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Sadiq Khan of Londonistan used to defend terrorists - Maajid Nawaz vs Tommy Robinson – a tale of two political prisoners
Friday, August 17, 2018
Sadiq Khan: London mayor says being prepared for terror attacks 'part and parcel' of living in a major city
Jihad Watch : Maajid Nawaz, as we all know, served time for his work with the designated terrorist organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is so extreme that it is banned in many countries.
Maajid, apparently, was a political prisoner in Egypt for promoting the establishment of a global caliphate. His lawyer, the darling of a lot of terrorist lawyers, was none other than London’s current mayor Sadiq Khan. Khan, as a lawyer, was almost like those ambulance chasers who chase after flashing red lights in an attempt to catch victims as they’re leaving the ambulances so that they can throw their business cards at them in a “no win, no fee” scenario.
By all appearances, Khan’s clients were terrorists. He chased them as ardently as those others chased after ambulances. Perhaps there was more money in defending terrorists such as “Captain Hook” than there was in defending real victims.
Majid Nawaz
Maajid’s views at the time were abhorrent, and he has since challenged and confronted the terrorist organisation that he was once a part of and promoted, and which still holds demos in London to this day. He has been a political prisoner for his point of view and his speech in a Muslim-majority land, and so it’s surprising to me that he isn’t doing more to promote and help Tommy Robinson, who is a political prisoner in a free land.
Mr. Nawaz is, of course, not bound to do anything that his conscience tells him not to, but he’s currently duping the British public by trying to sell them a soft version of Islam. Surely he can see the publicity to be had by getting behind Tommy’s cause and uniting everyone, rather than dividing. We all live under the same legal system, after all (outside of those who adhere to the illegal sharia courts). Maajid, defender of the right to hold differing opinions, was also absent from Tommy’s Day of Freedom rally.
Perhaps he wasn’t invited, or perhaps he had nothing to say on the matter. I was told that he would attend nothing that Tommy Robinson ever arranges; whether or not that is true, I don’t know, but the words were spoken to me with witnesses involved. Tommy, of course, inadvertently and with no malice intended put girls who were victims of Muslim rape gangs at further risk by not listening to legal counsel and instead turning up at courthouses with a camera in order to report on the rapists.
All very knee-jerk and unsophisticated stuff, but that does not merit the treatment he is currently receiving by speaking up about Muslim rape gangs. Maajid gets to point out the notoriously high percentage of Muslim rape gangs, and he is a saint. Tommy repeats the figures, and he is the devil himself.
Read it all here.....................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 9:56 AM   0 comments
Tommy Robinson shows us all how to handle hostile and dishonest journalists
Thursday, August 16, 2018
Vlad Tepes : BREAKING: Daily Mail journalist James King flies out and harrasses Tommy Robinson whilst he is on holiday with his family. Secretly taking pictures, putting his wife and children in danger. Tommy wants this shared EVERYWHERE and fast. It's being removed. Well done Tommy. You made him look like an absolute idiot. Typical dribbling left-wing.
Gutter press, wankers the lot of them. Looks like the man from the mail doesn't like the taste of his own medicine! He wasn't expecting to be confronted. Tommy isn't broken. He still has a lot of fight in him. Take that. Why was he there if he wasn't hassling Tommy and his family?
That couldn't be called a "journalist" by any stretch of the imagination. More like a vulture hoping to feast on a weakened prey. Happily Tommy hasn't been weakened at all and soon had the scavenger trying to escape. "I don't want to say any more" FFS! If Tommy had said anything like that, do you think this guttersnipe would have just stopped filming and left him alone? Scum. Just scum. These people are scum.
Go interview the Leeds 'judge' who ran a 'trial' that broke all the rules in the book and illegally imprisoned Robinson for 13 months without even requesting impact statements! He did not plead guilty and was not even given time to mount a defense. Why isn't the judge being questioned? Did this reporter even read the appeal decision? This country in going down the pan fast.
And that answer he gave when Robinson asked, ''why am I far-right?'' was both laughable and sinister - ''you've expressed views against Islam.'' Seriously, folks, this is where we are at already!
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:22 PM   0 comments
Judge receives death threats after granting bail to Muslim compound members

