of around 26,000 inhabitants with a reputation for being a calm town.

“The officials at this small police station known for its tranquility are devastated,” one policeman told us.
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India: Hindu priest says ‘no difference between Islam and Islamic radicalism,’ Muslims call for his beheading
Friday, April 23, 2021

Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati

Jihad Watch : Good thinking. If anything will show Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati the vast difference between Islam and Islamic radicalism, it will be the separation of his head from his body. Seriously, why isn’t the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims rising up in defense of Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati and denouncing death threats made against him? 

“‘No difference between Islam and Islamic radicalism, its a danger to all religions’: What Yati Narsinghanand said in a recent interview,” OpIndia, April 17, 2021:

Hindu priest Yati Narsinghanand Saraswat [sic] has been facing the ire of Muslim hardliners for his remark on Prophet Mohammad. Innumerable threats have been issued to his life. Despite this, in an interview with GoaChronicle, the Hindu priest did not shy away from presenting his honest views on Islam.

Speaking on the show Truth Matters, Swami Yati, elucidated that Islam is synonymous with radicalism. There is nothing like soft Islam, said the Dasna priest. “There is no difference between Islam and Islamic radicalism. Islam is radical. There is no soft Islam. Islam is about Mohammed’s direction. Muslims must obey and follow Mohammed’s thoughts and teaching. Islam is a danger to all religions in this world. There has been no reformation in Islam for over 1400 years it has become more dangerous today”….

“That is why I am raising my voice so that I can protect our Hindu women and children. Our women and children have a right to live and any religion that thinks it can threaten our women and children, rape and sell them, then I will not tolerate it and will continue to raise my voice,” Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati added….

It’s been a while since Muslim hardliners have been protesting against Dasna Devi Temple head priest Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati for his remarks on Prophet Muhammad.

Endless calls for the beheading of the priest have been made by several Muslim groups and even mainstream political parties for his alleged ‘blasphemy’.
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Germany: Muslim migrant murders man, police protect the perpetrator and harass the victim’s father

Marcus Hempel and Karsten Hempel

Jihad Watch : “A scandal,” says Hempel. Although he was the victim of a violent crime as the father of a murdered child, he was “treated like a perpetrator” – and the real perpetrator Sabri H. was “classified as a victim.”

Hey, man, celebrate diversity! You’re sounding pretty racist there!

“Police scandal: Syrian kills 30-year-old – then police persecute the victim’s father,” translated from “Polizei-Skandal: Syrer tötet 30-Jährigen – dann verfolgt Polizei Vater des Opfers,” by Göran Schattauer, Focus, April 15, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

In 2017, a young Syrian killed the son of Karsten Hempel (56) in Saxony-Anhalt. After the perpetrator was sentenced to probation, the police prosecuted the victim’s father for alleged plans for revenge. According to FOCUS-Online research, the investigators used illegal methods. Hempel calls for clarification.

Read it all here............
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The sexual predators whom we call school administrators by Mariam Mokhtar

Malaysiakini: COMMENT | The latest menstrual "period check" scandal is nothing more than control of women and state-sanctioned sexual harassment against them. It has nothing to do with religion or school discipline.

So, how much more of this sexual abuse will the Malay community tolerate? How much more public humiliation and mental torture can the Malay woman accept? Her shoulders may be broad, her patience may be as good as any saint's, and her temper kept in check, but perhaps, the time has come for her to be more proactive and more vocal about the abuses against her peers.

The "period checks" being conducted on schoolgirls to see if they are really menstruating has nothing to do with religion. In Islam, a menstruating woman is not allowed to perform the ritual prayer, nor to fast. The religion does not force checks on people to see what is stopping them from praying. It does not force you to pray if you do not want to. It does not encourage others to pry into your affairs.

Read it all here.....................
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As Muslim Who Killed Jewish Woman Won’t Be Tried, Macron Promises to Change Law on Criminal Responsibility

Sarah Halimi

Jihad Watch : The killer of Sarah Halimi will not be tried for murder. He’ll spend a short time in a mental institution, treated for his cannabis use, that supposedly led to a “psychotic episode” during which he killed Halimi, and then be set free.

This decision by the Cour de Cassation, France’s highest court of appeals, to not bring Kobili Traoré, the Muslim murderer of Halimi, to trial because he had been under the influence of marijuana when he beat her nearly to death and then threw her out of the window of her Paris apartment, has provoked indignation and fury among French Jews and many non-Jews.

According to Traoré, he had been troubled by Ms. Halimi’s mezuzah, which “amplified the frantic outburst of hate,” according to one psychiatric report.

But the Court noted in its ruling that under French law, “a person is not criminally responsible if suffering, at the time of the event, from psychic or neuropsychic disturbance that has eliminated all discernment or control” over the acts.

Read it all here..............
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China’s dream of conquering the Arabian sea is shattered
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Car bomb at luxury hotel in Pakistan kills 4; Overseas Chinese eatery surveilling customers
Chinese surveillance appears in the West. A popular overseas Chinese restaurant is using security cameras to watch customers as they eat. The recorded footage then gets sent to Chinese authorities.
A Chinese state-run media is expanding its reach across the globe. But one group is putting a stop to its ambitions. A new push for a harder stance against the Chinese Communist Party. It comes as a sweeping bill that’s just been approved by a U.S. Senate committee. An 11-year-old girl in China is begging for help. She says authorities have forcibly destroyed her home. And a car bomb at a hotel in Pakistan kills four people. It’s the same hotel where the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan stayed.
The building is home to billions of Chinese investment dollars, as part of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative.
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Bill Mahar did have the courage to point out that after Texas opened up, the case rate and hospitalizations went down
Bill calls on the medical establishment, media, and politicians to cut the spin and stick to the facts about public health threats.
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Insurgency Malaya

Malayan Emergency

Lessons From Malaya
"Asian Cold War"

NZ Forces In Borneo
Malayan Emergency-
Australian Pespective

Malaya, My Far East
Slim School
Cameron Highlands

The Undeclared War
(Indonesian Confrontation)
-Book Review

The Queen's Gurkha

Brief History 4th RAR
In Malaya & Borneo

Aussies At War
Against Indonesia

Conflict and Confrontation
in SEA,
US and the creation of Malaysia


OMAHA Beachhead
Division War

Vietnam Resources
For The Historian

The Royal Irish Rangers
Queen's York Rangers
Early Ranger History
75th Ranger Regiment
Roots of Honor
of the 14th U.S. Infantry

US Army Homepage
Under fire images
from Vietnam

Death & Home

Photos, Articles,
and Research
on the European
in World War II

Complete Articles
On Middle East Conflict

The Israeli War
Of Independence

IDF Israel
Middle East And
Jewish Studies

The Quest For Peace
In The Middle East

US Coast Guard History
Memories Of Combat
Women In Combat
Korean War
Combat Photos

Under Fire

Under Fire
US Army
Public Affairs

Military Equipment

The History Net
Canon, Machine Guns
And Ammunition

HK Assault rifles
AK Assault Rifle

Modern Firearms
Main Battle Tanks
Former USSR

M1A1 / M1A2 Abrams Main
Battle Tank

Main Battle Tank:
Challenger 2

Leopard 2A6
Leclerc Main
Battle Tank

Israeli Main
Battle Tank

Swedish Armor
Infantry Fighting

Italian IFV
French IFV
British IFV
Definition IFV
Scandinavian Armor

Seventh Rangers
Mechanized Infantry

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