BCF : Judge Sarah Backus was referred to as an “Islamic terrorist sympathiser” by critics after granting bail to five people accused of training children to carry out school shootings at the makeshift, high-desert compound police raided earlier this month.
Authorities found 11 children in need of food and water inside of the filthy complex, which lacked plumbing and included a shooting range with loaded weapons. The body of a toddler was also found buried at the site days later. The five accused have pleased not guilty to the charges against them.
While the accusations were "troubling and unusual,” the judge said prosecutors failed to provide evidence of child abuse or threats to society. The five defendants were then granted $20,000 bail each and ordered to comply with specific restrictions, which include wearing GPS ankle bracelets and not being permitted back to the compound. The ruling sparked outcry online, as people called and threatened violence against Ms Backus. The courthouse was then placed on lock down after threats were made to all staff.
Her decision to grant bail also triggered a response online after being reported by Fox News, with critics slamming the decision and calling the judge "a danger to the community”.
Read it all here.............
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:02 PM   0 comments
NOT so great britain still trying to figure if Muslim migrant Salih Khater, is a terrorist

Jihad Watch : The police are still trying to “establish his motivation” because they cannot or will not admit publicly that there is a global jihad, and that forces of that jihad have called upon Muslims in the West to mount lone wolf attacks against civilians, using their cars as weapons.
“Investigators are searching his former flat above a row of shops in Sparkbrook, near where the first Westminster attacker Khalid Masood lived. The area was the home of several terrorists, including UK’s first suicide bomber, its first al-Qaeda plotter, one of one of the financiers of the 9/11 attacks and several extremists who went to fight for Isis.”
But still, Salih Khater’s motive is a mystery. It would be like the BBC in 1939 saying that a large group of Germans had suddenly started marching toward Warsaw, but they were still trying to establish their motivation. “Salih Khater: Birmingham shop manager from Sudan named as Westminster car attack suspect,” by Lizzie Dearden, Independent, August 15, 2018: You stupid british dicks, read this about Hatred for Jews and Non Muslims, you will get your answers!!
Read it all here.................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 9:56 PM   0 comments
Hugh Fitzgerald: Saudi Arabia and Canada Square Off

Jihad Watch : Justin Trudeau has been noticeably unconcerned about Islam. He’s been criticised for his failure to recognize the genocide, by Muslims, of Christians in the Middle East.
He was eager to hand over to  Omar Khadr, the Muslim who killed one American soldier, Christopher Speer, and blinded another, Layne Morris, the quite unnecessary sum of eight million dollars, for having spent ten years imprisoned at Guantanamo (some might well think that a short sentence for a murderer).
Indeed, Trudeau handed over the money with such unseemly haste that the families of Speer and Morris, who had won civil judgments against Khadr in Utah, had no time to try to block the payment. Although he talks a lot about human rights, Trudeau has been noticeably silent about human rights in Saudi Arabia, one of the most repressive regimes in the world, possibly because he doesn’t want to do anything to endanger a multi-billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia.
So it has been fascinating to see the Saudi reaction to just one tweet by Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Foreign Minister, after the Saudi government jailed several women’s rights activists, including the sister of Raif Badawi, a human rights activist now in a Saudi prison.  Here was the tweet:  “Very alarmed to learn that Samar Badawi, Raif Badawi’s sister, has been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia. Canada stands together with the Badawi family in this difficult time, and we continue to strongly call for the release of both Raif and Samar Badawi.”
The Saudi government erupted in fury. On August 5, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced it would expel the Canadian Ambassador, recalled its own ambassador in Ottawa, and declared it would freeze all new trade and investments because of Canada’s “interference in the Kingdom’s domestic affairs.”
A few days later, Saudi Arabia announced the suspension of state airline flights to Canada and the withdrawal from Canadian universities of all Saudi students, some 16,000 in all. Hundreds of millions of dollars that Canadian colleges and universities were expecting are now not going to arrive. Saudi patients in Canada were told to seek treatment elsewhere. This was all the result of a single tweet.
Read it all here......................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 7:00 PM   0 comments
Aussies getting foked : White nurses in Australia must apologize for being white to indigenous patients
BCF : The absolute insanity of this.Of course there is no mention that this hospital, the medical technology, and the curative drugs would not be here without white people.
CULTURAL MARXIST INSANITY RUNNING AMOK!! All those nurses should refuse to abide by such insanity and walk out on strike or quit. What next!? Are you going to kick yourselves off your own land just as South Africans have done?
“Hi I’m you’re nurse and I’m proud to be white.” So Fok you!!
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 3:48 PM   0 comments
Jordanian immigrant sentenced to death for Texas ‘honor killings’ of son-in-law, daughter’s friend
The Victims
BCF : A Texas father convicted in the 2012 murders of his son-in-law and his daughter’s best friend — in what was described in court as a set of “honor killings” — was sentenced to death Tuesday.
Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, 60, was convicted of capital murder last month in connection with the deaths of his American son-in-law, Coty Beavers, and Iranian women’s rights activist Gelareh Bagherzadeh. Prosecutors said Irsan, a conservative Muslim who immigrated to the U.S. from Jordan, became enraged after his daughter Nesreen married Beavers and converted to Christianity.
According to investigators, Bagherzadeh had encouraged Nesreen Irsan to marry Beavers.
The Crazed Animal from the Middle East
Police said Irsan, his wife Shmou Alrawabdeh and their son, Nasim, followed Bagherzadeh to her parents' home in January 2012, and that Nasim Isran shot her in her car. Eleven months later, the elder Irsan slipped into Beavers' unlocked apartment near Houston, waited for his daughter to leave for work, then shot his son-in-law, according to Alrawabdeh, who testified as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.
Read it all here.......................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 3:41 PM   0 comments
The Gray Lady ( Brown Shit) Once Again Sanitizes Radical Islam

BCF : For many years now, the New York Times has sanitized radical Islamic groups, militant Islamic leaders and even Islamic terrorist attacks.
The paper has does this by deliberately omitting critical details that would discredit Islamist groups. For example, the Times routinely describes the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) as either being a civil rights or a Muslim advocacy group. In reality, CAIR was started as a front for Hamas and continues to serve as one.
But over the course of more than two decades, the Times has never reported on any of the many government documents and official transcripts that prove CAIR’s role as a front group for Hamas. And when reporting on many of the Islamic terrorist attacks that have occurred in Europe in recent years, the Times has often omitted the key fact that the Islamist attacker often yelled out "Allahu Akbar" before committing his terrorist atrocity, despite no such reluctance by European media to report such critical facts.
Last week's Times' reporting on the arrests of Muslim extremists in a compound with 11 starving children who were being taught to carry out school shootings offers a glaring case in point. Local authorities searching for a missing special needs 3-year-old boy discovered his body, and 11 starving children, on a remote New Mexico compound loaded with weapons.
In a story on the discovery and resulting arrests of the adults involved, the Times omitted a key statement the local New Mexico sheriff made earlier in the week who said, according to the Associated Press, that the "adults [arrested] at the compound were considered 'extremist of the Muslim belief' adding that it was part of the investigation." The AP reported those comments; why didn't the Times?
Read it all here................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 11:57 AM   0 comments
A worthy anniversary, but a wasted effort?
Vlad Tepes : Bravo! after conquering every last inch of Arab, Iran etc. these butchers were finally stopped in the great quagmire called India. even after 1000 years of unspeakable mayhem they are still fighting their jihad to finish Hinduism off. but we are still standing. and rising.
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:33 AM   0 comments
Save Soho, but let’s destroy the rest of the U.K.?

Jihad Watch : What they neglect to note is that it is and was Christian Europeans who settled it, or who made it a place of diversity as everyone shared their customs and their food.
Talk to a Soho resident today and they’ll rage about Brexit and call voters racist, but why should Soho, which is nothing special, be saved while the rest of the country gets altered? Why should Soho residents’ streets be allowed to remain the same while villages and towns across the U.K. become changed beyond recognition? This is racism and supremacy, to think that you are better than any other person.
Soho needs changed. It is currently ruled by Somali Muslim drug gangs that the police cannot control. If you want proof that London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s police force cannot control crime, take a walk through Soho, any day or night. The dealers and touts know what they can get away with and they tout their drugs to clients whilst standing right next to police officers.
Talk to an officer about it and he’ll tell you he can’t do “stop and search,” or that it’s not illegal to inject drugs, or that it’s not illegal for a gang of drug dealers to stand outside residencies and threaten tenants. People can’t be moved on, apparently. Soho’s residents are being stabbed, beaten up, robbed, and are having to clean up fecal matter from their doorsteps because of these illegal Somali Muslim drug gangs, both the dealers and the addicts.
Crime rates are through the roof and there is no CCTV in any of the areas to catch any of the criminals. If this is what Soho’s residents want saving, let them get on with it. Meanwhile, the rest of us will fight to protect out British way of life.
Read it all here..................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:22 AM   0 comments
Ibn Warraq: The History of Jihad is “essential for all who want to defend our values from the relentless jihad”

Jihad Watch : Ibn Warraq, author of The Origins of the Koran and The Quest for the Historical Muhammad, along with many other crucially important books, read my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS and had this to say:
For those who still think — and, alas, there remain many — that Islamic terrorism has emerged only in the last forty years or so, The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, Robert Spencer’s carefully researched work on jihad from the beginning of Muhammad’s political and prophetical career to the acts of terrorism of September, 11, 2001, will be a salutary shock.
Robert Spencer has been telling, and warning, us of the activities of the jihadists at his website Jihad Watch since 2003. Every single day for fifteen years now, he has kept a vigilant eye on all the barbarisms of the Islamic terrorists, and is surely the best informed and almost the only truly qualified expert capable of analyzing the phenomenon of jihad throughout history.
On so many sad occasions when he was not taken seriously enough, Spencer was forced to remind us, “I told you so.” It is time to listen to Robert Spencer. It will not be at all easy to refute Spencer’s latest book, since he, for the first three Islamic centuries, relies almost entirely on the Arabic sources, that is Muslim historians and scholars, such as Ibn Ishaq, Al-Tabari, Ibn Sa’d, Bukhari, Tirmidhi, and Muslim, who paint a grim picture of the early Islamic conquests.
Read it all here................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:08 AM   0 comments
NOT so great britain : Theresa May says “The twisted aim of the extremists is to use violence and terror to divide us. They will never succeed.”
Wednesday, August 15, 2018
The BITCH of  NOT so great britain
Jihad Watch : “The twisted aim of the extremists is to use violence and terror to divide us. They will never succeed.”
In reality, the aim of Islamic jihadists is to destabilize non-Muslim governments in the hope of ultimately establishing an Islamic state. But May’s statement isn’t just the usual meaningless blather that ineffectual leaders say after an attack of this kind. Her assumptions here are worth examining. She is assuming that jihadis want to “divide” Britain.
How could they possibly divide it? Into Muslim and non-Muslim camps, you see. How could they do that by driving cars into crowds of civilians? Such attacks could make people suspicious of Muslims, you see, and lead them to think that inundating Britain with Muslim migrants wasn’t really a very good idea. And then her allegedly united Muslim and non-Muslim Britain will be divided.
So what she is really saying here is that her government is going to do all it can to make sure that no non-Muslims think ill of Islam. She is not saying that she is going to do anything to prevent the next jihad attack. Note also that she refers to “extremists.” She uses this word for both jihad terrorists such as Salih Khater and those who are trying to resist their operations.
She is implying that the jihadis and the foes of jihad are equivalent terror threats. (The Southern Poverty Law Center does this as well.) Aside from her actively murderous fellow totalitarians, Theresa May is one of the most vile individuals ever to become the head of government of any country.  “Theresa May says terror threat to UK remains severe after Westminster attack,” by Joe Roberts, Metro, August 15, 2018:
Read more of her shit here..................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 9:45 PM   0 comments
A Salih Khater , a ‘Sudanese immigrant’, named as Muslim terrorist in NOT so great britain attack
Another ungrateful member of the RoP from a SHITHOLE
BCF : He’s from Birmingham. Salih Khater, from Birmingham, veered off road into pedestrians and cyclists at Parliament Square at 7.37am
* Emerged 29 year old drove from flat in Sparkhill, Birmingham, to London on Monday before driving around
*Cruised tourist hotspots around Tottenham Court Road before 1.25am and 5.55am before going to Whitehall
*Crash came 17 months after Khalid Masood killed 5 on Westminster Bridge before murdering PC Keith Palmer
A Sudanese immigrant known to detectives spent six hours stalking the streets of London before hurtling into 15 cyclists and driving at police officers manning a Westminster security barrier. Salih Khater, 29, veered off the road careering into pedestrians and cyclists on Parliament Square, after spending the night cruising around in a Ford Fiesta bought two months ago.
Khater, a British citizen born in Sudan, lives in a scruffy flat above an internet cafe in Sparkhill, an area of Birmingham that has housed jihadi cells linked to terrorist plots at home and abroad. His rented flat is also just ten minutes from the former home of Khalid Masood, whose murderous rampage 17 months ago appears to have inspired Khater's own carborne attack yesterday.
Police say he drove 115 miles to London late on Monday night and toured the Tottenham Court Road area between 1.25am and 5.55am before heading to Westminster and Whitehall at 6am and circled until he struck at just after 7.30am yesterday. This stalking of London streets will raise suspicions that he was looking for crowds and later plumped for Westminster, where British extremist Masood killed six in March 2017.
There were screams as the Ford Fiesta mounted the pavement and mowed people down at up to 50mph at 7.37am before he crashed into a security barrier outside Parliament, narrowly missing two police officers. Within seconds brave armed officers surrounded the car not knowing if he was armed or had a bomb and dragged him from the smoking vehicle.
Read it all here......................
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Money is wasted on youth (ministry) - By Commander S THAYAPARAN (Retired) Royal Malaysian Navy
Malaysiakini : “Those who, while they disapprove of the character and measures of a government, yield to it their allegiance and support are undoubtedly its most conscientious supporters, and so frequently the most serious obstacles to reform.”
― Henry David Thoreau

COMMENT | Does anyone else find it hilarious that Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman vows to defend the freedom of speech of that doctor who wrote an anti-LGBTQ polemic but remains strangely quiet when it comes to the freedom of speech of Fadiah Nadwa Fikri and Asheeq Ali Sethi Alivi?
This should tell you something about the politics at play or maybe even the kind of prejudices which are acceptable to the ruling elite in the country. Funny isn’t it, that the youngest minister in the government who is supposed to be supportive of youths, has no opinion on the state’s reaction to these two young activists. That Syed Saddiq has the gall to claim that whatever form the new Biro Tatanegara (BTN) and National Service programmes will take, it will mould the new leaders of tomorrow, is the height of hypocrisy.
Read it all here...............
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 11:25 AM   0 comments
Man Is Arrested Over Parliament ‘Terror Attack’
Tuesday, August 14, 2018

BCF : A Ford Fiesta swerved and hit at least ten cyclists and pedestrians at up to 50mph before ploughing into barriers outside the Houses of Parliament as its driver was arrested on suspicion of launching a terror attack.
The suspect, a black man in his late twenties, was pulled from the smoking silver vehicle by around a dozen armed officers who had their rifles trained on him following the rush hour smash. A ‘loud bang’ followed by screams echoed around Parliament Square at 7.30am this morning and witnesses said the car ‘intentionally’ swerved towards crowds and smashed into a security checkpoint barrier installed to stop carborne rampages.
Read it all here.................
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Trump should release secret report on the true number of Palestinian refugees
BCF : The Trump administration is supposedly considering declassifying a State Department report that tallies up the true number of Palestinian refugees.
If Trump does this, the repercussions could go a long way to settling the Arab-Israeli conflict. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, or UNRWA, classifies refugees unlike any other organization in the world, and in a way that contradicts common sense.
Whereas the number of refugees from the original 1948 Arab/Israeli war would likely number in the tens of thousands, the UNRWA also counts people generations removed from the conflict, many of whom are citizens of new countries, in addition to everyone living in their internationally recognized homes of Gaza and the West Bank.
This politically motivated definition raises the number of "refugees" to an estimated 5.3 million. And that number is used by Palestinians to claim a “right of return” to Israel for a number greater than half of Israel's entire population. Until today, there has been no official acknowledgment of the true number of refugees.
Governments and international organizations around the world instead pay lip service to UNRWA’s fiction that the number of refugees has expanded many times over since the 1948 war. This will change if the Trump administration releases the classified report.
Read it all here...................
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 5:47 PM   0 comments
FBI fires Peter Strzok over anti-Trump text messages
22 years I wonder how many other people he screwed over because he did not like them I guarantee Donald J Trump was not the first.
Peter Strzok send him to prison I'm so happy this criminal bastard got fired another hit to deep state thank you President Trump for making America great again. Long over due... now if they can get on to getting rid of most of the others in the government things will be much better.
The FBI has lost so much credibility they are now no longer trusted by the American people for being fair and honest. I sure do not trust or like the FBI but Ive felt this way since the FBI lab scandal years ago..
Well it's about damm time I don't care how out the norm you people think it is, damm.!!!!!! This isn't the Obama...Clinton show any more !!!!! Maga !!!!!
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:47 AM   0 comments
Killing Europe
Here's the thing - it wasn't covered up because the perpetrators are African or Pakistani or Syrian - but because they are Mohammedans. It has nothing to do with their race. It is entirely about ideology.
It is their common ideology that make them behave as they do - treating others in the ways described; And it is the ideology being protected from criticism. Focus on the ideology.
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:33 AM   0 comments
Youths in the very muslim ghetto of Gothenburg Sweden, have a Car-B-Que
Vlad Tepes : Look at all the fools just standing around, waiting to die. Multi-Culti in real life. Well done Sweden...Not a peep about this from the fake stream media.Insanity, and European leaders want to know why there is a rise in right wing nationalism.
posted by D.Swami Gwekanandam @ 10:29 AM   0 comments
They Are Not Never Trump – They Are Never You

BCF : The recent utterly unsurprising utter capitulation by the Fredocons to the SJW/tech/media campaign to deplatform and silence any right-wing voice who is not trying to sell you a cruise cabin is a symptom of a bigger problem.
It’s not a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome, though Trump has utterly deranged these pointy-headed geeks. It is a symptom of Conservative, Inc.’s contempt for you.  The dethroned conservagimps are angry with you. Donald Trump is not really the issue. He’s just a convenient target for those these establishment sissies. They truly despise you.
You. They hate you because you refuse to honor and respect them, to validate their cheesy status within the Beltway hierarchy, and to acknowledge them as your betters. Your pig-headed uppityness has disrupted their scam. The old paradigm, the model of go-along/get-along and feed the crackers out there in America articles about lib outrages to keep them writing checks, no longer cuts it. You’ve stripped them of their status by holding them accountable for their failure to fight for conservatism, and for us.
Read it all here...........................
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The Surrender of the Public Square
The Conquest of NOT so great britain
BCF : …In fact, the annexation of the public space, early and often, is a conscious strategy on the part of Islamic supremacists that serves to accelerate demographic trends.
While the Muslim population is not yet a majority, taking over parks and streets usefully gives the impression that your numbers are greater than they are, and thereby helps speed the process by which “multicultural” neighborhoods become uniculturally Islamic neighborhoods. Same with burqas.
Notwithstanding the effusions of Guardian columnists and BBC commentators, most other people react to the Islamization of the streets by moving out (if they can). Thus the flight of Jews from Molenbeek and gays from London’s East End. You can say a lot of things about Islam, but it acts with great strategic clarity.  Post-Ramadan beanos in municipal parks: who could object? Giulio Meotti runs the numbers:
The annual Birmingham event began in 2012 with 12,000 faithful. Two years later, the number of the faithful rose to 40,000. In 2015, it was 70,000. In 2016, the number was 90,000. In 2017, it was 100,000. In 2018, the number was 140,000. Next year?
Two hundred thousand? A quarter-million? You could ask them, as they do of Polish Catholics, to keep this stuff walled up in their houses of worship. But no matter how big you build the mosque, it's always too small:
France is debating whether or not to block prayer on the street. "They will not have prayers on the street, we will prevent street praying" Interior Minister Gerard Collomb announced. "Public space cannot be taken over in this way", said the president of the Paris regional council, Valérie Pécresse, who led a protest by councilors and MPs.
In fact, the annexation of the public space, early and often, is a conscious strategy on the part of Islamic supremacists that serves to accelerate demographic trends. While the Muslim population is not yet a majority, taking over parks and streets usefully gives the impression that your numbers are greater than they are, and thereby helps speed the process by which "multicultural" neighborhoods become uniculturally Islamic neighborhoods.
Same with burqas. Notwithstanding the effusions of Guardian columnists and BBC commentators, most other people react to the Islamization of the streets by moving out (if they can). Thus the flight of Jews from Molenbeek and gays from London's East End. You can say a lot of things about Islam, but it acts with great strategic clarity.
Read it all here.......................
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Antifa went after journalists and hardly anyone mainstream is speaking out

BCF : This past weekend they were gunning for a fight. All the misfits, the rebels looking for a cause, the angry young women and men who sign up for the fringe protest movements of the day.
On one side you’ve got the neo-Nazis and white nationalists. On the other, the leftist Antifa lunatics. There was one problem, though, this time around.
On the first anniversary of the Charlottesville, Va., nonsense that tragically saw one young woman killed, hardly any neo-Nazis showed up.
All that pent-up rage and few targets to unleash it upon. While several dozen white supremacists shamelessly appeared in front of the White House, they were vastly outnumbered by people there to oppose their message. We should take this as good news, that fewer people are aligned with this neo-Nazi garbage — or at least know not to show their faces in public.
This should have made the counter-protest crowd happy. Instead, they sought outlets for their anger. The antics included protesters telling The Daily Caller news site about their desire to kill President Trump. Meanwhile, in Charlottesville, NBC News correspondent Cal Perry and his cameraman were assaulted by a crowd that was, according to Perry, “almost exclusively Antifa at that point.” Additionally, many protesters tried to start conflicts with the police.
Read it all here...............
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Mana dia jaguh islam? PAS UMNO Nurul, KJ Oxfart semua diam?

KJ Oxfart, Nurul Izzah and PAS still looking for their cojones?
China state media justify Muslim Uighur crackdown to prevent ‘China's Syria'. An official Communist Party paper has defended China's policies in Xinjiang after a UN report suggested hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uighurs are in internment camps. China rebuffed Western pressure over its policies.China's harsh security policy against ethnic Uighurs in the far western region of Xinjiang has saved the area from "massive turmoil," an official Communist Party paper said Monday.
The editorial in Global Times was the first response from China to a worrying United Nations panel on Friday claiming hundreds of thousands of Uighurs have been detained in what "resembles a massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy." A UN human rights panel said there were credible reports that hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uighurs in the Xinjiang autonomous region were being forced into "political camps for indoctrination" to denounce Islam and swear loyalty to the Communist Party. 
Read it all here............
‘We’re a people destroyed’: why Uighur Muslims across China are living in fear. Gene A Bunin has spent the past 18 months talking to Uighur restaurant workers all over China. These conversations reveal how this Muslim minority feel the daily threat of arrest, detention and ‘re-education’ It was about a year ago that I first walked into Karim’s restaurant, intending to write about it as part of the food guide I was putting together about ethnic Uighur restaurants in the traditionally Chinese “inner China” of the country’s east and south.
Having already spent a decade researching the Uighurs – a largely Muslim ethnic minority group based mainly in the westernmost Xinjiang region, outside inner China – this food-guide project was intended as a fun spin-off from my usual linguistic studies. Or even a “treasure hunt”, you might say, given the rarity of Uighur restaurants in such major inner-China cities as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, where the Uighurs are migrants and where the Han Chinese, the dominant ethnic group that account for more than 90% of China’s population, are the great majority.
Read it all here.......................
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US suspends military training program for Pakistan
Monday, August 13, 2018

Jihad Watch : President Trump tweeted in January: “The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools.
They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!” For years I’ve been calling for an end to aid to Pakistan and a reconfiguration of our international alliances to reflect the reality of the global jihad.
At last there is some movement in that direction. “US suspends military training program for Pakistan,” Anadolu Agency, August 12, 2018 (thanks to the Geller Report):
Read it all here.................
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"Child marriages because people didn’t live as long back then in the 7th Century” – Really?

Jihad Watch : The Wives of Muhammad and Their Ages at Death:
Khadija[4] – age 65
Sawdah bint Zam’ah[5] – age 72
Aisha[6] – age 66
Hafsa bint ‘Umar[7] – age 61
Zaynab bint Khuzaimah[8] – age 30
Umm Salamah[9] – age 84
Zaynab bint Jahash[10] – age 51
Juwayriyyah bint al-Harith[11] – age 65
Safiyyah bint Huyay[12] – age 60
Umm Habibah bint Abu Sufyan[13] – age 73
Maymunah bint al-Harith[14] – age 80
Muhammad’s fifth wife, Zaynab bint Khuzaimah, was the exception among Muhammad’s wives in terms of age at death. Leaving Zaynab out of the equation, we find that Muhammad’s other wives died when they were between 51 and 84 years old; the average age of death was 67.7 years. Aisha herself lived to be 66.
The “Rightly Guided” Caliphs and Their Ages at Death[15]
These are the first four Muslim leaders after Muhammad died. They were called “Rightly Guided” because they are believed to have held the most firmly to the teachings and example of Muhammad.
Abu Bakr (the first Caliph) – age 63
‘Umar bin Al-Khattab (the second Caliph) – assassinated at age 63
‘Uthman bin Affan (the third Caliph) – assassinated at age 80
‘Ali bin Abi Talib (Muhammad’s cousin and fourth Caliph) – assassinated at about age 61.
Muhammad died at age 62. We can see that three of his four successors also lived into their early sixties, with the fourth even reaching the age of 80 before he was assassinated.
Read it all here...................
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